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February 1, 2016 Issue

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GPS Guided Meditation System for Corporate Offices and Consumers


Dr. Alexander V. Pyntikov



InForce Group LLC


Interview conducted by:

Lynn Fosse, Senior Editor, CEOCFO Magazine, Published – February 1, 2016


CEOCFO: Mr. Pyntikov, what is the focus at InForce Group today?

Mr. Pyntikov: The focus at InForce Group today is the development of a new and special technology for end users and large corporations in different segments of industry. We have developed a highly unusual product, which is a GPS guided meditation system for corporate offices and for consumers – HUMENA. According to the latest trends, many companies in the United States today have started to adopt meditation for employees as a very serious working tool, because it increases productivity 20% to 30%. These include such companies as Apple, Google, AOL, as well as many others that have started to do this.


CEOCFO: How does your meditation technology work?

Mr. Pyntikov: Our technology – HUMENA Meditation ( is a smartphone app that you can download from the Google play store. Once downloaded, our technology will allow you to be connected to a GPS Satellite system. If you have a number of employees and you want them to start meditation at 1:00 pm, our application has razor sharp resolution and adjusts in timing, because people who meditate, do it exactly in the same millisecond. As a result, it is not only the same timing, but even the brain waves of all participants are aligned together. According to much of the research, there is an effect of synchronized activity, such as people feeling joy when doing things synchronously. However, we are not trying to research the theoretical part of it, we are just trying to implement the practical part of it.


CEOCFO: What led you to that area?

Mr. Pyntikov: Meditation is the latest trend in corporate and business development. We were following trends, and we saw recently that several companies provided meditation service for businesses and they have a great deal of investment and their businesses are growing. Therefore, we decided to go into this area, but with more high tech. We have a medical team and we have a engineering team in our office, and our technology is a fusion of spiritual and human physiology approach. In addition, it is a high-tech because our system is connected to a GPS Satellite system, to thousands of NTP servers worldwide and to NIST atomic clock. Therefore, it is the next generation of meditation.


CEOCFO: How does it fit into people’s time constraints?

Mr. Pyntikov: We have set it up on a cloud service, which accounts for every participant and divides them for every hour, 24/7, 365 days. A participant can sign up for a certain hour, for example 8:00 pm, they will be able to see online how many participants are signed on for that time. Every hour a certain amount of people are already online with you. You can do it at any hour, but 12:30 am may not be the best time, because there may not be that many people online at that time. However, we also provide for someone who wants to meditate alone without synchronization, without schedule, any time with the single push of a button.


CEOCFO: What surprised you about the process or the concept as you developed the app?

Mr. Pyntikov: I am a medical doctor and my area of expertise is brain physiology, so I have done a great deal of research on what meditation can do for the human brain and mind. We have seen an exponential growth in depression, addiction and different types of social behavior delinquency, and it is somehow related to abnormal frequency of electrical brain wave functionality. Therefore, when you do meditation, your brainwave is harmonic and coherent through the entire brain. When someone is depressed, it is an electrical storm in the brain. One part of the brain has one frequency and another part of the brain has another. As a result, a person can get a panic attack in the middle of nowhere. By doing meditation every day, you are teaching your brain to be harmonic and synchronous, which as a result will make you a much more peaceful person. In addition, your memory and communication skills will improve. The best part is the low cost, and the fact that you are not taking a big expensive drug with all of the side effects. You are just taking care of yourself.


CEOCFO: Would you tell us about your new sleep technology?

Mr. Pyntikov: We put out a press release on January 26th introducing our new HUMENA SLEEP product. It is an advanced method to enhance the ability to fall asleep and to have a deep, restful and regenerative sleep overnight. Compared with regular state of sleep, HUMENA SLEEP is deeper and electric brain activity in slow phases is synchronized and coherent. It is SLEEP is a high-tech system based on synchronized Humena Internet Platform connected to GPS satellites and NTP servers, and is available as an Android App. We are very excited about this product as sleep deprivation is at epidemic proportions and can harmfully impact your immunity system, your heart, your blood pressure, your digestion, and can lead to many other chronic illnesses.


CEOCFO: How are you reaching out to prospective customers?

Mr. Pyntikov: We have subcontractors, such as PR Web and, and and CISION which is a big company. We are using public relation tools and Google services, which makes us accessible to show our product to online searchers. We have a growing number customers every day.


CEOCFO: Do people understand the difference between what you offer and some of the competitors’ products?

Mr. Pyntikov: Our product offers a great many functionalities. Every person has special needs, so we allow them to find the most comfortable setting, and there are more than 1,000 settings within our system. Meditating person can choose different types of ambient signals, brainwave entrainment signals, attention drivers and attitude messages.


CEOCFO: What else is the company involved with today?

Mr. Pyntikov: We are a small, “boutique type” company and we developing solutions based on customers demand. Several years ago we developed an Electric Propulsion System for electric vehicles and it was sold it to a French company Matra. Most electric bicycles and scooters are using our design. We also developed a electric propulsion system design for Magna International, and somehow it landed in the Ford Company, where it is in the Hybrid Ford Focus, using some of our technologies. Today, in parallel with high-tech mediation, we are also working on an identity theft program. We are developing a special system, we call it n3zone ( for safe file transfers for customers with demand, because identity theft protection is another rapidly growing trend today. We have thousands customers there as well.


CEOCFO: What is next for you?

Mr. Pyntikov: Our next product to come is a special online learning program, where you will be able to download the application from the Internet. The program will work with your brain to improve your memory. This will enable you to more easily learn foreign languages or whatever you are trying to learn. It is technology to enable you to more easily memorize learning materials.


CEOCF: Why is InForce Group noteworthy?

Mr. Pyntikov: We have a group of great engineers in different areas and we can solve problems.  We are free to choose projects and introduce them to customers. We are happy to provide very unusual solutions for any sort of needs. We have expertise in many areas, such as medicine, biotechnology, electric machines, communication, hardware and software for computers etc. And we enjoy what we do.


“We have developed a highly unusual product, which is a GPS guided meditation system for corporate offices and for consumers – HUMENA. According to the latest trends, many companies in the United States today have started to adopt meditation for employees as a very serious working tool, because it increases productivity 20% to 30%.”- Dr. Alexander V. Pyntikov


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