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February 1, 2016 Issue

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On Demand Staffing, Workforce Management and Contingent Workforce Management Software Platform for Connecting Talent with Employers



Chirag Mehta

Founder & CEO




Interview conducted by:

Lynn Fosse, Senior Editor, CEOCFO Magazine, Published – February 1, 2016


CEOCFO: Mr. Mehta, what does NextCrew provide for the staffing industry?

Mr. Mehta: NextCrew offers a cloud based software platform that allows staffing businesses to transform themselves and digitally support on-demand workforce management models.


CEOCFO: What is the thrust of the software? How would a company configure and use it for maximum benefit?

Mr. Mehta: In this on-demand economy, you have to be very efficient in terms of how you manage and market your talent pool. The staffing industry is going through a major transformation because of how workers look for a job and employers request for staffing services. Technology plays a big role in furthering that change. We offer a software platform that will help staffing companies streamline their operation to decrease the cost of staffing and generate new revenue streams by offering various on-demand staffing models.


Overall, our cloud-based technology provides a ‘turn-key’ solution. We work with our clients to analyze their requirements and discuss deployment strategies to obtain maximum benefit.


CEOCFO: Are many staffing agencies using technology beyond just creating a database of potential clients or employees? Are they aware that there is technology that could make it easier?

Mr. Mehta: In order to be competitive and efficient, staffing agencies definitely need to think outside the box when creating a database for potential clients or employers. Staffing companies continuously screen and interview candidates to meet their clients demand. Our technology allows staffing companies to increase reliability by leveraging their screened workforce. Such workflow not only reduces the cost of staffing a job but also allows them to fill their clients’ requests quickly and efficiently.


The concept of “on-demand staffing” business models is attracting numerous staffing companies and simplifying their approach to long-term success.


CEOCFO: What are some of the industries that benefit most from your platform and that tend to have needs along those lines?

Mr. Mehta: Any staffing vertical with high volume transactions can benefit from using our platform, and I am happy to give you some examples. Let us start with healthcare staffing which requires that every worker be properly credentialed prior to placement. They must have the competence to work at the hospital. When a request is received, our technology helps staffing companies efficiently find and communicate the proper talent based on skill-set, location and availability.


Other examples are service industries such as hospitality and event staffing, educational staffing, and light industrial staffing. Because of the self-service functionality of the system, our technology brings staffing company, their clients and talents under one platform for efficient operation.


CEOCFO: Is it one product that you offer and the customer can choose the pieces that they want or different modules? What is your actual offering?

Mr. Mehta: We provide three business models to our clients based on their need and staffing vertical. These models are inter-connected and offers varying advantages based on the vision of a company.


Talent Explorer allows staffing companies to market their talent using online staffing trends and processes. Through the specific model, their clients are capable of browsing through candidate profiles in order to conclude which talents might be the right match.


On-demand workforce management helps staffing companies decrease the cost of staffing and streamline their operation. This model is ideal for high-volume staffing companies who work with a large contingent workforce and need to react quickly based on a client’s request. Our technology allows them to create a pool of screened “stand-by” talents and streamline the entire process from communicating for a job to inputting their hours in the system as wells as integrating with the payroll and invoice of the clients. Our technology also enables the clients of staffing companies to post job requests, request specific talents, approve timesheets, integrate with other payroll, and invoice management systems.


Online staffing marketplace offers a fully automated model where the service provider and service buyer can connect with each other to fulfill a task. Based on which area you may want to target, we offer a white label solution, which allows a company to facilitate such transactions using our technology. We also offer integration with third party payment gateway systems.


The key advantage of the platform is that it is all cloud based, mobile enabled and integrates with existing systems allowing companies to adapt our technology to their existing software ecosystem.


CEOCFO: How do you reach potential customers?

Mr. Mehta: We publish contents using various social media channels to educate our customers about new staffing trends and technology. In addition to our methods of online marketing, we do exhibit our innovative technology at multiple staffing events and conferences.


CEOCFO: If people were doing an online search, what terms would they need to key in to find NextCrew?

Mr. Mehta: It is typical to find NextCrew on the first page of Google if you simply search “on-demand workforce management” or “contingent workforce management” or “Online Staffing Platform”.


CEOCFO: How does NextCrew stand out from the crowd?

Mr. Mehta: We are very client-oriented and our clients love us because of the service we provide and interest we take in solving their challenges. At the same time, we are committed using the most contemporary technologies to heighten staffing productivity. Every client uses our system differently and wants to create their own unique offering for their clients to ensure that their talent stays connected. Our cloud-based solution allows them to do precisely that and gain the competitive edge.


CEOCFO: Would you give us an example of some of the customization that is possible with your platform?

Mr. Mehta: Certainly, most of the customization requests we get has to do with the type of information that is visible or the actions performed by a user.


Other customization is more about integrating information with current systems to create a powerful software eco-system. This allows information to flow freely between the front and back office. We offer open API architecture that allows us to create such integration efficiently. We currently integrate with numerous applications such as QuickBooks, ADP and Paychex.


CEOCFO: Do you work with clients to help understand what they need or how they should be approaching a solution?

Mr. Mehta: Absolutely! Understanding the client’s requirement and vision is our top priority. Although we are a technology company, I consider us a technology solution provider. We are always one-step ahead of what our clients may want from us. Along with engineering solutions, we constantly assure our clients of operational convenience and exclusive benefits to advance above their competition.


CEOCFO: How is business today?

Mr. Mehta: Business is great! It is contagious. We are growing rapidly and have clients in the US, UK, and Canada in multiple verticals of staffing. We are looking forward to another magnificent year.


CEOCFO: What might be different a year from now for NextCrew?

Mr. Mehta: Just recently, we have rolled out open API architecture, which now allows our technology to communicate with other applications seamlessly. This has resulted in creation of channeled partnership with other software companies. We are overjoyed about releasing our smartphone app. Nothing provides us with more gratification than the thought of increased employment for every person who uses our technology.


CEOCFO: Put it all together for our readers. Why choose NextCrew?

Mr. Mehta: The staffing industry is going through a major shift. NextCrew offers an on-demand workforce management platform which allows companies to create their own unique, cost-effective service offering. We are here to materialize your vision and provide a technology platform to give you the competitive edge.


“Nothing provides us with more gratification than the thought of increased employment for every person who uses our technology.”- Chirag Mehta





Chirag Mehta


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