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CEOCFO: Mr. Sinha, what is the concept behind JobFindah Network?

Mr. Sinha: JobFindah Network is a specialized online recruitment solutions provider that helps recruiting and human resources professionals solve the recruitment challenges associated with unique regulatory issues such as OFCCP compliance and diversity recruitment. One key area of specialization is our OFCCP compliant internet recruitment solution, which caters to the needs of companies that do business with the federal government. The US government spends about one trillion dollars annually to procure products and services from thousands of companies – from defense contractors to healthcare providers supported by government funding. These companies, the federal contractors, must follow special guidelines in their employee recruiting efforts, and must have an active affirmative action program in place for the hiring of veterans, people with disabilities, and various other minority groups which are traditionally under-represented in the workforce. As an extension of that specialization, we also assist all medium and large companies in addressing their workplace diversity challenges. We help these companies find and reach qualified candidates from various minority groups in order to improve diversity in their organizations. In addition, we help companies develop and communicate their diversity and inclusion-based work culture brand in an attractive and compelling manner that potential employees find authentic and engaging. Employees behave like consumers- they are attracted to employers based on their perception of the company, similar to consumer preference for a certain brand over another based on their perception of a brand’s products. We use multiple technologies, marketing practices, and reporting software, and package them together to make an end to end solution that is easy, effective and affordable for employers.



CEOCFO: Mr. Vaknin, what is the range of services that IBCnet offers?

Mr. Vaknin: IBCnet has been primarily a web development company. We have been in the market since 1994, providing services for business ranging from development of entrepreneurs coming up with concepts as to what they want to have as a business, to actual businesses that needed an extension to what they are doing into what will become their business online. We help interpret for them what would be their best representations over with web marketing. Basically we provide both interpretations for what would be their business online and showcasing products and services.



CEOCFO: Mr. Noble, would you tell us about Apruve?

Mr. Noble: We manage revolving lines of credit for B2B companies. When businesses sell to other businesses, they do it on payment terms like Net30 or Net60. We wrote software to automate the process and use third party banks to finance and underwrite all orders placed. The seller can extend payment terms to his customer but get paid within 24 hours. In simplistic terms, we are the Visa of B2B commerce.



CEOCFO: Mr. Willis, would you tell us about Zinwave?

Mr. Willis: People expect reliable voice and data connectivity on their mobile phones now more than ever, especially inside office buildings, hotels and other indoor locations. Zinwave provides indoor cellular connectivity, helping the enterprise – corporate campuses, universities, healthcare facilities, airports, and more – with the infrastructure and access they need. We are a global company headquartered in the UK with office facilities in the US, Macau, Australia, and the Middle East, so we have experience deploying the Zinwave UNItivity system on a global basis.



CEOCFO: Dr. Prior, what is the basic vision behind Innovate Biopharmaceuticals?

Dr. Prior: We are a biopharmaceutical product development company dedicated to reducing debilitating abdominal symptoms of the GI tract thus enhancing quality of life in large patient populations. We have late stage clinical assets that could reach approval 2018/2019 to treat serious unmet needs. Our lead product is a Phase III ready program to treat Celiac disease. Despite being on a gluten free diet many patients still suffer socially debilitating symptoms like bloating, abdominal pain, diarrhea, gas etc. and, in these cases, there are no other treatment options when gluten free food is not helping. We have a second product that is Phase II ready, to treat mild to moderate ulcerative colitis. The product has a better delivery feature to the diseased area of the distal colon compared to the competing drugs and is the only liquid oral formulation, which is important to children and the aging. Also, our product could ultimately avoid the need for patients to go on steroids.



CEOCFO: Ms. Brunello, would you tell us a bit about 11th Hour Staffing? 

Ms. Brunello: At 11th Hour Staffing, we are a family owned, full service staffing and recruiting firm. We provide temporary, temp to hire and direct hire recruiting services across all industries. We primarily serve Ohio, Indiana and Kentucky markets, currently.



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