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May 11, 2015 Issue

The Most Powerful Name In Corporate News and Information


Independent Cloud-Based Managed Security Services


Tim Harvey



Commercial Solutions

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Interview conducted by:

Lynn Fosse, Senior Editor, CEOCFO Magazine, Published – May 11, 2015


CEOCFO: Mr. Harvey, what is SilverSky?

Mr. Harvey: SilverSky, the leading independent cloud-based managed security services provider, was acquired by BAE Systems at the end of 2014. BAE Systems is one of the top providers of threat intelligence to the world’s largest governments, including the United States and United Kingdom. Our expertise and innovations in Security and Financial Crime enable us to deliver software and managed security services any way our customers require it.


Our suite of Cloud and On Premise Solutions includes:


·         Security Software

·         Financial Crime Solutions

·         Managed Security Services

·         Secured Managed Applications


CEOCFO: How is managed security different than the standard offering?

Mr. Harvey: The standard offering typically provides monitoring but not management. Our Managed Security Service combines technology with consultative expertise. We offer 24 x 7 monitoring of customer networks to protect them from cyber criminals. We also provide cloud based security software specifically for email, which is one of the primary ways customers are breached. 


CEOCFO: What is your approach to providing a comprehensive service? What might you look at when you are monitoring or when you are establishing a program that others do not realize is important?

Mr. Harvey: Our key differentiator is the comprehensiveness of our solution. When you look at the current threat landscape, the reputational and economic risks that companies face, today, have never been greater. As such, we’ve seen a significant interest in cyber security at the Board of Directors level for most major organizations.


There’s no “silver bullet” approach to security, so we equip an organization with software and managed services. We offer the organization a 360-degree perspective on security. Our comprehensive, layered and in-depth approach identifies the primary threat vectors such as email, internal actors and external threats; and provides organization-wide protection.


Not all companies take the comprehensive view. Many organizations have taken a disjointed approach to security, purchasing technology without understanding where threats are actually coming from. Hiring the right people is also hard for many companies. There is a global lack of security talent available to hiring managers. Analyst research says there are more than one hundred thousand open positions, worldwide, for security experts.


The combination of our real world know-how, a deep understanding of the threats we combat, and our team of experienced experts, means we can provide a comprehensive solution that protects our clients.


CEOCFO: Would you give us an example of a low level threat that you would pick up and what you would do once you see it and something that is on a much bigger scale?

Mr. Harvey: Email remains one of the primary threat vectors. Thieves typically target employees’ emails trying to trick them into clicking on links that will download malicious software onto company computers. These emails can look official and can be very easy to fall for. Our Targeted Attack Protection solution has the capability to detect that a link is bad or malicious, and can stop the end user from actually ever seeing that link. When the employee cannot click on the link, both the employer and employee are protected.


On an organization-wide scale, our monitoring and management solutions can evaluate large attacks on company networks. These solutions first correlate and work to identify where the attack is coming from, and then begin to stop it. In the case of an actual attack, our comprehensive solutions can look for other, perhaps unrelated, behavioral anomalies. As we’ve seen with many data breaches, organized criminal enterprises often launch large scale attacks on the “front door” (perhaps a DDoS attack) as a way of masking sneaking in the “back door.”


When an attack occurs, the ability to protect a company’s entire network infrastructure from being infiltrated is key.


CEOCFO: Are you fairly confident that in most cases that everyone has heard about in the news, your system could have helped or maybe totally protected?

Mr. Harvey: There will always be risk to any company, because the sophistication of threats continues to grow. However, this doesn’t mean organizations shouldn’t implement all of the necessary tools to limit their exposure to attacks and expedite remediation in the event of a breach. We work with our clients to make it harder for criminals to get inside their walls, and to prevent thieves from stealing key assets.


CEOCFO: Do most companies understand the need for a comprehensive solution?

Mr. Harvey: Organizations that have already been attacked see the threat landscape differently. Further down-market, we see that smaller organizations are not as sophisticated as larger institutions that have the size and the expertise. In the mid-market, there is some awareness of the scope of the problem, but we are not sure that everyone recognizes the advanced and persistent nature of these attacks.


CEOCFO: Do you provide training?

Mr. Harvey: We provide training through consulting programs about security threats. To be most effective, we recommend that training be conducted on an ongoing basis. Doing it once is not enough. If training is not reinforced at all levels of the organization, and not updated to reflect the current threat landscape, companies can leave themselves vulnerable.


CEOCFO: Do you work directly with companies? Do they buy through channel partners? What is your business model?

Mr. Harvey: We go to market through direct sales and with a range of channel partners, including service providers, systems integrators and technology vendors. 


CEOCFO: Is government a growing area for you?

Mr. Harvey: While we have 40 years of operational experience working with governments, our largest focus today is the commercial marketplace.


CEOCFO: What industries utilize your services? Where do you see the biggest need and where do you see that you will be able to grow in the next year or two?

Mr. Harvey: We see the biggest opportunities where the threats are the most serious. We also see opportunities with customers that have compliance issues, or are subject to regulations that require protection of personally identifiable information. Traditionally, this has been in the Financial Services, Healthcare and Retail industries, but is rapidly expanding to almost any business. Again, this is a result of both the threat landscape continuing to evolve, as well as regulatory requirements that are driving the demand for our types of services.


CEOCFO: How do you keep up with the regulatory requirements of both federal and state?

Mr. Harvey: We work closely with our customers to ensure that we agree about how those regulations apply to their specific organization. We provide many services around network monitoring and security for financial institutions. We have so many clients in financial services, in fact, that we were a founding member of the Multi-Regional Data Processing Services (MDPS) Program, which is a regulatory oversight program operated by the Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council (FFIEC). The FFIEC is a composite government regulator.


CEOCFO: Are many of your clients surprised at the internal threats and the fact that they need to be as vigilant internally as externally?

Mr. Harvey: When we talk about an internal threat, we are not necessarily talking about bad people within an organization. There are plenty of times where good people make mistakes. These include when employees fall for malicious phishing emails. Sometimes employees may not realize that certain data shouldn’t leave the organization. Or they may accidentally lose devices. And, of course, there are malicious or disgruntled insiders.


Regardless, our solutions provide capabilities to help customers understand what data should and should not leave the organization, and if it does leave, how it should leave.


CEOCFO: How do you combine ease of use, so the people will comply, with the need for a higher level of protection?

Mr. Harvey: From an end-user perspective, we build intuitive, easy-to-use functionality that also ensures compliance with industry-specific requirements. For example, employees in a retail organization need to be able to comply with PCI-DSS and other rules and regulations. We do the configuration, up front, for customers using templates. They have the ability to tailor the solution from there. We want to make security easy to use, and simple to deploy.


CEOCFO: Now that SilverSky is part of BAE what are the changes?

Mr. Harvey: BAE Systems has given us a global operating footprint. We can leverage the experience of one of the largest security and defense contractors in the world, which is also one of the leading providers of threat intelligence to the US and UK governments. This increases our visibility over a broader spectrum of threats.


CEOCFO: How is business?

Mr. Harvey: Security is on top of almost every CEO and Board-level agenda right now. As the threat landscape continues to become more complex, leaders are coming to terms with the fact that security breaches not only present economic risks, but also reputational risks. We are seeing an increased demand for software and services and expect to continue to grow rapidly now as part of BAE Systems.


CEOCFO: How do you find qualified people for that layer of monitoring and that is providing one of your differentiators?

Mr. Harvey: Globally, there is a real lack of security expertise. But because security is what we do, and because of the extensive client base and reputation we’ve built over the years, we are able to attract high-caliber talent. We’ll continue to hire people that have the right aptitudes and skill sets, and will continue to invest heavily in training to make sure team members help us remain at the forefront of security.


CEOCFO: What should people take away when reading about BAE Systems Applied Intelligence US Corporation?

Mr. Harvey: We protect government and business worldwide - and we'd be happy to show them why the largest among them trust us to do that. 


"Systems is one of the top providers of threat intelligence to the world’s largest governments, including the United States and United Kingdom... The combination of our real world know-how, a deep understanding of the threats we combat, and our team of experienced experts, means we can provide a comprehensive solution that protects our clients."- Tim Harvey


Commercial Solutions

BAE Systems Applied

Intelligence US Corporation


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