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March 27, 2017 Issue



Revolutionary Technology for Delivering Audio Sound Directly to the Users Ear Applied to the Automobile and Home Markets



Tomer Shani

Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer


Noveto Systems Ltd



Tomer Shani



Interview conducted by:

Lynn Fosse, Senior Editor, CEOCFO Magazine, Published – March 27, 2017


CEOCFO: Mr. Shani, would you tell us about Noveto and your Sowlo product?

Mr. Shani: Noveto Systems is a startup company based in Israel that is changing the way sound is produced and consumed. We have developed a system to transmit or “beam” sound to a user’s ears without any hardware (such as headphones) on the user. You can imagine it as if we are creating small virtual speakers next to your ears; some would call it virtual head phones.


CEOCFO: How is that possible?

Mr. Shani: Physics and acoustic engineering. Our system is built out of three blocks. The first uses 3D sensors to see the user and understand where their ears are located in space. The second is our DSP (digital signal processor), that preforms wave manipulation to transmit sound to the location of the ear. Block three uses multiple speakers to transmit those waves into the air. Together they are enabling us to dynamically focus the sound next to the ears of the user to create personal, private, smart sound.  


CEOCFO: Are people skeptical?

Mr. Shani: Yes – and that is because we are fundamentally changing the way that people normally think about sound and interact with it (via speakers or headphones). We have a saying at Noveto that “hearing is believing” because the natural reaction is of course how can that be possible. You have to be in front of our systems to prove that it works. We have demo units that we are showing to our potential customers, partners, and investors.


CEOCFO: Where do you see the best way to reach people?

Mr. Shani: “Sowlo” is a disruptive technology that can be used in almost any industry segment – automotive, aviation, home, lifestyle, office and more. Our strategy was to enter the automotive industry first. We were very fortunate to join forces with Daimler in their Startup Autobahn program. Out of three hundred companies only ten were chosen and we were among those ten. We had running program with them to develop our technology and create a framework for integration into the car – which we did successfully and demonstrated it live at their Expo Day in Stuttgart in February. There are many use cases in the car ranging from multi-media and mobile phone integration to navigation and parking assist, as well as advertisement and insurance.


Looking into the future, I see use-cases in all verticals. Imagine sitting in the living room and while the kids are watching TV, their parents can be reading a book quietly. You want to go to sleep and your wife wants to watch TV, she does not have to put on any cumbersome headphones, she just can watch TV and you can enjoy your quiet. In the world of gaming, kids can play the Play Station or Xbox as long as they want with all the effects for them. It can be for the office environment, conducting conference calls in your open space; you do not have to disconnect from the environment by putting headphones on, you can still conduct a conversation. The list goes on.


CEOCFO: Are you able to control the volume?

Mr. Shani: Yes of course. We see ourselves as a new layer of sound, for personal consumption. We presented the notion of “Internet of Sound” which means sound becomes much smarter. Because I can direct it to specific space, I know if it was delivered, I know if you heard it or not. A small example - a commercial on your television is playing but you step outside the living room. I would know you are not listening to the commercial. There is a lot of additional data that is created here, the data of sound that makes the sound much smarter.


CEOCFO: Are people looking for directed sound?

Mr. Shani: Surprising enough the answer is yes. This has been an open issue among people dealing with audio for quite some time now. As the company progresses and I approach more and more companies I have been exposed to more and more programs that try to do that. There are some technologies out in the market in the US that are doing directional sound. What we did is far more advanced, since we are providing focus sound and we are doing it dynamically, which means if you move, the focus audio point moves electronically with you keeping it always next to your ear.


CEOCFO: Are there any concerns about the safety of this?

Mr. Shani: There are standards in the world to follow. I think using acoustical waves to speak to someone is better than putting the smart phone next to my ear with all the radiation coming out of it. It is pure air pressure, no other radiation.


CEOCFO: What are your next steps?

Mr. Shani: We are very active at the moment and progressing very nicely. The most known activities that we are doing is with Daimler but we are working very closely in other verticals such as aerospace and office. We recently started our first outside fundraise ever to commercialize the business faster – now there is far more demand for our systems than we can sustain with our current team.


CEOCFO: Where does cost come into play?

Mr. Shani: It depends on cost to whom. We firmly believe that this technology can revolutionize the way that sound is produced and consumed in every consumer vertical, so we designed the business with an industrial mindset – in quality, cost, scale, applicability and more. Since ultimately, we will be producing a chip that will enable the "Internet of Sound", we don’t anticipate cost to us, our integrators/partners, or to the end consumers to be problematic – regardless of the verticals we enter.


CEOCFO: Why pay attention to Noveto Systems today?

Mr. Shani: Simple. Imagine a world without headphones or wires, where sound becomes smart and personal. We have proven that the ability to do that is possible and it is only the beginning. It’s a revolution in sound – it’s the first major advancement in the emergence of the Internet of Sound. 


“Imagine a world without headphones or wires, where sound becomes smart and personal.”- Tomer Shani


Noveto Systems Ltd



Tomer Shani







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