Interview with: Steven S. Porter, Chairman and CEO - featuring: their novel anti-infective drugs based on its proprietary class of compounds, Ceragenins(TM) (or CSAs).

Ceragenix Pharmaceuticals, Inc.(CGXP-OTC: BB)

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Steven S. Porter
Chairman and CEO

Interview conducted by:
Lynn Fosse, Senior Editor
July 20, 2006

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Ceragenix Pharmaceuticals, Inc.(CGXP-OTC: BB)
1444 Wazee Street, Suite 210
Denver, Colorado 80202

Phone: 720.946.6440

Steven S. Porter
has served as Chief Executive Officer and Chairman since May 2005. Prior to joining our company, he served as Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board of Osmotics from its inception in August 1993 until May 2005. He continues to serve as a director of Osmotics Corporation. He has served as Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of Osmotics Pharma since February 2002. In January 1986, Mr. Porter and two other individuals founded GDP Technologies, Inc. (GDP), a medical imaging company, completing major strategic partnerships with Olympus Optical, Japan, GE Medical and Bruel & Kjaer, Denmark. From that time until August 1993, Mr. Porter served as Executive Vice President of GDP. Prior to 1986, Mr. Porter was the National Sales Manager for Protronyx Research, Inc., a large-scale scientific computer systems company, working with the United States Department of Energy, United States Department of Defense, Boeing and the National Security Agency. Mr. Porter has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics from UCLA.

Company Profile:
Ceragenix Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (OTCBB: CGXP) is a biopharmaceutical company that discovers, develops and commercializes novel anti-infective drugs based on its proprietary class of compounds, Ceragenins(TM) (or CSAs). Active against a broad range of gram positive and negative bacteria, these agents are being developed as anti-infective medical device coatings (Ceracides(TM)) and as therapeutics for antibiotic-resistant organisms.

Ceragenix further owns exclusive rights to Barrier Repair Technology for the treatment of dermatological disorders including atopic dermatitis, neonatal skin disorders and others. Ceragenix's patented Barrier Repair Technology, invented by Dr. Peter Elias and licensed from the University of California, is the platform for the development of two prescription topical creams--EpiCeramŽ and NeoCeramŽ. Ceragenix recently received 510K marketing clearance from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for its EpiCeramŽ Skin Barrier Emulsion to improve dry skin conditions and to relieve and manage the burning and itching associated with various dermatoses including atopic dermatitis, irritant contact dermatitis, radiation dermatitis, and other dry skin conditions by maintaining a moist wound and skin environment.


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“We have a very unique competitive position; we have near term commercialization opportunities with profound technologies that have multiple applications that afford us a variety of commercialization pathways.” - Steven S. Porter does not purchase or make
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