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July 16, 2012 Issue

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With the Financing in Place to Explore and Develop their Nickel-Copper-PGE Projects in the James Bay Lowlands of Ontario and Claims in the Abitibi Greenstone Belt of Northwestern Quebec, Bold Ventures Inc. is Well Positioned for the Next Major Find

Company Profile:

BOLD VENTURES INC. is a mineral exploration company focused on the acquisition and development of highly prospective projects within Canada. The Company's main emphasis is on a Nickel-Copper-PGE exploration project located in and around the Ring of Fire in the James Bay Lowlands of Ontario and on four recently acquired claim groups located in the Mattagami area of the Abitibi Greenstone belt of northwestern Quebec.

David B Graham B Sc Executive VP & Director

Since 1986, David Graham has been President of R. Bruce Graham and Associates Ltd., a natural resource management and mining consultation firm that was founded in 1956. Active in the mineral exploration industry since an early age, Mr. Graham received a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Waterloo in 1983.

Since that time, his technical and corporate management experience has been wide ranging in the areas of base and precious metals, uranium, industrial minerals and organic materials. Mr. Graham has worked extensively in Canada as well as the United States, Scandinavia and Africa. His experience has frequently included working with aboriginal people and regulatory agencies on projects that ranged from a grass roots stage to production. Mr. Graham has acted as a Director and/or senior officer of a number of private and public companies. Recently, Mr. Graham acted as a Director and Vice President of Noront Resources Ltd. between October 2006 and January 2010. As a Director of Noront, Mr. Graham was part of the team that reviewed and approved the acquisition of Double Eagle claims that led to the discovery of a number of mineral deposits in the James Bay Lowlands, dubbed "The Ring of Fire". As Vice President of special projects, Mr. Graham provided support to Noront management from the post discovery stage through two additional management changes. Mr. Graham specializes in bridging the corporate technical gap for natural resource based companies.

Base Metals and Precious Metals

Bold Ventures Inc.
Suite 1000, 15 Toronto Street
Toronto ON M5C 2E3
Phone: 416-864-1456

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Interview conducted by: Lynn Fosse, Senior Editor, CEOCFO Magazine, Published July 16, 2012

CEOCFO: Mr. Graham, would you tell us a bit about Bold Ventures?

Mr. Graham: Bold Ventures is a Canadian junior exploration company with a focus on the Ring of Fire in Northern Ontario and the Abitibi Greenstone Belt of Northwestern Quebec.

CEOCFO: Why are you interested in those two particular areas?

Mr. Graham: This company has a wealth of experience in the Ring of Fire area being a large portion of the team that actually made the discoveries up in that area with Noront Resources in late 2006. The Abitibi Greenstone belt of northwestern Quebec has been a prolific mining camp. With our experience there and the new technology we employ we feel there are some real opportunities in the areas we have chosen.

CEOCFO: Your website shows that your company is a forward-thinking technology engaged team of geology experts. What is the approach that is different?

Mr. Graham: The approach that is different is actually a reconstituted approach from a number of decades ago when mining companies used to carry out airborne surveys over large areas of underexplored territory. With the advent of updated technology in that area, the company has begun programs over the last two years carrying out VTEM airborne electromagnetic surveys and magnetic surveys that are really state-of-the-art in this day and age. The real advantages are that the depth of penetration for these surveys is quite a bit deeper, and we are able to search a little bit further under the surface of the ground. There are still vast areas that have not been explored yet, so between the two areas, the Ring of Fire of the James Bay Lowlands of Ontario, and Northwestern Quebec, we are carrying these surveys out over areas that are underexplored.

CEOCFO: What is happening on the ground with the individual properties?

Mr. Graham: Our Quebec properties are recently staked and are located along areas of either past producers or new discoveries, and extensions to those that are neighboring them. In the Ring of Fire, we have a wealth of experience up there, and we have probably seen more technical data than most companies. We have a successful road record up there with the discovery of multiple mineral deposits, which are in various stages of feasibility studies. Because of that, we believe that we are going to find the next large deposit, and we like to look at it as we are hunting for elephants in underexplored areas.

CEOCFO: What minerals are you looking for; what is the focus?

Mr. Graham: Our focus is base metals and precious metals.

CEOCFO: Do you have a preference regarding metals?

Mr. Graham: We have a great deal of experience in both areas, so there is not really any preference, it just depends on the terrain we are working in, and the commodities and their pricing.

CEOCFO: What is your two-minute take on what has been happening in the marketplace today as far as metals?

Mr. Graham: There is so much happening! I happen to think that commodities have taken a bit of a pause here due to the global economics, and that gold is probably taking a little pause here as well, we see it come down a bit from its highs. Our thought is that in the long-run, these commodities will go back up in price and demand. There are a couple of very strong depressing factors on the market being the effects of the European block and their troubles economically. Our long-term view is that if you keep finding these deposits and put them into production, and usually because of the length of time, you carry on through these down times and you will get the prices that you need when you do finally get to the production scenario.

CEOCFO: Do you own your projects 100%?

Mr. Graham: Our Quebec properties are 100% owned, and our Ring of Fire properties are currently 100% owned and subject to an option to joint venture agreement with a subsidiary of Dundee Corporation, who have a right to earn into our various Ring of Fire properties to the tune of 33, and one third percent by making expenditures on those properties which total $5 million.

CEOCFO: Is there a preference for either direction, or is it just opportunistic as far as joint venturing or owning 100%?

Mr. Graham: In the case of the Ring of Fire, it was just too good of a deal to turn down. Having the association with the Goodman Group at Dundee, we find this non dilutive financing of our expenditures to be an excellent result for our company during these poor markets when stock prices are depressed. We have 100% interest in Quebec, so this is a grassroots effort. We staked these claims in areas that we think have high potential. The main item there is that before we would ever enter into any kind of agreements on it, we are reviewing and compiling the geological data, and we will probably pare down the size of those areas we are working in to the most prospective. If somebody is interested in working with us, we would entertain that. However, our prime goal is to own the majority of our project, which is not to say that we would not spin off a project if it was not the center of our focus, but at this point, these two areas are the center of our focus, giving us a nice diversification between the two provinces.

CEOCFO: Would you consider additional properties if they came your way?

Mr. Graham: We are always reviewing properties.

What is the financial position for the company today?

Mr. Graham: The company has approximately $2 million in cash. The option agreement with Dundee gives us the financing to carry out our programs there. We are hoping to nail down the exact date of our next drilling program probably over the next month. We are in pretty good shape, we have sixty odd million shares out and eighty million fully diluted, so it is a pretty good picture for a junior.

CEOCFO: Why should investors choose Bold Ventures?

Mr. Graham: One of the main reasons is that this company has two very strong components, one being the exploration team, and one being the promotional team. With the promotional team, there is Richard Nemis the CEO, who has a following that is very widely distributed over a thirty-five year period. John Harvey the chief operating officer of the company heads up the technical team and has a tremendous road record of discoveries in his career and working with both majors and juniors. You combine those two pieces together and the team we have here is probably second to none in the junior sector.

People should really take a look at owning the stock in this company. We do have some exciting projects coming up over the next month. What sets us apart a little bit is having the financing association with a group such as Dundee, and we think we are going to make the next major find.


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People should really take a look at owning the stock in this company. We do have some exciting projects coming up over the next month. What sets us apart a little bit is having the financing association with a group such as Dundee, and we think we are going to make the next major find. - David B. Graham, B.Sc. does not purchase or make
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