Interview with: Dan Enright, President - featuring: their online auto auction that facilitates the buying and selling of vehicles from dealers and private parties to the public.

Monster Motors, Inc. (MRMT-OTC.PK)

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Monster Motors online is now on TV creating a sense of urgency and excitement:
Use their auction format to name your price for a car

Online Auctioneer

Monster Motors, Inc.

5251 W. 147th St
Suite 6b
Oak Forest, Il. 60452

Dan Enright

Interview conducted by:
Lynn Fosse, Senior Editor
Published – June 22, 2007

BIO: Dan Enright is President and Director of Monster Motors, Inc. His early career was in Automotive Sales and Computer Technology. Mr. Enright then migrated to international trade, product distribution, institutional and municipality transactions, Internet product sales and web consulting while growing a large Transportation and Parking Company. He brought a previous Internet venture public in 2000.

Company Profile:
Monster Motors, Inc. is a public company trading on the OTC under the symbol MRMT. Monster Motors is an online auto auctioneer that facilitates the buying and selling of vehicles from dealers and private parties to the public. The Company’s immediate focus is the localization of the used car online auction market. Currently more than 7800 unique cars and trucks are for sale on seven local community Monster Motors auto auction websites.

Mr. Enright, what is your vision for Monster Motors and how do you get there?
Mr. Enright: “Our vision is to become a national/international contender in the automotive online scene. Presently in multiple cities, we use a bottom up approach as opposed to a top down that a lot of the other online companies use. We are focusing on local markets first, the traditional bottom through the parent site We are achieving our goals through relationships in the marketplace. The number-one relationship is with Viamedia, Inc., a cable representative coast to coast in over thirty markets. Through Viamedia, we expect to be represented by one third of all the cable companies in the United States. They will show our television commercials promoting sellers to buy from the used car dealers and private parties listing on our local community auction sites, while marketing to used car dealers and private parties that can list/sell their cars on our local community auction sites.”

CEOCFO: How does your process work?
Mr. Enright: “When somebody comes to our website to investigate an automobile for sale, they are able to contact the seller directly; in fact we encourage that. We feel that our process allows the buyer and the seller to get together as quickly as possible. Some websites do not encourage or achieve that goal as quickly as we can. We have an auction format, which causes a quicker reaction from the public. It creates a sense of urgency and excitement to be able to name your price on a car.”

CEOCFO: Are people typically physically looking at the cars?
Mr. Enright: “They will do both. First, they will go online, because 80% of all people that purchase cars now go online before they purchase a car. It makes a lot of sense to purchase a car from their living room or office as far as the review process, investigation and decision-making process. The communication process between the buyer and the seller becomes so much more effective between email, telephone, and being able to view the car online. With that said, in a local environment people also have the opportunity once in communication with the seller to be able to go look at the car personally at a close distance and further make that buying decision.”

CEOCFO: Why do you focus on a local market format?
Mr. Enright:
“The majority of all cars sold in America are within 50 miles of the car. Therefore, it makes perfect sense to concentrate on a local market.”

CEOCFO: Please tell us about the cities you are in now, where you are going to be and how you targeting strategy.
Mr. Enright: “We are in Chicago, Tampa, Kansas City, Columbus, Las Vegas and Omaha. As an example, we are going to be launching cities at a rate of one to two a week as we move along. We are targeting cities based on our cable partner relationships such that when we get into a marketplace we will be able to advertise an unlimited amount of commercials into that marketplace from knowing each local site. As we go across, by the time we get done we anticipate being in over 100 major metropolitan cities not only in North America, but also internationally.”

CEOCFO: Your cookie-cutter approach is effective!
Mr. Enright: “It is quite the cookie-cutter basis. There are some key elements here and that is having the right domain name in the local markets; for instance like in as a domain name is very powerful. In a city that has more of a regional slang to it, you could be in Philadelphia which is called Philly or in Las Vegas, we call it Getting even closer to the local environment in Texas, we are utilizing In Denver,, and in Indiana, is also an example.”

CEOCFO: Please tell us how the dealers feel about advertising online and being part of the project.
Mr. Enright: “In the 1990’s when you approached a dealer they would say, ‘I hate that online’ and the response was, ‘but your customers love it’. Now they have embraced it 100%. Almost every dealer out there now has an online presence. The ones who have a significant presence are very successful at utilizing all the tools that are available and some of the new tools like streaming video and the instant communication that can happen between a buyer and a seller. There are internet departments now that are staffed with IT managers, and people who are highly trained in utilizing email and web-based communication to further communicate with a customer.”

CEOCFO: How do you generate your revenues?
Mr. Enright: “There are several ways to make money, if you look at Google as an example; advertising is really the key to their success. We are very much advertising based and the solution is also for us to provide the product for the dealer to show their inventory online. We get paid directly from the dealer or through our cable partner representatives. They use us as a bundled product into their advertising sales.”

CEOCFO: When did you actually start development?
Mr. Enright: “I mentioned being in this process in the 1990’s, but really about 4 years ago, we dug in and started working on this online auto auction process. We have launched Las Vegas a year-and-a-half ago as a test market and then at the end of 2006 we fully implemented and started launching certain cities with our cable partners.”

CEOCFO; Are people looking more to used cars today?
Mr. Enright: “I think they are looking at both new and used cars. There are certainly more used cars sold than new cars. With the gas prices going up, they are looking at the hybrid and they are going from the larger trucks to the smaller trucks and the smaller cars are selling at a quicker pace. The used car prices have come down a bit due to the gas prices, which makes it reasonable for people to buy used cars and specifically online which a lot of people do not know. When you buy a car online, statistically it has been proven that you will save a percentage of money if you buy online as opposed to going directly to the dealer in person.”

CEOCFO: How does the auction process work?
Mr. Enright: "You go online, view the different vehicles that you are interested in, you decide what price you want to pay, you name your price and you type it in. At that point in time, the process goes that there is a timeframe in the auction process, which will say seven days to ten days for a part. The other people who view that car decide if they want to bid on it also. If you are the highest bidder and the dealer does not have a reserve price that is over that price, then you will win the car and you will go down and complete the transaction in person with the dealer or the private party.

CEOCFO; Are many private parties taking advantage of the service?
Mr. Enright: “The industry standard runs about 8% to 10% for private parties, but the majority will always be dealers that are going online, because they have the bulk of the inventory to be sold. However, we do have a few private parties and that is picking up every day.”

CEOCFO: Are you planning to capture the online auto auction market internationally?
Mr. Enright: “We certainly are! We are looking toward Europe and the Middle East.”

CEOCFO: Are the markets similar and how would you do the marketing?
Mr. Enright: “We are certainly more sophisticated in that process in the United States today than some of the other markets throughout the world. However, Europe is a bit closer. The advantage here in the U.S. is that we have vehicle data collectors. A few years back, used cars started having window stickers similar to new cars, which explained all the benefits in the pricing. That was handled by an outside third-party vendor, now it has caught on and now it is multiple third-party vendors that come and take the photographs and install all the information, VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) numbers and so forth into the computer and then put it online to all the different companies that display those cars. Europe is a bit behind on that. It is just beginning so there will be a learning curve there, but in the Middle East that does not exist at all. We will definitely maintain some relationship with media companies throughout our markets.”

CEOCFO: What are the challenges going forward and how are you ready?
Mr. Enright: “We have a tremendous growth rate at the moment and we want to keep up with growth. We are opening a new office in Chicago with anticipation of a further office in Colorado. We have been nationally based; we have to be territorially located so we can reach out in each market and communicate, travel, and visit the dealers and so forth. Our cable partner brings over 200 on the ground sales that is handling our product.”

CEOCFO: It seems so simple, but it covers it all!
Mr. Enright: “Being an entrepreneur and I have been in a lot of businesses, I have been successful in some and failed in some over the years. I have been in automotive, online and in computers and it was a natural connection for me to put the two together. The amount of people that go online is incredible. Who wants to go to the car lot and have a salesman work you over? More women go online to research and buy cars than men. Not only that but with such ease. People come in more knowledgeable than the salesmen themselves.”

CEOCFO: What are the barriers to entry?
Mr. Enright: “The amazing thing about the internet is that there is a very low barrier to entry on any business. The key here is can you set up a website, because anyone can do that. The key is relationships and technological know-how to solve problems for the industry as well as provide the latest technology to the owners, sellers and buyers so that this becomes a much more efficient process. That is better than an expensive proposition at this point, because a lot of these technologies are being invented as we speak.”

CEOCFO: How do you keep up?
Mr. Enright: “For us it is having programmers. One of my main partners is in Omaha. He is very wise to transition and how people think. People can set up a business and think that this is the way it should be run because that is the way they think it should be run. The fact is what makes it successful is how human beings react. Humans will follow the same trail over and over, that is why some websites are more successful than others. Even though some are better, the ones that are better are not necessarily the most successful ones. It is a matter of habit, logic, being user-friendly and convenience. You almost have to be a psychologist to figure out how people think in order to make it work in these electronic frontiers. That is why one site will be more successful, because they have somehow figured out how people think. This is really a young man’s business and the whole internet is a young persons business. Younger people have been around the computers since an early age. We have a staff that has a wide age range, but in a younger year from their twenties to their forties with varying degrees of skill and efficiency.”

CEOCFO: Why should investors be interested?
Mr. Enright: “Automotive is the number-one advertised business in the world. There is more money spent on advertising than what anyone else spends. Everybody is now going to the internet to purchase cars. The newspapers and whole print media have quickly been going out of business due to the fact that people are going to the internet. They are trying to play catch-up to what people are already doing, so all the money has bee focused on the internet and companies like ours can successfully pick up the pieces of this changed environment and quite honestly, we are doing it effectively. Revenues are increasing at a great percentage every single month.”

CEOCFO: Do you have any final thoughts for our readers?
Mr. Enright: “I mentioned our cable representative partners and one of the things we have in this great business relationship is to communicate who we are and what we are very effectively because of the amount of advertising availability that we have at our disposal. Through that as far as growth, we are shortly going to be coming out with a national ad that will be shown in all markets that talks about Monster Motors the brand and in each local market we talk about the local brand, whether it is or That is a tremendous relationship we have with cable companies such as with Verizon and their FRS, which is their fiber optics system. Verizon is conquering the market with fiber optics 50x the speed of cable when it comes to internet delivery. Because of this we can start expanding into streaming videos, live feed and we can start putting through information to the public that it is so much better than anything on TV today. EbayMotors is the number-one seller of cars in the world today. In competition to them there is nobody except us. We are the Burger King to the McDonalds, when it comes to online auto auction.”


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“When somebody comes to our website to investigate an automobile for sale, they are able to contact the seller directly; in fact we encourage that. We feel that our process allows the buyer and the seller to get together as quickly as possible. Some websites do not encourage or achieve that goal as quickly as we can. We have an auction format, which causes a quicker reaction from the public. It creates a sense of urgency and excitement to be able to name your price on a car.” - Dan Enright does not purchase or make
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