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December 30, 2011 Issue

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With concerns over Type I and Type II Diabetes and Childhood Obesity affecting millions of Americans more people are realizing Eating Less and Healthier, spending more time at the gym working out and consuming “GOOD FOR YOU, BETTER FOR YOU” foods and beverages will increase their mortality. Active Health Foods, Inc. is in the right industry at the right time to introduce consumers to Active X™ 100% Natural, 100% Organic, All Raw, Energy Bars. Organic and Kosher Certified, (4) amazing moist and tasty flavors separates Active X™ Bars and Active™ Plus Energy Bars fortified with B6 and B12 vitamins from the competition giving them an even greater edge in the marketplace.


Active Health Foods, Inc. (OTCBB: AHFD.OB)
We are an innovative leader representing a 21st century company primarily focused on “Health and Wellness” and the desire to bring products to the market place to help battle both “CHILDHOOD OBESITY” and “TYPE II DIABETES”.

We Developed, Manufacture, Market, and Sell an energy bar called “Active X”™ available in a variety of delicious flavors: Almond Chocolate Delight, Peanut Butter Chocolate Joy, Cashew Berry Dream, and Coconut Cocoa Passion all 100% Organic and 100% Natural.

Our mission is to develop recognized and carefully branded healthy foods and beverages for a wide variety of specific uses. The Company desires to establish a higher standard of taste and quality ingredients neglected by industry leaders.


We will continue to use high quality 100% Natural and 100% Organic ingredients that will ensure an active community of loyal, health conscious customers purity. The Company’s mission statement is to court health conscious consumers and encourage them to become enthusiastic consumers and advocates of our healthy products.

“Active X Bars”, 100% Organic and 100% Natural will be the market leader, no other bar can compare to our pure Organic Style and Amazing Flavors not to mention the product’s high quality Organic Purity and Style.

Soon to be added and in the development stages is our “Active X Plus” Energy Bar and another addition already completed and soon to be available is what we are calling our “Active X Renal Bar” that will help and enrich the lives of so many people currently on Dialysis.

The Industry

Active Health Foods, Inc. represents “ACTIVE X BARS”, 100% Organic and 100% Natural, Trade Marked and recognized as a very high quality, high energy, one of a kind treat for those who are aware of a good healthy life style. No other bar can compare to our pure Organic Style and Amazing Flavors not to mention the product’s High Quality and Organic Purity.

“ACTIVE X BARS” are part of two of the fastest growing segments in the United States today, Foods and Beverages.

Published by the Organic Trade Association at the end of 2010, U.S. sales of Organic Foods and Beverages has grown from $1 billion dollars in 1990 to a recorded $26.7 billion dollars by the end of 2010 representing a growth of 7.7% over 2009. The highest growth in 2010 was Organic Fruits and Vegetables up 11.8% over 2009, a source of ingredients for “ACTIVE X BARS”.

In 2010 54.0% of the total U.S. sales of Organic Foods and Beverages were sales from major grocery store chains and club stores and in that same year, 2010, total Global Sales of Organic Foods and Beverages was $58 billion dollars, the United States share was $26.7 billion dollars, more than 50%!

There is “ROOM TO GROW”. Sales of Organic Foods and Beverages that have been recorded so far are significant, however, the fact remains that U.S. sales in 2010 of Organic Foods and Beverages was $26.7 billion dollars represented only 4.0% of the total sales of “ALL FOODS and BEVERAGES” combined and sold in the U.S. in 2010!

Gregory C. Manos
Founder, President, CEO and CFO

Greg Manos / President and C.E.O. with over 40 years experience in both the Food and Beverage industries at every level. A proven track record for creating business opportunities, his breadth of expertise, knowledge, and his lifetime of relationships are invaluable to the company.

15 years in the Grocery Business including 2 years with a major Grocery Chain as a Beverage Buyer. More than 25 years in the Beer or Soft Drink Beverage Industry. General Sales Manager for one of Anheuser Busch’s largest Budweiser Distributorships, Regional Sales Manager for Tecate Breweries of Mexico and Regional Sales Manager for Labatt Breweries.

Switching to soft drinks, Vice President for a San Francisco based Marketing and Product Development Company Greg was at the helm and the driving force behind the market introduction of several well recognized beverage products. “Evian Waters from France”, at the time bottled water was not an item consumers even thought about buying. “NO ONE DRANK WATER EXCEPT FROM THEIR WATER FAUCET AT HOME”. “Jolt Cola”, a crazy idea a guy from New York had, over (1) million case were sold in the first year and a half. Prior to leaving the marketing company Greg was instrumental in the introduction of a beverage that ultimately became a global success called “Clearly Canadian” selling over (2) million cases in its second year.

Making product lines household names and generating tens of millions of dollars in revenues was made to look easy for Greg so in November of 1992 he went out on his own, the company, Manos Beverages, Inc., the product “All Natural Flavors” and more recently “Jump Shot Energy Drink” created exclusively for the China market. Than in 2008 a new company, Active Health Foods, Inc., the product, “Active X” 100% Natural, 100% Organic Energy Bars.

This is just the beginning of what Greg has planned. With his desire to become intimately involved and with growing concerns with two (2) of Americas biggest threats, TYPE II DIABETIS and CHILD OBECITY, Greg plans to continue to bring products to the consumer that are GOOD FOR YOU, BETTER FOR YOU alternatives to main stream unhealthy foods and beverages.

Consumer Goods
Health and Energy Bars

Active Health Foods, Inc.
6185 Magnolia Avenue, Suite #403
Riverside, CA 92506
TOLL FREE: (866) 690-1874

Office: (951) 360-9970



Interview conducted by: Lynn Fosse, Senior Editor,, Published – December 30, 2011


CEOCFO: Mr. Manos, you have a long history in the industry, what attracted you to this particular opportunity with Active Health Foods?

Mr. Manos: My attraction is that the product is healthy and all of the bars are 100% Natural and 100% Organic, and Raw, a big plus in the industry. The (4) flavors are all amazing and nothing like the energy bars I had ever tried, moist and full of flavor. The chocolate chips that are in the bars burst in your mouth. The biggest attraction for me is all about my focusing on a personal concern I have for the two major health concerns in America today, Type II Diabetes, killing thousands of both adults and children and more alarming is the epidemic of Childhood Obesity.

They are both tragedies in America today and across other countries as well. I want to develop and market products for the consumer to enjoy without the worry.


CEOCFO: Energy bars are in a crowded market; what is special or different about your product?
Mr. Manos: It is not that it is just special; the bars are unique and powerful actually. The number-one selling bar in the industry as I know it right now is the Cliff Bar. I am not trying to be derogatory, brutally honest you might say. Their bars are like biting into a brick not to mention being very dry and without much flavor. Active X™ Bars are extremely moist and flavorful. You do not have to bite them; they melt in your mouth. We have (4) flavors: Almond Chocolate Delight, Peanut Butter Chocolate Joy, Cashew Berry Dream, and Coconut Cocoa Passion. Peanut Butter Chocolate Joy is my favorite. You cannot take one of my bars out of the wrapper and hold it in your hand, as you will have chocolate all over you. No bars are made like Active X™ Bars.


CEOCFO: What is it that allows you to make a soft, melt in your mouth bar?

Mr. Manos: The ingredients we use; they are 100% Natural, 100% Organic, and All Raw. Other bars use fillers and date pastes to make up the weight of their bars; they call them Organic, not true. It is all about saving a “BUCK”. Our bars are expensive to make, as I said, using all 100% Natural, 100% Organic, and All Raw  ingredients very expensive and we will not make them cheap to save a “BUCK”. All quality ingredients and a very attractive package in time will propel Active X™ Bars to the number one, #1 Spot above all the rest.


CEOCFO: What is the shelf life for your bars?

Mr. Manos: They have a (1) year shelf life.


CEOCFO: Is a soft bar with a more pleasant eating experience new to the market?

Mr. Manos: There are other bars that are soft but none I have found are made like Active X™ Bars. When you walk into a grocery store and you go to their nutrition section there are probably 30, 40, and probably more different bars. Most are not energy bars; more are just a snack bar, a replacement or an alternative to eating a candy bar with little to say about health. They are bars of all types, some soft, many very hard and dry like the Cliff bar. Some claim to be Organic with very few Organic ingredients. Most have little or no taste, unpleasant because there is not a lot of flavor to them. The competitors are many, not a problem for Active X™ Bars. We will have “NO PROBLEM” sailing past the leaders on our way to the top, which includes the current number-one seller, Cliff Bars.


CEOCFO: How do you plan on going to the marketplace?

Mr. Manos: I have a contract in principle right now with a National Management Marketing Company / Broker. Once the actual contract is signed which should be in early January, 2012 this company as a Broker will be responsible for securing retail authorizations, developing market plans and assigning distributors in their market area to deliver the bars to the retailer. As a Management Company, they will take on this same responsibility for the entire United States market place. They have a geographic area they sell and deliver to and as for the rest of the country it will be their responsibility to assign other Brokers like themselves to geographic areas, assign Distributors to deliver product for the Brokers in their areas until they have the entire United States market place covered. The Brokers meet with retail buyers to get the bars authorized in that retail outlet. After the bars have been authorized the Broker notifies the distributor of the authorization than from that day forward it is the responsibility of the distributor to make certain that the retailer get deliveries of the bars on a regular basis and that the bars are fully stocked at all times. The Broker will continue to meet with the retail buyers setting up special pricing promotions and activities in the retail account to help promote sales.


CEOCFO: Who is eating energy bars now and who should be?

Mr. Manos: Any answer I can give you will just be my opinion. There is no research I know of that can answer that question, however, I know many who work out and play sports consume them. Who should be? Everyone who buys candy bars. Because of the thousands and thousands of young children and teen agers who suffer with Obesity moms are the target audience. Mom is looking for alternatives with no idea of what the alternatives are. That seems to be shifting a bit and mom is now looking and realizing that these bars do exist and they are buying them to replace the candy bars they normally buy for their children. People who work out buy them. If you go into a gym, as you walk in the front door the first thing you see is a shelf unit with numerous brands of energy bars you can purchase. As more people are becoming more aware of their health energy bar sales are increasing.


CEOCFO: How do you get people to pay attention?

Mr. Manos: More are paying attention naturally due to declining health. Obesity in both Adults and Children is at an all time high and getting worse every day along with the millions, and growing Adults and Children suffering with Type I and Type II Diabetes. Finding a way to get people to pay attention is not going to be easy. You can do it through point of sale at retail, grabbing the consumers’ eye or you have to start spending lots of money advertising. Magazine Features, Outdoor Billboard, and radio are great but very costly. Cliff Bar like many other manufacturers has gone out and sponsored events like Motorcycle Racing and Nascar. We plan to demo our bars at retail and I have started plans for Radio Spots and Outdoor Billboard in 2012. Once I start my advertising campaign, it will be talking to those people who are Diabetic and have Obesity issues. Moms need to be educated. Women are responsible for 80% of all grocery store sales; however, they are not always clued in on what to buy for their kids. Mom and dad work eight to ten hours a day, they come home too tired to cook so it’s off to McDonalds, Taco Bell, or Burger King, fast food, “FAT KIIDS”! For some families this is every night. I plan to get the word out and let moms know there are alternatives.

I use the slogan “Good for You Better for You” which will be a big part of my advertising campaign. Like myself, other manufacturers have to take responsibility and make a difference.


CEOCFO: What is the financial picture like for Active Health Foods, Inc. today?

Mr. Manos: We are about to start up again after developing all New Packaging. I bought the company from a woman in December of 2008 who created Active X™ Bars along with an Organic Snack Food manufacturer. She has several degrees, one in Nutrition and a PHD in the near future. When I met her, she was not making money and had no financial back up plan so I took over the company for debt. Seeing and tasting these amazing bars, knowing the quality and superior ingredients they are made from was enough for me to want to take over the company debt which I knew would be minor compared to the success I know is eminent. Active Health Foods, Inc. is publicly traded and with our sales and marketing plans for 2012 sales and profits will continue to grow steadily.

CEOCFO: Why should potential investors pay attention to Active Health Foods today, and how can people feel reassured that you can get the attention needed for the product to be successful?

Mr. Manos: We have major retailers we will be meeting with right after the first of the year. I will be making a trip to Arkansas to meet with Wal-Mart and I expect authorization of the bars in their stores, millions of bars sold and millions of dollars in profit for Active X™ Bars not to mention other tremendous distribution opportunities. Press releases are lining up to go out. I have another company Manos Beverages, Inc. that we plan to merge with Active Health Foods, Inc. in the future. I believe this is the right time for an investor to jump on board because this company in the next eighteen to twenty-four months is going to soar.


CEOCFO: So, it is a good time for people to start paying attention to Active Health Foods!

Mr. Manos:  Yes, right now. Our initial stock promotion will start the last week of December and will continue throughout 2012.


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Active X™ Bars are extremely moist and flavorful. 100% Natural, 100% Organic, and All Raw. You do not have to bite them; they melt in your mouth. We have (4) flavors: Almond Chocolate Delight, Peanut Butter Chocolate Joy, Cashew Berry Dream, and Coconut Cocoa Passion. Peanut Butter Chocolate Joy is my favorite. Take the bar out of the wrapper and hold it in your hand, you will have chocolate all over you. No other bars are made like Active X™ Bars. - Gregory C. Manos does not purchase or make
recommendation on stocks based on the interviews published.