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ReBuilder Medical Technologies,

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November 6, 2009 Issue

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Combining The ReBuilder Technology With Manual Therapies For Peripheral Neuropathy Has Produced Dramatic Breakthroughs For Chiropractic Physician, Dr. John Hayes Jr.

About ReBuilder Medical Technologies, Inc. (RBRM-OTCPK)

ReBuilder Medical Technologies, Inc., is a medical device research, development, and manufacturing company. The company invents and develops its own proprietary products and technologies. Their most recent financial report shows a 68% increase in sales since Medicare has started paying for their Rebuilder product for diabetic peripheral neuropathy. As a result, people all over the US are now benefiting from the healing effects of the ReBuilder.

Dr. John Hayes Jr.
Chiropractic Physician

Interview conducted by: Lynn Fosse, Senior Editor,, Published – November 6, 2009

Medical Devices
Reference Interview Covering:
ReBuilder Medical Technologies, Inc. (RBRM-OTCPK)
636 Treeline Drive
Charles Town, WV 25414
Phone: 304-725-2202


CEOCFO: Dr. Hayes, will you tell us a little about your background?

Dr. Hayes: My background is I am a chiropractic physician. I am actually a board-certified chiropractic orthopedist and I also have some other professional accreditations. I have a master’s degree in human biology/nutrition. I have for many years done nutritional counseling and lots of work with patients for almost thirty years now with orthopedic and neurological disorders, not just spine disorders.


CEOCFO: How did you come to know about ReBuilder?

Dr. Hayes: It is an interesting story. Last fall in October 2008, I was hosting an event for my client in California and a doctor their from Texas had told me that he had seen so many patients who had neuropathy in his practice that if all he did was devote his entire practice to treating neuropathy he could close his doors and not do anything else. His frustration was that the methods that he was using were cumbersome. At that particular point in time, it really got my attention, so I returned to the office, and it was the first of November about a year ago and I started to do a lot of research, starting at the National Library of Medicine. I did some extensive research on the management of peripheral neuropathy; everything from drug therapy to nutrition therapy, to high frequency nerve stimulation. Then after Pubmed or the National Library of Medicine, I went to Google and low and behold, I found out about Dr. David B. Philips and his research. He is the inventor, founder, president and CEO of ReBuilder Medical Technologies. Therefore, I called David up and the very first phone call he was gracious enough. We spent about two hours together on the phone, although I did not know this man from a hole in the wall. I was literally blown away by his depth of knowledge in not only what he does, but also what I do as a chiropractic physician, and the research he had done just made so much more sense that anything else I ever studied on peripheral neuropathy.


CEOCFO: What is the conventional treatment for neuropathy?

Dr. Hayes: Conventional medical treatment for neuropathy is kind of an oxymoron, because as doctors up until very recently we have been trained that once the nerves are damaged there is very little potential for repair. I remember thirty years ago being taught that if a patient has neuropathy there is nothing you can do for them. If a patient gets diabetic neuropathy, you try to control their diabetes, you might be able to treat them with narcotics, but that is like a dead end and does not work well for long. The modern therapies, unless you really dive into the research the current clinical wisdom is much the same; there is not much you can do for these patients. The drug companies would have us believe that Lyrica, Cymbalta, and in some cases antidepressant medication are the solution to that problem, but they are not. In some cases, drugs help to mask the symptoms or lessen the symptoms, but they do absolutely nothing to address the actual physiology or what is called pathophysiology of nerve damage itself.


CEOCFO: How does the ReBuilders technology fit in?

Dr. Hayes: Using the ReBuilder technology, especially when the ReBuilder technology is combined with the manual therapies for neuropathy, I have seen a dramatic breakthrough. When I took, what I had been using for neuropathy treatment and combined it with the ReBuilder, much of what Dr. Philips told me would happen; the results had just been incredible. The biggest thing is the ReBuilder combined with our methodology has to offer is that there are measurable physiologic improvements in as little as five weeks of beginning treatment. There is also some substantial reduction in symptoms, without the use of prescription medication. I have been doing this now in my practice for just about a year and every single patient I have seen has been compliant. I have had patients anywhere from 20% to 90% relief in that first month, but they average about 50% better at the end of five weeks, which is a phenomenal statistic.


CEOCFO: I bet they are very glad that you found it!

Dr. Hayes: Absolutely! Patients with neuropathy are in so much pain, and their lives are destroyed in many cases. They have been on medications that numb them; it creates depression, so these patients are miserable. Patients commit suicide over this, they spend thousands of dollars often times out of their own pockets on treatments that are marginally beneficial if at all.


CEOCFO: What is your association now with ReBuilder?

Dr. Hayes: My association with ReBuilder is that we are now the official educators and trainers for the ReBuilder Medical Corporation. I basically saw much of what David predicted that in combining the application of manual therapy with nutrition therapies plus the ReBuilder program, in my years of experience and some of the other things I had done in the office, I now have a very powerful tool that needs two things. Number-one it needs more research, as we would like to be able to be identify the most powerful components of what we are doing. The most important thing is to not withhold a very powerful treatment from the 20 million-plus patients that have peripheral neuropathy.


CEOCFO: What are you doing in your role as educator?

Dr. Hayes: What is going to happen is we are about to publish a book called Beating Neuropathy, and the book will be published initially by Outskirts Press. That book is going to tell my story, and it is going to tell the story of how the ReBuilder fits into the protocols that I have developed and used. Alongside of that we have posted a website for patients; the website is called On that website we disseminate information for patients. We give patients the opportunity to request initial information from us, plus we now have a full-time office staff that is working at pairing patients with appropriately trained doctors. We are working around the clock to get many more doctors not only introduced to our system, but trained in the usage of our system.


CEOCFO: I know the ReBuilder machine has recently gotten Medicare approval; how does that fit into what you are able to do for people?

Dr. Hayes: It probably will make it easier for some patients to obtain the device. The bottom-line is when patients see this is a very viable piece of equipment. I have had children of elderly patients step forward and buy the units, spouses and significant others buy units for patients, and a very significant number of patients will simply purchase units on their own. The beauty of this is it is not prohibitively expensive by any means and many of these patients are spending at least that much money in the cost of drugs in a single month that do not do anything or anything significantly for them.


CEOCFO: What is the plan going forward in your relationship with ReBuilder Medical Technologies?

Dr. Hayes: My part with the company is to disseminate information about the power in our combined program and get it into the hands of as many physicians of all disciplines as well as get it directly to the public as quickly as possible.


CEOCFO: How do you get physicians to pay attention?

Dr. Hayes: We find it is education. What I did when I first launched this program is I spent an entire weekend locked up with David Philips research and the first thing I did was to write how to letters, one to patients and one to physicians. Based upon that information I also wrote some radio ads and a newspaper ad. Initially before I started treating large numbers of patients, I sent my physicians the newsletter. In other words, in my area, there are about 120 medical physicians that I deal with on a regular basis and I sent them the letter. Then two months later, I sent them the letter again along with my first case studies, which were very powerful. Shortly after that, I had medical physicians actually call me that wanted to know more about what I can do for their patients. The last and probably most gratifying thing that happened in addition to having my own primary physician meet me and learn more about what we can do for his patients, I had an anesthesiologist pain specialist call me up. The anesthesiologist visited my office and learned much more about the programs and now we are not only treating their patients, but making an effort to extend our therapies to their clinics as well.


CEOCFO: From your experience with ReBuilder and with David Philips, are they ready to get to the next level?

Dr. Hayes: They absolutely are. We together see eye-to-eye on the usage of the machine as part of our protocol. We see a huge potential for the expansion of the product line. I think there are some additional products that we more than likely will jointly develop over the next few years that will further enhance the ease of deliverability of the product. I see some potential modification to the system as we learn more exactly, what the most powerful component is, but they are absolutely ready. We have doctors across the seas that buy from ReBuilder and we have patients that buy from Rebuilder around the world. There are no customs issues or shipping issues; they are right on top of it. We place an order for a patient, the order goes out the door from ReBuilder, and in one year, we have had not one complaint or one issue about any unit being held up or not being delivered.


CEOCFO: What do you see are the challenges for ReBuilder going forward?

Dr. Hayes: Probably the biggest challenge is the education of physicians and the lack of knowledge that there is very significant potential for what we do. What I really respect and what I admired so much about David from the very beginning and what I have had my own doctors tell me, is that my program is based upon very sound physiology. In fact, there is another very well-known chiropractor who has been teaching doctors peripheral neuropathy care. From my perspective, the biggest thing is this program has a definite plan. In other words, we take patients initially into the office, they are treated in a clinical trial and if they have successful clinical trial, which we define as having not only subjective improvement, but measurable objective changes then they are discharged to homecare. It is not like some endless therapy program where the patient is in the office for six months. Once the patients are evaluated, they will be treated initially three times a week for five weeks and the conclusion of that, the vast majority of patients are improved enough to go to homecare. It is really only the occasional patient that needs a second five weeks in the office.


CEOCFO: As a business man, an entrepreneur, a medical person, why should investors pay attention to ReBuilder?

Dr. Hayes: The investors should be paying attention because there are 20 million patients that have this condition. We now have a powerful combination of systems that can provide not only relief, but measurable objective change in a condition that was previously thought to be untreatable. Also there are thousands more patients being diagnosed with peripheral neuropathy in just the United States alone, and the preliminary data indicate from, that it is a worldwide phenomena. We have had at least as many patients opting into internationally as we do from the United States.


CEOCFO: Final thoughts, what should people remember most about ReBuilder and their device?

Dr. Hayes: I have no problems whatsoever in anybody putting their full efforts behind the reliability of the product and the ability of the product to do what it is marketed as doing. It is a very powerful tool and it does what it says it can do. The other thing and perhaps the most exciting thing is I have also used the device for other neurological conditions including lumbar plexopathy with incontinence that is a completely different field. I have also used it in failed back surgery patients. I have used it in patients that have multiple level inoperable disk herniation, so the list seems to be expanding all the time. The number of applications or the number of usages for applications is being developed and expanded and I see it as an incredible opportunity. Medical issues aside, it is an incredible opportunity for any investor.


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The biggest thing is the ReBuilder combined with our methodology has to offer is that there are measurable physiologic improvements in as little as five weeks of beginning treatment. There is also some substantial reduction in symptoms, without the use of prescription medication. I have been doing this now in my practice for just about a year and every single patient I have seen has been compliant. I have had patients anywhere from 20% to 90% relief in that first month, but they average about 50% better at the end of five weeks, which is a phenomenal statistic. - Dr. John Hayes Jr. does not purchase or make
recommendation on stocks based on the interviews published.