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February 11, 2013 Issue

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Full-Service Digital Marketing Agency, Advice Interactive Group is Partnering With their Clients who want to be on the Forefront of the Internet and Increase their Revenue via Online Advertising Channels

About Advice Interactive Group:

A Full-Service Digital Agency with Offices in Texas, Florida, California.

We believe developing personal relationships with our clients is crucial to creating a successful marketing plan, and we pride ourselves in our ability to offer them the individual attention they deserve. The more we know about a business and their principles, the better we can help them reach your goals.


At Advice Interactive Group, our focus is on our clients. Our team loves this industry and we are excited about being the solution to our clients needs. We thrive on learning more about your business and your industry needs. Our company founders, Bernadette Coleman, Tom Coleman and Randall Turner, have built a diverse, flexible organization that is uniquely qualified to lead your business to solid Internet marketing success.

Bernadette Coleman


After many years in the investment banking field and helping to launch and grow companies for other people, it became clear to me that there was an opportunity to create my own company that specialized in helping businesses grow. Since search engine optimization and Internet marketing were passions of mine, I created a digital marketing company to provide a clear online marketing solution for clients. Jumping forward 3 years and hundreds of clients later, I am happy to report that Advice Interactive Group is making its mark in the industry. As a company founder, my responsibilities include working with our team leaders to develop and manage the overall growth strategy of the company, developing marketing strategies for our clients, and uncovering business opportunities for all.


Happily married to my business partner, Tom Coleman, we have five children that keep us on our toes. Together we spend time advocating for brain injury awareness and promoting our nonprofit, TryMunity, a social network for survivors and supporters of traumatic brain injury (TBI).

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Advice Interactive Group

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Interview conducted by: Lynn Fosse, Senior Editor, CEOCFO Magazine, Published – February 11, 2013

Ms. Coleman, what is the focus of Advice Interactive Group?

Ms. Coleman: Advice interactive Group is a digital marketing agency and our goal is to partner with clients who want to increase their revenue via online advertising channels.


CEOCFO: Most people are looking to do that these days!

Ms. Coleman: Absolutely! Most businesses are looking to increase their revenue via the internet. It is hard to compete in your local markets online and with the Yellow Pages reach shrinking, it is important to have a strong presence online for any business. Unfortunately, there is a lot of confusion in our industry and we thrive on our ability to present solutions to our clients in a way in which they can fully grasp while setting expectations in the right place.


CEOCFO: Who is your typical client?

Ms. Coleman: It is across the board. We take care of Inc. 500 companies, Fortune 500 companies all the way to the local restaurant on the corner. Depending upon what your needs are, Advice Interactive Group has the solution and our staff is aligned to specific serve our varying client size. Our typical client is a national company or franchise with multiple locations.


CEOCFO: What have you figured out at Advice Interactive that maybe others have not?

Ms. Coleman: It is about good customer service. If you tell your client you are going to do something, you better be able to do it. We have a 99% retention rate and that is important to us. We treat every client like they are our only client. I believe that the customer feels so much more confident doing business with us when we explain to them what we are doing and why we are doing it. We take the time to enter into a true marketing relationship. Instead of just being a client, they are actually a partner.


CEOCFO: Do most of your clients know what they want when they come to you or are they coming asking for advice?

Ms. Coleman: Most of our clients are looking for help. They may think they know what they want but we find that once we do a needs analysis and we go back to them; many times it is not what they think they want. That is why we say we are a true partner. We present to them a plan of action that makes sense. I can honestly say that most of our clients need our direction.


CEOCFO: Would you give us an example of when someone has come to you, asked you to do something and you gave the extra advice and suggested something different?

Ms. Coleman: A client may come to us and say they want a social media campaign and they want to connect with all their neighbors in their community. The cost to do that may be very expensive for a local company. The return on that may be minimal and it may make more sense for that company to take that same and reallocate it towards a good local SEO plan of action.


CEOCFO: How do you decide when a new way of doing something is going to stick or whether it is just a fleeting trend?

Ms. Coleman: We never know when it is going to change but we follow all of the Google, Bing and Yahoo best practices. As long as you stay within the guidelines that are placed from these search engines, then you are going to do fine. We never try to skirt the system or trick the engines to do something that would not be considered white hat SEO or search technology.


CEOCFO: What is your geographic reach?

Ms. Coleman: We have offices in McKinney Texas and Fort Lauderdale as well as Newport Beach California. We cover the whole United States. We have clients in most of the major cities, and have begun expansion internationally into London and Spain.


CEOCFO: How do people find you?
Ms. Coleman: We get a great amount of business from referrals. When you do good for one client they like to talk about it to others. Our clients are our best source of advertising.


CEOCFO: How long have you been active as a company?
Ms. Coleman: I started Advice Interactive Group with my partners in 2009.


CEOCFO: What has surprised you as the company has developed?
Ms. Coleman: We were surprised at how fast we grew. We quickly figured out that if you do what you say you are going to do and you do a good job for your clients they are your best source of leads. We were surprised by how many referrals we get from clients and our recent awards have only solidified our legitimacy in the industry.


CEOCFO: It is amazing what a simple concept it is!

Ms. Coleman: It is amazing! Take care of your clients and they take care of you.


CEOCFO: You have made the Inc. 500 list, so business is good. How do you gear up as business increases?

Ms. Coleman: We make sure we only hire qualified individuals that understand their markets and understand their roles within the organization. We have strict policies and guidelines as well as policies and procedures that guide our employees on how to execute our strategies. Not everybody has a monopoly on all the knowledge when it comes to internet marketing, but as talented individuals, we can work together and create that pool of knowledge. By having these policies, procedures in place, we can branch out and do more with less staff because we know how to do it well.


CEOCFO: Would you tell us about reputation management?

Ms. Coleman: We do reputation management. It is a shame that this is even an opportunity for us to make money. I say that because you have companies out there that have spent years or centuries building a name yet one or two people that are upset or disgruntled can ruin their reputation with a negative comment online. This can be devastating to an organization so we do offer reputation management and reputation repair services. Typically, it is a long process and a great amount of hard work but if you monitor in advance and are prepared for protecting your brand, then you are mitigating the possibility of having the negative reviews appear. We partner with companies that allows us to educate them over all aspects of digital marketing and digital preference. It is all about education when it comes to reputation management. The ability to help them be prepared and do what needs to be done to protect themselves in advance is one of the processes and services that we offer.


CEOCFO: Would you tell us about your web design services?

Ms. Coleman: It is about being user-friendly. If someone goes to a site and they are having trouble navigating or they cannot find what they need, they are going to leave. It is all about making your website work for the end user, so that everything that they are looking for is right there in front of them and they do not have to search for it. Having the right architecture on your site that clearly defines where someone needs to go is also very important. It is about design and architecture as well as user friendliness. It is about creating an experience that is good for the visitor and if you do that in the right way, you will convert business on your website.


CEOCFO: Are they services you would like to provide?

Ms. Coleman: I think that we provide all the necessary service that a digital agency needs to provide. We are not experts in print media or experts in add buys for television or radio, so we will leave that to other agencies. We are a digital agency, so if it has anything to do with marketing or advertising online, we can handle it. We work very well with partners of our clients that do media and print advertising so that we can collaborate and create a comprehensive campaign across all media. I can honestly say that anything digital we can provide and we can do it well for our clients.


CEOCFO: Why should the business and investment community pay attention to Advice Interactive Group?

Ms. Coleman: They should pay attention to Advice if they want to have a digital presence online that works. If they want a partner that is going to take them to the forefront of the internet, then they should partner with Advice. It is really that simple.


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“We get a great amount of business from referrals. When you do good for one client they like to talk about it to others. Our clients are our best source of advertising.”- Bernadette Coleman


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