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October 2, 2017 Issue



Q&A with Gary Khabinski, for eHopper Services LLC. providing Cost-effective, Easy to Use Cross Platform Point-of-Sale Software for Small Businesses using Android, Windows and iPad POS, and is integrated with the Poynt Smart Terminal for Mobile Business Management



Gary Khabinski

Chief Executive Officer


eHopper Services LLC.


Interview conducted by:

Lynn Fosse, Senior Editor, CEOCFO Magazine, Published – October 2, 2017


CEOCFO: Mr. Khabinski, what is the concept behind eHopper?

Mr. Khabinski:


The concept behind eHopper was to develop a cost-effective and easy to use point-of-sale software for small business owners around the world. We started with a freemium model that allows users to test our software before they make a monthly commitment. We made sure during development that our software was equipment agnostic so that users can integrate their own device, saving them money on hardware.


Our Freedom premium package, offers business owners white glove support so that they can focus more time on growing their business while we take care of all of their technical needs.


CEOCFO: What is wrong with the systems around the world today?  Why do we need another system?

Mr. Khabinski:


Point of sale systems have been known to be complicated and costly, especially for first-time business owners. Small businesses have always struggled with two key issues, budget and time. eHopper was developed to solve these issues and provide business owners with an inexpensive, easy to use POS system that would have their business up and running in no time. 


Small business owners need simple technical solutions to help them grow their business. Our goal is to make eHopper the easiest system to transition to from either a conventional register or from another point of sale system. While we offer a full support for our Freedom version, many of our customers are able to download and use the software without any assistance at all.


CEOCFO: Are potential users somewhat skeptical?

Mr. Khabinski:


At times, potential customers are skeptical because we made our POS software so simple to use. Once they use our software, they quickly learn how easy it is to implement into their business.

We have successfully developed a self-sign-up methodology where users can download our POS software and implement it into their business without ever having to speak to anyone for support. Our Essentials POS package, allows users to test our POS software without having to make a monthly commitment.


CEOCFO: Are there certain types of businesses that have come to eHopper more than others?

Mr. Khabinski:


Quick service restaurants are definitely our main focus but other small business types such as retail shops, vape shops, and coffee shops are areas where we are becoming more and more popular. eHopper is mobile, you can run your business from virtually anywhere and that is why we are eager to significantly increase usage within Food Trucks by the end of the year.


CEOCFO: How do you reach out to potential customers?

Mr. Khabinski:


Our customers usually find us. We mostly rely on our customer reviews, social media, and online. When a potential customer searches for free POS software, we are on top of search results. This has significantly helped us grow our brand organically. We average about 2000 new users downloading eHopper every month.


CEOCFO: You have a lot of features. What have you learned since people have started using eHopper?

Mr. Khabinski:


We learned there was a need for a portable system when it comes to small retailers. With eHopper, business owners can run their business from virtually anywhere.


One of our key and most popular features protects our customers against fraud and theft by allowing users to fully integrate their own merchant solutions or credit processing systems.


When fully integrated, our POS software provides business owners with full visibility of their inventory and transaction history.  eHopper has a robust reporting feature that keeps business owners informed and organized at all times.


CEOCFO: Do you see partnerships with merchant service providers?

Mr. Khabinski:  


We have currently had a large number of resellers with a unique offering of their POS product. By offering our solution through resale partners, we close that gap for customers that already have merchant services. We give resellers the opportunity to generate revenue from selling eHopper but also they create stickiness and they improve their own customer loyalty. Overall they become more valuable retailers or service providers.


CEOCFO: You offer hardware for sale. Do you do that as just an added service or a good revenue stream?

Mr. Khabinski:


We consider ourselves a software company, the reason we provide equipment is to position eHopper as a one-stop shop POS solution for small business owners.


Hardware is not our primary business, we encourage our customers to use the equipment they already have so they do not have to spend money on additional equipment. If the customers would like to buy equipment from us, we do provide leasing options or they can buy it outright.


CEOCFO: Are you looking for funding or investors?

Mr. Khabinski:


The company is very well funded by our shareholders and before we seek additional funding from potential investors, we want to make sure eHopper surpasses our competitors in functionality and usability. We definitely have plans where we will be ready to take eHopper to the next level and will be seeking additional funding.

CEOCFO: What were the challenges in putting together the software?

Mr. Khabinski:


Our biggest challenge was creating the easiest point-of-sale software on the market that would work across multiple devices. We spent years researching and developing a technology App that would provide the same look and feel of some of the more costly POS software systems on the market.


CEOCFO: Why pay attention to eHopper Services?

Mr. Khabinski:


eHopper is empowering small business owners around the world. We are providing the necessary business management tools through our POS software in an effort to provide an affordable all-in-one solution for everyone.


We are building an Echo-system where 3rd party developers will integrate with our software adding even more value for our customers by drastically simplifying business management for all of our merchants. We developed eHopper to be device agnostic so that business owners can save money on hardware and invest in growing their business.


Today, our mission is simple - Empower global independent business owners to dream big and work smart. We provide our customers with amazing customer care and intuitive software that delivers the data small business owners need to run a smarter businesses.


“eHopper is empowering small business owners around the world. We are providing the necessary business management tools through our POS software in an effort to provide an affordable all-in-one solution for everyone.”- Gary Khabinski


eHopper Services LLC.



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