BlastGard International, Inc. (BLGA-OTC: BB)
Interview with:
James F. Gordon, Co-Founder, Chairman and CEO
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proprietary blast mitigation materials, proven to effectively dissipate blast energy, quench flame fronts or flash fires resulting from explosions, regardless of the material or compound causing the explosion.


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BlastGard International’s BlastWrap Technology is a unique passive mitigation system that was designed to instantaneously interacts with all explosive events, significantly reducing the impact explosions have on people and property

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BlastGard International, Inc.

12900 Automotive Blvd., Ste. D
Clearwater, FL 33762-4715
Phone: 727-592-9400

James F. Gordon
Co-Founder, Chairman and CEO

Interview conducted by:
Lynn Fosse, Senior Editor
August 25, 2005

James F. Gordon
– Chairman, CEO and Board member.  As co-inventor of BlastWrap™, Mr. Gordon is responsible for the overall policies, management development and the Company’s future expansion and promotion of BlastWrap™ products.  Mr. Gordon has 25 years of sales and marketing experience as a licensed real estate broker and appraiser.  He co-founded and was Vice President of Sea Gull Ltd. Builders, a successful land development and construction company.  For sixteen years, Mr. Gordon designed and constructed executive single-family homes.  He later focused on the design, construction and sale of Medical Condo office buildings.  Mr. Gordon received his Bachelor of Science Degree from Monmouth University, West Long Branch, New Jersey. Mr. Gordon is also a U.S. Army veteran, an avid duplicate bridge player and a golfer.

CEOCFO: Mr. Gordon, what is your vision for BlastGard?
Mr. Gordon: “BlastGardŽ BGI was created to develop, design, manufacture and market proprietary blast mitigation materials. Our Patent-pending BlastWrap™ technology is scientifically engineered and has proven to effectively dissipate blast energy, quench flame fronts or flash fires resulting from explosions, regardless of the material or compound causing the explosion. This unique technology may be used to create new finished products or create products to retrofit existing products. While the need for this technology has always been present, the security and safety concerns resulting from the continued terrorist attacks, make the timing of BlastGard’s emergence even more important. BlastWrap technology goes far beyond the current protection paradigm, detection and prevention of security breaches, by offering real protection in the event something goes wrong. BlastWrap products were created with the knowledge that no system can detect or prevent all intentional or accidental explosive incidents. BlastGard has developed a technology that completes the security system; when detection and prevention fail, BlastWrap offers protection against explosions. Through advances in technology and engineering, BlastGardŽ goals are to create high-quality, low-cost solutions for blast mitigation, allowing government and commercial sectors the opportunity to protect lives and prevent or minimize destruction in a simple cost effective manner.”

Mr. Gordon, what is the first product you are rolling out?
Mr. Gordon: “BlastGard International's BlastWrap Technology represents a breakthrough in public safety by providing a remarkable new class of blast resistant and blast mitigating trash receptacles. The new BlastGard MTR 91 and BlastGard MTR 101 blast mitigated trash receptacles will save lives and lessen damage to valuable assets. Both MTR’s were complete tested at the Redstone Explosive Technical Test Center, at the U.S. Army's Redstone Arsenal in Huntsville, Alabama.

The BlastWrap technology is unparalleled in mitigating the destructive effects of blasts of all kinds, including high explosives. Our BlastWrap technology is an important aspect of emergency management because blast and fire will kill you as easily as a speeding bullet. BlastWrap allowed us to develop a new generation of explosion resistant trash receptacles that are both blast containment and blast mitigated. BlastGard’s MTR 91 and MTR 101 is the only trash receptacle that addresses all four hazards of an explosion:

Primary Fragmentation – fragments from an IED or a pipe bomb
Secondary Fragmentation (the receptacle stays together)
Blast Pressures / reflected pressures and flame fronts or fireballs

BlastWrap is unique and instantaneously interacts with an explosion, both chemically and mechanically. BlastWrap reduces the blast pressures by about 80% while simultaneously quenching the fireball of the explosion, in 4 or 5 milliseconds. Additionally, primary fragments are captured and there are no secondary fragments. The existing explosion proof trashcans on the market today are a significant risk to the public in the event of an explosion. America has been mislead and were given a false sense of security by the products that are currently employed. The trash receptacles purchased since 911 virtually due nothing to reduce the fireball or blast pressures and rarely, if ever, stay together. BlastGard’s MTR 91 and MTR 101 are the only trash receptacles that address all four components of an explosive event. Accredited third party explosive experts successfully and thoroughly tested both the MTR 91 & the MTR 101. BlastGard’s blast containment and blast mitigated MTR 91 and MTR 101 will go a long way in enhancing the safety of all those who use public transportation. The MTR trash receptacle is the only choice for maximum protection from IED’s, pipe bombs and all other explosive threats.   BlastGard’s BlastWrap technology will save lives, reduce blast injuries and lessen damage to valuable assets, even with very large charge blasts.”

In closing, why should potential investors be interested and what should they realize about Blastgard International BlastWrap Technology that is not always evident at first glance?

Mr. Gordon: “An investor should recognize that terrorism is and will be a severe problem for all humanity for many years to come. It is imperative that as a nation we recognize the necessity to be better prepared, when the terrorist strike again. Preparedness is critical and we must plan for "predictable attacks of criminal or terrorist activity"; so, a shortfall in preparedness is not prudent. Response strategy must recognize potential problems and employ new technologies that can reduce the impact of explosions on people and property.

Recent events in London have again demonstrated that the majority of injuries and deaths were the result of blast pressures and reflected blast pressures. In confined areas (such as subways, train stations and airports) unmitigated explosions will create substantial reflected pressures. Damage to human lungs, the central nervous system, the gastrointestinal tract, etc. is generated by a blast wave as it passes through the human body. The severity of this damage directly correlates to the duration of the event. When an explosion occurs inside a highly reflective environment (such as a subway hall), the pressures bounce off of the walls and the same blast wave travels through the body numerous times, each time enhancing the duration and the internal damage. This phenomenon results in the charge seeming to be much more powerful than for an explosion in the open. When blast pressures bounce off walls, floors and ceilings, that activity causes reflected pressures of up to 8X the incident pressure and becomes "virtually" a much larger charge. Therefore a 10 lb bomb could become an 80 lb bomb (in milliseconds) because of these reflected pressures.  That happened in London, in Madrid and everyday in Iraq. Approximately, fifty percent of all casualties in Iraq are strictly from blast pressures and thermal/fireball effects. The Pentagon has recently documented this statement.  Current events clearly demonstrate the importance of incorporating BlastGard’s BlastWrap Mitigation technology in both commercial and military applications.  Blast Mitigation will save lives today and in the future and BlastGard is on the cutting edge of this new emerging industry.”


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Heinous acts of terrorism have caused all of us to be more cognizant of our safety and nowhere are those concerns greater than in government and public facilities. BlastGard is developing products that will help protect us and enable us to be better prepared for an acts of terror. Blast Mitigation is an important part of emergency management because it dramatically reduces the ultimate damage to peoples and property. - James F. Gordon


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