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February 12, 2018 Issue

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Chain of 43 Fusion Academy flagship private schools providing Customized, One-to-One Education enabling Greater Student Success
Fusion Education Group

Peter G. Ruppert, President and Chief Executive Officer  Print Version - PDF  Mobile Download - PDF


Portable Under Vehicle Inspection System for Manned Controlled Checkpoints at Military Bases, Government Buildings and Presidential Palaces
Advanced Detection Technology, LLC

Jan Zickerman, Chief Executive Officer  Print Version - PDF  Mobile Download - PDF


Increasing Your Chances of Success
Glen Wakeman - Launchpad Holdings, LLC

CEO/Founder  Print Version - PDF  Mobile Download - PDF


HYLIION is on a Mission to Revolutionize the Long Haul Trucking Industry with their New Hybrid Electric Technology that will impact the Environment, Driver Comfort and Fleet Profitability

Thomas Healy, Founder and CEO  Print Version - PDF  Mobile Download - PDF


One-stop shop for Startups and Small to Medium Size Businesses looking to experience the benefits of cutting-edge business technology - Apps, Chatbots, Videos and Websites
Tech Treats, LLC

“Myrt” Hester, Chief Executive Officer


Amir Husain, Founder & CEO of SparkCognition, discusses the impact of AI solutions

Amir Husain Founder & CEO



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Q&A with Thomas Tedder, CEO and Founder of Tedder Industries LLC bringing to market their Alien Gear Holster, Old Faith Holsters and Bigfoot Gun Belts using different Materials and a Patented Holster System to create greater Comfort and Concealment

Tedder Industries LLC


Q&A with Richard Andolshek, Co-founder and CEO, and Albin Andolshek, Co-founder and President of Brick, Inc. providing Digital Advertising and Marketing, Web Design and Development to help Brick and Mortar Businesses, Retail and B2B Firms Increase their Overall Business

Brick, Inc.


Q&A with Joseph R. Caplan, CPA, Managing Director and Creative Director of FinSoft, LLC providing Asset Based Lending Software Products for Commercial Finance Underwriting,

Fraud Reduction and Mitigation, Receivable and Inventory Financing due diligence

FinSoft, LLC


Q&A with Paul Caldera, Partner & Co-Founder, Katie Karatzas, Customer Research & Design Strategist and Drake Pusey, Strategist, Brand & Product Development of Saltworks Enthusiast Branding – a leading brand experience design firm with a specialized focus on companies that serve enthusiast markets

Saltworks Enthusiast Branding, Inc.




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