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May 21, 2018 Issue

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The ability to “Speak Science” enables Brandwidth Solutions LLC to develop Content Driven Campaigns for a Scientific Audience in the Pharma, Healthcare, Life Sciences and Energy Sectors
Brandwidth Solutions LLC

Debra Ann Harrsch, President and Chief Executive Officer  Print Version - PDF  Mobile Download - PDF


Utilizing Cannabinoids to provide Safe and Effective Products for both the Medical and Adult-use Markets with the industry’s first Drug Preparation Premises facility under construction
TerrAscend Corp. (CNSX:TER)

Michael Nashat, President & CEO  Print Version - PDF  Mobile Download - PDF


Consulting Firm Assisting Pharmaceutical Companies in Launching New Drugs and Promoting Access to Their Medications within the Medicaid Marketplace
Artia Solutions LLC

George Kitchens, RPh, President



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Q&A with Gary Seamans, Chairman and CEO of IDx, LLC bringing to market the first FDA approved Artificial Intelligence-based Algorithm Medical Diagnostic System that Searches for Definitive Disease Biomarkers and has clinically proven to detect Diabetic Retinopathy



Q&A with Bryan. Jenkins, Director of EmailOversight providing an Email Validation and Data Append System and Services that enable Marketers to Clean up their Lists and have more Targeted Successful Campaigns



Q&A with Morgan Slade, CEO of CloudQuant LLC the first Cloud-based Crowd Research Platform with a High Frequency Backtesting Engine and Machine Learning for the Hedge Fund Community

CloudQuant LLC


Q&A with Andrew Hoeft, CEO and Founder of Pinpoint Software Inc. enables Retailers, Grocers, Supermarket Chains and Healthcare Institutions to Track and Prevent the Sale and Distribution of Expired Food with their Expiration Date Management Software

Pinpoint Software Inc.


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App and Web Platform that provides Resources and Support to Caregivers and allows for Electronic Invites and Sharing

MindLight, LLC
Jackie Schwabe, Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder  Print Version - PDF  Mobile Download - PDF







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