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March 25, 2013 Issue

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FemCap, Incorporated is Improving the Quality of Life and Reproductive Health for Women using their Two FDA Approved Products: the FemCap Contraceptive Device and their FemyCycle® Menstrual Cup

Interview with Erica Ventrella and Nicole Eckman covering their

experience with the FemCap and FemmyCycle® products


About FemCap, Incorporated


FemCap, Incorporated is bringing to market two FDA approve products that improve the quality of life for women as well as their reproductive health. Their FemCap™ silicone contraceptive device was approved by the FDA on March 28, 2003. In a clinical effectiveness study of one pregnancy occurred among the 85 women who completed eight weeks of the study to test the second-generation FemCap. Based on this study, the typical failure rate of the second-generation FemCap was estimated to be 7.6 per hundred women per year. The FemmyCycle®, which is a soft medical grade silicone menstrual cup was approved by the FDA on November 16, 2012. It is reusable for 1-2 years, making it an environmentally sound alternative to pads and tampons that end up in landfills. Because the FemmyCycle collects blood rather than absorbs it, the risk of toxic shock syndrome is eliminated, even when worn for 10-12 hours. CEOCFO Senior Editor Lynn Fosse interviewed two women, Erica Ventrella and Nicole Eckman who shared their personal experiences with the two devices.


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FemCap, Incorporated
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Ventrella & Eckman on

FemCap & FemmyCycle

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Interview conducted by: Lynn Fosse, Senior Editor, CEOCFO Magazine, Published – March 25, 2013


CEOCFO: Ms. Eckman, would you tell us how you came to know about FemCap, their CEO Dr. Alfred Shihata and their FemmyCycle® product?

Ms. Eckman: I had been using the FemCap contraceptive device and I had a question about it. When I called to order it Dr. Shihata told me about their FemmyCycle® product and gave me the link for information. So, I checked it out online. At that time it was not yet available. From what I saw online I was very intrigued and I kept tabs on it. Whenever it became available in the US I got it immediately.


Ms. Ventrella: I met the CEO of FemCap, Incorporated, Dr. Alfred Shihata through a clinic where I volunteered. I told him about my own personal menstrual cycle and he recommended the FemmyCycle®. I said I would give it a try and I actually really liked it.


CEOCFO: How has their FemmyCycle® product worked for you?

Ms. Eckman: It works great for me. I have used other types of menstrual cups in the past and the FemmyCycle has some advantages over the other ones I have used. For example, I have had major leaking with some other ones and I came to expect that as just part of how the others worked. However, with the FemmyCycle® I had next to no leaking. For example, last month I was at an indoor water park with my kids. I used the FemmyCycle® and didn’t have to worry, so that was very nice.


Ms. Ventrella: My monthly cycle usually lasts about eight days, which is very long, so I use forty tampons every month. I thought FemmyCycle was a lot better because it is like going green and you do not have to buy tampons every month. Therefore, it has actually saved me a lot of money and it is very convenient for me.


CEOCFO: Have you told other people about the FemmyCycle or recommended it to others?

Ms. Eckman: I have a group of my friends locally here who I spoke with about the FemmyCycle. A lot of the women that I know use menstrual cups and they said they had never heard of this one. I told them they had never heard of it because it just got FDA approval. I told them I used it for a few months now and I love it. It is so much better. I have used the Keeper and Diva Cups for years and they are great in concept, but there are a few reasons why I like the FemmyCycle® better. First, it is easier to get out because of the loop. Then, when you take it out it does not automatically spill because everything is contained in there. It is almost enclosed because of the backflow part on the top so that is good. It is so much more flexible than the other ones, which are a great deal thicker and kind of stiff. Whereas the FemmyCycle is really thin and light-weight and a whole lot more flexible. It is nice because it is shaped differently. It is like an egg-shape as opposed to the other ones that are more like a cup. Therefore, if you cough or sneeze or anything it is not going to automatically shift downward where that is an issue with some of the other ones.


Ms. Ventrella: I recommended it to a couple of my friends. It is a different concept so there have been about two people that have actually had experience from my personal recommendations.


CEOCFO: Ms. Eckman, you mentioned you had been using the FemCap contraceptive product. How has that been working for you?

Ms. Eckman: I really like the FemCap contraceptive product. It has a loop on it to get it out. However, I do not have anything to compare that one to. I really like the fact that it is non-hormonal, reversible on your own as opposed to an IUD where you have to go to the doctor and have it taken out. It does not interrupt anything. You can insert it in the morning or evening and you do not have to worry about it. You can leave it in for an extended period of time. You can take it out in the shower and wash it and put more gel on it and just put it back in for the next day. It seems so much more of a good idea.


CEOCFO: Are you surprised that these have not become more common?
Ms. Eckman: Absolutely! I told a lot of my friends about this and know that a couple of orders have come just from talking about it. I also work in a maternity and breastfeeding store. I run into a lot of people of childbearing age and it is a discussion that comes up a lot. So many breastfeeding mothers ask what they can use for contraception, because condoms just do not work for them. They do not want to risk their milk supply. Therefore, I tell them about the FemCap. It is a great option for a lot of people.


CEOCFO: When we spoke with Dr. Shihata for our interview on FemCap he expressed a genuine concern for the health of women. What have you found with your relationship with him?

Ms. Ventrella: I think Dr. Shihata is the greatest guy. He is very kind and just wants the best for you. I even mentioned how the loop for the FemmyCycle was too tight for my finger at first. He was so happy that I told him and he fixed it. I cannot say anything but positive things about him.


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“I have a group of my friends locally here who I spoke with about the FemmyCycle. A lot of the women that I know use menstrual cups and they said they had never heard of this one. I told them they had never heard of it because it just got FDA approval. I told them I used it for a few months now and I love it. It is so much better.” - Nicole Eckman


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