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January 16, 2017 Issue



IT Services and Consulting for Organization in Europe and North America with core areas in Data Warehousing, Quality Assurance, Java, Applications, and Networking


Raj Kosaraju

CIO, Co-Founder


Maxil Technology Solutions, Inc.


Interview conducted by:

Lynn Fosse, Senior Editor, CEOCFO Magazine, Published – January 16, 2017


CEOCFO: Mr. Kosaraju, what is the vision behind Maxil Technology Solutions?

Mr. Kosaraju: Company Vision –  Is to transform Maxil into a Newer, Leaner, and stronger High Tech Firm.


When we started in March of 2000, we were equipped with a couple of people who were looking to do something new for IT services and they were well versed in logical interpretation. We got started during the .com boom, so we had a great many people who were interested in various skill sets. In addition, the Y2K problem was prevalent at that time, so we started off with the Y2K, and slowly moved on to the internet economy. Becoming a digital business is no longer simply about how we incorporate technology into our organizations; it’s about how we use technology to reinvent those organizations to get out in front of the dramatic changes that technology is creating.  


CEOCFO: Are there particular industries that you focus on or a particular type or size of company?

Mr. Kosaraju: We work in the small and medium sector. However, today we are willing to work with bigger companies. We are currently in Europe, North America and the US. We are looking at several other geographies such as Latin American countries and Asian countries who are looking for help from us in terms of Consulting, Big data, The Internet of Things and Cloud.


CEOCFO: The tagline on the Maxil site is, “Rethink, Reshape and Restructure”. How does that come into play day-to-day in your various engagements?

Mr. Kosaraju: In order to be a world class player in providing large & mature software solutions to the most complex requirements you  need to ‘’Rethink, Reshape and Restructure”. This is providing something similar to being Innovative, Robust, Scalable and High Performance Solutions. 


CEOCFO: How do clients find you? Do you do much outreach for new customers?

Mr. Kosaraju: Yes we do a great deal of outreach for new customers. We are very versed in Technologies, Networking, Java and Data Warehousing. These are our core areas. We also make sure we know who the initiators, gatekeepers and influencers are; they will affect the decision makers and you will most likely need to sell to them differently than to the end user." For example, technology managers might hold influence over a company's decision to invest in new software. We also identify the key influencers who play a more vital role in making decisions.


CEOCFO: You have been recognized on the Inc. 5000 list, so business appears to be good. How do you continue on the path and succeed in an area that can be difficult?

Mr. Kosaraju: We keep our momentum by keeping in regular touch with our clients. Digital technologies such as mobile, social media, smartphones, big data, predictive analytics, and cloud, among others are fundamentally different than the preceding IT-based technologies. Newer technologies touch the customers directly and in that interaction create a source of digital difference that matters to value and revenue. We are always future oriented and keep ahead of our times.


CEOCFO: Do many of your customers come back? Do they turn to you on an on-going basis with new projects?

Mr. Kosaraju: We communicate with our customers on an on-going basis, which has given us good results. We also use business contacts who have been happy with our products to help generate references and referrals. We have an excellent Risk management team in place which is an ongoing process to identify potential problems that could arise when new projects occur within a business. The earlier you face these problems in the project’s lifecycle, the more options you have to resolve them.

We also use collaborative project management software to keep everyone clear on where the project—and their responsibilities—stands at all times. We have an excellent team of project leads who ensure the projects are successfully completed. In most cases we get new projects based upon our past records. We have an excellent Technocrat in Kal Reddy who spearheads any Software Architects role with great ease.


CEOCFO: Did you understand the importance of being in constant contact with your customers in the beginning or was it something you realized over time?

Mr. Kosaraju: The most important thing is that we have skilled people and the right people for the job, then we go from there. We pick up the best for all our requirements and make sure manpower is never a constraint. We always believed in maintaining constant touch with all our stakeholders  right from day one. In today’s world, finding a true seamless backend IT partner is an area that companies have struggled with across verticals. Maxil has pioneered a model that not only allows for flexibility when customizing our outsourcing solutions, but keeps the Client’s IT environment and culture in mind.


CEOCFO: It is often difficult to attract skilled people in your industry. Why do people want to work at Maxil?

Mr. Kosaraju: First, we treat them pretty well and we look to hire people for the long term. We have a very high retention rate. People who work with us have no fear of being fired. If anyone is interested in working for us they can shoot us their resumes and we will look at them. Real change takes real work. When setting out, we are prepared to face challenges we didn't anticipate. Businesses can improve their ability to attract, retain and improve productivity by applying the following five-step PRIDE process:


P - Provide a Positive Working Environment

R - Recognize, Reward and Reinforce the Right Behavior

I - Involve and Engage

D - Develop Skills and Potential

E - Evaluate and Measure


CEOCFO: What surprised you as Maxil has grown and become a successful company?

Mr. Kosaraju: The US economy is a wonderful economy. We have a bunch of skilled people who are fast learners. The thing that surprised me was the fast learning that is required. It is hard work and sheer dedication that helped us to find a place in Technology spheres specially winning accolades and growth. Technology has been evolving to enable this for the last decade. The ubiquity of network connectivity and the proliferation of smart devices (such as sensors, signs, phones, tablets, lights, and drones) have created platforms upon which every enterprise can innovate.

Something more important will inevitably come up. You need to make your development a priority and refuse to let distractions divert your path.


CEOCFO: Put it all together for our readers. Why should people choose Maxil Technology Solutions?

Mr. Kosaraju: We are a growing company and we are always look after the welfare of our employees. We also go the extra mile to see that any issues that a client has will be met. We worked on a model where we hoped that IT would be able to focus its resources on partnering with the business to design and build solutions that create real competitive advantage. This model would allow IT to move from a world of large capital outlays based on estimates of future needs to smaller operational expenses that match actual usage.



‘’Becoming a digital business is no longer simply about how we incorporate technology into our organizations; it’s about how we use technology to reinvent those organizations to get out in front of the dramatic changes that technology is creating.”- Raj Kosaraju


Maxil Technology Solutions, Inc.



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