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March 25, 2013 Issue

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Using their Own Bank Accounts, Names and Addresses to Order Products Online for Consumers, Enymity is providing Complete Anonymity and Security

Michael Oley 

Michael Oley is the President and CEO of Enymity, Inc. Michael founded Enymity in 2012. Michael was concerned with the erosion of our Liberties. He wanted to create a business that would stand up for those liberties, enshrined in the Bill of Rights, and did so by creating Enymity. Mr. Oley believes that an idea is only as good as the team formed to implement that idea and gives praise to Team Enymity as the steam behind this business’ success. Mr. Oley compliments this team with a diverse career spanning several industries including construction contracting, real estate development, inventions in the construction industry and internet service startups, Mr. Oley brings over 25 years of hard work and real-life entrepreneurial experience to team Enymity. He believes that if you form a good team and have a good idea and are willing to work hard to turn your idea into reality you have a real chance at success.

About Enymity:


Enymity provides complete anonymity to the internet’s consumers. Enymity does so by using their bank accounts, names and addresses to order the product or service for their client. The client makes a purchase with Enymity for the product or service they want, and as long as it is legal, Enymity will get it for the client.

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Interview conducted by: Lynn Fosse, Senior Editor, CEOCFO Magazine, Published – March 25, 2013


CEOCFO: Mr. Oley, your website indicates Enymity is providing professional privacy protection. Would you tell us what you do?

Mr. Oley: We are an acquisition service for the consumer when purchasing goods and services over the internet. We do this mainly through our website. Consumers go to our website and submit the information to Enymity describing and identifying the desired product or service they want Enymity to purchase. We then utilize our accounts, names and addresses to purchase that product or service for our client.


CEOCFO: What are the typical types of services that people would be looking to purchase when they come to you, or is it really across the board?

Mr. Oley: It is really across the board; all different walks of life and all different kinds of demographics, with all different kinds of wants and likes. Some of the specific areas are the survivalist and spy tech industries. These industries represent approximately forty percent of what we do; people who want to secretly stockpile food and survival supplies or buy a surveillance device. They do not want anyone to be aware that they are stockpiling or acquiring these items. The adult industry is also an aspect of what we do. There are many people in the public and private arena that do not want their personal desires compiled into a file or data point that may be used against them. Some clients want us to join a website for them and protect their identity from future scrutiny. Some clients just want us to obtain a product for them. Other clients want us to hire a professional for them such as a divorce lawyer or a private investigator to follow a suspicious spouse. We initially thought we had envisioned all the ways in which Enymity might be used, but our clients are always coming up with something new.


CEOCFO: When you say “privacy protection” is it less of a security issue and more of “keeping what you are doing to yourself”, so to speak?

Mr. Oley: It is the protection of both that we strive for. You see protecting your identity goes hand in hand with protecting your privacy and by protecting both of these elements you provide security. Developing and creating a system that hides a person’s identity not only affords them privacy and security, it also affords them a choice. This is important because that choice has been taken from the people. What Enymity does is it restores that unalienable choice that is at its essence, a Right. You see, some clients do not like PayPal accounts. They do not like surrendering all of their information to a company like Life Lock that monitors all of their bank accounts and monitors their credit cards. Some people are not comfortable with that. We provide another avenue of purchase for consumers who want to acquire products or services through the internet. Simply put, Enymity provides the ability for the consumer to protect their identity and to do so for whatever reason they may choose, whether it is for the “secrecy of purchase” or just for protecting their identity. The bottom-line, utilizing the Enymity services results in complete anonymity for those who desire and need it.


CEOCFO: Do they not have to give you the information?

Mr. Oley: The only information we require is the email address that is created for registering at our website. This email is a security requirement, so when a client arrives at the site we have the ability to “shut the door behind them” once they enter. This email is also used for confirmation of purchase and communicating with the client.  The financial data is just the credit card number and the expiration date and these go directly to our encrypted third party credit card processor for processing and maintaining our compliancy. Enymity never sees or stores this information. We just receive the order for the desired product or service. The mailing destination for the products is the only other piece of information we receive. Enymity will order this product with its bank accounts and addresses, masking the client’s identity. This product will be shipped in Enymity’s names and then re-labeled at a mail-hub for forwarding to the client. This ordering and re-labeling is handled by separate departments within Enymity, resulting in even Enymity not being able to readily compile a data point of client identity. 


CEOCFO: How do people find out about you?

Mr. Oley: We are transitioning out of the proof of concept into branding and spreading our business method and name as quickly as we can. There are a few communities, like the survivalist and adult communities that are giving us good exposure. Satisfying current customers and the resulting word-of-mouth are our best roads to growth. We also utilize press releases, radio commercials, banner ads and quite honestly anything that we believe will help. We place no restrictions on our ability to grow and will pursue every angle that contributes to our growth.


CEOCFO: Is there a great deal of competition?

Mr. Oley: No, we have created this niche industry and we are patent pending on the business method. The facilitating of payments is already restricted to just a couple of big players like PayPal and Google Checkout. We believe these companies hold a virtual monopoly on the consumer’s ability to purchase and do nothing to protect the consumer’s 4th amendment rights to privacy. Enymity provides an alternative to these main payment facilitators and does so while providing total anonymity for the consumer. We do so by parceling out the client information at the point of purchase, so no one entity ever has a set of data points to create a profile of our clients. Even Enymity never gets the full picture of who our client is. So to answer your question directly, no, there really isn’t any competition, because no other company employs our methods or can assure personal privacy protection at the level we have achieved.


CEOCFO: Are people paying per transaction?

Mr. Oley: Yes. We have a tiered level of service based upon clients desired level of privacy and protection. Our cheapest service runs about $3.00 and is for the consumer that wants to anonymously join a website service. The order is placed with Enymity and we join the service and forward the logon information to our client. They are then free to view the site and to do so with full anonymity. Our Deluxe Cloaking product costs about $10.00 and is similar in nature but involves getting the product to the client, which requires additional steps, hence the additional cost. We have a specialized service for $49.95 that is used when a client wants to hire a professional person or business. If anonymity, security and privacy are concerns for the consumer, then Enymity is truly the one and only way to address those concerns.


CEOCFO: What about security concerns and bomb making concerns?

Mr. Oley: Our pledge is “if it legal we can get it for you, if it is illegal we take great offense at a consumer violating our terms of use”. Our website clearly stipulates that we will not order weapons, we will not order any component of an assembled weapon, we will not order any explosives, and we will not order any pharmaceuticals. Enymity was not created to break laws, it was created to protect our identities from thieves and our personal purchase desires from all violators of our privacy. We take the legality of the internet very seriously. To broaden upon that, if you look at what the big tech players are now trying to do, it is to create anonymous identities on the internet. The US Chamber of Commerce just gave out ten million dollars in grants to Silicon Valley companies to do just that. When we were first creating Enymity we explored the possibilities of total anonymity, but decided that we really did not want to be a part of it. If you think of all of the exploited peoples of the world, when you create a system that has no self-policing ability, you are creating a system that the “creeps and criminals” of the world would use to shop for all sorts of nefarious interests, further exploiting the people of this world. We do not have any desire to be part of that system. What we do desire and what helps to make Enymity great, is that in our purchasing process we are able to police what is being purchased without ever knowing who our client is.


CEOCFO: You see the proliferation of hacking and identity theft; does that seem to be helpful for you? Do you anticipate people coming more from that safety issue in the future, as opposed to, maybe, the privacy issue? Do you really care where they come from?

Mr. Oley: As a business, profit is a large driving factor but at Enymity we take pride in what we do and believe we have a cause as well as a business and that cause is the preservation of our Rights and Liberties. As far as more of our clients being concerned with privacy, or more being concerned with anonymity and “secrecy of purchase”, as it is we are running probably about sixty / forty; sixty being for people who do not want what they personally purchase to ever be known by anyone, and then the other forty percent would be people who are concerned about identity theft, credit card fraud, and things of that nature. Our client’s reasoning and desires are based on the feedback and testimonial section of our website. Since we do not create profiles or mine data from our clients it is somewhat speculative on our part to speak to their reasoning.


CEOCFO: How do you insure safety at your site?

Mr. Oley: Commenting on your last question will also answer both in tandem. You had mentioned hackers. Our system is specifically designed to defeat hackers. What we mean by that is that we parcel out the information at the point of purchase, so at no one place is our client’s full identity stored. The credit card company who collected the money from them; all they ever received was the credit card number and expiration of the credit card. The client only uses an email address to log into our site. At no point do they give out their name, and only in the ordering of a product do we ever receive their address. By parceling the information at the point of purchase, the already-limited information is spread over various and different secured systems. This means that we have our servers, we have the encrypted card processor, and we have our own systems that are split into different departments as well. None of these systems has the full identity of the client. If someone were to hack our system they may get an anonymous email address, but they are not going to get any identifying information on a client as far as the credit card, the home address or any identifying information on the purchase etc… We go a step further and regularly purge our system of all information. Using a third party for the processing fulfills our compliancy requirements. This means that we do not have to store our transaction information on our servers, which renders hacking useless. If a hacker were able to hack all these individual, independent systems it would still not matter because he would not have any reference point for re-constructing the profiles into anything discernible. Enymity is truly the only way that we know of in the entire ecommerce world to totally protect your identity while simultaneously providing “secrecy of purchase”.   


CEOCFO: How is business?  

Mr. Oley: It has been a slow start with all the red tape, regulations and laws, but we are gaining traction and we are very optimistic as more people become aware of what Enymity can do for them. Our business model is mostly grown by our clients’ excitement. All the positive feedback like, “What an awesome business!” and “That is a genius concept!” certainly helps to keep us working hard for our clients’ interests. What is clear at the end of the day is that many people seem to love Enymity, for just as many reasons.


CEOCFO: Getting the word out can sometimes be expensive along with cumbersome. Is Enymity funded to take the next steps or to do the outreach that you would like, or will you be seeking funding or partners?

Mr. Oley: Eventually, yes. With any startup, especially an internet startup, the scalability is always a big question. The main reasons for failing are that some businesses scale too big too quick and some do not scale quickly enough. As far as money and our scaling plan, for right now we are covered. We have had inquiries and several interested parties but it is really tough for us to give up equity so early in the game. We are just emerging from the proof of concept stage and are exploring our options for scaling. We are all successful in our own fields of study and would only consider an investment from an investor that was a serious partner whose knowledge and expertise would complement the Enymity experience.


CEOCFO: Why should investors and people in the business community be paying attention to Enymity today?

Mr. Oley: Well, when asked that question previously or a similar one such as “Why bother”, I generally direct people to the website epic.org to their privacy and consumer profiling page. Viewing this page is generally enough to raise people’s awareness of just what we are facing as a people. Whether it is the government agencies or private industry, there is an undeniable and sustained, all-out assault on our Liberties and privacy. It has just become the norm to harvest data, create profiles, and to violate our 4th Amendment rights. Enymity provides the only known solution to counter this assault and that is why people, investors and the business community should pay attention to Enymity. Our ability to protect your identity and provide “secrecy of purchase” is what makes Enymity the stand-alone in doing so.


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“Enymity provides complete anonymity to the internet’s consumers. Enymity does so by using their bank accounts, names and addresses to order the product or service for their client.”- Michael Oley


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