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March 23, 2015 Issue

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Construction Recruitment throughout the Southeast


Matt Telmanik



CCS Construction Staffing


Interview conducted by:

Lynn Fosse, Senior Editor, CEOCFO Magazine, Published – March 23, 2015


CEOCFO: Mr. Telmanik, what is the concept for CCS Construction Staffing?

Mr. Telmanik: CCS is a temporary staffing firm that provides skilled tradespeople to construction contractors throughout the Southeast.


For example, electrical contractor XYZ wins a new construction project. The project requires XYZ to have 30 electricians onsite, but XYZ only has 15 full time electricians. XYZ has a couple options.


One, it could spend the money, time, and resources to hire the 15 electricians, which more than likely would result in a large layoff once the project was completed.


On the other hand, XYZ could call CCS. CCS will source, vet, and hire the 15 electricians. Once the project is completed, XYZ will send the 15 electricians back to CCS with no additional liabilities. Then, CCS will place those electricians on other projects with other clients


CEOCFO: Is it typical today to outsource staffing for construction?

Mr. Telmanik: Absolutely. For contractors to remain competitive, they must utilize staffing in some capacity. CCS’ clients use staffing in varying degrees. Some clients use CCS to supplement their manpower for a deadline push, some will bring in an extra hand to fill in for an individual on vacation while some will staff their entire project with CCS manpower. Our clients understand their strengths are in estimating, bidding, and completing projects. Not hiring and HR. CCS focuses on recruiting and hiring 24/7.

CEOCFO: Do you find that your skilled people enjoy working for different companies?

Mr. Telmanik: In the past two years, CCS has worked with over 300 clients. I think our tradespeople enjoy having more independence and flexibility with their career. The tough thing about construction is if you are good at your trade, you work yourself out of your job fast. With a traditional full time employer, tradespeople do not have a choice on their next project, but CCS can offer its tradespeople options for their next assignment.


CEOCFO: How are you able to attract the talent to make CCS successful?

Mr. Telmanik: CCS has been providing great construction job opportunities since 2008. Thankfully, CCS’ internal staff has not changed much. In fact, CCS has only lost one internal employee. According to CareerBuilder and Inavero, Opportunities in Staffing and Best of Staffing competition data, the annual internal staff turnover rate for non-winners was 21% and 9% for winners. CCS Construction Staffing boasts a 4% turnover rate. This internal staff stability translates to consistency for both clients and tradespeople. Strong client retention creates solid, reliable work opportunities for our tradespeople. Talent will always follow the best work opportunities.


CEOCFO: Are there are particular trades in which you work?

Mr. Telmanik: CCS specializes in staffing the electrical and mechanical industries.

However, CCS’ business model differs from most staffing operations. It utilizes a team of specialized recruiters for each trade. This guarantees that the client has a recruiting team that understands his industry and expectations. Other companies have one recruiter working on a wide spectrum of orders, ranging from clerical to IT to electricians. Because of this, CCS’ recruiters are not distracted with orders outside their expertise.


CEOCFO: What is your geographic range?

Mr. Telmanik: CCS’ headquarters are in Charlotte, North Carolina. However, we have local sales teams based throughout the Southeast from Virginia to Florida to Tennessee. CCS also staffs outside its Southeast footprint upon clients' requests. For example, CCS recently completed projects for a Southeast based client that had projects throughout Texas, Kentucky, and Ohio. CCS has the capabilities and resources to staff any state.


CEOCFO: Do you do much training?

Mr. Telmanik: CCS is constantly providing its internal teams on additional training. From OSHA to ASA, CCS offers opportunities for its internal teams to continue their education.


CEOCFO: Will you tell me about your employee of the month and contractor of the month? Why is it important?

Mr. Telmanik: Implemented several months ago, the program highlights individuals that have gone beyond the normal call of duty. The program has been a tremendous hit. CCS has experienced so much growth over the years, and this program helps us slow down and say “Thank You” for everyone’s hard work.


CEOCFO: How else have you fostered an atmosphere where your people do not leave?

Mr. Telmanik: Staffing is an incredibly competitive and stressful industry. Day in and day out, the CCS staff is running at full speed in every direction. With clients and tradespeople pushing, it is a chaotic atmosphere. CCS has done its best to promote an environment that appreciates its internal staff. CCS provides weekly lunches, stocked snack room, access to free sporting event tickets, and quarterly company gatherings, to name a few. More importantly, CCS has created a workplace that eliminates barriers and supports teamwork. I feel like CCS has a true open door policy.


CEOCFO: It is amazing how so few people get that idea!

Mr. Telmanik: I feel like in business (and life), if you follow a few rules that you learned when you were young, you can be successful. For example, treat people the way you want to be treated. Even simply, “Listen”, and if there is an issue, “Fix it.”


CEOCFO: What is the competitive landscape? Are there many companies with the depth of CCS?

Mr. Telmanik: The staffing industry is one of the most competitive industries. Not only are you competing against other staffing firms, but you are also competing against any full time employer, in some sense. Any entity that offers full time employment is competition. Then, couple that with an aging skilled trade workforce makes construction staffing a cutthroat business.


CEOCFO: Do you do much advertising? How do you reach out for new business?

Mr. Telmanik: To date, CCS has not had to do much advertising. Our brand and reputation has grown due to the stability of our sales and recruiting teams. This consistency has led to CCS being recognized on the Inc. 5000 (3x), Fast 50 (4x), and the Best of Staffing lists. The majority of our business is from current clients and their referrals.


CEOCFO: Why choose CCS?

Mr. Telmanik: CCS is a financially stable and established company that continues to reinvest in its processes and people. CCS’ “Best of Staffing” recognition verifies that its business model provides for a higher level of client satisfaction. Less than 2 percent of all staffing agencies in North America receive this award for remarkable service quality. CCS has solidified its internal staff of salespeople, recruiters, and administrative support, boasting 96 percent employee retention. Regardless of project location, CCS will surpass clients’ expectations because of its seasoned and dedicated recruiting teams. Client and tradespeople satisfaction is paramount to CCS.


“CCS focuses on recruiting and hiring 24/7.” - Matt Telmanik


CCS Construction Staffing


Matt Telmanik


CCS Construction Staffing
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