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May 27, 2013 Issue

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Recruiting Multiple Candidates for Clients in New Jersey, Philadelphia and New York Timely and Efficiently with over 30 Years of Business Experience, Scientific Search is a Leader in the Placement of Technology Professionals

About Scientific Search:

Scientific Search is a leader in the placement of technology professionals. Our areas of specialization include information technology, pharmaceutical & biotech, engineering, and market research.


Our client base is predominately centered in the corridor stretching from Philadelphia to New Jersey and the New York metropolitan area. We do, however, conduct a significant portion of our business outside of our primary market territory, both regionally and nationally.

Joseph Peters


Joe is the President of Scientific Search and has been working in the technology recruiting and staffing business since 1989. Before joining Scientific Search, Joe was VP and Director of Operations with a regional recruiting and staffing firm, where he managed eleven offices and over forty recruiting and salespeople. At Scientific Search he has overseen the growth that has led to recognition by the Philadelphia Business Journal as one of Delaware Valley’s fastest growing companies for the past four years. Joe and his associates have placed thousands of people in a variety of technical positions. After graduating from Drexel University with a BS in Commerce and Engineering, he worked as an applications engineer with a capital equipment manufacturer serving the pharmaceutical and biotech industries. Joe earned his MBA from Temple University.

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Interview conducted by: Lynn Fosse, Senior Editor, CEOCFO Magazine, Published – May 27, 2013

CEOCFO: Mr. Peters, what attracted you to Scientific Search? 

Mr. Peters: The opportunity to work in just one office was a good attraction. I had worked in another company with multistate offices and had to travel quite extensively so working in one state with one office location with everything centralized seemed to be a good thing. The company does all technical placements. I liked the idea of their scientific approach, meaning an analytical approach to making sure they find the right candidates for their clients.


CEOCFO: Would you tell us more about the scientific approach and what is different at Scientific Search?

Mr. Peters: Many companies out here do recruiting and staffing work and will find good candidates for their clients. What we try to do differently is cut down the timeline. We put many resources into what we are doing in terms of the number of recruiters on our staff and how many positions they work; we put many more recruiters per position than a typical recruiting firm would so that we can get them covered more quickly. Typically, a client can expect from us to have multiple candidates in five business days to review for any technical, management, or executive position.


CEOCFO: How is Scientific Search able to find qualified technical people?

Mr. Peters: We have many years doing this. The company has been in business for 30 years so we have made many industry contacts over that time. We also do a lot of classical recruiting work. We call companies and develop additional contacts and network with those contacts to find the right people we need. I tell our clients that our primary resource is having 15 people in the office, drinking coffee, and talking on the telephone all day. 


CEOCFO: What is Scientific Search’s geographic reach?

Mr. Peters: Most of our business is in the Mid-Atlantic region. We have clients that we work with here that have facilities in Illinois, California, Massachusetts, Georgia, Texas and a few other states. We routinely fill positions throughout the U.S., though 80% of our business is in the Mid-Atlantic region.


CEOCFO: Are there specific industries that Scientific Search focuses on or prefers to focus?

Mr. Peters: We do a lot of Life Sciences work, engineering and information technology outside of the pharmaceutical and biotech area. For the most part, we try to stay with those technical areas. We get into a few other areas but they are always technology based. Technology is the broad umbrella we always work under.


CEOCFO: Do most people tend to stay in a particular industry?

Mr. Peters: When working with us, yes. When a candidate comes to us sometimes they are looking to change positions, and if that is the case we are not the best source to help them. Our clients are the ones who pay us, and when a client comes to us, they will ask for something extremely specific and expect us to find someone with 5 or 10 years experience with that specific work in their industry. They are not looking to us for someone who is changing industries or doing any crossover type work.


CEOCFO: What is Scientific Search able to do to ensure that a candidate not only has the tech skills but the ability to meet the corporate culture of a company?

Mr. Peters: Listening and understanding is the first step. We listen to our clients to get a good picture of what they are seeking. We might talk to multiple people at our clients to get as many details as possible of what they are looking for and how someone will best fit into their organization. Our recruiting staff is very experienced and we have very little turnover, so the people here are used to vetting the candidates based on what the client is looking for, including the cultural fit and not just technical skills. 


CEOCFO: Is the cultural fit becoming more important these days?

Mr. Peters: The cultural and technical fit are both very important to most companies we work with. There are many small companies with small teams that they employ on different projects. Since it is a small team, you need to get along with the people you are working with, communicate with them on their terms and get everyone going in the right direction. The cultural fit is extremely important.


CEOCFO: How has Scientific Search faired over the last few years?

Mr. Peters: The economy continues to improve. We saw a downturn towards the end of 2008 and early 2009. It started picking up towards the middle of 2009 for us and has continued expanding every year. We have been growing steadily and have been on the Inc. 5000 a couple times since then. 2013 should be our 5th year in the Philadelphia 100 fastest-growing companies.


CEOCFO: What is the competitive landscape and are there many companies on par with Scientific Search?

Mr. Peters: I do not think there are many companies on par in the specific areas we focus on. Our jobs are very technically focused. When clients give us positions that are more general than usual there might be some other companies they can call and potentially help with those jobs. However, the more specific they get helps us demonstrate that we can find candidates to fill those specific needs. I had one client from China who was opening an office in New Jersey and they were looking for someone with experience in oral solid dosage formulations work for a U.S. based company along with the ability to speak fluent Mandarin. We were able to find them six people that met all of those requirements. They liked them so much that they ended up hiring two instead of one. I do not know of any other company that could have found 6 people for a requirement that specific.


CEOCFO: Are most potential clients aware of Scientific Search and do they understand your role in the industry?

Mr. Peters: I am sure that there are many companies that do not understand our role. We do not do much advertising and get many positions through word of mouth and recommendations. Sometimes people find us on the Internet. Since we are not out there marketing ourselves aggressively there are many companies that are not aware of us.


CEOCFO: Is that because Scientific Search has so much business now?

Mr. Peters: We could not take too much more on with our existing staff of about 15 recruiters. If we did end up taking more business on we could hire more staff but you can only hire so many recruiters at a time and train them well. We are somewhat limited by the number of recruiters that can handle our clients with the level of service that we would expect.


CEOCFO: Would you give us your opinion on bringing in people to the United States because the need cannot be met locally?     

Mr. Peters: It is important that the U.S. is open to bringing in people who have great knowledge because our universities are not graduating enough solid engineering, scientific and information technology professionals. There are not enough students going into science and math. It is important that we continue to issue those visas for high-skilled and educated people who want to come here, work and have the opportunities our forefathers did to better the country.


CEOCFO: What makes Scientific Search an exceptional company to investors and people in the business community?

Mr. Peters: We are exceptional because of the service we provide and the expedient manner in which we provide it. Growing steadily and consistently demonstrates that clients are coming back to us and giving us additional business as well as recommendations to other people they know.


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“We call companies and develop additional contacts and network with those contacts to find the right people we need. I tell our clients that our primary resource is having 15 people in the office, drinking coffee, and talking on the telephone all day.”- Joseph Peters


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