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June 22, 2015 Issue

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Global Services Provider for Workforce Solutions


Janet Trompert



Talent 101, Inc.



Interview conducted by:

Lynn Fosse, Senior Editor, CEOCFO Magazine, Published – June 22, 2015


CEOCFO: Ms. Trompert, would you tell us the idea behind Talent 101?

Ms. Trompert: The staffing industry is a crowded marketplace with many companies entering this market each year. We recognized that being a generalist in staffing would not bring us success. Our early decision to specialize in workforce solutions catering exclusively to the semiconductor industry provided us with instant success. We founded the company in 2010 and today we provide workforce solution around the world to the semiconductor and electronics companies. We are not just providing traditional staffing labor, but also offering statement of work (SOW milestone delivery), contract, direct-hire, sub-contract and strategic outsourcing of engineering and Information Technology (IT) services.


CEOCFO: Are there many companies that have done the same or realized the importance of the industry?

Ms. Trompert: The competition in the IT market has really grown over the past 20 years. IT staffing is a lot larger market and engineering staffing is really a smaller segment of that market. By focusing and specializing on just the semiconductor industry, we can provide unique workforce solutions for our clients around the world. We have a corporate culture that embodies a professional “can do” attitude, turning problems into opportunities. It is a simple model to espouse, but not an easy one to execute.


CEOCFO: How do you find the people to put into jobs?

Ms. Trompert: We feel strongly about building relationships with candidates and working with them continuously, not just when we have an open position. We manage an ongoing relationship with a sizable, ready to go, group of semiconductor professionals on a global basis.


We have a process called CIRCUIT and it delivers specific resources instantaneous to our client’s projects or clients have the option to wait and plan for a specific resource when they come available.


We add candidates to our CIRCUIT after we have qualified them and communicate with them on an ongoing basis. It helps us to deliver specific resources quickly to our clients’ projects. Sometimes it may be that we are proactively marketing the professionals that we sign or sometimes the clients might have a project coming up in a few months. We start to build up some of the resources in advance of the project that way.


CEOCFO: Do you find that engineers like the flexibility more than they might have in the past?

Ms. Trompert: We are in-tune with what the current job markets are like so that we can share that information with our clients and candidates, providing options for both sides. Our clients have a global presence and tend to take a global approach to get top talent and specific skills that they need to be competitive in their business. Like many career paths, there are so many options available for engineering candidates. We find a mixed reaction to the flexibility engineers have in today’s marketplace. It really depends upon what the engineer(s) value for their time, skills, travel, job security, pay scales, work environment, willingness to relocate, economic conditions and so forth.


All of the engineering disciplines we deal with offer a good income at various times in various places. Some engineering career paths will have a very stable employment market. Some engineering paths will offer a more lucrative opportunity for a shorter time, perhaps the duration of a project or contract.


CEOCFO: When you are working with the employers are you able to guide them to what their expectations should be when framing a job?

Ms. Trompert: Yes, that is one of our strengths as a company. We understand our client’s business and work closely with our client managers to understand their specific needs. Knowing the market place and sharing this information proactively with our clients has helped them make better and more informed decisions on supplemental labor for their projects. In some cases, the client manager may not understand what they need to be successful in their project so we create statements of work as guidelines to help them make the best hiring decision. In creating the statement of work, it helps the client managers to formulate what talent they truly need to be successful. That makes a difference and enables us to find the right talent fit for them and manage the talent accordingly.


CEOCFO: What, if anything has changed in your approach over time?

Ms. Trompert: There are many lessons we have learned over the years on how to be successful. My team and I have been in semiconductor engineering and IT staffing for many years. We all were fortunate to have worked for other national staffing firms and we learned what worked and what did not work. The same is true for our clients. They demand quick and decisive hiring. Our approach is in line with these demands, filling roles with greater speed, more accuracy and less effort.


We decided early on that you need the right team for this approach. It requires a total focus on the core of our business. We had to determine which parts of the business we wanted to keep in-house and which parts we wanted to outsource to more experienced professionals who could help us get to the next level. We made the right decisions in supplementing our company with an outside team of HR specialist, accountants, bankers and marketing firms that enabled us to focus on our daily business and growth. In addition, we heavily leveraged technology to help us build our business.


It has been very rewarding to see our company grow so fast over five years and a lot of this growth can be attributed to our early decision to specialize in the semiconductor market. With this focus, our business has seen multimillion dollars of growth annually. This also resulted in a recent global recognition as 2014 “Supplier of Excellence” awarded to Talent 101 by Texas Instruments.


CEOCFO: Do you work with your consultants and are you able to help them with ongoing education?

Ms. Trompert: To stay employed in today’s rapidly changing technology marketplace, we all have to prepare for a lifetime of learning. Some of our clients require specific training before starting their project. Many of our consultants continue with training to receive certification in a particular technology. We also provide client specific requested training to keep up with their technology changes.


CEOCFO: Why is Talent 101 an exceptional company?

Ms. Trompert: We have a simple and lean approach to our success in providing workforce solutions. We repeat our processes every single time and try to keep it perfect every time. We have a substantial pool of industry specific talent and they are ready to go at a moment’s notice. Our motto is finding the right person at the right price and right now!


“We feel strongly about building relationships with candidates and working with them continuously, not just when we have an open position.”- Janet Trompert


Talent 101, Inc.




Janet Trompert

972-503-2101 Ext. 11


Talent 101, Inc.
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