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November 21, 2016 Issue



Game Changing eTack Product Transforming Hernia Surgery from Open to Minimally Invasive Laparoscopy Surgery



Shahar Peled

Chief Executive Officer


ArTack Medical



Shahar Peled



Interview conducted by:

Lynn Fosse, Senior Editor, CEOCFO Magazine, Published – November 21, 2016


CEOCFO: Mr. Peled, what is the concept behind ArTack Medical?

Mr. Peled: The concept behind ArTack Medical is to enable the transform from open approach hernia surgeries into laparoscopy. The laparoscopy surgery requires advanced techniques from the surgeon and current Tackers, which are the devices that allows the attachment of the mesh to be fixated to the abdominal wall from the inside. However, today’s Tackers have several drawbacks. Our device, the eTack has overcome these drawbacks and we believe that it can be the next generation in hernia laparoscopy.


CEOCFO: How does the eTack work?

Mr. Peled: Current Tackers are manually driven, with a straight shaft, only one kind Tack, and it is pistol grip shape. In addition, if you consider the surgery, in laparoscopy the surgeon stands above the operation table. He is facing towards the floor, but the manipulations in hernia are supposed to be upwards against the abdominal wall. Therefore, working with a pistol grip straight Tacker, forces the surgeon into upward poses, in order to enable him to reach those areas where he needs to attach the mesh into the abdominal wall. Think of a ball, a spherical ball. You enter it from one side with a straight stick. Obviously you are going to have dead regions. However, with our eTack, first of all it is articulated, and in using an articulated shaft, you can reach all of the dead regions that cannot when you work with a straight Tacker. Secondly, with an articulated Tacker, you can reach the abdominal wall perpendicularly. Therefore, the Tack insertion is much better. The third thing is that the eTack is motor driven, so the performance of the Tack insertion does not depend on the ability of the surgeon to squeeze his fist to generate the rotation needed to insert a Tack. When you get to the right position, and you define the right angle of the articulated tip, you ensure that the Tack is perpendicular to the abdominal wall with a click of a finger, and the motor is doing everything. The performance is repeatable and much more consistent.


CEOCFO: Have surgeons been looking for a better method for this procedure?

Mr. Peled: Absolutely! As I said, the laparoscopy approach is a challenging technique. Actually, this is the bottleneck of transforming the hernia frame from open approach, to a minimally invasive surgery (MIS). Allowing the surgeon to do an easier operation with better performance, we believe this will break this bottleneck and will allow the surgeon to do this procedure with much more confidence to the patient.


CEOCFO: How many laparoscopy procedures are done a year? What is the market opportunity?

Mr. Peled: Annually there are around 10 million hernia procedures worldwide. Hernia surgery is the most common procedure that is done in the abdomen. Most of the procedures are still done by using the open approach. There are advanced countries where you can find premium or private high quality hospitals where most of the surgeries are done with the laparoscopic approach, but still about 80% of the worldwide procedures are done with the open approach. Therefore, the potential is huge because we are only in the beginning of the minimally invasive surgery revolution in hernia.


CEOCFO: Where are you in the development and commercialization process?

Mr. Peled: ArTack Medical is an early stage company. We have finished the development, so we are in a stage which is called the “design freeze”. We tested our device in the laboratory in an animal model and cadaver test very successfully. We are now raising funds to complete the regulations. From the moment we have the money, we will still have about a year before commercialization.


CEOCFO: What was the reception at the China-Israel Innovation Conference?

Mr. Peled: It is amazing because doctors and distributors were saying, “wow”. They could see that it was so simple and clear. They wanted to know when our product would be on the market, because we are bringing to market a product that they wanted to use. Actually, our development approach is to allow any surgeon to do this procedure quicker and better, and there is no need to change the current procedure flow. The surgeon will do the same things, but much easier and much faster, with more confidence. Those doctors that tried it during the animal and cadaver test, said that it is awesome. It is a game changer.


CEOCFO: Put it all together for our readers, many of which are in the business and investment community, as well as the healthcare community. Why pay attention to ArTack Medical?

Mr. Peled: The revolution of transforming the hernia from open to minimally invasive surgery has started and there is no way to stop it. Surgeons and care suppliers are looking for better solutions and better treatments for the patients. In our days patients require minimally invasive treatments. They understand that using the open approach exposes them and they face the risk that when we get elderly and our tissue becomes weak, there is a potential for recurrence of the hernia. Therefore, using the minimally invasive approach reduces the risk of what we call, incision on hernia, which is hernia that comes years after a different operation. We believe that our eTack will lead a new gold standard in this field.


“Doctors and distributors were saying, “wow”. They could see that it was so simple and clear. They wanted to know when our product would be on the market.”- Shahar Peled


ArTack Medical



Shahar Peled







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