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September 2, 2013 Issue

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Having received FDA Rx and OTC Clearance for a Generic Formulation of the very Popular French Topical Product Biafine®, DERMAL LIFE LLC is bringing to market their Branded Rx Product Hydropermeate and their cosmetic skin hydration line branded La FONTAINE

Greg Firestone



Dermal Life was founded in 2010 with a mission to develop advanced skin care products that maximize skin health.


Our leadership team has over 75 years of collective health care experience in product development, business development, commercial operations, packaging and manufacturing. Our team has a solid track record of successfully launching and growing clinical and non-clinical products in a variety of business segments including wound care, pharmaceutical, OTC, medical device and retail pharmacy industries.


Skin Care


4951 Tampa West Boulevard

Tampa, Florida 33634





Interview conducted by: Lynn Fosse, Senior Editor, CEOCFO Magazine, Published –  September 2, 2013


CEOCFO: Mr. Firestone, your website indicates that Dermal Life was founded in 2010 with a “mission to develop advanced skin care products that maximize skin health.” What have you found so far?

Mr. Firestone: The premise in how we planned to develop the product was based on a forty year old French formulation and a product that was named and is named Biafine® Today Biafine is in seventy percent of all households in the country of France. Biafine’s patents expired in 2006. Therefore, we have now been able to replicate the product and have successfully produced a Biafine generic. On May 1st 2013, we received FDA clearance for both Rx and OTC. On June 1st, 2013 we also launched a skin hydration cosmetic line called La FONTAINE® via the web.


CEOCFO: What is special about Biafine? What does it do? How does it work?

Mr. Firestone: What is very unique about this product is that the product has extremely unique healing and hydration properties. The reason for this is that the product is able to penetrate deep into the skin into the dermis layer of the skin. To the best of our knowledge there is no other product in the world that can penetrate the dermis layer, if so; we have not seen any evidence of this. Because the product penetrates so deep into the skin the product actually begins to heal from the inside out, while at the same time providing deep hydration. This expedites the recovery and/or healing process and therefore returns the skin to its normal state much faster than all other products. Additionally, because the product penetrates deep into the Dermis layer, with its unique hydration properties, the product offers incredible attributes for daily use. In fact, 70% of French households are using the Biafine branded product on a daily basis for skin hydration, moisturization, after-sun and also for anti-aging purposes.


CEOCFO: How does the product work, scientifically? How is it different from other products?

Mr. Firestone: Scientifically, without being too technical, the product activates our skins natural healing process. The chemical reaction from what is in the ingredients to those in our skin tissue generates an activate response to our skins natural healing capabilities. Most significantly, it activates the skins healing properties very deep within the skin; thereby speeding up the healing process, while leaving the skin deeply hydrated deep beneath the surface of the skin.


CEOCFO: You have launched the product. What is the plan? How have you started to roll it out? How will you roll it out?

Mr. Firestone: The plan is for Dermal Life to launch a brand Rx product named Hydropermeate to dermatologists and radiation oncologists. At the same time, we will provide product license arrangements for those companies looking for advanced OTC skin care remedies in First Aid and After-Sun. Additionally, we will continue to promote our La FONTAINE cosmetic line via the web and select retail store fronts.


CEOCFO: Is the medical and the skin care community aware? Have they been aware or are they first learning about La FONTAINE and about your products in general?          

Mr. Firestone: As far as the medical community is concerned dermatologists are very aware and familiar with the French branded product Biafine. In the early 90’s Biafine was introduced into the United States in a very “grass roots” marketing strategy by the developer and manufacturer. The primary reason Biafine was introduced to the United States was due to then owner of desire to travel to the United States.  Creating as small U.S. division facilitated his need to travel to the U.S., though there was never much emphasis on growing the U.S. market. However, over a period of seven to eight years dermatologists and radiation oncologists became very familiar and loyal to Biafine, due to the clinical results and patient satisfaction. Unfortunately, the necessary resources to gain wide-spread product reimbursement were not spent and the Biafine product was therefore too expensive for most patients. Dermal Life’s plans to execute a market strategy to the dermatologists and radiation oncologists; which includes wide-spread product reimbursements and lower copay’s to allow access to all patients needing skin care treatment for the indications of our generic Biafine.  Dermal Life’s branded product Hydropermeate will be available through prescription via dermatologists and radiation oncologists and sold through mass retail pharmacies like other prescription products. As far as the plan for our La FONTAINE branded skin hydration line, we will initially use a grass roots marketing strategy that will have us using mostly social media and our La FONTAINE website. We believe that overtime word of mouth caused by the amazing results produced by the product will drive the demand for retail store fronts.


CEOCFO: How do you convince people when there are so many products with some many claims, both in the medical community and in the non medical area? How do you get people to really understand that it works? What is the key? 

Mr. Firestone: You are absolutely right on in your comment that you made that there are so many skin care products; especially in the cosmetic world. Additionally, so many companies are making wide-spread claims about the capabilities of their products and are often times charging absorbent prices for their products. The good news is that the FDA is beginning to clamp down on false claims that have been made for many years, especially in the cosmetic area. Therefore, companies are becoming much more conservative in their claims and this is therefore leveling the playing field. Our plan is to conduct clinical trials that will actually prove out our claims; to include substantiated data and photos to support our claims. La FONTAINE is already endorsed by a Board Certified Cosmetic Dermatologists named Dr Ashley Cavalier. Dr. Cavalier has used the product in her practice for nearly a year and also has a growing patient base using and purchasing the product from her practice in Saint Simons Island, Georgia.


CEOCFO: You have had over twenty five years in the healthcare industry. What have you learned in previous ventures that are most helpful on the business side for Dermal Life? 

Mr. Firestone: The most helpful thing that I have learned is that it always takes much more time and money than one would expect; especially in a mature or maturing market. Another key item of importance to understand is that it is critically important is to remain focused on only a few key activities and to not try to be all things to everyone. This is why we decided to launch only a couple of branded products, and then license our technology to other companies already in the market desiring to gain a competitive edge. This also requires a lot less funding.


CEOCFO: Speaking of funding, are you funded for the roll out in the next steps?

Mr. Firestone: We are funded to launch the La FONTAINE skin hydration cosmetic line, which as earlier stated is in motion right now. We are currently seeking what we hope to be our last round of funding to launch our Hydropermeate branded Rx product. At this time, we are in discussions with two large pharma companies interested in licensing our product technology for OTC markets.


CEOCFO: Have you found interest? Different areas for funding often seem to run in cycles. Do you feel this is an area that there is a lot of interest in these days?

Mr. Firestone: The answer is yes, we are finding interest. Interestingly enough, we actually have dermatology and wound care companies that have expressed interest. Not just a product licensing, but also in investment opportunities into the business where they can get their arms around the entire product portfolio. Therefore, because we are not asking for a large amount of funding we are likely going to be more attractive to what would be classified as “angel investors or potentially venture capitalist, versus private equity firms.


CEOCFO: Why does Dermal Life stand out for investors and people in the business community?

Mr. Firestone: Dermal Life has a proven product technology with over a 40 year history in the country of France where is has achieved over 70% market share. The product technology has FDA Clearance for multiple indications and market segments and the base foundation of the product formulation offers unique opportunities for 2nd and 3rd generation product development. Additionally, since our current investors are friends and family, we offer great flexibility to work with the right strategic investor.


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“Dermal Life’s branded product Hydropermeate will be available through prescription via dermatologists and radiation oncologists and sold through mass retail pharmacies like other prescription products. As far as the plan for our La FONTAINE branded skin hydration line, we will initially use a grass roots marketing strategy that will have us using mostly social media and our La FONTAINE website. We believe that overtime word of mouth caused by the amazing results produced by the product will drive the demand for retail store fronts.” - Greg Firestone


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