June 2008 Interview with: Andover Energy Holdings, Inc. (RLLC-OTC: BB), Chairman and CEO, Bradford L. Tolley - featuring: their clean energy partnerships for wind turbine and related energy business opportunities, as well as alternative transportation vehicles, both fuel efficient, low emissions, and electric, for resort, neighborhood, utility, and recreational purposes.

Andover Energy Holdings, Inc. (RLLC-OTC: BB)

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From Wind-Turbines To The Electric Car, Andover Energy Holdings Is Leading The Way In Alternative Clean Energy

Industrial Goods
Diversified Machinery

Andover Energy Holdings, Inc.

340 Royal Poinciana Way, Suite 326 B
Palm Beach, FL 33480
Phone: 561-833-9808

Brad Tolley
Chairman and CEO

Interview conducted by:
Lynn Fosse, Senior Editor
Published – June 13, 2008

Company Profile:

Andover Energy Holdings, Inc., is developing clean energy partnerships for wind turbine and related energy business opportunities, as well as alternative transportation vehicles, both fuel efficient, low emissions, and electric, for resort, neighborhood, utility, and recreational purposes.

Mr. Tolley, you described yourself as a breakthrough company; what is the vision?

Mr. Tolley: “Andover Energy Holdings, Inc., is a break through company specializing in alternative transportation vehicles and clean energy that addresses the global issues of climate warming and a clean environment.


CEOCFO: What technologies are you looking at or how are you structured to take advantage of the opportunities?

Mr. Tolley: “Ongoing, we are seeking out new technology companies that have developed alternative energy, wind power, solar, hydrogen, etc., and alternative transportation prototypes for either acquisition or joint venture with us. We have assembled a management team of experienced engineers, alternative energy specialists, and business development professionals.”


CEOCFO: Tell me a little bit more about that goal?

Mr. Tolley:Typically, the overview is such that, actually we have made one acquisition of an alternative transportation vehicle technology and design, and are under contract with a group having new technology for Wind Turbines. We are constantly on the look for new technology companies and we, also, have companies which have become aware of us, contacting us, directly.”


CEOCFO: What is your technology?

Mr. Tolley: “Our technology for alternative transportation vehicles is a standard platform frame design that offers the market the flexibility of choice of a fuel efficient, low emissions vehicle or an electric vehicle. These vehicles are very cost effective to manufacture. We are not, at liberty to disclose specific details of our wind turbine technology deal that is in the process of closing, in the near future. I’m not an engineer, but I have enough talented professional people around me to evaluate the technologies, and my instincts tell me I know what’s profitable and what is not.”


CEOCFO: Do you have a clean energy division?

Mr. Tolley: “We do.  Andover Energy Holdings, Inc., has an equity relationship with Andover Energy, Inc., that will specialize in wind turbine technology and wind farm development. Thanks to the US Congress having passed aggressive Tax Incentives for wind farm development this has helped developers, like Andover Energy, attract investment business partners for our projects which are extremely capital intensive.”


CEOCFO: Tell me about the alternative transportation vehicles division.

Mr. Tolley: “We have had our arms around that for a while now and we have had a lot of time to evaluate what features are important to the marketplace. Obviously, we have made a large investment, but, we feel, that the US is finally ready to look at alternative transportation vehicles. Therefore, we are going to be part of that industry and we are moving forward with our manufacturing, this summer.”


CEOCFO: There are a lot of these alternative companies and ideas; how do you evaluate what’s right for Andover Energy Holdings?

Mr. Tolley: “Having had some experience in the Venture Capital Industry, generally I look for projects that have a chance of making some very strong five-year sales. If you look for these types of companies and where they are going to be in five years, generally, they become a potential candidate for acquisition. We are not looking for a quick-fix, immediate revenues; etc., we try to take a longer approach.”


CEOCFO: How do you find these companies?

Mr. Tolley: “With the press like CEOCFO, there in itself, is a large source, coupled with sort of a grass root business marketing strategy. A lot of companies are addressing green environmentally friendly ideas that make sense and what is economically positive. Something that makes economic sense, that is, also ‘green’, is gong to be talked about, passed on, and through a grass roots marketing effort, can eventually land on a executive’s desk.”


CEOCFO: Earlier, you mentioned South America; are you also doing work in Europe as well and are you really diversified worldwide?

Mr. Tolley: “We have two European shareholders in Management who have different industry backgrounds in the field. We definitely see Europe as a green market, and a platform to each other markets, i.e., Africa, Russia and India. We don’t have any immediate plans for India but we certainly have some interesting things percolating in Russia.”


CEOCFO: What’s the financial picture like for Andover Energy Holdings?

Mr. Tolley: “Obviously, as Chairman, I recognize that in order to develop these subsidiaries the company needs large injections of capital in order to ensure development and success of our technologies. Management is ongoingly in talks and meetings with parties interested in taking equity positions in the company, and/or persons interested in participating in a specific wind farm development where the potential for net returns on investment in extremely high. I call these our ‘eco-projects’.”


CEOCFO: There are many eco-projects out there; why should investors pick Andover Energy Holdings out of the crowd and why is it a good way to get involved in the eco industry? What makes you stand out as being really able to do it?

Mr. Tolley: “That’s a very good question. First of all, the Andover Energy Holdings stock price is very low right now. The key to investing is buy low and sell high. From that point of view, I feel our company is attractive from purely an investor point of view. I feel we have targeted industries and companies, which are going to be very successful. We have not gone out and tried to tackle projects that are beyond our capability. We realize we are a small micro cap company. However, I think we’ve been realistic as to what we can get our arms around and build. Assuming the economy doesn’t collapse, Andover Energy Holdings should be quite strong in the next five to 10 years from a revenue point of view.”


CEOCFO: What should people reading about Andover Energy Holdings remember most?

Mr. Tolley: “We are looking to grow by acquisition of ‘real logical companies’ that make sense in the future. The acquisition candidates have to have a logical and technological base that will be significant and important as we develop and move forward in the next 25 years.”


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Andover Energy Holdings Is Focused On Becoming Synonymous With Alternative Energy.

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