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November 13, 2017 Issue



Q&A with Dan Tang, President of Global ETS, LLC. providing Electronic Components Identification and Testing Services to the Military, Aerospace, Automotive, Aviation, Franchises and Independent Distributors Worldwide in their AS900 Certified Laboratory



Dan Tang



Global ETS, LLC.



Dan Tang



Interview conducted by:

Lynn Fosse, Senior Editor, CEOCFO Magazine, Published – November 13, 2017


CEOCFO: Mr. Tang, would you tell us about Global Electronics Testing Services?

Mr. Tang: We are an independent, AS900 certified and DLA QTSL Laboratory Suitability Approved laboratory. We specialize in components authentication and testing services. We have a location in Shenzhen, China and our headquarters in Odessa, Florida. Our facility here is 10 thousand square ft., with state of the art testing equipment, serving customers from all industries including military, aerospace, automotive, aviation, franchise as well as independent distributors all around the world.  


CEOCFO: What is involved in testing electronic components?

Mr. Tang: Quite a bit is involved. You must have the proper facility with ESD certification, a variety of testing equipment, approved detailed processes, and a knowledgeable and experienced staff. At Global ETS we have different test methodologies that we follow from Industrial Standard MIL-STD-883, AS6081, and customer specific requirements.


CEOCFO: Your site mentions the unique perspective of your skilled workers. Where does the human element come into play when you are testing a component?

Mr. Tang: Our engineers and technicians are highly skilled, with many years of experience in the electronic component field. This level of experience, with our detailed control processes, allows our team to accurately inspect and verify the components and provide a comprehensive inspection report. 


CEOCFO: What might you look at when you are doing a project that less knowledgeable organizations do not think is important?

Mr. Tang: We are an extension of our customer’s quality department, which means we need to take very seriously our responsibility to convey correct findings and produce clear reports.

While we do review and test different elements of components, one of our most important element is the ability to communicate well with our customers, allowing full disclosure with end customers and suppliers. 


CEOCFO: What information do you provide to your customer?

Mr. Tang: Our customers look for a complete detailed and accurate analysis report of the products they have or are looking to purchase. Our report shows whether the product is new, original, will function to manufacturer specifications and are authentic components. With this data our customer is able to make an informed decision whether to use or purchase the product.


CEOCFO: GETS was recognized as A Florida Company to Watch. Would you tell us about the growth trajectory and how you continue forward?

Mr. Tang: It is a great honor for our company to be recognized as one of the 50 Florida Company to Watch for 2017. In late 2016 we built a 10K square foot test facility, and with this new facility our sales have double. We have increased our laboratory staff by 20%. In 2018 we have plans to add a military support division and are looking to increase our sales by 25%. In the near future we will add a second shift to support our customer demands. With the projected increase in business Global ETS will hire up to 10 additional full-time employees, with some entry level positions and several electrical engineering and technician position. 


CEOCFO: What accounts for the growth at GETS?

Mr. Tang: Our ability to provide high quality tests with fast turn time, detailed test reports, cost savings, combined with our outstanding customer service and ability to understand our customer’s needs. At Global ETS we are constantly improving our process and bringing in the latest and greatest test equipment available. In addition, we strive to achieve the highest laboratory certification available. GETS is an AS9100 certified company. We are in the process to be DLA (Defense Logic Agency) lab approval. In first quarter of 2018 we expect to be ISO 17025 certified. These certifications allow us to expand our services; working with QTSL certified suppliers as well as government contracts. We have different locations throughout the world with ability to support our customer needs no matter where they are.

It is our mission to be in the forefront of eliminating counterfeit or substandard electronic components from the supply chain, while providing our customer with unparalleled and unbiased electronic testing services throughout the world.


“We are an extension of our customer’s quality department.”- Dan Tang


Global ETS, LLC.



Dan Tang


Global ETS, LLC.

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