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2005 Interview with:
Robert Kramer, President and CEO
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non-invasive pulsed electro-stimulation technology that offer help for those concerned with their hair growth and regrowth.


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Current Technology’s CosmeticTrichoGenesis product is being introduced in the U.S. while their ElectroTrichoGenesis solution for hair loss is gaining acceptance in Asia and Europe having received a CE Medical Mark

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Current Technology Corporation

800 West Pender Street, Suite 1430
Vancouver B.C.  V6C2V6
Phone: 604-684-2727

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Robert Kramer
President and CEO

Interview conducted by:
Walter Banks, Publisher
September 22, 2005

is the co-founder of Current Technology Corporation along with his wife Anne Kramer. The company was formed in 1987 to research, develop and commercialize electrotherapeutic products for the treatment of hair loss. An entrepreneur by nature, with a particular interest in the financial sector, he has been a founder/principal of a number of private companies offering commercial mortgages, venture capital and tax driven investments. Prior to co-founding Current Technology, he was a joint venture partner in an enterprise that raised funding for approximately 20 public mining companies conducting exploration activities in Western Canada. A graduate of the University of California at Berkeley with a degree in economics, Mr. Kramer has been a member of the Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants and the Institute of Chartered Accountants of British Columbia for over 30 years. In 2000, he earned his designation as a Certified Public Accountant in the State of Illinois.  In 2005 he was admitted as a Fellow to The Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators.

Company Profile:
Current Technology Corporation, founded in 1987, remains committed to developing its non-invasive pulsed electro-stimulation technology. This technology has enabled the company to develop two separate and distinct products emanating from the TrichoGenesis platform, thus far, that offer help for those concerned with their hair:   ElectroTrichoGenesis (ETG) and CosmeticTrichoGenesis (CTG). Current Technology holds patents throughout the world and has spent over US $15 million in research and development of its TrichoGenesis platform and systems.  The patents encompass the technology, methodology and design of the company’s products.

CEOCFO: Mr. Kramer, could you start by describing your technology platform and why you are excited about its potential in the U.S. as well as other places?
Mr. Kramer: “Current technology has developed an electro-therapeutic platform that we call TrichoGenesis. It is patented, proprietary and unique and it has been developed into two product streams. The first product we call ElectroTrichoGenesis or ETG, standing for the regrowth of hair by means of electrical stimulation. ETG is not available in the United States. We have spent a considerable amount of time and money subjecting this technology to independently controlled clinical trials, and the results have been published in peer reviewed medical journals. The results have demonstrated that our process is very effective, that in clinical trials, over 90% of the people that take our treatment have no further excessive hair loss or actually re-grow hair that has been lost. Those trials demonstrated an average increase over the 36-week clinical trial period of 66%. It is rather significant and very interesting from a commercial standpoint. That product recently received medical approval of what is called a CE medical mark in Europe; that mark is good all around the world outside of the United States.

We have developed a second product that we call CosmeticTrichoGenesis and we are just starting to market it in the US as a cosmetic product without making any medical claims. This was recently introduced at the spa show in NYC at the end of May and a Yale-trained Board Certified Dermatologist, Dr. Morris Westfried, is our distributor in NYC. He has opened a center on West 57th that features CosmeticTrichoGenesis. He is starting to develop that market by placing units in salon and spa centers as well as in the purpose built center that he has developed in NYC. We are at a point as a company, where our products are being introduced to market places around the world - outside the U.S. it’s our medical product ETG and within the U.S. our cosmetic product CTG.”

CEOCFO: What differentiates the ElectroTrichoGenesis from the cosmetic?
Mr. Kramer: “The technology platform is the same but the regimen is different; that is there is a distinction in the treatment regimen that exists for the ETG product vs. the session schedule that exists for the CTG. If I can use an analogy that is not 100% accurate, but I think that will be understood, and that is the distinction between a prescription product on the one hand and an OTC strength on the other.”

CEOCFO: Is there a similar cost between the two methods?
Mr. Kramer: “We do not attempt to control the cost to the individual consumer. On average, we are looking at something in the order of $25-$35 per session for the CTG or per treatment for ETG. Generally, the CTG sessions last approximately fifteen minutes once a week. It is a simple process and I think it is important that someone can come into a location, sit down, have a hood lowered over the head with nothing touching the scalp, no sensation and no side-effects. You have the session, you are in and out in fifteen minutes and you just have to do it once a week.”

CEOCFO: Do you have any patents on your product?
Mr. Kramer: “We have a number of patents that have been issued in the U.S. and other areas of the world and have done considerable searches on an ongoing basis of the literature both from a scientific standpoint and a commercial standpoint. There are other agents out there that claim to do things from a hair standpoint, but we are unaware of anything that uses the type of technology that we do to affect the result that we achieve.”

CEOCFO: How long have you been around?
Mr. Kramer: "We started working on the technology at the end of the nineteen eighties.”

CEOCFO: How do you get your product to the market?
Mr. Kramer: “This is a product that has been designed for commercial application, that is, it is not a home-use or individual-use kind of product. It is designed so that depending on the setting, it could go into a spa or into a high-end beauty salon or into a dermatologist’s office. It is designed so that individuals will come in on a regular basis to that center and avail themselves of the service. It provides for the owner/operator of the equipment a revenue stream that can be substantial. If the equipment is booked just a little more than once an hour, you are going to end up with something like eighty sessions per week and over the course of a fifty-week year, you are looking at four thousand sessions. Over the course of a year at a figure of $25, that is incremental revenue of $100,000 that would apply to this particular piece of equipment, so from a commercial standpoint it is very interesting for the operator.”

CEOCFO: So you sell to salons and doctor’s offices; are there any other places?
Mr. Kramer: “Some of the locations are designed specifically for the equipment, that is the location is built around the equipment and in some instances, it is an add-on to some existing locations where people normally go to deal with hair related or cosmetic related issues. For example, in Singapore, our distributor there is a company called Gromark Consumers Enterprise Pte. Ltd., a very successful company that has marketed in Southeast Asia both for Moet Hennessy and for British American Tobacco. Gromark has moved away from alcohol and tobacco and into anti-aging and health related products and that is where we come in. They have opened a center in the most prestigious medical building in Singapore called the Camden Medical Center and are featuring our ETG product there. They are assisting us in opening up that particular part of the world; we have shipped or will be shipping shortly into Korea, Malaysia, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Thailand, and of course Singapore, working directly with Gromark in all instances except Korea.”

CEOCFO: Do you work through strictly distributorship or do you have your own sales staff?
Mr. Kramer: “We would typically work through a distributor or sub-distributor. Sometimes those relationships are based on geography.   For example, Gromark is the exclusive distributor for Singapore. We work with them and they go out into the marketplaces. In Hong Kong, they have made an agreement with a firm that is going to be entering the market on our behalf. Gromark will be our distributor and they will bring the sub-distributor to the table. It varies depending upon circumstances but we generally work through distributors.”

CEOCFO: In how many countries are you active presently?
Mr. Kramer: “We are in about sixteen countries at this point, with particular focus in the Asian Pacific region. The United States is very important as far as our CTG product is concerned. We have limited presence in Europe (Cypress, Greece and Ireland) but are looking at enhancing that situation over the course of the coming year.”

CEOCFO: Will future growth come from deeper penetration into current markets or expansion?
Mr. Kramer: “It will come from both. Our expansion in the Asia Pacific region is relatively new so we are at the front-end of it. We can see an increased footprint in particular markets but also an increase in the number of markets in the Asia Pacific region. In Europe, it will be a matter of introducing into new markets, that is we do not have a presence in a number of countries that we feel have very significant potential for us such as Germany, France, Italy etc., and we will be focusing on those areas as we move forward.”

CEOCFO: Is your product more effective for people who have lost their hair through illness, or is it just as effective for those with male pattern baldness?
Mr. Kramer: “We originally developed the product to deal from a medical standpoint, with male or female pattern baldness. The initial clinical work that we did was supportive of that effort so the statistics that I quoted earlier, related specifically to the use of our product in treating individuals who had a particular level of hair loss that would be generally qualified or described as common baldness. We have also with our ETG product done some interesting work with women undergoing chemotherapy for breast cancer where we have used our ETG technology to treat the women before they start taking their chemotherapy regimens, staying with them all the way through the regimen and subsequent to it. We have found with a particular chemo cocktail, the acronym is CMF, that the individuals who participated in a pilot study at a breast cancer clinic in New Zealand were able to keep their hair even though they were undergoing chemo. It is a dramatic result that we are very pleased about.”

CEOCFO: How does that compare with other products on the market such as drugs?
Mr. Kramer: “There are a number of other products on the marketplace. We have not done head-to-head clinical comparisons as an example between our ETG product and either Rogaine or Propecia. We have received anecdotal evidence from individuals that have used or worked with our ETG product and their view is that it is a superior solution. It might be useful to look at the modality, which I think is of interest, because people today are interested in drugless solutions and non invasive solutions and our product qualifies in that regard. Particularly for women, we feel that we have a product that is quite superior in terms of its design. Our TrichoGenesis solution for hair loss does not require any lotions or potions to be put on the head. Such an application can be difficult when a woman is attempting to maintain a particular hairstyle. Some products require even twice daily applications, and ours is just once a week for fifteen minutes. We think that from a no-fuss no-muss standpoint in terms of how the product is delivered, that it is very superior and easier to deal with.”

CEOCFO: Do you have the funds to go forward or do you need to raise more capital?
Mr. Kramer:
“We have been supported over time by a group of very loyal shareholders. We have never done a secondary public offering. Everything we have done has been by way of private placement with restricted stock and we continue to work in that area. We believe that with the support we have had in the past and which we hope will continue, it will put us in a position to roll out our business plan.”

CEOCFO: In closing, do you have any float available for investors and why do you think investors should be interested?
Mr. Kramer: “Our stock is CRTCF. We trade on the OTC: BB. As I indicated earlier, we have a loyal following and about 2,200 shareholders at this point based on our last annual general meeting explanation. Probably fifty names would give you about 75% of the stock that is outstanding. Yes there is a float, although it is relatively tight. I think the shareholders who are involved with us have a vision of this company delivering a technology both in the medical space and the cosmetic space around the world that has significant potential. One of the reasons for this is because we have developed a unique communication piece that allows us to communicate with our equipment all over the world and by doing so we control quality assurance and quality control to make sure the equipment is working properly, but very importantly earn a downstream revenue. Every time the equipment is used we earn a click fee or a per use fee that varies somewhat but is potentially quite significant, and I believe that is why our shareholders are interested in us. The stock is trading at a relatively tight range in and around the 20-cent mark and I think most people who are looking at us now believe that as we enter the market in Asia and look at significant potential in Europe and start to develop the market in the U.S., and if they get in at these levels, they are getting involved in a company with some significant potential growth.”


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“Our TrichoGenesis solution for hair loss does not require any lotions or potions to be put on the head. Such an application can be difficult when a woman is attempting to maintain a particular hairstyle. Some products require even twice daily applications, and ours is just once a week for fifteen minutes. We think that from a no-fuss no-muss standpoint in terms of how the product is delivered, that it is very superior and easier to deal with.” - Robert Kramer


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