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Breen Consulting Group – Business Development Firm helping Government Services Companies Successfully Identify and Capture Contracts

Joe Breen


Breen Consulting Group


Joseph Breen

877-881-4788 ext. 5

Interview conducted by:

Lynn Fosse, Senior Editor

CEOCFO Magazine

Published – November 14, 2022

CEOCFO: Mr. Breen, what is the overall idea behind Breen Consulting Group, and what is your focus right now?

Mr. Breen: The overall focus and mission of the Breen Consulting Group is to capture federal contracts on behalf of our client base and to manage those contracts once awarded. We are a unique federal contracts business development firm, with highly developed programs that successfully identify, respond to, and capture contracts on behalf of our selected client base.

CEOCFO: What is involved from your end in getting the contract and what is involved when you are managing them?

Mr. Breen: From a contract attainment standpoint, there are several avenues that we use for our contract attainment. We capture IDIQ contracts, which are indefinite delivery, indefinite quality contracts, such as GSA (General Services Administration) contracts which are five-year contracts with five-year options to extend. We also actively pursue open-market contracts which are those daily contracts advertised daily through the System for Award Management (SAM) and other government sites.  

For a number of clients, we identify those opportunities and focus our team of proposal writers and contract managers that review those contract proposal documents and prepare a proposal response, submit the response on behalf of our client base and then follow the proposal process to conclusion of who won and how much they won by or how much they lost by.

From a contract management standpoint, we have a number of client companies that have contracts in place that have a need to modify their contracts such as economic price adjustments, to increase pricing, or a change in product or services that they offer, or it could be administrative changes. We do that as well. We also do protest work. If a company feels that they have been mishandled, or the approval or award process was bias or did not meet with the federal acquisition regulation, we review that complaint and if we feel it was valid then we will compose and submit a protest on their behalf.

CEOCFO: We saw your recent press-release about Vuram, Inc., is that somewhat of a typical contract?

Mr. Breen: Vuram, Inc is a company out of Tampa, Florida. They are an IT services company with an excellent record of performance. Due to the economic environment within the United States they decided to pursue federal contracts. One of the contracts that they chose to pursue was a GSA contract which is a pre-negotiated contract for five years with the General Services Administration that is open to all federal agencies.

We started to work with Vuram in middle August. Their account was assigned to one of our special teams that provides focus and expertise for GSA contracts. The mission of that team is to develop a client’s offer within 5-7 business days from receiving the information we need from the client. That is what we did with Vuram; we developed the offer within a week and submitted the offer, we then remained as their advocate throughout the process to answer any questions or clarification requests that the GSA has during the evaluation period. They received an award in under 60 days.

We assisted them in the final negotiation phase of the GSA process, and once under contract, we provided assistance setting them up with their post contract needs, and continue now searching for opportunities on their behalf.  

CEOCFO: Is it typical for companies that work in your arena to do that follow-up where you are available to your clients on an ongoing basis?

Mr. Breen: We consider our company to be highly unique! There is a high level of innovation ad uniqueness built into our service programs. Before founding the Breen Group nearly 30 years ago, I was in charge of government sales for a Fortune 100 company. As such, value and focus our programs on the revenue brought into a company through contract attainment. A contract to us, is not just a contract, it is a stable source of revenue. The goal is not just to get a contract, but to get business from that contract. What we try to do is to make sure everything is done right so that our client can get business from that contract, not only with the GSA. So yes, we are unique in that way, I do not know any company who provides that level and focus on follow-up services.

We also provide services to identify opportunities to those companies that may or may not be under a GSA contract but are seeking federal contract business. We have two programs called Bid Tracker and Bid Desk which identifies on a daily basis, opportunities for our clients and provide a highly skilled team of proposal writers, and contract managers that manage and administer the contract. Having been in this business for over 30 years I can tell you I know of no other company that does that, at least to the level that we do.

CEOCFO: When you are looking to match a company with a contract, what is one thing that you might look at because of your experience, that could be a good clue of whether it is a good match?

Mr. Breen: The beautiful thing about government sales and contracts is there is a history of purchases and a history of procurement and there is a forecast of procurement. Having access to those databases and having a research team like we have, in our initial interview with a client we can identify relevant areas of procurement as well as the forecast of procurements within their specialty area. From there, we can discuss the process so they can make an informed decision based upon a realistic ROI as to what the upside potential is and what the cost would be to enter the federal market.

We probably get 60-80 calls a month. We provide free first consults to companies. During these consults, we discuss their situation, the products and/or services they provide, contract vehicles that are available to them, as well as their needs in relation to expertise they require to meet their goals.

CEOCFO: Do you find many companies turn to you before they started or tried to work with the government themselves or is it after they looked at it and felt it was a bit daunting?

Mr. Breen: We see companies with both situations. In today’s environment with the economy having its challenges, we see a lot of companies looking for relief and a stable market within the government sector. Some of these companies, through a part time effort, have not been successful in attaining their contract goals. For those firms, we provide third-party focus and expertise.

CEOCFO: What are the types, sizes, industries, geographies, of companies that are turning to Breen Consulting?

Mr. Breen: We get all kinds. We have a successful track record working with small and large firms, startup companies, as well as foreign companies and in some case foreign countries seeking to provide advice to their constituent companies.

CEOCFO: What if anything has changed in your approach over time?

Mr. Breen: Back in 2010 I would say that the Breen Consulting Group was purely a consulting group. What I mean by that is you provide advice and assistance in doing a specific task. Today one of the things we wrestle branding our identity to the services we bring to bear. I would probably say we are probably now 20% consulting firm and 80% business development. Not only do we provide advice and consult on the government market, but we provide program development and full implementation. To some companies we are their full government sales arm.

CEOCFO: When you are talking with a client do they understand the difference; is there the aha moment when they recognize they should be using Breen Consulting?

Mr. Breen: Yes, we offer an unlimited initial first call and while we typically set aside 30 minutes for that call, it is not unusual for those calls to last an hour or sometimes 90 minutes because we offer so much detail as to what is involved with certain aspects of what they are looking to do, what the upsides and downsides are and what the alternatives are. Somewhere in that process there is an “aha moment” when they realize the need and value of the expertise and contract experience, we provide.

CEOCFO: Why choose Breen Consulting Group, and what if anything might a potential client miss about Breen that should be understood?

Mr. Breen: We are a business development firm for those companies seeking to enter the federal market or to grow within that market. We do so at a fraction of the cost than it takes a company to internalize those functions that are needed in order to be successful. If they were to hire a team of people, it would be at a cost substantially higher than what we charge for those same services. They gain the expertise and the ability to capture and maintain federal contracts, at the same time, having resources available for scalability as their federal contract business grows.

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“We are a business development firm for those companies seeking to enter the federal market or to grow within that market. We do so at a fraction of the cost than it would take them to internalize those functions that are needed in order to be successful, without sacrificing quality!”
Joe Breen