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Why are you destroying the great state of Israel?

Could these vaccine boosters wipe out half of the Israel or make them unhealthy?

Israel is health authorities are preparing to launch a fourth vaccine booster campaign in 6 months, why?

Israeli's face losing vaccine passport without Covid vaccine boosters.

Israeli's require vaccines booster shot to be fully vaccinated.

First, we were told you need double vaccination to be safe. Now, sorry you might need a vaccine booster every six months.

What are you telling us? Is it that double vaccinated people are falling seriously sick due to the antigenic sin causing the Antibody dependent enhancement to kick in and cause serious damage to the infected double vaccinated patients? What are you hiding?

Could all these vaccines booster wipe out half or more of the Israeli population or render them ill with side effects for years to come.

Why are health authorities not admitting they made a mistake and vaccines have failed?

Who is behind the destruction of these great people who suffered enough in the second world war holocaust? Stop these vaccines; we need a healthy and alive Jewish nation.

Our own politicians in the west are repeating the same mistake as Israel. The Idiot Governor of California has just mandated vaccines for children under twelve.

As I am a parent to two young girls, I will refuse to give such poison to my children. They can fight the virus naturally.

I am perplexed after watching this raw video;

Message to politicians, health authorities and pharmaceutical companies:

Stop playing Russian roulette with our health!  

This is an experimental gene therapy falsely labelled as a vaccine!

Stop this vaccine madness now!


Why has this video has been censored by many social media platforms?

They are intentionally suppressing the genuine visual imagery of real people with vaccine injuries. Obviously, the content of this video is “inconvenient” and does not fit their narrative. Perhaps it disrupts their marketing revenues? Shame on all of them! YouTube and Twitter have censored this video and have it banned from their sites. Obviously, they are trying to hide something, but they forget that the truth will always survive no matter how much they try to kill it. What kind of person, be it a politician or a health authority could continue to coerce the vaccine upon everyone after they watch the genuine suffering of good people like the ones in this video who trusted them and the system they created and took the vaccine only to have their entire lives destroyed?


I personally refuse to take this so-called coronavirus vaccine. Why would I take even a slight risk of having a terrible reaction like these beautiful people had with this failed experimental gene therapy, falsely labelled a vaccine? Even if someone shows no vaccine injuries after three months, what assurance do we have of not getting side effects later down the road? There is not a shred of data that proves this vaccine’s long-term safety.


The various licensing agencies need to freeze their emergency authorizations now and carry out an internal enquiry to see how we got here? The world should be grateful to the courageous and wonderful people in this video for their courage. We all pray for their recovery. These victims are someone’s wife, husband, son, daughter, father, and mother. The next victim could easily be someone close to one of us. I experienced a wide range of emotions watching this video. From tears and sympathy to anger and an increased resolve to make sure this travesty that is unfolding before us becomes widely known. I am stunned at how heartless and cruel people can be just to make a dollar.


As far as the board members and senior management of Moderna, Pfizer, AstraZeneca and Johnson and Johnson, their day is coming, and they will have to answer many hidden questions. Shame on all of them that have no conscience. Who is going to take the fall and be the scapegoats once the vaccine’s total collapse can no longer be hidden?


Be prepared to weep as you watch this video


Vaccines have not lowered the death rates

We are now much more experienced at treating the virus

Every day we hear from health authorities in the United States and Europe that death rates are dropping while infection rates are increasing. They falsely attribute this to the vaccine but that is flat out not true. Vaccines are supposed to stop infections and reduce infection rates, yet the infection rate is climbing, especially among the double vaccinated. Death rates were never high to begin with, and if they are lower now it is not because of the vaccine but because we are much better equipped today to deal with COVID-19 than we were 20 months ago when we were first learning our way through it. Today we can effectively treat patients earlier in the course of the infection using a variety of therapeutic drugs. Treatment protocols have substantially improved such as oxygen therapy before mechanical ventilation. Frontline doctors, nurses and healthcare workers are now seasoned veterans with onsite experience they didn’t have in early 2020.

We are not going to eradicate the virus with vaccines. What the world needs now is a therapeutic standalone drug that can be utilized in the early stages of infection to prevent the virus from gaining strength and can also act as a strong prevention of disease acceleration. It’s important to stop the disease in its tracks before it has progressed to the point of hospitalization.

According to new data from the government’s Vaccine Surveillance Report, in the age group 40 to 79, the overwhelming majority of those infected have been double vaxxed (see below).


History repeats itself, the Swine Flu shot in 1979, was falsely labeled as safe;

This segment from CBS’s 60-minutes with Mike Wallace proves otherwise

Mike Wallace 1976 swine flu video

New side effects are beginning to surface six months after vaccination

Since February 2020, I have written 17 op-eds on the coronavirus, filled with many science-based predictions. I invite you to go back and read through those articles and see for yourselves how my predictions have all become reality. After completing number 17 back in March of this year I was cautioned to stop writing op-eds on this subject, so I stopped and have not written any new articles on the coronavirus since then. I do however continue to provide important updates as I feel it is my duty to warn everyone since so many are falling prey to the endless propaganda on social media and are drinking the vaccine Kool-Aid. The people that cautioned me to stop writing were well intended, feeling they were protecting me, but being almost 70 years old I feel my protection is to expose the truth.

It is a sad reality to see how the western world so easily believes the many lies being spread that have created the two biggest scams of our day, coronavirus, and climate change. Real scientific facts and data are being intentionally manipulated in a quest for power and control. Through mainstream and social media, we are constantly bombarded with deceit, misinformation, and false propaganda. Labeling, stereotyping, and segregation are all suddenly acceptable ways to treat people that even dare to question these lies that are forced upon us. Ultimately, this corruption will lead to bankrupt economies and civil unrest. Meanwhile, China is getting stronger and may soon overtake the United States and socialist Europe.

My next prediction which deals with vaccine side effects is very worrisome. In the coming months I expect that we will begin to see an increasing number of people experiencing serious vaccine side effects between 6-and 12-months post vaccination. Those side effects will include fatigue, Myocarditis (inflammation of the heart muscle), organ malfunction, weak autoimmune acceleration, Crohn's disease deterioration, blood clots requiring long term or lifetime treatment with blood thinners, pregnancy complications, muscular inflammation, multiple sclerosis and much more. Those who have compromised immune systems may begin to see an acceleration in the decline of their already weakened immunities. Pathologists have observed abnormality of organs they had never seen before from coronavirus vaccine deaths. Millions and millions of vaccinated people will become ill, and many will die. Government leaders need to act now to halt the vaccines. It's already too late to stop damage, we can only hope to possibly contain it.

A coronavirus disaster caused by vaccine injuries is looming and will be here by June 2022


Variants will overtake all vaccines by the middle of next year and ADE will speed up infections and deaths


Vaccines are feeding the spread of the coronavirus resulting in the evolution of new vaccine resistant variants


Did the reality of underreported vaccine side effects and deaths cause the FDA to break ranks with the government?  

Recently, the head of the CDC overruled the overwhelming recommendation of concerned scientists at the FDA who recommended against vaccine boosters. This was a politically motivated decision by the CDC chief that will no doubt have grave consequences for years to come. It is foolish to believe that vaccines and boosters will eradicate the coronavirus. In reality they are having the complete opposite effect. Vaccines are actually causing the creation of new variants as the vaccine mutates away from the vaccine in an effort to survive. Booster is just a fancy word for vaccine. What if the FDA’s recommendation against the booster was just their way of telling us they are having second thoughts about the experimental vaccine?


By the middle of next year, we will all witness how badly the vaccinated are being infected as antibody dependent enhancement/ADE is activated. Even if we believe the lies and accept the manipulated figures we are being given that the majority of hospitalized coronavirus patients are unvaccinated, the data still does not exist to support the safety and efficacy of the vaccines. Because development of these vaccines was rushed, the necessary collection of short-term, mid-term, and long-term data that is standard for every other vaccine was never done. There is simply no evidence to suggest the vaccines will be safe or free of serious side effects. The safety and efficacy predictions made when they were rushed into service were completely unfounded with no supporting data.


Furthermore, vaccine injuries and deaths attributed to the vaccines are being grossly underreported and manipulated. Since the majority of the population is now vaccinated there is no longer a control group. With no control group, when a health complication arises weeks or months after vaccination on a previously healthy individual, it becomes much more difficult if not impossible to assess whether or not that issue is vaccine related. Add to that the fact that a person is not considered to be vaccinated until two weeks after receiving their second dose. That means that if they receive the vaccine and die of COVID at any time before that two-week window they are considered to be unvaccinated.

Tyranny arrived in Canada today


I am a prisoner in my own country


Canada’s inexperienced, neo-liberal prime minister can now add “tyrant” to his title. He just announced that unvaccinated people (like me and my family) can no longer travel on an airplane, train, cruise ship, or take any other form of public transportation without being double jabbed with the experimental mRna vaccine. It does not matter to them that the vaccine can give you myocarditis, pericarditis, blood clots, die as a result of antibody dependent enhancement if reinfected, or any other complication from the long list of hundreds of thousands of documented health injuries attributed to the vaccine; not to mention the many, many more that never get reported.

Obviously, the government does not want us to have any say so in what goes into our bodies. Instead, they are focused on coercing people into submission, by taking away their rights and making them so miserable that they cave and are forced to bow to the almighty government. They happily imprison us in our homes and are systematically trading our democracy for a dystopian society where the ruling elite class impose their will on the people they look down upon with contempt and deem too stupid to govern themselves. Apparently, it’s okay for them to legally discriminate against a very large segment of the population and openly infringe upon the civil rights of anyone that dares to question their authority. Don’t think for minute this is about public health. This about power, control and money. Let’s see what they will say this time next year when millions of vaccinated people are afflicted with dangerous life altering side effects from their unproven experimental drug.


We in the west love our liberty and we enjoy our freedoms. We will not tolerate tyranny from any government. Civil unrest is coming in a bigger way than they can imagine. The camel is packed full of straws. The next one they lay on top may very well be the one that breaks its back.

Some of the evils of history are repeating themselves:


Slavery is back in the form of health slavery


Segregation is now becoming legal again; this time it is segregation of the unvaccinated


And yet the vaccinated continue to get infected with the virus


Slavery is the act enslaving other human beings. Africans and African Americans understand very well the evils of slavery and how it has affected their ancestors. In 1619 the first 20 African slaves arrived in North America on the shores of Virginia aboard the English privateer White Lion. It started out small but soon ballooned into an enormous, legalized evil. Thankfully, today we are seeing many courageous people including many African Americans rise up to protest this new form of slavery and segregation of the unvaccinated. These growing mandates are infringing on our individual rights and freedoms. This has no place in a civilized democracy. I and millions upon millions of others like me refuse to become health slaves.


Are vaccine passports a new incarnation of Adolf Hitler’s Aryan policies?

Jews were forced to display a yellow star; today it’s a red badge for vaccinated

What is next?

Do European Union leaders really believe that double vaccinated people and those getting boosters will be healthier in the medium and long term than the unvaccinated?  Where is all the data that proves this unfounded conclusion? Vaccine segregation is nothing more than a control mechanism by politicians. It dehumanizes those that are unvaccinated and allows them to be looked down upon and discriminated against by society. Mark my words, this will backfire!


Jews living in Nazi occupied Europe were ordered to wear a yellow star as a means of identification. Today’s yellow star is a vaccine passport in the form of a card or displayed digitally on cellphones. Governments are shamefully encouraging people to wear pins and badges to display their vaccine status. Red badges that say, “I Have Been Vaccinated” can now be purchased on Amazon. How long before some disgraceful politician introduces legislation to make vaccine identification badges mandatory? Just as in Nazi Germany, today the government is labeling us. Instead of Jew or Gentile, we are labeled as Vaxxed or Non-vaxxed. And it’s perfectly acceptable for the vaxxed to spew hate and contempt towards the unvaxxed, as we are seeing take place every day on social and mainstream media as well from the vile mouths of TV celebrities like Jimmy Kimmel and Joy Behar. Additionally, the government and corporations are coercing people into taking the vaccine with the threat of job loss and freedom to transact business as usual. Vaccine slavery and the climate change scam are some of the tools being used to force us into compliance of how they want us to live. These manipulative tactics are crippling western economies. I believe it’s only a matter of time before we see the EU disintegrate and separate.


Federal Govt Whistleblower Goes Public with Secret Recordings: ‘Government Doesn’t Want to Show the [COVID] Vaccine is Full of Sh*t’; ‘Shove’ Adverse Effect Reporting ‘Under the Mat’

Recently, a whistleblower provided hidden video to Project Veritas that showed doctors and nurses at a government hospital admitting to not reporting vaccine injuries and deaths because of the lengthy reporting that is involved. Without accurate reporting lives are being put in jeopardy. The manipulation of data collection and underreporting of injurious and fatal events must end NOW!

Project Veritas strikes again

Project Veritas just released their third undercover video as part of their vaccine investigative report. This time two Johnson & Johnson officials are caught on hidden camera saying many of the same things I have been saying in my articles. Including the potential serious unknown side effects due to a lack of data, the need to coerce the vaccinated and turn them into “second grade [class]” citizens and how the mad vaccination campaign is being driven by money and politics.

Subject: MUST WATCH: Funeral Director John O'Looney Blows the Whistle

This type of testimonial is coming from everywhere. They destroyed DJT without any evidence other than he exposed them, they are killing millions with the treatment of a manmade flu, they are destroying freedom and economies over a false climate crisis. The legal system is no longer blind and focused on dissidences. WTH. This makes prewar Germany look mild.


Why have pharmaceutical companies not disclosed every ingredient in the vaccines?


They need to put the issue of nano-graphene to bed once and for all and admit or deny its presence 


We need to know every single ingredient we are injecting into our bodies. I hope the rumors that nano-graphene oxide is in the vaccines is just a total fabrication. However, if for some reason it does turn out to be true, we will need to have an international independent Nuremberg code 1947 enquiry.


This is a serious matter and next year it may very well hit close to home for all of us. We all have friends and family that have been vaccinated for coronavirus. Millions will be affected; many will die and all of us will pay a price in one way or another. Those in power need to fix the problem instead of trying to silence and punish those that speak out against their narrative.

Today, Singapore’s most seriously ill COVID patients are the double vaccinated

Are we seeing the ADE phenomenon unfold?

Singapore has one of the best healthcare services in the world. Currently more than 80% of their population are double vaccinated and still becoming infected. But even worse is that many are falling seriously ill. So, what is the point of being double vaccinated if:

1. you can still get infected with the variants,

2. the ADE phenomenon can make vaccinated people much sicker than unvaccinated,

3. the vaccine could cause serious side effects down the road

Singapore and other highly vaccinated countries are living proof that covid vaccinations are not the solution, instead they are compounding the problem.

A bombshell for coronavirus vaccines

Top scientists at a recent FDA vaccine hearing reveal injections are killing more people than they’re saving. 

All forms of vaccine market authorizations must be frozen and immunity from prosecution for all coronavirus vaccine manufacturers should be backdated and reversed, they lied and mislead the world.

Over the past twenty months I have authored seventeen articles on COVID-19 and have been often criticized for my opinions despite the scientific foundation behind my comments. In this update I will not be offering my personal opinions, but rather quoting sworn expert testimony given by three of the FDA doctors that presented information at the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Advisory Committee meeting on September 17, 2021, at a hearing on the coronavirus vaccine.

Dr. Steve Kirsch, director of the COVID-19 Early Treatment Fund provided explosive testimony.


·       “I’m going to focus my remarks today on the elephant in the room that nobody likes to talk about: that the vaccines kill more people than they save.”

·       “Today, we focus almost exclusively on COVID death saves and vaccine efficacy because we were led to believe that vaccines were perfectly safe. But this is simply not true.”

·       “For example, there are four times as many heart attacks in the treatment group in the Pfizer 6-month trial report,” Kirsch continued. “That wasn’t bad luck. VAERS shows heart attacks happened 71x more often following these vaccines compared to any other vaccine.”

·       “In all 20 people died who got the drug, 14 died who got the placebo. Few people noticed that. If the net all-cause mortality from the vaccine is negative, vaccines, boosters, and mandates are all nonsensical.”  

·       “Even if the vaccines had a 100% protection, it still means we killed two people to save one life.”

·       Kirsch also explained that in nursing home death data shows about half the vaccinated died, while none of the unvaccinated died.


Dr. Jessica Rose, a viral immunologist, and biologist, spoke about how according to VAERS data the risks of the vaccines far outweigh the benefits to young people, especially children, and how data shows the vaccines are driving up the variants.


·       “There’s an over 1000% increase in the total number of adverse events for 2021 and we are not done with 2021.”

·       “The emergence of both of these variants and their subsequent clustering arose in very close temporal proximity to the rollout of the COVID products in Israel.”

·       “Israel is one of the most injected countries, and it appears from this data that this represents a clear failure of these products to provide protective immunity against emergent variants and to prevent transmission.”


New Orleans ER physician, Dr. Joseph Fraiman brought up the fact that there is not enough large-scale clinical trial data to assure well-informed unvaccinated Americans that the vaccines do not pose a risk to their health.


·       “Demand the booster trials are large enough to find a reduction in hospitalizations.”

·       “Without this data, we, the medical establishment cannot confidently call out anti-COVID vaccine activists who publicly claim that vaccines harm more than they saves, especially in the young and healthy.”

·       “The fact we do not have the clinical evidence to say these activists are wrong should terrify us all.”

It was encouraging to see these experts in their field present scientific data and base their testimonies on many of the same facts I have been writing about for more than a year and a half. Following eight hours of testimony, the panel voted 16-2 against approving Pfizer’s proposed vaccine booster.

The virus should never be politicized. Politicians on both sides of the aisle are only trying to do the things they believe will save lives. Both the Trump and Biden administrations were guided by advisors. Whatever bad decisions were made were based on flawed guidance they received from their medical advisors. They are the ones to blame for providing bad information as well as the pharmaceutical companies that had their own interests in mind and continue to pocket billions on the constant dissemination of the vaccine.

Link to video recording of September 17, 2021, FDA hearing Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee 

The FDA’s scientific team’s level of integrity is solid;

Politicians should stop trying to exert influence over decisions made by the independent FDA.

Recently, FDA staff declined to take a stance on backing Pfizer’s boosters despite massive pressure by the pharmaceutical lobbyists and politicians. The recent departures of Dr Marion Gruber, Director of the FDA Office of Vaccines Research, and her deputy Dr Phillip Krause, sends a clear message to national health authorities and politicians to STOP pressuring the independent and credible FDA. Politicians have no business meddling in the affairs of the FDA and should not attempt to give any directives, either directly or through the national health agency on the coronavirus vaccines or any other issue. Those decisions should be made solely by the competent FDA scientists without any outside influence or interference.


Is this recent decision by the FDA to not back the booster an indication that there may be more to come? Is there any possibility the emergency use authorization granted to the vaccines could possibly be reversed or withdrawn along with the marketing authorization? It is quite worrying to consider what the actual death rates from the vaccines might really be, as well as what the true statistics are regarding ongoing side effects. Many adverse effects are attributed to vaccination but are never factually reported. We still have no idea what awaits us in terms of potential short-term, medium- term and long-term side effects, health complications or mortality from the vaccines since they were rushed to market before any long-term data could be obtained. “Booster” is just a fancy word for another dose of the vaccine. I am hoping the new director will follow and support the FDA staff’s decision making and keep politicians and political and corporate interests completely out of the equation.


If an effective coronavirus vaccine is ever to be developed, vaccine researchers will need to focus their full attention on developing one that creates T cell memory and not B cell memory. Since there has never been an effective coronavirus vaccine of any kind, the focus should instead be placed on the development of therapeutics. The world is in urgent need of effective drugs and treatments for COVID that are therapeutic as well as preventative. A preventative therapeutic medication (not a vaccine) would truly be a miracle drug.  Our attention should turn to that since the coronavirus is here to stay and will not be going away anytime soon, if ever at all.

Click on the link below to watch a video of tearful mother’s testimony describing how her healthy 12-year-old daughter became incapacitated after receiving the experimental vaccine

The most important issue the FDA needs to continually monitor is vaccine side effects six months post vaccination


Below is a partial list of some of the most common side effects reported that require careful observation:



And the list continues to grow….


A Standalone drug is urgently needed


The vaccines have failed to stop the spread of COVID. The FDA and EMA agencies are staffed with some of the best and most competent scientists in the world. Today, more than at any other time in history, the world needs them to support and speed up the development of a standalone drug that will stop the adverse effects of the coronavirus in its tracks. Such a standalone drug would be taken at the first sign of worsening symptoms and prevent them from advancing to the point where patients require hospitalization, intensive care, and death.

Statistically we know that most people who contract coronavirus recover within the first week. Only a very small percentage will deteriorate to the point of requiring hospitalization. The standalone drug would target that small segment of patients, prevent the deterioration of their symptoms and the need to be hospitalized.

See chart below from the above video indicating deaths and other major side effects from COVID vaccines.

The British government's own numbers reveal more than 30,000 deaths with 21 days of being vaccinated in the first six months of this year


Disturbing numbers are coming out of England, and no one seems to care. England’s Office of National Statistics (ONS) released a report showing that 30,305 people died within 21 days of being vaccinated for the coronavirus in the first six months of 2021. Why is this not front-page news on every major newspaper publication? How many of the 30,305 died as a result of the vaccine? Did Antibody Dependent Enhancement play a role in their death? There are many questions that need to be answered but no one seems to care, and no one is asking any questions. Where are the real investigative journalists digging for clues and following the information?  It should be noted the ONS did not volunteer this information. It was made public following several freedom of information requests.

Vaccine side effects passed to babies through breast milk

A simple understanding of coronavirus vaccine failures

The present coronavirus vaccines create B memory cells that target the spike protein. The problem is the constantly emerging variants cause the spike protein to mutate, which results in an antigenic drift that makes the vaccine less effective or useless altogether. The mutating spike protein essentially becomes a moving target. On the other hand, Memory T cells would be far more effective since they attack the nucleocapsid protein that does not mutate. An effective vaccine against the coronavirus would be one that creates memory T cells to destroy the non-mutating nucleocapsid protein, though that may not be possible to develop.


When a vaccinated person gets infected with the coronavirus, health authorities call it a “breakthrough” case. That is a clever ploy to make us think these breakthrough cases are somehow an outlier or a fluke. The problem is breakthrough cases are not a fluke. They are far too common and number in the hundreds of thousands that we know of. Breakthrough cases are nothing more than vaccine failure.


The findings of ten prominent Israeli scientists who thoroughly analyzed factual data has destroyed the current vaccine narrative, yet the push to force vaccines upon people is growing stronger by the day. The FDA should step in and stop the mad push to vaccinate everyone. At the very least, it is now proven that those who have recovered from the virus have far greater immunity than the vaccinated.

The largest real-world observational study to date on coronavirus immunity of vaccinated and unvaccinated confirms that vaccinated people are far more likely to become infected with COVID and to be hospitalized than the unvaccinated.

Are coronavirus vaccines a genocide disaster of our own making?

The Israeli study, pending peer review, examined the medical records of tens of thousands of people between the dates of June 1 and August 14. The study concluded that vaccinated people are 27 times more likely to contract COVID than the unvaccinated who have natural immunity from having recovered from the virus. The study also shows that vaccinated people are 8 times more likely to be hospitalized with serious coronavirus symptoms. The bottom line is that vaccinated people are dying from COVID at a much higher rate than unvaccinated. Leaders need to STOP blaming the unvaccinated for fallout from their bad decisions. With so much widespread propaganda on news and social media outlets, no one knows who to believe anymore. It’s time to follow the science and stick with factual data.


Could compulsory international vaccination passports decimate the human population? Have we created a pandemic of variants? Watch out for Super Variants?

Factual data analyzed by ten prominent Israeli scientists has destroyed the myth of these vaccines’ immunity.

Why are we still forcing coronavirus vaccinations?

FDA should reverse and withdraw all the marketing authorization for coronavirus vaccines

ISRAELI STUDY - Proof of vaccination failure beyond any reasonable doubt:

Fully Vaxxed Are 27 Times More Likely To Get COVID Compared To People With Natural Immunity

Fully vaccinated are 27 times more likely to get the virus, and 8 times more likely to require hospitalization, compared to those with natural immunity

(Click on link to see Israeli study:

Comparing SARS-CoV-2 natural immunity to vaccine-induced immunity: reinfections versus breakthrough infections

Ten Israeli Doctors that did the below study:

Sivan Gazit, Roei Shlezinger, Galit Perez, Roni Lotan, Asaf Peretz, Amir Ben-Tov, Dani Cohen, Khitam Muhsen, Gabriel Chodick, Tal Patalon

A new study out of Israel, pending peer review, has found that “fully vaccinated” people are 27 times more likely to get infected with COVID-19, develop symptoms, and 8 times more likely to experience hospitalization than unvaccinated people with natural immunity.

A new study from Israel, one of the most vaccinated countries in the world, claims that “fully vaccinated” people are significantly more likely to get infected with COVID-19 and develop symptoms requiring hospitalization than those who are unvaccinated and have the natural immunity that comes from catching the virus and recovering.

The study, Comparing SARS-CoV-2 natural immunity to vaccine-induced immunity: reinfections versus breakthrough infectionsexamined medical records of tens of thousands of people between the dates of June 1 and August 14 and is currently the largest real-world observational study to date on coronavirus immunity with respects to both vaccinated and unvaccinated people.

The study found that “fully vaccinated” people are 27 times more likely to be infected and develop COVID-19 symptoms than unvaccinated people with natural immunity. The study also found that “fully vaccinated” people are 8 times more likely to be hospitalized from a “breakthrough” infection.

“It’s a textbook example of how natural immunity is really better than vaccination,” said Charlotte Thålin, a physician and immunology researcher at Danderyd Hospital and the Karolinska Institute. “To my knowledge, it’s the first time [this] has really been shown in the context of COVID-19.” (READ MORE: CDC Director Admits Those Who Were ‘Vaccinated Early’ At ‘Increased Risk Of SEVERE Disease,’ Vaccine Effectiveness Is ‘Waning’)

As National File previously reported, the fourth wave of the COVID-19 pandemic in the US appears to be nearly twice as deadly as the second wave, which occurred months before hundreds of millions of people received vaccinations for coronavirus. According to data from the CDC, US coronavirus death rates in the first ten days of September 2021 are nearly twice as high as they were during the first ten days of September 2020.

While the Biden administration and international health authorities insist that the current outbreak of coronavirus is a “pandemic of the unvaccinated,” studies are indicating that vaccinated people are dying from COVID at a higher rate than unvaccinated people as mainstream news outlets scramble to justify them. “At first glance, this may seem alarming, but it is exactly as would be expected,” reported The Conversation.

Thus far, it appears the “safe and effective” vaccinations for COVID-19 do not prevent vaccinated people from contracting COVID-19 or spreading it to others, but that has not stopped the Biden administration from instituting unprecedented federal vaccine mandates in moves that many constitutional experts have said are “in open defiance of the Constitution.” (READ MORE: Fully Vaccinated Carry 251 Times The Normal Viral Load Of COVID-19, May Be Super Spreaders – Study)

The Israeli study, combined with other increasingly surfacing evidence, may raise questions about why the US government is imposing forced vaccinations on Americans working for large companies despite evidence indicating that vaccinated individuals are overwhelmingly more likely to catch, spread, and be hospitalized by COVID-19.

Vaccine protection is short-lived

As I have been saying for a long time, any protection that does come from these vaccines is short-lived and a new study confirms that. The study has revealed that the people who were administered Moderna’s Covid vaccine a year ago are more likely to contract coronavirus.

Is it greed, economic benefit, fear or ideology driving the mad push for coronavirus vaccines?


Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot (an evil Cambodian revolutionary), and Mao Zedong (Chinese revolutionary and communist leader) each justified their evil actions by their ideologies. In each case, millions of innocent people disappeared. Today, politicians are forcing coronavirus vaccines, not likely out of greed or ideology, but rather out of fear. Fear could lead us to commit an evil act without realizing it. The vaccine manufacturers on the other hand are pushing the failed vaccines out of greed and for their own economic benefit. Regardless of the motive, the outcome is the same; many people will suffer, and many people will die.

Are they telling us the variants will eventually wipe a large percentage of humanity? What happened to the miracle vaccines they are forcing on us that were supposed to bring an end to the pandemic?

Forcing vaccine passports by Governments and Businesses is an Evil Act!

I personally have had many vaccines for shingles, pneumonia and polio. I fully support well tried and tested vaccines over a period of at least 6 to 8 years.

The coronavirus vaccines are already failing its effectiveness against the Delta variants. As I pointed out before in my past op-eds, vaccines are causing the virus to mutate, resulting in continuous variants; you never vaccinate during a pandemic.

As an average person, I fail to understand who is driving the global vaccines propaganda and why? Within the next five years, we will be treating many side effects and burying our loved ones. What will double vaccinated people do if they fall seriously ill and many will die from being infected? 

Poor countries should consider themselves lucky by not been able to afford the coronavirus vaccines. An act of Evil has been forced on us, why as it is apparent it is not protecting our health?

No more lockdowns, No more vaccines, No more boosters

Why are we mandating experimental so-called “vaccines” for the coronavirus when the natural recovery rate is 99.997%? The current coronavirus vaccines are nothing more than experimental drugs being widely administered without having undergone proper testing and safety protocols. It is better to let people get the virus and build a much stronger and longer lasting immunity than to receive the vaccine.

I have repeatedly advocated for continuous compulsory testing for everyone, every three days, as well as being prepared to properly treat early onset of the virus with therapeutics and hospitalization when necessary. Ideally, proper therapeutic treatment can deal with the virus in the early stages before oxygen deprivation begins. This propaganda campaign MUST STOP! Figures and statistics are being manipulated in order to push the failed vaccine narrative and it is backfiring. Innocent people are paying the price with their health and their lives.


More boosters are causing more variants and continuing to milk the cash cow. When will it ever end?

WHO says Covid will mutate like the flu and is likely here to stay - CNBC

Double vaccinated are 13 times more likely to be infected


According to a new study out of Israel, people who have been double vaccinated are 13 times more likely to get infected in comparison to those with natural immunity against the coronavirus from previous infection. It’s time to stop drinking the vaccine Kool-Aid and analyze the proof. Earlier this year Israel was the darling of world leading the way with vaccinations with 86 % of the population double vaccinated. Today 84% of Israeli’s infected with coronavirus were double vaccinated compared to 16% that were unvaccinated. Double vaccinated people are 13 times more likely to get infected with the Delta variant. The data is clear that those with natural immunity after having had COVID are far better protected against reinfection with the Delta variant than the fully vaccinated. Today we are seeing new strains develop such as the Mu variant and others that are popping up. What will be next? Vaccination only gives one dimensional immunity against the Spike Protein. Natural immunity after infection on the other hand gives immunity against many other constituents of the virus. The nucleocapsids within the virus do not mutate, therefore natural immunity has produced enough T cell memory to recognize the nucleocapsids. Upon reinfection those T cells will recognize the nucleocapsids and take them out to destroy the virus.

The table below confirms the indisputable failure of double vaccination


Despite Israel having 86% of their population fully vaccinated, 84.4% of new coronavirus infections were people that had been fully vaccinated. The double vaccinated are creating an immune escape phenomenon that is causing many new variants. I am confused with all the silly names we are giving to each new variant.

The new, Mu variant, scientific name B.1.621, is already in Columbia and Ecuador, and now moving through the United Kingdom. The South African C.1.2 lineage, a possible 50 mutations within the spike protein could cause serious infectivity and death once it is established in the population. It is a real possibility that some of the 50 mutations will show a gain in function activities that in turn could cause higher infection transmission rates, higher viral load, and an immune escape mechanism, with higher infection rates amongst the younger generation.


Despite the continued inability to stop the virus, many countries like Israel, Britain, France, Sweden, Cambodia, Germany, China, and others refuse to abandon their failed vaccine strategies. Instead, they double down on vaccinations by adding more boosters, and in so doing are perpetuating many new nasty killer mutated variants. Not only is that stupid and irresponsible, but it is an affront to science.

I do not blame the politicians; they are not experts in medicine and are largely just making decisions based on the advice of their scientific advisors. Many are sincerely trying to save lives and shouldn’t be condemned for listening to the so-called experts. That said, the train is rolling down the tracks. In the next few years, we could experience an unprecedented number of deaths and illnesses, at which time trials will absolutely become necessary


The western world is pushing vaccine passports despite knowing the vaccines are failing against the variants

The WHO Released a terrifying plan for global digital vaccine passports funded by Bill Gates, and the Rockefeller Foundation

Is this now a control process or are there other intentions? The public is rapidly losing confidence in their elected officials. In time this will result in violent civil disobedience as the realization sets in that forced vaccination programs are a failure.

Warning to pregnant women and nursing mothers

A six-week-old breastfeeding baby became inexplicably ill with a high fever after his mother received a COVID-19 vaccine and he died weeks later with blood clots in his “severely inflamed arteries,” according to a vaccine adverse event report filed with the U.S. government. It is reckless and irresponsible to allow these vaccines to be administered to pregnant women and nursing mothers. Just as the antibodies travel to the baby through breast milk, so does the spike protein and we are learning now the potential dangers that can cause.

According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, people who got the COVID shot early are now at increased risk for severe COVID disease

We are seeing suspicious signs that Antibody Dependent Enhancement (ADE) may be playing a big role among serious cases and fatalities among the vaccinated as I had first predicted more than one year ago. Data showing those who got the shot early this year are now at increased risk of severe infection.

Will vaccine manufacturers, the FDA, CDC and or the WHO sabotage and fight new custom-tailored drug alternatives to the vaccines?


Therapeutics are much safer and can be stopped in the event of serious side effects; vaccines cannot be stopped. Once you are injected with the vaccine, there is no going back. Any negative effects could be long lasting or permanent.

The FDA should encourage development of new, custom-tailored drugs to treat the coronavirus. Vaccines have failed. They have not stopped the virus as was promised but have only made matters worse. The pharmaceutical companies’ well-orchestrated vaccine propaganda campaign has created a cash cow that continues to get fatter with every new booster. Only therapeutics will allow us to get the virus under control.


The Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) for the COVID-19 vaccines was contingent upon “…no adequate, approved, and available alternatives.”. If the CDC, FDA or the WHO were to acknowledge the existence of effective treatments, the pharmaceutical companies would lose their cash cow vaccines and their immunity from liability. The vaccine would then be subject to normal safety requirements which arguably they could not meet.  Under the EUA, the safety standard of medication is extremely low.


For instance:


“…FDA must determine that the known and potential benefits outweigh the known and potential risks of the vaccine.”


In other words, the minimum safety threshold is that it only helps more people than those it hurts. The lesser of two evils and something is better than nothing comes to mind.  If there were another more effective treatment option available, those emergency-calibrated standards would no longer apply.

How effective are the vaccines at stopping transmission of the Delta variant?

Rochelle P. Walensky, director of the CDC has confirmed that the present coronavirus vaccines have no ability to prevent infection and transmission of the Delta variants.

Why are we still vaccinating?

Also vaccinated and unvaccinated people have a similar virus load in the noise and throat.

Why are we still vaccinating people?

74% or 4 out of 5 of fully vaccinated cases of Covid end up hospitalized.

Why are we still vaccinating people?

Please listen to this video link below by the courageous and professional scientists Dr Christina Parks.

A potential one trillion dollars coronavirus industry!

Now in Vancouver Canada, USA, Europe, and other parts of the globe they have mandated compulsory vaccines passports.

All vaccine figures have been manipulated by all governments to prove that the non- vaccinated are the cause of the latest infections spread.

Does it make sense that you want me and my family to take a Pfizer or other coronavirus vaccines that have proven to be only 40% or less effective. I will take a vaccine when it has efficacy of 90% and over and no future side effects.

What about the next variant that could be much more lethal and render the vaccines less effective than 40%? 

Have our scientists and health protectors became conflicted, what kind of world we are becoming, full of lies, deceit, control, profit before health! Mark my words, civil disobedience is around the corner. Once the double vaccinated get infected this fall, watch out. Stop vaccinations now. 

Why are they making COVID-19 vaccines compulsory?

Pfizer CEO Predicts Vaccine-Resistant COVID-19 Variant Likely to Emerge

What is inside the coronavirus?

Can the CDC, NIH and other health institutions deny or verify the credibility of these interviews?

Please listen carefully to these two scary interviews:

My recent warnings, a new "super variant", vaccines will no longer be effective.

​​Immunologist Sai Reddy of the German federal technology institute ETH has just announced a combination of two variants calling it “Super variant".

What does it mean in simple scientific terms? The antigenic drift in the new variant will be significant enough to cause an antibody dependent enhancement (ADE) that will utilize the recognizing antibodies to speed up the infection causing lethal effects for the double vaccinated!

I Have warned over a year ago in my op-eds the possibility of Antibody Dependent Enhancement ADE. Even as recent as my last march op-ed, I was criticized for not been a scientist using nonfactual scary statements.

Recently three respected prominent French Scientists have confirmed my fear of ADE.

Dr Robert Malone in an interview (link added below), confirms that as far as ADE, we do not have the signal; now you do with the French Scientists' publication.

Over half a Billion double vaccinated could become extremely ill, resulting in much higher death rates jumping to over 10%. Is this the 21st century plague?

I do understand that scientists must follow party line in supporting vaccines, but I totally disagree with immunologist's professor doctor Sai Reddy that the vaccinated will be in a better position to fight the new variant. It is the opposite. I also caution the professor on his recommendation to vaccinate children; he needs to review his scientific conclusions.

Pea-brain syndrome has infected our society

Facts, science, lessons from history, and truth seem to no longer matter in the current society. Sadly, the influences of "groupthink" as well as organizations like Black Lives Matter and ANTIFA, out of touch Hollywood celebrities, and the social media giants like Twitter and Facebook have managed to brainwash and indoctrinate today’s generation. We are living in an era where the objections of the fringe minority takes precedence over actual science and truth. Propaganda machines are driving the narrative while slowly eroding our liberties. I have also previously suffered from pea-brain syndrome until I woke up and began to pay attention to the science.


There is currently a great divide among groups in western society debating many issues including the fundamental principles of capitalism and socialism.  At this point the two sides may be too far apart for any hope of coming together for anything. Has that divide already spiraled to the point of no return? Perhaps we are witnessing the early stages of what may ultimately result in separation and secession?



Original Antigenic Sin/ADE


Vaccine makers are giving politicians plenty of rope to hang themselves!


A new viral strain combining the Delta/Indian, Brazilian P1/P2/ Lambda variants could be breaking lose by year-end


I am warning all government leaders, you have been had! Your scientific advisors have misled you, vaccine manufacturers have lied to you, and you will be the ones to pay the price. The Indian/Delta variant is mild compared to what is about to be unleashed. A new, more deadly viral strain may be just around the corner if the Indian/Delta, Brazilian/P1/P2/ Lambda variants combine. The question is not if, but rather when that happens, this next evolved mutation will make the Wuhan and other strains all seem mild in comparison. The vaccines were designed to protect against the Wuhan strain’s spike protein. The current variants have already mutated away from the vaccines anchor target, and the future combined variant could likely cause the vaccines to miss even more the Wuhan designed spike protein’s anchor target.


The main reason why the vaccines are far less effective against the Delta variant is due to antigenic drift. This means the spike proteins move to the left or the right of the anchor target, rendering the vaccine ineffective. The new variants will likely cause an even greater drift and make the vaccine boosters ineffective as well.


The original antigenic sin syndrome was seen in the Zika virus, Dengue fever, influenza A and HIV. It is possible the same phenomenon has already taken place with coronavirus vaccines. My sincere hope is that the scientists that have the courage to weigh in on these life and death matters will stop being marginalized by the media and be permitted to share this vital information. So far, the mainstream media outlets have refused to give any airtime to scientists like Dr. Robert Malone, the inventor of the mRNA vaccines who have opinions that are contrary to the current narrative of vaccines for all. I hope that my warnings are proven wrong, but I fear that they will not be. What is quite worrisome is the distinct possibility that the original antigenic sin syndrome is already happening and kick-starting the antibody dependent enhancement (ADE) process, which is leading to severe harm in many that become infected after being double vaccinated.


It's all about money, profits, conflict of interest, and lack of scientific integrity. Why are renowned scientists like the mRNA vaccine inventor Dr. Robert Malone and the highly distinguished, ex-Pfizer scientist and Vice President, Dr. Michael Yeadon never invited to share their thoughts on CNN or MSNBC? The media continues to suppress anyone with dissenting voices and continually go out of their way to ostracize anyone who may offer criticism of vaccines.


Real data and science are being thrown away and replaced with disinformation campaigns from public health agencies that are compromising people’s health and losing public trust. I recognize that many scientists are being pressured to be politically correct and toe the line with a positive vaccine message. Science must always be separated from politics. Scientific researchers must remain politically agnostic and follow the facts wherever they lead.


Now we are being told the vaccines are only 40% effective against the Delta variant. If that’s the case, why are we still relentlessly pushing the idea to vaccinate everyone? Here is my prediction of what will take place by the first quarter of 2022. I believe the numbers we are seeing now will multiply exponentially which will result in potentially much higher mortality rates among the double vaccinated. It’s insane to even consider giving booster shots now when we are seeing so many double vaccinated become infected. It is even more insane to give vaccines to pregnant women and young girls at this point when there is clear evidence of possible complications to female reproductive organs. As we see things unfold, the public will become enraged, and we could begin to see violent uprisings. The public will revolt as more and more realize how they have been lied to, cheated, and indoctrinated.


While the Delta variant is significantly more infectious than the original strain of the virus the overall mortality rate is lower. This is largely due to two main reasons. First, the Delta variant has a lower viral load than the original. Second, the healthcare community is far better prepared to treat the virus today after having to deal with it for the past year and a half and are far more proficient with the utilization of ventilators than they were in the early days of the pandemic. The lower mortality rate has nothing to do with the vaccines because it is the same rate for the vaccinated and unvaccinated alike.


Here is a classic example of pea-brain syndrome. A recent article discussing the rise in COVID cases and hospitalizations in the UK among the vaccinated failed miserably despite the author’s pea-brain spin. The headline reads,


“COVID: the reason cases are rising among the double vaccinated – it’s not because vaccines aren’t working.”

The article acknowledges that cases and hospitalizations are rising among the vaccinated but still refuses to even consider the possibility that vaccines are not working. Instead, they completely ignore the data and double down on how well the vaccine rollout is working. In one of the most utterly ridiculous paragraphs I have ever read, the author writes,


“If you imagine a hypothetical scenario in which 100% of the population is double vaccinated, then 100% of people with COVID, and in hospital with COVID, will also have had both jabs. As with deaths, this doesn’t mean the vaccine isn’t working. It just means the vaccine rollout is going very well.”


You can’t make this stuff up!


Latest figures show that as many as 60% of people hospitalized with COVID have been double vaccinated and as many as 9% are ending up critically ill in the ICU. Contrary to the lies we are being told, the double vaccinated are at a higher risk than the unvaccinated. If I could afford to move far away from the world and live with my family on a private island, I would. Our society is suffering from a serious case of pea brain syndrome. For now, I will let my imagination take me away to the peaceful solitude of an imaginary island.


Johns Hopkins University’s coronavirus dashboard indicates we may be in for a potentially dim fall of 2021


·       Japan’s numbers have been increasing since the summer Olympic games.

·       Israel’s infection numbers are rising fast among the double vaccinated.

·       Chile has seen horrible infections among fully vaccinated individuals.

·       Infections among the vaccinated in the UK and the USA are increasing exponentially.

·       Greece is also seeing a horrific rise after letting in so many tourists.

·       Vietnam, once hailed as the model for coronavirus control. Now their numbers are also rising at a record pace as you can see in the graph below.


The same pea-brain syndrome applies to the carbon dioxide scam effecting climate change.


Double Vaccinated are now the new Super Spreaders

Antigenic drift could cause the emerging of new, more contagious and deadly variants creating a new breed of double vaccinated super spreaders.

The antigenic sin syndrome shifts the vaccine immune response making the vaccines infective. Given the current illogical testing policies, where unvaccinated health, and public workers must take a test regularly while the more dangerous vaccinated spreader does not. This is madness.

Finally, the lying and misinformation is getting exposed!

Until now we were being brainwashed by the media telling us that mostly the unvaccinated are getting severely infected. Stop the propaganda campaign of misinformation telling people that the vaccinated are getting mild symptoms of coronavirus infection. That is simply not true.

Just read the link below which totally confirms the opposite as per the brave and credible and honest scientist Dr Kobi Haviv, medical director of Herzog hospital, Jerusalem. Remember Israel was the darling of the massive vaccination immunization program of mainly Pfizer.

What worries me and I hope the honest, credible non-conflicted scientists will correct me, is that the original antigenic sin syndrome causes such a drift with the designed Wuhan vaccine that it is no longer able to hit the drifted anchor target of the spike protein. If the original antigenic sin is successful, the antibody dependent enhancement (ADE) phenomenon will kick in causing the virus to bind to the recognizing antibodies that strengthen the infection.

I hope this was not the case in the Jerusalem Herzog hospital, but if it proves to be the case, over one billion vaccinated people are heading for a human made disaster and will infect many of the unvaccinated people. God help us!

You must stop the vaccine passports ASAP! Today the number of infections in America are reaching a staggering one hundred thousand daily infections despite a massive vaccination campaign. Vaccines have failed!

As I said in my past op-eds, you never vaccinate during a pandemic; you are feeding the virus so it can constantly mutate into these variants. How Stupid is that?

Civil disobedience is coming against a regime style mandate


I have warned many times in my previous 17 op-eds that lockdowns must come to an immediate end. We need to stop trying to force people to be vaccinated and stop urging businesses to discriminate against the unvaccinated. Last year, doctors, nurses and health care workers were lauded as heroes for being on the front lines fighting the pandemic without a vaccine. Today, many of them are being forced to be vaccinated against their will or risk being fired. New York City just became the first major city to mandate proof of vaccination for all indoor dining, indoor fitness and to attend all indoor performances.


It is no longer an opinion, but a matter of fact that the vaccines are not working. The data shows this clearly, and even Dr. Fauci admitted that the vaccinated and unvaccinated are being infected, and both groups have identical viral loads. The science cannot be denied and anyone still claiming the vaccines are working is denying the scientific data.


Why are we forcing healthcare workers, corporate employees and citizens at large to be vaccinated when we know the vaccines have failed? Things will get very ugly come this fall when a new mutation that combines the Indian/Delta variant with the Brazilian/P1 variant begins to spread infecting the vaccinated and unvaccinated alike. The consequences of infection among the vaccinated could be even more devastating because of the potential for antibody dependent enhancement.


The approach of the government and the medical community until now reminds me of a child who puts his hand over the end of a hose to stop the water from gushing out rather than just turning off the spigot. Mark my words; there will be public outrage and civil unrest. Governments need to back down, admit the vaccines have failed and be honest with people before it is too late.

CDC study reveals 75% of Delta infection are from double vaccinated people!

We should be pleased that finally the CDC could no longer support their statements that mostly unvaccinated people are getting the infected by variants. The CDC released a study showing 75% of people getting infected with the new Delta variant are from the double vaccinated. And I am sure the figures are much higher. CDC and other health organizations like NIH are realizing they can no longer hide the speed of the variants reinfecting the vaccinated.

I have been warning for over 18 months of all the dangerous outcome we are now facing because of the vaccines. Please read my 17 op-eds in the side bar.

I have been accused of being a conspiracy theory supporter and even a close friend called me a fake Nostradamus for daring to challenge the lack of data and made-up scientific predictions.

It will get worse for vaccinated health workers and others ordered to take the vaccines!

What is going to happen if on top of Antibody Dependent Enhancement (ADE), you are likely to get the original antigenic sin OAS, as your vaccines spike protein antibodies cannot affect the massive right or left swing created by the variants?

I am not a scientist, just an ordinary person. The original antigenic sin phenomenon did take place with Dengue fever, HIV, and others.

A combination of both the ADE, and the OAS could have very serious medical consequences if you are infected with the variants later. What about the voluntary one billion or more who have taken the vaccines? We need true scientists to support or deny my possible predictions. This is science not magic.

Pfizer vaccine may cause neurodegenerative diseases according to new report

Fully Vaxxed People Are Spreading COVID Variants With High Viral Loads

The past century as seen instances of terrible discrimination. Signs hung in the windows of retails shops saying:

  “No N*****s, No Jews, No Dogs!”

Are we seeing history repeat itself, this time discriminating against the unvaccinated and our freedoms?

  No Unvaccinated! No Freedom of Speech! No Freedom of Choice!

Vaccinated people have a higher infectious viral load than unvaccinated;

ADE phenomenon


Respected vaccinologist, and the actual inventor of the mRNA vaccine Dr Robert Malone, has confirmed in a recent interview my earlier concerns and admonitions about the possibility that Antibody Dependent Enhancement (ADE) may play a dangerous role in the current coronavirus vaccines. We need more courageous scientists like Dr Robert Malone, to step up and voice their concerns. He should be nominated for a Nobel Prize.


The first time I sounded the alarm about the potential ADE associated dangers with the, then in development coronavirus vaccines was one year ago in a July 2020 op-ed. I wrote that the antibody dependent enhancement phenomenon was a serious threat that could cause much more harm to infected people that had been vaccinated than to the unvaccinated. The virus binds to the non-neutralizing antibodies that do not kill it. Instead, they act like a vehicle on a highway carrying the virus to the cells within the body and potentially causing greater damage from infection to the host. ADE is a serious concern in the development of vaccines and antibody therapy, and as Dr. Malone pointed out, has been a problem in every previous attempt to develop a vaccine for other coronaviruses. Below is a link to recent ten-minute interview where Dr. Malone discusses ADE and their possible relationship to the current vaccines. 


In another interview Dr Robert Malone explained the dangers of the vaccines’ spike protein and the potential to cause serious side effects


Media censorship has been a driving force in silencing and ridiculing anyone who dares question the efficacy of these vaccines. People like me who simply point out potential risks and the lack of data to support the safety of the vaccines are labeled as anti-vaxxers. We are mocked and called ignorant. Any social media post that dares even question the vaccines is at the very least tagged with a warning and labeled as misinformation, but often they get taken down or accounts get suspended. Just this week, the anti-Semitic organization, Nation of Islam had their Twitter account suspended for “vaccine misinformation.” For years Twitter has allowed them to attack Israel and the Jewish people with hate speech and vile tweets calling for violence, but the minute they dare say something against the vaccine their account gets suspended. It’s okay in Twitter’s eyes to use their platform to threaten an entire nation of people with violence, but don’t even think about questioning the coronavirus vaccine or they will shut your account down. Censorship and media control of the narrative is taking precedence over our health.


Pfizer’s bio-distribution study released by PMDA, Japan’s regulatory agency, confirms the COVID spike protein gets into the blood where it circulates for several days post-vaccination and then accumulates in organs and tissues including bone marrow, liver, adrenal glands and in “quite high concentrations” in the ovaries (12.3/mL could lead to sterilization or birth defects) and the spleen (23.4/mL could lead to internal bleeding). As Dr. Malone explained, we do not have the data to rule out potential reproductive consequences such as miscarriages and or birth deformities because of the aggregating signal in female reproductive tissue. Health authorities cannot continue to ignore or dismiss miscarriages or genetic birth defects in vaccinated mothers.


Are Pfizer, Moderna, and the other powers that be planning to continue giving annual vaccine boosters that will take control of our immune systems? Some suggest the almost cult-like push we are seeing to get everyone vaccinated is nefarious and could be a tool for globalization. Having some of the world’s most prominent billionaires, and social media giants who may have different agendas, leading this charge makes you wonder if there isn’t something else behind this frenzied, militant vaccination campaign other than a sincere desire to keep people healthy.


In 17 previous articles I have been warning of the potential dangers that could arise from the vaccines and warning that we can never vaccinate during a pandemic because vaccines during a pandemic create new variants. Please read through my previous articles which can be accessed with the links at the end of this op-ed and see for yourself the things I have been saying for the past 18 months and how they are playing out now in real time.

Former Vice President of Pfizer and his warning about the vaccine and the pandemic!

According to Dr. Michael Yeadon, who left Pfizer in 2011 as Vice President and Chief Scientist for Allergy and Respiratory, “THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO NEED FOR VACCINES....”

Vaccinated people are more likely to pass on the infection!


Data, which is undisclosed so far, could soon come to light and confirm the opposite of what we are being told. Vaccinated people could be the ones more likely to carry a bigger viral load of the variant creating a greater likelihood for them to pass the virus on to the unvaccinated population. With the possibility that we are indeed beginning to see ADE come into play, the result would be less immunity against the variants. The vaccine would be perpetuating a much more infectious virus and accelerate the mutation process. Even if we believe the figures from the recent CDC report are truthful and not being manipulated, their numbers show that vaccinated people have the same viral load of the Delta variant as the unvaccinated. At the very least their own report proves the vaccine does not work and is a failure.


As the coronavirus variants continue to develop, a complete escape mutant takes place that is able to bypass the vaccine’s immunity rendering them completely useless and potentially becoming dangerous. That is on top of other potential new side effects that could unfold in the years to come. The tables are turning. Now, the unvaccinated people are the fortunate ones. They should take proper safety measures to protect themselves against the virus by wearing N99 masks instead of N95’s whenever they are in the presence of vaccinated persons.


Misinformation, lies, and deceit, all in the name of profits;

we must stop vaccination programs now

Vaccine campaigns and programs need to stop now! Officials should step back, take a deep breath, and admit to their misjudgment. Cowardly scientists who withheld truth because of political correctness and pharmaceuticals should be the ones held accountable. Vaccine manufacturers should return their profits from the vaccines to each country as restitution for the harm they’ve caused. Civil unrest could be just around the corner. The virus is not dying out, but rather getting worse and people are frustrated and angry.

The International Court of Justice (ICJ) needs to start a Nuremberg vaccine trial!

I appeal to the Hague International Court of Justice to initiate a pre-trial enquiry into the coronavirus vaccines pandemic. They need to look at where it started, what influenced the vaccines support, who benefitted, the conflicted groups, and the politically motivated scientists. finally, they need to look at the powerful pharmaceutical's role in pushing the vaccines narrative through their massive political and social media influence. Who benefitted?

In 2021, we cannot allow such a major international medical occurrence to just be waved aside because of the financial muscle the pharmaceuticals and social media shares. They both made and continue to make billions; they should pay it back and be punished if it is proven that they did ignore true science for financial gains.

The speed of new infections in the United Kingdom is alarming!

Johns Hopkins October 2019 pandemic computer simulation predicted 65 million coronavirus deaths


Could 65 million deaths become a reality if the Brazilian and India variants combine creating a repeat of Spanish Flu?


It is vital that scientists address the following questions without political interference. 

1.     Have the vaccines caused the virus to develop an immune escape mechanism that can avoid the virus’s antibodies through mutation?


2.     Is the virus’s mutation into these different variants an indication that vaccines have become an enabler for the virus to develop the variants? 


I am merely repeating a few of the questions I have asked in some of my previous op-eds where I tried to send a warning to an unreceptive audience brainwashed by social media. We now know for sure the mutations have one objective, to overcome the vaccine’s immunity and nullify any protection the vaccines could potentially provide against the virus. It’s impossible to keep on developing new vaccines each time the virus mutates. The bottom line is these vaccines are not stopping transmission of the virus.


Has antibody Dependent Enhancement (ADE) started to speed the spread of infection in the United Kingdom, United States, Canada, and other countries?


Over a year ago I warned in my op-eds about the possibility the virus could utilize the vaccine as a highway to speed up infection transmission because of a phenomenon called antibody dependent enhancement (ADE). Are we already seeing ADE starting to materialize in the United Kingdom, Chile, Israel, Cyprus, Canada, and the United States among the vaccinated population? If we experience a spike in infections among the vaccinated, will ADE be the reason? Is someone less likely to become infected with the virus if they are not vaccinated by relying on their body’s own immune defense system? So far, it seems that partisan politics has kept scientists from answering these questions over fear of losing their jobs and other negative repercussions.

It is false to say that those being hospitalized are the unvaccinated

Do not blame the politicians, they are doing their best to protect our health


Having been embarrassed by the recent wave of double vaccination infections, health authorities have now turned to lying to cover up their bad judgement they showed in supporting major vaccination campaigns. We are now being told that only unvaccinated people are catching the coronavirus. This is nothing more than misinformation, propaganda and scare tactics. Health authorities are desperately trying to find a scapegoat as they are watching their vaccine narrative crumble before their eyes with increasing numbers of double vaccinated people testing positive for COVID. Instead of being protected from the virus, more and more fully vaccinated are becoming infected. Just in the last week several more fully vaccinated professional baseball players and at least two fully vaccinated American Olympians in Tokyo have tested positive for the virus. The only reason we hear about those cases is because they are public figures. We will never hear about the thousands of average people that are contracting the virus despite having been fully vaccinated. The true culprits are the pharmaceuticals that were economical on scientific facts to push their experimental vaccines.


It is a fact that our immune systems are much more successful at protecting us from coronavirus than these experimental vaccines. More than 98% of people who contract the virus recover on their own within the first 2 weeks. Less than 1% end up in intensive care and those are generally people with comorbidities. Officials need to stop their lies and for once be honest with the public. They began by telling us it would be a simple one-time vaccine. That has now evolved into needing additional boosters every six months. The vaccines have not delivered the promised results. The focus needs to change away from vaccines and towards developing effective therapeutics. Governments should stop the failed vaccination propaganda program now. It will backfire. They need to face the facts soon and tell the truth once and for all. If people believe they are being intentionally misled and lied to, they will revolt, and we will see civil unrest in major cities throughout the world.

Look what the doctors are saying!

Non-profit sues HHS to immediately stop emergency use authorization of COVID-19 vaccine.

Here is the proof that vaccines do not do the job of protection against reinfection.

Vaccinated people in Singapore make up three quarters of recent COVID-19 cases.

Of course, they will tell us, once double vaccinated, you are likely to be less ill. What about our own immune system?

Governments need to clarify the confused message on coronavirus.

"I have nothing to offer you but Blood, Toil, Sweat and Tears," by the great Winston Churchill

On May 13, 1940, three days after becoming the British prime minister, Winston Churchill prepared his people for a tough and bloody battle ahead.

Today politicians should clarify the message. We are in for at least two more years of coronavirus suffering; we need to band together to fight this virus. Stop telling your citizens, we have beaten the virus by vaccinating ourselves. It has already started to backfire. You are losing your people’s trust, so prepare them for the worst now.

No more lockdowns – Treat COVID like every other serious disease – cancer, diabetes, etc.… Open up the economies now!

Coronavirus vaccines are all about profits, no common sense, no decency, no ethics - Money has won.

Coronavirus is making us an ugly, stupid, idiotic, needy, lazy and a liar's race thanks to the new controlling religion called social media.

Boris Johnson had no option but to lift all lockdown measures or face civil unrest; Damned if you do, damned if you don't!

You might have variants transmissions in the next 12 weeks, hold on to your seats!

As a strong supporter of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, I commend him for his work in managing the pandemic. He has done a remarkable job, but the people of Great Britain like people everywhere are fed up with lockdowns, restrictions, and economic hardships. Mr. Johnson had no other option but to open his country back up and remove social and economic lockdownsHad he not relaxed the restrictions the public would have revolted, and we would be watching civil unrest and violent demonstrations in the streets of England. Unfortunately, our western democracy could become the fuel that spills over and lights the fire.


Right now, the British and the rest of the world are facing exponential spread of the virus because of the coronavirus variants. Today the United Kingdom is seeing about 26,000 new cases per day but in one month that number could easily be as high as 100,000 new cases each day regardless of whether the person has been vaccinated or not. This fall hospitals will once again be at over capacity. An economic disaster looms and governments are running out ink in their printers. The vaccines have already failed.  It is not the vaccines that caused the numbers to decline, that was the effect of the lockdown measures.


The new variants are much more transmissible and potentially much more deadly than other strains. They account for about 25% of new cases. As bad as India’s Delta variant has been, the Indian health ministry is now warning about a new “Delta Plus” variant that is expected to be more difficult to treat.

I trust Prime Minister Johnson’s leadership. I believe he will be able to properly manage the coming onslaught of cases and variants. If he focuses his resources on the development of much needed therapeutics, a cocktail solution could be in place by 2024.

Your scientific advisors made a HUGE mistake by ignoring therapeutics.

Back in 2019 when the coronavirus broke out in China, all scientific innovation should have equally focused on vaccines and a therapeutic cocktail. Today the scientific advisors banking on one alternative, vaccines, vaccines, and more vaccines have failed us.

I lost count which number wave we are about to get this fall. Waves will just keep on coming every time we ease lockdowns.

Why were the governments scientists so careless in limiting all efforts on vaccines? Unless we turn our focus to therapeutics, we will never be able to deal with the coronavirus and its changeable variants. We need a cocktail of three or more therapeutics that will block the viral activities, block the virus from copying its genome and as important an effective targeted immune modulator, etc.

I am not a scientist; all I can conclude is we have waisted almost two years by not fully supporting therapeutic solutions and now we are about to pay a heavy price.

We will not get therapeutic treatments for at least another two years. It will not be until 2024, before we address the coronavirus inflammatory cascade and succeed in overcoming its devastating effect on the world.

HIV was a major problem; vaccines did not work but today therapeutics are working and stopping death.

In my April 2020, I did point out that vaccines will not work, I was accused of being over dramatic, not a scientist and a conspiracy theory supporter, all my op-ed warning on coronavirus have today come true.

February 2020 Op-ed

April 2020 Op-ed Emil_Malak_041620-Covid-19 Op-ed

Every person on board the British Navy Flagship carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth were double vaccinated and still tested positive with coronavirus.

A vaccine is taken to stop re-infection, the coronavirus vaccines have failed.

Just recently, July 2021, one hundred crew of HMS Elizabeth were infected at port call in Cyprus. "All personnel deployed have received both doses of the Covid vaccine, and there are numbers of mitigation measures on board, including masks, social distancing, and a track and trace system.” What is alarming is Cyprus having a high rate of double vaccination, with over 50% having been double vaccinated.

The argument that vaccines will protect you from infection is garbage. The argument that vaccines will lessen the impact of the re-infection, is garbage.

Our own immune system is 98% efficient, not the vaccines.

The argument that there are much less people in hospitals because vaccines is another garbage statement. The argument that there are much less people dying in hospitals because of vaccines is garbage. The reason again are lockdowns and that hospitals have better experience and more available equipment to deal with the infected patients.

The argument that there are meaningless side effects from the vaccines is also garbage - just wait a few more years after vaccinations.

Finally, do not vaccinate Children, you do not have enough data to support side effects, especially young girls, for years to come


What is the solution?


As I have said many times:

·     Immediately implement a testing program that ensures everyone gets tested every three         days.

·       Halt vaccines now! They have failed and are not doing anything to stop the variants.

·     Focus on the development of therapeutics. The coronavirus is here to stay and must be         treated like every other permanent disease.


My favorite scientist and philosopher on life has always been Albert Einstein. Sometimes I wonder what Einstein would have to say about all this if he were alive today. I think he would believe that humans have become coronavirus stupid.

A quote that is often credited to Einstein says the following,


“Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I’m not sure about the universe!


Perhaps what he meant was that human stupidity could potentially one day destroy mankind and the universe? Could we be seeing the result of human stupidity now with the mad rush to approve unproven vaccines? These vaccines are experimental, have zero historic data to rely on, and have already caused countless health complications, including many deaths in just a short time. Where will we be a few years down the road and how many more harmful side effects will people have to endure if these vaccines are allowed to continue?


Europe is now open for business this summer using a completely useless European vaccine passport. Just wait until they all return home to a disaster in waiting. Do not be offended by my words, I also consider myself as being a part of the human stupidity phenomenon.


Social media companies control our young generation; like sheep, they follow the misinformation campaigns designed to indoctrinate them. Western youth are being standardized in their thinking to follow the evil social media’s political ideals to control the masses. As Einstein said,


“I believe in standardizing automobiles. I do not believe in standardizing human beings. Standardization is a great peril which threatens American culture.” 


Every biased government scientist that has been and continues to be involved in the coronavirus saga has failed to tell us the truth. As Einstein also said,

“Whoever is careless with the truth in small matters cannot be trusted with important matters”


I have been accused of things like being too drastic, being a conspiracy theorist, being crazy and have been called all kinds of names for voicing my concerns on the stupidity of injecting us with unproven coronavirus vaccines.  I have even lost some friends because of my opinions. But in the words of the great Albert Einstein,


“The world is a dangerous place to live, not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don't do anything about it.”

And as for my stance on the coronavirus, I look one last time to the words of Dr. Einstein,

“A question that sometimes drives me hazy: am I or are the others crazy?” 


America and Europe need to focus on the next Industrial revolution

I am a big supporter and advocate of artificial intelligence (AI), however; AI is not going to provide western economies with millions of jobs because it will eventually be stolen by China and India. The west has an overabundance of scientific and technical skills, and already has the capacity to develop the next generation of industrial inventions and new applications necessary to far surpass the leaps made during the industrial revolution and move us beyond this century and into the next. What we are lacking is the old school, inventive imaginations we have in the last century. Our governments should focus resources on creating the next industrial revolution. They will rob us blind of our inventions and capitalize on western innovation. Inventors need to be supported, which means current patent laws that enable patent infringement must change. Currently, It is nearly impossible for a small inventor to monetize their own intellectual property, but large corporations can easily pirate the inventions of others, making millions and even billions at the expense of someone else’s innovation.  Once again, I quote Einstein,


“Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand.”


When are the next lethal variants coming, and what then?

The vaccines are not as effective with the variants in the first place, and now we are dealing with a continuously changing variant.

1.   New variants are becoming more infectious

2.   They are already escaping the vaccine's immunity, an immune escape mechanism.

3. The viral load of the new variants could be much stronger causing much more severe          medical complications and possibly death.


Today, we have fully vaccinated people getting infected in the United Kingdom, Chile, Cyprus, Israel and throughout the world. The lies and misinformation regarding these unproven coronavirus vaccines need to stop now. Why are we vaccinating people if they are still at risk for the virus? Why are we telling them that if they get the virus after being vaccinated their symptoms will be less severe when there is no data to prove that claim? And why are they telling them that most of the coronavirus deaths are among the un- vaccinated? Where are the facts and figures to back these baseless claims?


They are telling us that the vaccinated are less likely to contract the variants, but meanwhile some of the countries with the highest per capita vaccination rates like Chile, the United Kingdom, Israel, Greece, Cyprus, and many others are getting whacked with the Indian beta variant and the Brazilian P1 variant. When all hell breaks loose this fall and looking for scapegoats, they will certainly be placing the blame on people who chose to not be vaccinated instead of admitting the failure of the vaccines.


Vaccines for profits!


Now vaccine manufacturers are telling us we need to take the vaccines and boosters every six months. What does that mean for any medium and future side effects people could experience? Western governments have an agenda to vaccinate everyone while completely ignoring the possible harmful consequences. The scary thing is what could happen down the road once a few targeted therapeutic treatments are developed. Could some western governments possibly attempt to interfere or obstruct in favor of continuing down the road of failed vaccination and the massive profits associated with them? God help any country that gets hit with the Indian Delta variant and the Brazilian Amazon P1 variants at the same time, or even worse if they mutate locally. Mathematical formulas do not lie, variant transmission is infecting at a rate of 1.3 to 1 in person-to-person transmission. The nasty wave coming this fall will NOT be able to be avoided in America and Europe. We better prepare. Vaccines are not developed in weeks or months like these have been, but over many years. Usually, it takes 6 to 8 years to get a vaccine approved. This crop of coronavirus vaccines is nothing more than experimental. No appropriate safety or efficacy measures were taken and they were not properly tested.


Dr. Robert Malone is the inventor of the mRNA technology upon which these vaccines are based. His discoveries in mRNA non-viral delivery systems are considered the key to the current COVID-19 vaccine strategies. Dr. Malone agrees with me that we do not have sufficient data to carry out this wild campaign to vaccinate everything that moves and referred to these vaccines as “experimental”.  He recently shared his concerns saying, 'I don't think the benefits outweigh the risks in that cohort,' said Malone, referring to people in the 18 to 22 age bracket, 'but unfortunately the risk-benefit analysis is not being done.'

'My concern is I know there are risks but we don't have access to the data,' Malone said. 'And so, I am of the opinion that people have the right to decide whether to accept vaccines or not, especially since these are experimental vaccines.'

Close all international travel now


It is time to close off all international travel to countries like the United Kingdom, India, Russia, Indonesia, Republic of Cyprus, Turkey, Israel, Bangladesh, Columbia, Chile, Guatemala, Brazil, Ecuador, Paraguay, Thailand, Vietnam, Zambia, Argentina, South Korea, Mongolia, South Africa, Russia, and others. How do we expect to protect the American and European public using idiotic vaccine passports? The United States and Europe are now starting to get back to normal despite the coronavirus not having disappeared. It is just a matter of three to four months before it resurfaces with a vengeance.

A Coronavirus Global Financial Collapse/Depression is Overdue!
I Emil Malak, declare the pre-economic depression has already started!

Whether or not the Congress raises the debt ceiling is irrelevant, the financial cracks have already started, and an economic collapse is imminent. Now, depression can only be avoided if we get therapeutic solutions that will stop people from dying from the coronavirus. The financial markets are concluding that vaccines are not the solution we anticipated. You cannot keep supporting the financial market by just printing money and increasing debt. This party is coming to an end.

The worst is yet to come this fall


Warning: Stagflation followed by Depression!

The coming depression: coronavirus stagflation will trigger an economic collapse by the beginning of 2022 that will dwarf the collapse of 2008


Stagflation is caused when the combination of stagnant growth and rising inflation lead to higher unemployment. Inflation is higher today than it was in 2008 and continues to rise steadily as prices increase across the board. The cost of food is especially hitting consumers the hardest. Suppliers have tried to keep things somewhat under control to this point by minimizing cost increases to end users in hopes the vaccine would be the solution to the pandemic. By this fall the realization of the failure of the vaccines will be widely known. That will lead to the next phase, a worldwide economic depression triggered by the current stagflation. China will be doing what they can to orchestrate the global financial collapse to weaken the United States and Europe. It's time to prepare for such events. I recommend that we position our finances for liquidity and invest in tangible assets, precious metals, gold, and silver as well as agriculture.


The Federal Reserve is expected to clarify its tapering plans at the upcoming Jackson Hole Bankers conference this coming August. Expectations are for the central bank to begin to increase interest rates. The Fed released forecasts from its June meeting that show it expects two interest-rate increases by the end of 2023, faster than what markets expected earlier. With inflation on the rise and a decrease in production because of last year’s lockdowns, the only solution in my opinion is to increase interest rates by 5 full points in order to head off an unprecedented collapse of the western world’s banking system.


To date, the United States has spent over $4 trillion on stimulus and pandemic response, while the European Union has spent an estimated $5.8 trillion. All that spending would be fine and could be fully repaid through economic growth if the vaccine worked. But if the vaccine fails, as I predict it will, this unprecedented spending will only speed up the pending economic doom.


To add insult to injury, stimulus payouts have created a new lazy worker phenomenon. Many people have no interest in going to work when they can stay at home collecting government handouts and extended unemployment payments.


Medical advisors and pharmaceutical companies that manufacture vaccines have convinced government leaders that the way out of the pandemic would only come by spending billions of dollars on vaccine development. In December 2020, the USA Today reported that the U.S. government had spent more than $9 billion on development for the vaccines, distributed amongst nine different companies and another $2.5 billion to purchase equipment including storage vials and syringes needed to administer the vaccines. That means in the U.S. alone, nearly$12 billion has been squandered chasing a failed vaccine pipedream while neglecting to make any significant investments into the development of therapeutics. Why is it so hard to comprehend that people survive deadly diseases like cancer and H.I.V. because of effective therapeutic solutions, not because they were vaccinated? We have already lost nearly two years of valuable time in addition to the billions of dollars wasted on vaccines. Investment into therapeutics is the only solution. The sooner we refocus our efforts the more lives we will be able to save.

Stagflation will collapse the European union in 2022/2023


We are currently in a stagflation economy; governments cannot keep on shutting down and printing money. Within the next couple of years, it will all come to a head. I expect we will soon see a rash European companies begin overdue bankruptcy filings. Governments can no longer simply print their way out of this. There is no production to support the irresponsible printing of the Euro. The European members can no longer continue to be bailed out by the European bank; they will leave the Union.

The highly infectious Indian (Delta) variant is causing cases to surge in Moscow


The city of Moscow just registered a new single day record high case total with 9,120 new coronavirus infections in 24 hours, surpassing the previous day’s record of 9056 new cases. These numbers greatly exceed the 3000 daily cases from just two weeks ago. Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin said that the Delta variant, first identified in India was responsible and accounted for nearly 90% of new cases.


As a result of the recent surge the Russian capital is expanding the number of hospital beds from 17,000 to 24,000 over the next two weeks. Additionally, the highly infectious variant has forced the mayor to reintroduce a host of pandemic restrictions after life had all but returned to normal over the past several months.


Despite their aggressive vaccination campaign, the tiny nation of Israel is experiencing a surge in new daily cases. Newly elected Prime Minister Naftali Bennett blames the new outbreak on the Delta variant. Among the new cases are many people that have been fully vaccinated.


I believe the United States and Europe are headed for another forced closure this fall. Science cannot be manipulated. Despite   a well-designed propaganda campaign to make the public believe vaccines are the solution, the facts really show that vaccines have failed to reduce the spread of coronavirus. In the state of Massachusetts alone, 4000 fully vaccinated people tested positive for COVID-19. In their attempts to create the illusion that these are outliers, the spin masters have decided to call it a “breakthrough” case, when a vaccinated person tests positive. In the meantime, they continue to push their vaccine narrative with the help of private companies as well as local and state governments. One such example is Krispy Kreme Donuts. They are offering free donuts to anyone who gets vaccinated. But by far the most egregious vaccine incentive programs to date have come from the state governments of Washington and Arizona where they are bribing people with free marijuana. In Washington, the “Joints for Jabs” program, authorizes state-licensed cannabis retailers to give a free joint to adults who get their first or second dose of any COVID-19 vaccine.  In Arizona, the “Snax for Vaxx” campaign gives free joints and cannabis gummies to anyone 21 and older that gets the vaccine.

The worst is yet to come this fall; vaccines are creating immune escape variants!


One of Russia’s most prominent and well-respected COVID-19 experts, physician Denis Protsenko described how it has become much harder to treat ill patients now because of virus mutations.

“There is a feeling that the virus is changing,” Protsenko explained. “The proven methods of treatment for hyperinflammation or, as we call it, cytokine storms, are often failing.”


This confirms my previous criticisms of the vaccines’ inability to reduce the severity of coronavirus infections, despite the many COVID vaccine proponents that claim otherwise. What is playing out in Russia seems to indicate that the virus is spinning off stronger and more lethal variants as I have been saying all along it would. Could these more difficult to treat cases that Dr. Protensko is describing, be a new and stronger Russian variant?

This vaccine madness needs to stop!


According to my understanding, the vaccine makes it possible for the virus to mutate its way around the supposed immunity induced by the vaccine, resulting in the continual development of lethal variants. How stupid is that?

As I said before, you should not test new vaccines during the height of a pandemic.

In previous articles, I have tried to explain in layman’s terms the process by which the vaccines convert the body into an enabling instrument for the virus to create immune escape variants. The vaccine acts as a rich super food for the virus giving it the ability to mutate into much worse strains. We need only look at what is taking place in countries with high vaccination rates like the United Kingdom, Chile, Russia, Germany, and the United States, where after vaccinations, the virus is mutating into stronger variants.

Have governments and their health administrations become the vaccine manufacturers “bitches”?

Coronavirus Vaccines manufacturers with big money can gain access to a lot of power in political corridors. Take the example of Moderna who has never had a successful vaccine before, now with the untested mRNA coronavirus vaccines, their market capitalization is over 85 billion dollars. This is big money for the Boys club. How come these companies were able to buy a lot of political influence to get their vaccines through in record time? But I predict things will begin to heat up by the end of this fall. Public outrage, and civil unrest will force the government’s hand, and the honeymoon vaccine makers have been on so far will come to an end along with the indemnity they have enjoyed to this point could easily be reverted and backdated.

Do not blame the politicians; blame their scientific advisors and the vaccine manufacturers


Where are the specifically targeted coronavirus therapeutics?


Not a single therapeutic treatment specifically targeted for coronavirus has undergone or completed any phase of FDA clinical trials. So far, only repurposed drugs which have mostly been ineffective like Hydroxychloroquine, Remdesivir, Regeneron, Favipiravir, Fluvoxamine, Kaletra and monoclonal antibody therapy have been touted as possible treatments.


Coronavirus vaccines have not been properly tested or approved by the FDA; they have only received “Emergency Use Authorization”

What is an Emergency Use Authorization (EUA)?

An Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) is a mechanism to facilitate the availability and use of medical countermeasures, including vaccines, during public health emergencies, such as the current COVID-19 pandemic. Under an EUA, FDA may allow the use of unapproved medical products, or unapproved uses of approved medical products in an emergency to diagnose, treat, or prevent serious or life-threatening diseases or conditions when certain statutory criteria have been met, including that there are no adequate, approved, and available alternatives. Taking into consideration input from the FDA, manufacturers decide whether and when to submit an EUA request to FDA.

Once submitted, FDA will evaluate an EUA request and determine whether the relevant statutory criteria are met, considering the totality of the scientific evidence about the vaccine that is available to FDA.

Despite the lack of an approved vaccine, G7 leaders have a plan in place to inoculate most of the world’s population by 2022 with what amounts to nothing more than an experimental drug. This includes their recent proposal to donate one billion doses of the vaccine to poorer countries. Promoting such an aggressive worldwide campaign with an unproven and potentially unsafe vaccine that has NOT undergone adequate testing is total madness.

What could happen to billions of vaccinated people in five to ten years?

What kind of world will we have five to ten years from now after having vaccinated most of the world with these experimental drugs? Many researchers fear we will be facing a coming global health crisis of catastrophic proportions, far worse than damage brought upon by the pandemic. Another question that has thus far been avoided is, does the mRNA vaccine can replicate itself for years and become part of a person’s immune system? Will doing so bring about health complications?

It will take at least five to ten years to know the full extent of the fallout from the coronavirus vaccines. We still do not have evidence to arrive at a conclusion either way, but what we do know for sure is that mRNA vaccines are new and unproven. Anything could go wrong. There is any number of potential complications that could stem from the vaccines, from alterations to DNA, female sterilization, to progressive heart and brain diseases and many other possibilities. Another major concern I have is the possibility that some disease could utilize the actual vaccine’s mechanism to aggressively spread through the body causing serious harm. The global implications could be of catastrophic proportions affecting a large percentage of the world’s population. Why are so many scientists remaining silent? Many of them have grave concerns but they are not sounding the alarms as they should.

Vaccine Passports are the start of a new dictatorship aimed at controlling the masses

An insane decision to coerce the public into compliance was recently made in India. The provincial government of Punjab will be deactivating the SIM cards of anyone who refuses to be vaccinated. This is one of the most insane things I have ever heard!

They are acting like parents who punish their teenagers by taking away their phones. This is not just a huge government overreach; it is pure intimidation and unadulterated infringement of human rights and freedoms. Vaccine passports are simply a way for some governments to compel people into vaccination by withholding or restricting privileges of anyone without a vaccine card. One such privilege being used as a tool for government coercion is the ability to travel freely. Some governments are holding travel plans hostage. If you don’t get the vaccine, you will not be allowed to travel freely.  

However, travel this summer is a double-edged sword. People are being vaccinated in order to travel to vacation destinations all over the world. There they will party and mingle with others from all over the world and become infected with variants before returning home, bringing new strains of the virus with them. This fall will be the real test of how bad things will get. The virus has so far been very tame in comparison to what its relatives, the variants are about to unleash. I do not expect them to be so kind.

Now we have a continuous immune escape mutation, or as I call it the vaccine “F@#K-up” mutation. I apologize for the harsh language, but it is purposefully meant to get the attention of many low I.Q. politicians. No sensible person with an average I.Q. would ever have allowed widespread dissemination of an experimental vaccine without first having the necessary data collected over an adequate period to show its safety and efficacy; yet somehow these vaccines made it through. It begs the question, who is actually making these decisions? Is it the appropriate regulatory bodies or is it the pharmaceutical companies?

Vaccines have not stopped the variants


Which of these is most effective against the variants, AstraZeneca, Pfizer, Moderna or Johnson & Johnson?


Novavax has introduced another vaccine option against coronavirus, touting 93.2% effectiveness against circulating "variants of concern" and "variants of interest," according to the company. Like the current vaccines, the new one will not be FDA approved either; instead Novavax will be applying for emergency use authorization only just as its predecessors did. And how exactly can they claim 93.2 % effectiveness when our own immune systems are better than 98% effective?


Which are the “variants of concern” the company is claiming victory against? Against which variants they claim to be effective, the Indian, Chilean, Brazilian, British, South African etc.?


Chile, the United Kingdom, Vietnam, United States, and Israel have already started a wave of new infections despite having such large vaccination programs in place. Currently, South America and Central America are the most worrying as far as new lethal variants are concerned. Despite having one of the highest vaccination rates in the world, Chile has relapsed to the point where they just put their capital city of Santiago on lockdown. England is in the same boat as Chile, being forced to push back their “Freedom Day”. Prime Minister Boris Johnson just confirmed the proposed relaxing of coronavirus restrictions has been pushed back by 4 weeks.


India is not out of the woods by any stretch of the imagination. No one believes the lies coming out of their government. They are in serious trouble; within two years their entire population could be infected with lethal variants. I repeat my calls to deaf international leaders; close all international borders now for at least the next year, including internal state borders within some countries until we have an effective therapeutic solution.


Warning to the United States; July 4th celebrations and relaxing Mexican border restrictions could be a trigger for the next lethal Amazon/Brazilian variant and others


Remember: Many people are asymptomatic and unaware they have the virus


Three factors will cause the next serious wave of infection in America by this fall. First, letting in immigrants, particularly those carrying the Brazilian variant coming from Columbia, Venezuela and surrounding areas.


Secondly, relaxing restrictions for July 4th Independence Day celebrations will lead to large social gatherings that could be breeding grounds for spreading the virus.


And third, relaxation of travel restrictions will bring many more variants into the U.S. from other parts of the world like the Indian, Chilean, South African and English variants.


Do you really believe the vaccines will protect you from these variants?


Coronavirus will dominate our lives through 2024 until we get an effective therapeutic cocktail


By this fall, officials will finally have to admit to the failure of COVID-19 vaccines. Two years will have been wasted chasing a vaccine instead supporting solid research that could lead us to a drug combination therapeutic solution. A major push to redirect resources towards developing therapeutic solutions is needed. This could take at least another two years.  


Could the mRNA vaccines potentially cause sterilization or birth defects in some children and adult females?  


PMDA, Japan’s Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Agency is forced to release a report on Pfizer’s biodistribution study showing possible organ damage


Could this be the reason large numbers of vaccinated women are complaining of menstrual irregularities?

A group of international scientists filed a request for information from Japan’s regulatory agency, PMDA to release Pfizer’s biodistribution study. Biodistribution studies are used to determine where an injected compound travels in the body, and in which tissues or organs it accumulates. The biodistribution study confirms the COVID spike protein gets into the blood where it circulates for several days post-vaccination and then accumulates in organs and tissues including bone marrow, liver, adrenal glands and in “quite high concentrations” in the ovaries (12.3/mL could lead to sterilization or birth defects) and the spleen (23.4/mL could lead to internal bleeding).

Viral immunologist and associate professor at the University of Guelph, Dr. Byram Bridle said, “We have known for a long time that the spike protein is a pathogenic protein. It is a toxin. It can cause damage in our body if it gets into circulation.”

Are we carrying out a massive self-inflicted sterilization of females?

What kind of damage is Bridle referring to? Could concentration of the injected compound in the ovaries cause reproductive issues, sterilization, or future newborn baby deformities? Is this the reason that so many women have reported menstruation irregularities following vaccination? What about the other organs and tissues experiencing high concentrations? Scientists must investigate the findings in this report and determine what if any adverse consequences it could lead to. I fear one potential consequence of vaccinating adolescent girls and women of childbearing age is that it could lead to female sterilization. Hopefully, the vaccine will be harmless. But what if it does cause short term or even worse, long-term health problems? Whatever the truth is, we need to know.

Reports like this cannot be kept hidden from the public. Why did it take a special request for the Japanese agency to release this information? What other reports might be out there with other important information that is being kept from the public? We cannot make an informed decision regarding the vaccine if information like this is being kept from us. There needs to be total transparency. Are they intentionally keeping things secret out of fear that the public will reject getting vaccinated? We must consider the possibility that they are trying to make the vaccination decision for us. No other vaccine in history has ever moved forward with so many unanswered questions. Science is science and scientific predictions are made with hard facts and data, not politics. Unfortunately, it seems lately many scientists have abandoned facts and data and have become television stars and politicians.

Could we be looking at the possibility of a future generation of people potentially developing serious health conditions throughout the western world? Our best and brightest have been duped into taking vaccines that have been forced upon us with zero data to confirm their safety. Even Dr. Bridle admitted the scientific community was wrong. “We made a big mistake. We didn’t realize it until now. We thought the spike protein was a great target antigen, we never knew the spike protein itself was a toxin and was a pathogenic protein. So, by vaccinating people we are inadvertently inoculating them with a toxin.”


What’s next? Will the coronavirus vaccines cause a spike protein toxic factory leading to future health complications?


Could the more than one billion people mostly in America, Canada, Australia, and Europe that have been vaccinated so far be facing a potential future health crisis? We need the scientific community to address this and confirm, deny, or provide another explanation. Many experts fear the vaccines' spike protein will cause damage to our autoimmune systems allowing diseases to thrive. We need to know if this is the case or if the spike protein simply dies off within 6 months and disappears from our systems altogether. Some are cautioning that horrible diseases like Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Rheumatoid arthritis, inflammation of the heart, and Lou Gehrig's disease could be on the rise in just a few years among vaccinated people. From day one we have seen some people experience adverse effects as serious as heart and brain issues and blood clots immediately following vaccination. Is it worth taking such a risk with these vaccines, when our own immune system will defeat the virus by itself in more than 98% of the overall cases, and exponentially more among patients under 70?


CDC calls emergency meeting due to 800 reported cases of heart inflammation among young, vaccinated people


About 800 cases of heart inflammation have been reported among young, vaccinated people, 80% men and 20% women. Some of the cases have become very serious leading to hospitalization. Recognizing there is a serious problem, the CDC scheduled an emergency meeting to address this very alarming development. While I credit the CDC with actually acknowledging the problem, I am shocked by their laissez-faire approach. Why schedule an “emergency meeting” for June 18th on June 10th? Why are they waiting eight whole days to address this matter? In the meantime, how can they allow the vaccines continue when they know for a fact the vaccines are detrimental to peoples’ health? How many more persons are they willing to sacrifice before they stop these vaccines once and for all?


The United Kingdom has already started the next wave of variant infections despite an all-out vaccination program


The vaccine madness must stop. As I have stated so many times before, these vaccines are responsible for the many mutations we are seeing develop throughout the world. Despite an aggressive vaccine campaign in England, that country is now exploding with a rash of new cases, stemming from a lethal Indian variant. I don’t blame Prime Minister Boris Johnson for what we are seeing unfold now in Great Britain. He is not a doctor and is only doing what the people he considers to be experts in the field are advising him to do. I support the Prime Minister and hope he will make the necessary adjustments to mitigate the harm that is falling upon the great British people. You cannot make a different vaccine each time a serious new lethal mutation pops up. They are going to kill us with all this vaccine madness.

South African, Indian, and Southeast Asian variants are now confirmed in Czechia; What’s next?


A recent article by Brian Kenety reported the following:

“Several additional coronavirus variants have been confirmed in the Czech Republic through sequencing – 53 cases of the South African, 13 of the Indian and nine of the Southeast Asian variants were detected, ČTK reports, citing public health data.

Of the 2,700 positive coronavirus samples sequenced by May 21, the British mutation still predominated. Authorities hope to increase the proportion of sequenced samples to five percent of positive results to achieve a more comprehensive.”


In addition to the new wave sweeping through England, we are seeing this same thing taking place in Czech Republic. I fear this wave is going to be repeating itself throughout Europe and the rest of the world by the end of November and will lead to new lockdowns worldwide. COVID-19 vaccines are not working now and will never work.


Vancouver, BC, Canada; an incompetent health authority


Recently, Bonnie Henry, the health officer in charge where I live in Vancouver, BC, told us the reason infections have come down from 1200 to 160 per day over the past 8 weeks was attributed to vaccinations. I will challenge her flawed assertion by pointing out the reason I believe the numbers have come down is not due to vaccines but to the strict lockdowns that have been in place for more than a year. There is no way that 4 to 8 weeks of vaccines could trigger such a large drop in cases. Remember, our own immune systems are successful at defeating the virus more than 98% of time. That is a much better success rate than that of these vaccines.

As restrictions are eased up and people begin to regularly interact again, we will see case numbers increase. We can see this already with the restarting of cruises. Royal Caribbean Cruise Line’s Celebrity Millennium ship was one of the first cruise ships to start up again after being halted for more than one year. In the last week they had two passengers test positive and were forced into isolation on the first “fully vaccinated” cruise. Tell me again how the vaccines are protecting us from infection.

No more lockdowns; Coronavirus should be treated like every other disease until a therapeutic cocktail solution is developed

Corona cannot continue to take away our liberty

I have been consistent in my criticism of the coronavirus vaccine madness and have never wavered since I began writing my op-eds in February 2020. Eventually the science will definitively conclude that the vaccines were not only ineffective, but also unsafe in many instances, and the entire vaccine promotional campaign was pushed upon us for the purpose of increased and continuous corporate profits by the manufacturers. Unfortunately, most if not all the therapeutics so far have proven to NOT be very effective, and in some cases even harmful like with cortisones with the inflammatory onslaught of the coronavirus.


Since the beginning of time, we have learned to live and deal with many diseases like cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and other deadly inflammatory illnesses. We have learned to adapt and live with them, and now we better plan to do the same with coronavirus. We need to end the lockdowns, end the stimulus packages, and stop shutting down our economies. The economies need to reopen, albeit perhaps with some new rules in place. I stand by my calls to close all borders for one full year and halt all international human travel. As well as the plans I have previously laid out to conduct continuous three-day rapid testing, maintain contact tracing, involve the military, expand the use of N99 masks and one year suspension of in person school to be replaced with online classes using a video platform like Zoom. The focus must be on the development of effective therapeutic treatments. Vaccines are enabling the virus to mutate and must be stopped.


The coronavirus vaccines create spike proteins causing the immune system to replicate more spike proteins to fight the coronavirus. The question is, will such a vaccine cause short -medium- or long-term damages to our body. No one seems willing to address these possibilities. Is it worth the risk? 


Using vaccine passports for upcoming gatherings like the hajj pilgrimage in Saudi Arabia, the Tokyo Olympics and restarting the cruise industry will be detrimental


Imagine visitors from all over the world, in particular coming from countries with high COVID case numbers like Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Turkey, Central and South America, USA, Europe, the Far East, and China congregating En masse at various global events this summer like the hajj pilgrimage in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, and the Tokyo Olympics, as well traveling around the world on cruise ships. Many of those travelers have pinned their false hopes on vaccines that will NOT protect them against the variants. Many may be positive for the virus and remain asymptomatic, not knowing they have it yet shedding the viral load and infecting those around them. Then they all return to their home countries spreading they lethal mutations they were infected with. We are not yet ready to have such large-scale global events currently. They need to be cancelled.

Infection numbers are not down because of vaccinations, they are down because of tough lockdowns


Is it manslaughter, genocide, or a costly mistake?


All vaccines must be halted If information in an alleged “pending publication” from the Robert Koch Institute (RKI), turns out to be true


The RT network, formally Russia Today, provided a statistical report claiming it was leaked by a concerned whistle blower from within the Robert Koch (RKI). Reports of a "pending publication" by the RKI on data gathered by Germany’s Federal Ministry of Health (BMG) from more than 57,000 cases of people having received either one or both doses of the vaccine, appear to indicate an alarmingly higher death rate among vaccinated people than unvaccinated. The report allegedly shows that out of 6,000 vaccinated people needing to be treated in a clinic for COVID-19, about 2,700 of them died.


Is it possible this report from RT could be fake news? Yes of course, but it does not make any sense for the Russians to doubt the ability of their own vaccine by leaking such damaging information. This data seems to be precise and not simply a vague guestimate but appears to be credible in its substance.


The German Government needs to step up now and address the validity of these claims. Either deny the claims outright and release true data findings or verify the report’s accuracy. They should not hinder this information from being released to the public. If true, this report presents damning evidence against all vaccines and confirms the fears I have been writing about since my first op-ed in February 2020.


According to the alleged report the death rate among those who contracted the virus after either one or both doses of the vaccine is more than double that of those who were unvaccinated at the time, they contracted the coronavirus. If the numbers are this horrible after having 36 million German vaccinated over the past three months, what will they be in six months when you factor in the new Indian and South American variants?


We must be tempered and not jump to any erroneous conclusions. I hope this leaked information turns out to be false. I am only reporting this because it seems to be credible and purposely being kept secretive. I hope they release the data and prove this report to be false.


Where are the scientists and the World Health Organization? This needs to be addressed at once, and if this report is true, it is already too late, and all vaccines MUST be halted immediately.


The data summarized:

       36 million total vaccine doses were administered

       57,146 of those tested positive for COVID-19 after being vaccinated

       44,059 of them had received only the first dose and 13,087 both doses

       Of the 44,059 single dose cases, 28,270 (64.2 percent) fell ill, and 4,562 (10.4 percent) were hospitalized of which 2,045 (4.64 percent) died.

       Of 13,087 vaccinated with both doses who tested positive, 4,999 (38.2 percent) fell ill, 1,659 (12.7 percent) were hospitalized and 662 (5.1 percent) died


If we use the above percentages obtained from Germany and extrapolate them to the vaccinated population of the United States, we could potentially see a scenario where out of the 130,014,175 (39% of the population) fully vaccinated, 208,022 positive COVID-19 cases could arise with 22,882 deaths. That’s double the death rate for cases that arise after vaccination.


As I have previously written, the vaccines could be creating a highway inside a person’s body because of antibody dependent enhancement (ADE). On top of all that, since the vaccines were rushed through the process, we do not have any data to know what if any future complications might arise in the medium or long term. We know blood clots, tiredness, and skin rashes are among some of the short-term complications. Many credible experts have speculated that autoimmune diseases could be a potential long-term complication as well as the potential of altering one’s DNA. A recent yet to be peer reviewed paper suggested that genetic alterations arising from mRNA vaccines could turn out to be a good thing, or disastrous. We just do not have sufficient data to reach any conclusions at this point.


After more than 18 months of research and 17 op-eds, we may be headed for a human disaster of our own making by late 2021 to early 2022. As I have often said I sincerely hope to be proven wrong, but science does not lie.


Can anyone differentiate between the vaccine antibodies and natural antibodies?

We are being told that the vaccines increase the number of neutralizing antibodies that stick to the spike protein. Our own immune system does the same thing. Without any vaccinations over 80% of infected people recover fully within a few days. A few will experience symptoms a little longer. A small percentage of patients require admission to the ICU and roughly 2% die. How can we know for sure that vaccine antibodies are producing a positive result and not the antibodies created by one’s own immune system?


Reports that Pfizer and AstraZeneca vaccines are effective against the Indian and UK variants are misleading

The Indian variant is not a double mutation; it has mutated between 13 and 19 times. The first 5 mutations are within the spike protein, and 3 are known as "functional in gain" mutations which make the variant more infectious, carrying a higher viral load and making it more lethal. 


Recently, officials from the United Kingdom published a report that said the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine was 85% effective after the first shot against the Indian variant and 93% effective after the second jab. It also stated that AstraZeneca-University of Oxford vaccines were to be 60% effective against the Indian variant and 66% effective against the UK variant. I repeat my previous assertions to a deaf scientific audience, our own immune system has an overall 98% effective rate. We have much better odds trusting our own immune system that to risk taking the vaccines. The other disturbing question that scientists are purposely ignoring, is how long these will neutralizing antibodies last after vaccinations.


The spin master scientists are saying that there are more antibodies created by the vaccines which will result in a better chance of destroying the virus, or at least lessen the impact of infection. Did they properly identify that these antibodies were indeed created by the vaccines and not the immune system? Predictions that are not rooted on factual data are baseless.


Only a certain number of antibodies are utilized to fight the virus. It does not matter how much more you have, no one is able to scientifically justify whether it is our own immune system, or the extra antibodies created by the vaccines? More does not mean better. We cannot just disregard all the previously mentioned potential side effects from the vaccines which could also lead to heart failure and an increased inflammatory response?


The other important question, scientists have failed to properly answer is how long do the vaccine’s antibodies last. Some tell us three months, other say more. In one of my op-eds, I discussed the ability of the coronavirus to somehow disable the making of neutralizing antibodies up to three months after infection.

It is a fact that once infected, the first 14 days are vital in the production of antibodies to fight the infection. There has so far been zero scientific proof presented that vaccine antibodies lessen the onset of infection or the death rate. We should not presume that vaccine antibodies are doing the job of our own immune system just because we are told as much. Even if the vaccine theory turns out to be true, every single person in the world would need to be vaccinated in order to stop new variants from developing. By this fall, vaccines will have proven to be a hopeless exercise that will end up being extremely costly both medically and financially.


Inaccurate data could also be a factor in hiding the percentage of vaccines related deaths


Governments who supported the vaccine madness are purposely under reporting the numbers of people dying because of vaccinations. How can we trust them? Would I be jumping to conclusions if I predict the true figures could be much more than 4% as we get more accurate data? I believe the real number could potentially climb to as much as 25%, becoming a plague of our own making. I do hope my facts will be challenged by the experts.


What can we expect this fall now that places like California are beginning to open up?

California has confirmed the state will reopen June 15, with no more social distancing or capacity limits. Remember the coronavirus is not dead; it is very much alive and getting stronger. As we begin to reopen, new variants escape the vaccines immunity and silent carriers will be infecting vaccinated people. While the new variants break through vaccine immunity, other variants will develop with a higher viral load, and much more lethal, infecting young as well as old. Borders should remain locked down to the outside world now for at least one year to avoid the creation of new variants.


More bad news on therapeutics 

Recently, it was confirmed that the Regeneron monoclonal antibody cocktail Recn-Cov-2 does not work at all. it was also confirmed in published reports following the largest trial on IL6R blocker, Tocilizumab that it only provided a small effect. Tocilizumab was being hailed by quack scientists as the miracle drug known as the Interleukin 6 receptor blocker. I was critical of both of these drugs in my earlier op-eds and was harshly attacked by many.


If the CDC is not sure how effective the vaccines are against the variant in Japan, then why are we being urged to be vaccinated?


Information on the CDC website for travelers cautions them that the vaccine may not be effective, but they should still be vaccinated anyway. That makes no sense. They are urging us to take a chance by being injected with something that has serious risks involved when they admit to not knowing if it even works.


CDC Key information for travelers to Japan

Travelers should avoid all travel to Japan.

Because of the current situation in Japan even fully vaccinated travelers may be at risk for getting and spreading COVID-19 variants and should avoid all travel to Japan.

If you must travel to Japan, get fully vaccinated before travel.

Will one of the next lethal mutations in India, Central and or South America become the 21st century plague? 


All human international world travel must be halted for one year


The present Indian variant currently spreading in the west and all over the world is not as worrisome as what is now developing as we speak through an escape immune mechanism. It could potentially be a much more lethal and contagious mutation killing a large percentage of infected people. The only safety measure that will help is to take drastic action and shut down all borders.


What is taking place now in Columbia, Chile, Argentina, Japan, and Brazil is expanding the likelihood of a coming coronavirus plague. Why has the World Health Organization not warned us of the significant current increases of coronavirus infection in these South American and Asian countries? The graphs below show clearly how the new infections are increasing rapidly in those countries as the virus continues its spread.

What good is a vaccine if 14 days after vaccination you get infected with coronavirus?


Vaccines have already failed to do what they were intended to do; all coverups and lies need to stop


How surprising is the recent COVID-19 breakout in the New York Yankees baseball team that so far has seen nine fully vaccinated, healthy players and staff members test positive for the virus? The outbreak has rocked the organization despite their reaching an 85% vaccination rate as of April 30th among players, coaches, and staff. The media is quick to say the players are experiencing mild or no symptoms because of the vaccines. That is just not true. Their symptoms are mild or not present at all because they are young, healthy, and strong athletes without any comorbidities, just like the Yankee players and other athletes that tested positive for COVID-19 last year before the vaccine even existed. They all did very well and recovered fully on their own. More than 99% of healthy people experience little or no symptoms from the virus through their own natural immune system, not because of a vaccine. If a person is healthy, not obese, and has no comorbidities like diabetes or a heart condition their immune system will successfully defeat the virus without a vaccine. Many will not even know they have coronavirus experiencing only minor cold symptoms. If a person is young, healthy and without comorbidities they will recover, it's that simple.


Those that have been vaccinated do need to watch out for other potential health complications down the road such as possible autoimmune disorders, or DNA changes from the vaccines. It will become much worse if the vaccines do result in Antibody Dependent-Enhancement (ADE). We have not been provided any reliable data or actual numbers regarding the harm caused by the vaccines including the number of deaths so far. What are they hiding? Vaccine failure will result in a complete loss of trust in governments worldwide and there will be a steep price to pay.


A new report based on the findings of two recent studies said, “Based on data from the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS), a system which is well known to capture far less than ten percent of all vaccine adverse events (perhaps as low as 1%), CoVID-19 vaccine deaths and adverse events are occurring at alarming levels in CoVID-19 vaccine recipients. It appears that an extraordinary number of previously healthy individuals considered low risk for a severe case for CoVID-19 are experiencing severe symptoms after receiving CoVID-19 vaccines. The high rate of adverse events following vaccination suggest that the vaccines, rather than protecting recipients from severe disease, are instead causing severe disease and death.  


All U.S. CoVID-19 vaccines are designed to increase spike protein expression and presence in the body. Unfortunately, new research suggests that increasing spike proteins in the body may be a major trigger for severe systemic inflammation in the body and brain.”


It is our own natural immune system not the vaccines that is succeeding in fighting the coronavirus


While many facts are being withheld from the public, we are also constantly being barraged with lies, false claims and lots of hype regarding the vaccines. When a vaccinated person gets the virus, they call it a “breakthrough” case, as if it were an outlier. How can we have nine outliers or breakthrough cases on one baseball team? Now they claim the vaccine lessens the impact of the virus. Where is the proof? They are attributing the work of our own immune systems to the vaccine so they can continue to rake in billions. They continually put forth lots of hype but no concrete proof to back their claims. The evidence is clear that before the vaccines existed over 98% of infected people recovered without having been vaccinated. Our immune system has a better record than the vaccines.


Now some large retail chains like Walmart are removing their requirement for masks. Let’s see how their infections rate change in the coming days and weeks. If someone is vaccinated, why would they still need to wear a mask? Shouldn’t they be protected by the vaccine? With other vaccines like measles, chicken pox, and polio we are not worried about exposure because we are protected by the vaccine. The truth is most of the cloth masks and paper masks people wear do not work anyway. Only the N95 masks have proven to effective and now in India they are upping to N99. Why with coronavirus are we still needing to take these precautions after being vaccinated? What then is the point of the vaccine in the first place? Could they be covering up the fact they know the vaccines do not work?

Of course, government and pharmaceutical spin masters will tell us this fall that because of the vaccines we averted disaster even if all vaccinated people are getting infected for the first time or reinfected. This fall we will be paying the price for all the bogus claims they are making now that the tide is turning because of the vaccines.


Another ridiculous claim by social media and health managers is that the pandemic is now behind us because a large percentage of the population has been vaccinated. I will tell you the pandemic is still very much in front of us because every vaccinated individual makes us less safe with new variants.


Easing of restriction in Europe, USA, Australia, and other countries are welcomed by the coronavirus


They really want us to believe that vaccinations are working when it’s really the lockdowns that are decreasing infections; as restrictions are relaxed the infections will increase once again


Herd stupidity not Herd immunity!


Do you want us to believe that vaccinating over 75% of your population will achieve herd immunity? Just because I do not have a medical degree does not mean you should insult my intelligence. I refuse to drink the Kool-Aid they are passing out. As I have written in my previous articles there is no herd immunity that applies to coronavirus. The fall months are not that far away; coronavirus will be even more widespread then throughout the western world. India should be totally isolated for at least one year. Their borders need to be closed off to all travelers until at least the end of this year. Europe has already begun the process of easing travel restrictions. Once people return home after their summer vacations, we will see a record number of infections this fall. Lockdown restrictions should be kept in place for now.


Why have half of NIH employees chosen not to get the vaccines?


It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to put two and two together. They must have serious doubts about what they are telling us about vaccines, when about half of the NIH employees refuse to be vaccinated. The article below speaks for itself.


Coronavirus has created a new political movement called "Social-Lazyism"

In just one year, so many government stimulus payments, and subsidies packages have created a lazy, needy work workforce throughout the west. Increasing numbers of young people are choosing to wait on government handouts rather than working hard and seeking new opportunities to get ahead. The value of having a good, old fashioned, work ethic is lost on much of the upcoming generation of workers. Today, minority and fringe groups can force their wacky beliefs onto the majority with the full support of weak governments and media propaganda. The lack of discipline among many of our young generation together with the madness of recent calls to defund the police will trigger more civil disobedience as new infections begin to rise this fall.


My wife and I run two Italian restaurants in Vancouver, Canada. Our socialist provincial government supported by a liberal federal government are now providing workers with almost $2000 per month allowance if they are not able to get a job where they can work for more than a certain number of hours per week. As a result, waiters and kitchen staff no longer desire to work a full time 40 hours per week. Instead, they prefer to work less so they will not lose their government subsides. It gets worse; this past week the NDP socialist state government announced they will pay for three days, up to $200 per day if workers call in sick with a cold, cough, fever or any other symptoms that could be coronavirus related. I have already gotten call ins at my restaurants in the short time since this new entitlement went into effect.


Seems like we now have a new political movement for the young generation that rely on government handouts. Social-Lazyism is in full swing. The moment the government begins to take away these incentives we will see a great increase in civil disobedience hit the streets. The west is in deep trouble. Personally, for the sake of my young children, I am looking to move somewhere else, where state and local governments are not as liberal or far left leaning in their policy making. Canada was a great Country for immigrants and driven entrepreneurs. Today however, the socialist governments have enacted so many rules like increased minimum wage, and employer funded Medicare among others, that have made it difficult for business owners to turn a profit. Socialists believe making huge profits is a disease that they must stop. So they try to punish successful people by taking money away from them, but the ones they are hurting the most are those who work in jobs created by the very business owners they are trying to punish.

A super immune escape coronavirus


Will India become the future graveyard of the world and an immune escape coronavirus factory?


Complete immune escape


We have the superbug, present in our hospitals, are we now on the verge of getting “A super immune escape coronavirus"?


I spoke many times in my last op-eds of the grave possibilities of "a super immune escape coronavirus" mechanism if the infection were to keep on increasing its transmission, causing what could become a contagious, lethal, and deadly mutant.

We already have a superbug roaming in our hospitals, are we now seeing the creation of “A super immune escape coronavirus" become a reality?


As I write this, I fear the latest wave in India could trigger a mutation that creates a unique strand that is resistant to vaccines. What is taking place right now reminds me of a science-fiction horror movie that could become a reality sooner than we expect. What is going to happen if the entire 1.4 billion Indian population were to become infected within the next two years? It could conceivably create an untreatable new mutation, soon spreading throughout the entire world. It is time to wake up and get ready for what may be to come, " A super immune escape coronavirus.”

Will autumn of 2021 be the most devastating third wave of coronavirus variants?


The misinformation regarding COVID vaccines will be the downfall this winter


Someone must be on a hallucinogenic if they believe these current COVID vaccines will protect them against what is coming by the end of 2021. Between now and year end we will continue to see variants, variants, and more variants. So far it has been easy, as if we are all being played by the coronavirus. The pharmaceutical companies are lying to the public by selling us all a hopeless solution called a coronavirus vaccine. They have yet to provide a shred of concrete, conclusive data; it's as if we are all human guinea pigs. Please carefully read the information below. Imagine what will happen when the Chilean and Indian mutants which are likely already established in the west are contagious together in one country becoming much more widespread and deadlier.

We will be talking about the ability of the new Indian variant to overcome masks, social distancing, isolation, hygiene, and hand washing as it rips through the civilization. Who will be next, the U.S., Europe, Japan, or some other region?

While this is my last op-ed on the coronavirus, current developments unfolding before our eyes on both sides of the world have compelled me to add on this urgent update. Sadly, as I had predicted would be the case, India and Chile are currently being ravaged by viral mutations quite possibly because of the ongoing global vaccination efforts. Hopefully, this is not the opening act for what we could be seeing take place throughout the entire world this fall. My biggest fear is that continuing to push for worldwide vaccinations during the pandemic will be like pouring gasoline on a fire.

The variants are becoming more lethal and infection rates and death are increasing, even among young people. The vaccines are rendered futile and could even be harmful.

Why are Pfizer, Moderna, and Johnson and Johnson not speaking out about the effectiveness of their vaccines against the current strains? Only AstraZeneca has come forward and confirmed that their vaccine is not effective against the Indian mutant.

Why are regulators not demanding answers and holding them accountable?


Chile was the envy of the world in vaccinating its citizens, but now the virus is ripping through the nation with ease bringing much harm and death


Since my April 2020 op-ed, I have been warning that the coming vaccines could potentially cause more harm than good. Today, just a few months since the Chilean government began an aggressive vaccination program that boasted one of the highest vaccination rates in the world, their intensive care units are once again filled to near capacity with very sick COVID patients, many of whom are fighting for their lives. Chile’s execution of their vaccination campaign was the envy of the world, having administered the vaccine to 40% of their population by mid-April, more than any other country except for Israel and the U.K., and yet, here they are in deep trouble once again. The United States and Europe are committing the same mistake as Chile. They are undertaking extensive efforts to vaccinate their masses and are beginning to relax their restrictions. I am fearful the same fate awaits the United States, Central and South America, Europe and other countries come October/November of this year, as we are seeing unfold in Chile today. Why is the media being so quiet about the recent resurgence of coronavirus infections in Chile? What are they hiding? Could they be trying to cover up the failure of the vaccines? The numbers do not lie. Chile is worse off today after having vaccinated nearly half their population than they were a year ago before the vaccines.


Some believe the Chilean virus is the result of up to seven new COVID strains that began with the Brazilian variant and mutated seven times into a new Chilean strain. The Chilean strain has no age boundaries affecting old and young alike, whether they are 18, 26, 32, or 80 years of age. It is extremely worrying that we could be seeing antibody dependent enhancement (ADE) taking hold and using the vaccine to speed up the spread of infection and inflicting much greater harm than before.  For sure the Chilean strain is already well established in South, Central and North Americas as well as Europe. We need to stop all flights and halt travel between these regions as well as Canada, Australia, and far east nations like Japan. It only takes one infected person to begin to spread the disease throughout an entire country.


India is being devastated by a triple mutation, We will see one million daily infections before the end of 2021


All flights to and from India should be halted for one year


Are we being told the truth? The Indian triple mutant is running rampant and devastating an already impoverished nation. Are Indian authorities telling the public everything they know? As I previously predicted we are already seeing new viral strains develop into multiple new mutations. The current Indian mutant could already be established in the United States and parts of Europe. If so, it is already too late to contain, and we will see the fallout firsthand this coming autumn. Once a triple mutation establishes itself in the west it will not be able to be contained.


A fly on the wall in a government policy office told me we could be looking at a possible plague that has no regard for current COVID vaccines or the ineffective therapeutics developed thus far. If such a deadly strain does manifest itself our economic system could be on the verge of collapse. We cannot keep trying to solve this by printing money and passing out stimulus checks; something must give soon. I am worried that the coronavirus has been exploited by government leaders to deny us many of our basic human rights and freedoms, eventually leading down the road to totalitarianism. Widespread civil disobedience could be just around the corner.


The World Health Organization (WHO) has failed in their mission by being “reactive” to the circumstances rather than “proactive” and help prevent the current predicament. As the saying goes, they were “a day late and a dollar short.” No one knows which Indian and Chilean variants are causing the latest outbreak. It is time for the WHO to identify these lethal variants

Boris Johnson UK Prime Minister, not so fast


I am extremely grateful to the United Kingdom for having provided me such great opportunities many years ago as a British national. I was an old school believer in the great iron lady, Margaret Thatcher, and I am extremely supportive of current Prime Minister Johnson and applaud his efforts in trying to deal with the coronavirus, but unfortunately his scientific advisors got it wrong. Despite having vaccinated two thirds of the population, sooner or later the current vaccines will show themselves to be ineffective against the variants coming from India, Chile, and other places where the virus is mutating. I believe those new mutations could already be established in the UK. As the British government prepares to reopen their economy and relax lockdowns, they must be very careful to not repeat the same mistakes made by Chile. That country is currently being ravaged by the coronavirus mutations, and I suspect we will soon see similar events unfold in Israel. Easing up now without proper and adequate testing measures in place could be devastating as these mutations will come back more vigorously than before. Read my previous articles and see for yourselves the recommendations I have made, which if implemented would allow us to function safely within a fully reopened economy.

Will vaccines protect us against multiple mutations, or will they cause more harm?


The jury is still out on the coronavirus vaccination debate. Many argue that if the vaccines do not prevent someone from infection, it will at least lessen its severity, what about our own immune system?

However, if these vaccines prove to be ineffective against the Indian and Chilean mutations or other new strains then that theory simply will not hold up. Instead, the virus could fight back by creating a variant that will overcome the effects of the vaccine in a person’s body. Then the new strain will potentially spread far and wide causing even more damage. You must never attempt to vaccinate during a pandemic. You must wait until the pandemic subsides naturally, or you run the risk of making matters far worse through antibody dependent enhancement (ADE).


A warning to the west

We now have two new strains becoming well established, the Indian and the Chilean variants. Within the next four months these strains will be spreading more rapidly as we relax our lockdowns. This fall does not look safe for all of us in America, Canada, or Europe. Surely it will lead to more lockdowns and the start of a depression. Remember, it only takes one person to infect an entire country. We need to view the coronavirus as a disease that is here to stay and learn to treat it accordingly as we do with other diseases like cancer and HIV. Hopefully an effective and successful therapeutic treatment will be developed sooner rather than later.


Now we are being told that we need to deal with the coronavirus the same way we deal with the seasonal flu, by getting annual flu shots. To lump this virus together with the flu is a grave mistake because the two are very different viruses. Coronavirus is more contagious and more deadly than influenza and you cannot treat them with the same cookie cutter approach. To do so is nothing more than a way for vaccine makers to pocket even more billions. There is no evidence to support that the annual flu vaccine even works. Every year vaccine manufacturers are just guessing as to what the new variants will look like and there is no data to support the flu vaccines’ effectiveness.

Yesterday in Vancouver, Canada, health officers announced that four weeks of vaccinations has caused the infection rates to drop. How the hell can they make such an unfounded claim? There is zero data to support those representations. If rates are down, how can they be certain the decline is not our immune system doing what it’s supposed to do? To credit the vaccine without any evidence is a complete misrepresentation of true scientific data. Scientists need to leave partisan politics aside and stick to facts that are backed by data. They are causing us harm. We need to wait and see what will happen in the coming months before we take any victory laps. Which country will become the next Chile?  Perhaps Israel or the UK.

Will an eminent domain proposal get the vaccine manufacturers to downplay the effectiveness of their vaccines against the variants?


Since my first article on the pandemic back in February 2020, my predictions have been the subject of much criticism, especially the predictions I made that the future coronavirus vaccines would fail. We are in the process of compiling all 17 articles and publishing them into one book.


The vaccine manufacturers propaganda machine will soon be in full force, as I predict they will begin to reverse their message and admit their vaccines are far less effective on the new variants like the Indian and Chilean mutants. Their fat cash cow is about to go dry, and we can expect to see lengthy litigation between vaccine companies and various administrations in the US and the EU, as those governments attempt to strip them of the intellectual property rights in the name of the pandemic.


Finally, we will begin to get the truth regarding the ineffectiveness of their vaccines against the mutated strains. Something we knew all along and I have been saying over and over for the past year. It is about time they admit the ineptness of their vaccines, especially against the new mutations. Watch how hypocritically they will begin to change their tune over the next few months. It’s all about the money. Our health is only important to them when they are making money.

Suspension of legal protection of property rights for coronavirus vaccines, total madness.


The Biden Administration backed plan to suspend the property rights of pharmaceutical companies in the name of COVID will destroy over a quarter of the wealth in the United States and Europe, which is generated by the pharmaceutical industry. They are not sequestering the technology but are attempting to make intellectual property secrets openly available to China, India, and the rest of the world. During these tumultuous financial times, what the economy needs is help; not the targeted destruction of our own pharmaceutical industry in favor of China, who are notorious intellectual property thieves. Rather making China richer, we should be protecting our own workers.


This intellectual property rights waiver supposedly aimed at vaccines will open a Pandora’s box, eventually expanding into therapeutics, forcing western pharmaceutical companies to reveal their trade secrets. Have they gone MAD? Much of the GDP from the American economy is generated by a three-legged stool comprised of three main industries, electronics/software, financial services and pharmaceutical life science development and manufacturing. This move will cripple the pharmaceutical leg of the stool and accelerate an economic collapse.


The leftists in the administration are harming the President and his team as well as the country. They need to be kicked out before more damage is caused. We are hurting our own inventors and crippling the American innovation the country was built on.

Most western pharmaceutical companies do a great job developing medicines and pharmacological solutions for the public


While I have been extremely critical of the coronavirus vaccines and the manufacturers, I do NOT at all agree with the proposed waiver of intellectual property rights that is currently being discussed by the World Trade Organization (WTO) and several governments including the United States and the European Union. Inventors should always have their intellectual property rights protected. The WTO and the government leaders floating around this idea are merely using the pandemic as an excuse for governments to steal intellectual property from private companies. They are exploiting the COVID-19 crisis under the guise of humanitarianism for their own malicious gains.


If they succeed in this thievery, the consequences will be far-reaching, even beyond the coronavirus. They will stifle future pharmaceutical innovation and drug development. Free market choices are imperative for the good of mankind. Without the promise of potential financial gains, lifesaving drugs and equipment would never be developed. It is not a crime to make money for doing something good, but it is a crime to steal a company’s property rights. Governments need to continue to encourage and support medical research and innovation. Forcibly waiving their intellectual property rights is counterproductive and will make vital inventions worthless. I fully support the pharmaceutical industry in this fight against the current U.S. presidential administration for their constitutional rights.


Are we seeing the beginning of legalized theft by western governments? To strip away property rights and make them freely available could be a big step towards government centralization and nationalization as we see take place in totalitarian regimes.

I disagree with Katherine Tai, the US Trade Representative for the Biden Administration who justified this ill-advised policy by saying, "extraordinary times call for extraordinary measures." I will respond to Ms. Tai by saying, "extraordinary times call for more extraordinary inventions and innovations.”

A vaccine waiver does not make economic or geopolitical sense


If this policy is indeed enacted, China and India will be able to use the intellectual property belonging to coronavirus vaccine makers to legally produce billions of vaccines at a much lower cost than western pharmaceutical companies, and with far less quality control. They would effectively kill the competition and monopolize coronavirus vaccines. We should be bending over backwards to protect our own pharmaceutical companies against unfair competition, not hand over their patents to China.


It would be a major geopolitical mistake for America and Europe to allow the production of the Pfizer, Moderna, and Johnson and Johnson’s vaccines to be legally produced by China, which of course will be used as a bargaining chip and an economic weapon to supply to the poor countries. China must be laughing all way to the bank. They do not have to exert any effort to steal our intellectual property; it is being handed to them on a platter.


The proposed waiver is not just limited to vaccines but includes all current and future therapeutic coronavirus treatments


This could destroy the pharmaceutical industry and the development of future life-saving drugs


It was reported that the United States will back a proposal made by India and South Africa last year to waive intellectual property protections under the Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPS) Agreement. The proposal calls for the suspension of international protections for patents, copyrights, industrial designs, trade secrets and proprietary materials, “in relation to the prevention, containment, or treatment of COVID-19 until widespread vaccination is in place globally and the majority of the world’s population has developed immunity.” 


The Biden administration and EU leaders have declared Eminent Domain and the suspension of intellectual property rights for all covid related treatments and vaccines.

The only foreseeable solution to the coronavirus is the development of a therapeutic cocktail capable of treating the variants. There are hundreds of therapeutic options currently available that deal with inflammatory diseases that are used to help slow the progression of lung inflammation from the virus. This waiver policy is written so broadly that they can theoretically steal the rights away from anything that helps contain the virus. They may as well just shut down the industry and hand it over to China who is always stealing trade secrets and IP rights anyway. Some of the anti-inflammatory therapeutic options currently available are: 


Hydroxychloroquine, Chloroquine, Remdesivir, Favipiravir, Molnupiravir, Ivermectin, Oleandrin, lopinavir, Ritovanir, Dexamethasone, Tocilizumab, Baricitinib, Fluxoxamine, Lenzilimab, Exo-Cd24, Colchine, Azyrthromycin,  Bamlanivimab, Estesevimab, Budesonide, and so on and so on…


The madness must be stopped before it ever goes into effect. Whether it will take legislation by the House and Senate or an act of the Supreme Court, but it cannot be allowed to move forward.


I am warning the USA and Europe; their romanticizing of this waiver of intellectual property rights for coronavirus vaccines and treatments could have dire consequences on the future of our great western pharmaceuticals. They must BACK OFF! Pharmaceutical companies in the west are protected by their property rights. Those rights cannot just be taken away with the stroke of a pen unless they are doing under false pretenses to cover up their true intent to move towards the nationalization of pharmaceuticals

Have a majority of scientists ignored cold, scientific facts in an effort to please the masters that support them, and engage in partisan politics?

As a writer, my first and foremost responsibility is to present the truth regardless of how painful it may be. We are living in an age of social network slavery, where some at the top are trying to control the narrative and regulate what is being written. It’s only a matter of time before this form of censorship backfires on the suppressors. The coronavirus has galvanized partisan politics over true science, profits over health, and has shone a bright light on the incompetence of many presumed medical experts. Any scientists that believe vaccines are the answer to eradicating the spread of the coronavirus’s ever-expanding variants, are gravely mistaken, and are bringing their profession into disrepute. The reality is these vaccines are likely hastening the creation of variants.


What is going to happen nine to twelve months into this global push for vaccinations? We know the answer; more coronavirus infections, more lock downs and quite possibly civilian uprisings against controlling political systems that misled the public into believing vaccines were the answer.


Could mRNA vaccines permanently alter our genomic DNA?

If that turns out to be the case, years from now how might it affect future pregnancies, male fertility, p53 cancer, and many other possible scenarios? The media’s irresponsible narrative that vaccinations are the only way to deal with the coronavirus pandemic will prove to be very harmful. They are not just ignorant, but are acting idiotically in a way that will have dangerous consequences for the public while they pass themselves off as some new breed of scientific experts.


Sadly, we may be headed for an unprecedented health disaster of our own making. If these vaccines do indeed alter our future DNA, the results could be catastrophic on a global scale. I am not angry, but I am very saddened and fearful for what may lie ahead in the future for our children.

Total Vaccine Madness


1. Will we see one million daily infections in India by the end of 2021?

What about the Indian double mutant? It is a simple mathematical formula


India is one of the most populated countries in the world, second only to China. Much of the country is overcrowded, dirty, and unhygienic. There is no social distancing and no significant adherence to mask wearing. The Indian subcontinent is no stranger to infections and viruses. The country’s unhygienic conditions and high rate of poverty have made them a breeding ground for disease throughout their history. Viruses in India would come and go, eventually disappearing. But this time there is an exponential difference, which is this virus’s genetic mutations that make it much more infectious and deadlier. The current mutation of the coronavirus has genetically evolved to the point where it can overcome lockdowns, masks and other measures taken to prevent the spread. Will the Indian mutant become a 21st century plague that can potentially wipe out 25% of the world’s population? In previous articles, most recently in December I predicted that coronavirus mutations could evolve into just that.

Could we see three million infections a day in India? Variants are an exponential numbers game


The facts speak for themselves and seemingly contradict the Indian government’s vast undercounting of what is really happening regarding COVID-19. Actual hospitalization numbers are skyrocketing beyond what is being reported. Additionally, fake COVID-19 negative certificates supposedly from reputable labs are being made and distributed, further muddying the already murky waters. The true number of daily infections may be closer to 3 million than half a million new cases per day.

Why should the west be concerned? The ever-expanding variants make it a numbers game. The more variants are created the more likely the chance of infection. More infections result in higher replication rates creating new mutations. Breaking it down to simple mathematics, infection rates are proportional. The more infections the more unchecked mutations develop, creating a whole new set of problems for the world.


The question we need answered is, have the coronavirus mutations caused less, equal, or more infections? The Spanish Flu was a swine flu, not a coronavirus. It had a bad first wave, a horrible second wave and then eventually began to die down during the third wave. The coronavirus waves are getting worse and worse with the mutations proving to be even more contagious. The next widespread wave could be as deadly as what we are seeing now in India and Chile. Having twenty million people a week in India infected means over one billion Indians could be subjected to mutations that are stronger than previous strains


Black Fungus adds a new complication among India’s current COVID disaster


Dr. Akshay Nair, an eye surgeon from Mumbai has already seen about 40 cases of Mucormycotic, the rare infection known as black fungus since April. Black fungus is a potentially life-threatening infection that has recently afflicted many COVID-19 patients in India, especially those with diabetes and the immunocompromised such as those with cancer, HIV, and other diseases. Doctors believe mucormycotic, which has an overall mortality rate of 50%, may be being triggered using steroids, a life-saving treatment for severe and critically ill Covid-19 patients.


"Diabetes lowers the body's immune defenses, coronavirus exacerbates it, and then steroids which help fight Covid-19 act like fuel to the fire," says Dr Nair.
Fortunately, Mucormycotic is not contagious, however the disease could spread rapidly through the body including to the eyes and the brain, often requiring the patient to have their eyes removed.

Remember I did predict earlier in one of my op-eds of the possibility of the coronavirus turning to a Plague.


The Indian mutant has no regard for social distancing, masks, lockdowns, or hygiene


We need to take a completely different approach to what is happening in India than what we have done in the west. It boils down to simple math. On the one hand you have India with the second largest population in the world. On the other hand, you have the coronavirus. People in India have not changed their behavior by any appreciable measure over the past several months, not that it will matter much soon. The virus’s mild infectious properties have increased greatly due to a double genetic mutation. The question now is whether what I predict will be taking place in India shortly, could be repeated in the west since international flights were not stopped sooner. Is it now too late to contain the Indian double mutant and prevent it from ripping through the rest of the world? Things could get much worse in India over the coming weeks and months and in other parts of the world soon after if that mutant does mutate again into an even more infectious and deadlier strain. Could the Indian mutant combine with the English variant and create a much more contagious and lethal new variant?  I look to the scientists for an answer to that important question.


The fact that we continue to vaccinate in the west is very troubling. As I said before, it is a grave mistake to vaccinate during a pandemic. Doing so could lead to the creation of new and more lethal variants as we are seeing unfold now. Yes, many have accused me of things like being dramatic, overreacting, supporting conspiracy theories and more. Let’s wait and see where we are by November of this year and evaluate everything then. We will see what happens in places like Israel, United Kingdom, United States, Dubai, and other countries that rushed to vaccinate their populations. We will not be able to vaccinate ourselves out of the coming onslaught of coronavirus variants. 


I urge people not to blame their governments who are doing everything they can to keep their people safe. No leader wishes their constituents to have to endure this disease. Blame the virus that is so far outsmarting all human measures. I would not want to be in the shoes of India’s Prime Minister today. You are damned if you do, damned if you don’t! So far there is no winning formula to defeat this virus.

2. Are the vaccines changing COVID from a pandemic to being endemic?


You do not vaccinate during a pandemic. If you do, the coronavirus will respond to the vaccine by mutating into a new variant. Instead of letting the coronavirus degrade and die out like all previous pandemics i.e. Spanish flu, MERS and SARS, the vaccine enables the virus’s defense mechanism to counteract by creating a variant through mutation that becomes more lethal and continues to reinvent itself as long you keep vaccinating.


Are vaccines working?


If vaccines are indeed effective, why are vaccinated people still required to wear masks and social distance? Isn’t the stated purpose of the vaccine to give us protection and return our lives to normal? Either the vaccines protect us, or they don’t. Officials are playing games with us putting our safety at risk and using us like human guinea pigs.
The vaccines have already started to fail. Imagine eight to nine months after vaccination, you are now contracting the coronavirus. What will they tell us next? We need to take the vaccines every six months.

The more we vaccinate, the more we miss the exact timing of second dose because of supply shortage, the more we create a mutant factory.

Simply, the vaccine causes the virus to mutate, creating a new variant that escapes the virus.

We will keep on closing the economy every few months, with no end in sight. It is a revolving door of new mutations. 

Vaccines cannot catch up with these ongoing new variants.

On top of all, no one knows what insight is for short, medium, and long-term side effects because of these experimental vaccines?

Stop this vaccine madness.

Will vaccines protect us?


A very dear friend of mine for whom I have the utmost respect, and hold in the highest regard got into a very heated, healthy argument with me recently regarding the opinions about the coronavirus vaccines I have expressed in my op-eds. When I asked him why he took the vaccine, his response was that if he gets infected with the virus his illness will not be so severe. I then asked him if he was at all concerned about the possibility of antibody dependent enhancement which happened during animal studies while trying to develop a MERS vaccine. “That is fear mongering,” he shouted, “there is no proof!” I reminded him that we do not have any solid data whatsoever about how this current crop of vaccines will respond to the variants already in existence or the ones developing as we speak. I also pointed to debacle taking place in India. None of this mattered to my friend as he repeated his blind support for these vaccines and warned me that I should stop writing op-eds that he referred to as “very damaging.” With neither one of us succeeding in changing the other’s mind, we amicably agreed to disagree and wait and see the true outcome of this vaccine campaign which should be known by the end of this year.


Fortunately, at least for the time being we still live in a society where people can make their own choices and freely state their opinions, though it is becoming increasingly difficult to take a stand on an issue contrary to the social and political agenda of the mainstream media outlets.


Either, I will be proven totally wrong, which I truly hope is the case, or we will be facing a human tragedy like we have not seen before when billions of vaccinated people could become seriously ill after getting infected with new variants.  As a result of the vaccines, the new variants will speed through the body like a car driving on an expressway causing serious harm to the patient’s health and even the risk of death.


I may have lost a friend, and if that is the case, I can assure you he isn’t the first. Several other “friends” have accused me of supporting conspiracy theories in my articles and of being an anti-vaxxer. I am NOT an anti-vaxxer, I support and encourage vaccines, so long as they are properly developed using years of solid data to ensure their safety and efficacy. What I am NOT is a robot or a sheep that blindly follows its government masters to the slaughter. I have always been and will continue to be an independent thinker, unlike the current society of idiots and social media misinformation slaves.

3.  Will vaccine passports protect us?


There is no solid scientific proof that vaccine passports will protect us against the newest coronavirus variant from the ongoing viral mutations. So far, all we have is predictions made by compromised scientists that lack scientific data. They are simply following the lead of their political masters and towing the establishment line to support vaccines at all costs. Science should be based only on reliable data. Guessing games and unfounded predictions should be left to fortune tellers and magicians. It is idiotic to say that a vaccine passport is needed to protect us against the coronavirus when there is absolutely no data to support such a stupid claim.

Vaccine's passport is the first step toward exerting compulsory control over the masses and the beginning of a totalitarian regime.


4. Are Pfizer and Moderna a failed experimental gene therapy and not a vaccine?

Where is the historical data? 


There is zero data and no real comparable historic events upon which to rely. Possibilities are not science. What proof do we have that vaccines will prevent us from contracting coronavirus? Our immune system has already proven to be much more effective, over 98%, while mRNA technology has never been successful in the past. Animal models have failed. That is the reason Moderna, who started in 2010 had never before brought any successful mRNA treatment or vaccine to market. A vaccine as per the CDC guidelines produces immunity on a specifically targeted disease. The person is exposed to a small amount of the disease in order for their body to create antibodies and give them immunity to that disease. So far, there is no proof that a person previously infected with the coronavirus will have immunity from reinfection or be unable to spread the virus. The vaccine manufacturers tell us it should provide immunity but they are not prepared to give any guarantees. Generally, before a vaccine is given the go ahead by a responsible government health authority, it is required to have conducted successful animal testing, followed by three clinical human trials. The coronavirus vaccines have NEVER undergone proper animal testing or adequate human clinical trials. All the typical requirements were waived by the various health authorities. The question we must address now is whether the MRNA technology is in fact a vaccine or is it an experimental gene therapy? If it is concluded to be gene therapy, then are the manufacturers protected under the liability protections granted to vaccine makers against vaccine injuries and deaths?


5.     Are we expected to blindly believe what they are telling us?


These so-called scientific conclusions that are not based on reliable data cannot be believed. It is a risky game to approve and unleash unproven medicines like the current vaccines on a global scale amid a pandemic. Pfizer and Moderna are using the first of its kind mRNA vaccines and Johnson & Johnson is using an adenovirus vaccine that still has many unanswered questions. We need at least 6 years of data to ensure a vaccine is safe for public use. It seems that corporate profits by the vaccine makers is the driving force ahead of health and safety. They have parlayed the “con-demic” into billions and billions of dollars.


6.     How do we know it’s not our immune system?


So far, our immune systems have proven to be more than 98% effective against the virus and death rates are just over 1% of confirmed cases. The vaccine’s effectiveness is less than our own immune system, and even worse against the new variants.


7.     Is Pfizer’s second vaccine dose increasing infection and death rates for people under 50?


Time will tell, but I expect my worst fears may soon be confirmedThe Pfizer and Moderna vaccines’ second booster could have dangerous consequences if a person becomes infected with the virus. What are you hiding? 

The risks include the possibility of autoimmune disease, antibody dependent enhancement, and even death.


8.    Why is Pfizer beginning COVID-19 vaccine trials on children under 12?

What responsible parent would subject their child to such a dangerous trial?


It is absurd to even consider vaccine trials on children when ALL the data suggests children are at a very low risk of getting COVID and even lower chance of having serious symptoms. For Pfizer to begin trials of an unproven vaccine on young children with so little historical data regarding its safety is sickening. Considering how mild the virus is on children to begin with, the vaccine is sure to be much more detrimental to children’s health than the virus would be. Another serious concern is the potential side effects that could surface years later.

9.     What can we expect nine to twelve months after being vaccinated?

We can expect to see many of the people currently being vaccinated become infected with the virus in the next year or sooner. The scary part is not knowing how serious their symptoms will be and how the coronavirus will affect them. Many will likely experience serious health complications and autoimmune diseases.

10. Are coronavirus vaccine makers guilty of misleading us and pushing a major misinformation campaign?   

Promotional campaigns by vaccine manufacturers are self-serving and based upon unfounded data. They are dishonest and purposely endanger our present and future health. By the end of 2021 we will know just how poorly the vaccines have performed. It seems that focusing on profits without having a conscience has become the bad face of capitalism and has brought the scientific watchdog community into disrepute. The World Health Organization (WHO) has forgotten that their first and foremost mission is to protect our health, not to dance to the tune of their political masters, large pharmaceutical companies and conflicted, self-serving donors that fund them. The social media and TV news reporting are complicit and must stop giving their blind support to vaccines and open the debate about the harm the coronavirus vaccines could and is causing.


 11.  Is New York City becoming the new epicenter for coronavirus variants?


It seems that once again New York City will lead the U.S. in coronavirus cases, this time because of infections from the new variants. Bad scientific advice and poor political judgement will once again kick start new coronavirus variant infections that could cost America even more lives than before. America, Europe, and the world are now entering a profoundly serious stage in the fight against coronavirus due to the variants. The current vaccines were designed for COVID-19 and are now rendered obsolete as they are far less effective against the current viral strains.


12.  What is the solution?


NO MORE LOCKDOWNS! We need to open every state’s economy and get people back to work and children back to school. Let’s enact strict testing guidelines having everyone tested every three days. Limit transit between states and restrict borders for three months to minimize the spread of the new variants. Close off international travels for three months and suspend all immigration for now. Stop vaccines and shift the focus towards developing an effective therapeutic cocktail in lieu of the less effective drugs tried so far like Remdesivir, Hydroxychloroquine, Ribavirin, Interferon, Dexamethasone, Hydrocortisone.


13. Where are America, Canada, and Europe headed economically? (unlucky number 13)


The western world is headed for a depression like the world has never seen. The Great Depression of October 1929 will pale in comparison to what is coming. If the world does not wake up and take effective action, the dollar will be devalued by 50%. Inflation will result in the loss of millions of jobs. I recommend people stock up on essential items and non-perishable food products. They should have six months of emergency supplies on hand. Governments need to prepare their military forces to handle civil unrest and massive demonstrations.  The stock market will collapse to a tenth of its current value and cryptocurrencies will become worthless. Silver, not gold will be the new currency standard. Countries that have an ample supply of food, water, and strong agriculture with fare much better than those that do not.


Video of Dr. Ryan Cole, CEO Cole Diagnostics

14. Do we have a new University degree in the art of lying?


Having a conversation with a concierge, here are some of his comments “Emil, I pay my taxes, my rent, my food, heating, and electricity bills, leaving me with very little left for savings and holidays, but I get by, I am ok, I am happy, only health is what we all need.

How come since the coronavirus started, the politicians, the government agencies, some scientists have all been marginalized by the greedy vaccine manufacturers and the story keeps on changing like the wind?

Lies, lies and more lies are the new world we live in. Where has the honesty, integrity and decency gone? I guess to their bank accounts.

May be our children and grandchildren should be getting a University degree in the art of lying so they can have an above average living standard in this future sad world.

We of the old school are leaving behind a corrupt, unethical, and materialist world for the future of our unfortunate children.”

15. How do you measure the effectiveness of the coronavirus vaccine?


Pfizer just announced their COVID vaccine is safe for use in children and 100% effective. What does that mean and how do they measure effectiveness? Pfizer claims in a study of 2260 adolescents 12 to 15 years old, vaccinations led to a higher protective antibody response than in adults and was 100% effective against symptomatic disease. How are they measuring effectiveness? Did it include measuring natural neutralizing antibodies in the children before they administered the vaccine, or just after the vaccine? We do not know what minimum number of antibodies are necessary to protect children from infection. So how can we know if them getting more antibodies through a vaccine is even necessary to stop them from getting the coronavirus? The same rationale applies to adults. Vaccine manufacturers have refused to guarantee their vaccines will protect us from getting infected. What is the point of getting the vaccine if they can’t guarantee it will protect us?


Some health advisors are claiming that the number of new cases is decreasing because 15% of the U.S. population has been vaccinated. How can they attribute success to the vaccine and discount the fact that people are wearing masks everywhere they go and practicing social distancing? Additionally, many states are still in some degree of lockdown and we are not testing the anywhere near the same numbers as previously. It’s also worth noting that positive test results are down since the WHO changed the testing criteria on January 20t, 2021 citing too many false positives with the former criteria. This is a charade of our own making that will cost us many lives in the not-too-distant future.

As important, already many countries including some USA states are reporting vaccinated people have contracted coronavirus.

It is the virus viral load that seems to be more lethal with the variants, the vaccines were not designed to target the variants.

16. How can we end lockdowns once and for all?


A.    Testing everyone every three days.


Lockdowns have proven to be a complete failure. As variants continue to expand and we enter new phases of infection we cannot continue locking down our economies every few months each time there is a new surge of cases. This lockdown revolving door must be stopped immediately. Why do so-called responsible government leaders repeatedly ignore the only effective remedy for safely reopening the economy once and for all? Rapid testing each person every three days is the only way to ensure everyone that is out, and about transacting business is free of the virus? A person can display a negative test result on their mobile device and be free to move around as they please while ensuring the safety of others. Mobile testing units must be deployed everywhere, at every major intersection. We need to continue this mode of testing until we have succeeded at developing an effective therapeutic cocktail to deal with the virus. 


B.    Go after the source of coronavirus transmission


The virus needs to be isolated in every city, town, village, province and state and we need to be able to pinpoint the locations where the highest rates of transmission exist. Is the virus transmitted more in factories, indoor venues, gyms, restaurants, supermarkets, schools, or other places? Once we can isolate the top three transmission points, we will be able to deal with the problem much more effectively.


There are a variety of solutions that can be implemented. One such solution is utilizing dogs. Dogs can be trained and used to sniff out the virus. They can be placed outside the places with the highest transmission rates and identify people with COVID. Also, another suggestion would be testing the sewage water in each particular region. Additionally, interstate, and international travel should be halted for a brief time, a minimum three months. At least until we can get better control and more frequent testing as I have often described. The present system is a revolving door and will not provide long term effectiveness. There is a vicious cycle where a region is locked down then reopened once numbers seemingly improve. A few weeks later infection rates climb again, and businesses are once again locked down. This revolving door is an exercise in futility that will not work but rather seems to be churning the virus causing infection after infection. I wrote about this in a November article where I referred to it as the “hammer and dance.”


The vaccine industry has grown to more than 35 billion dollars, but the economic losses are already running well into the trillions. On top of all that, is the loss of life and the long-term adverse effects on health due to these vaccines which is being completely ignored by the vaccine manufacturers. Common sense, logic and seeking non-conventional solutions like utilizing dogs and other thinking out of the box resources have been replaced with stupidity and politicization. Even though these vaccines do not work against the new variants they continue to inject us with a dangerous, experimental drug. The lies and deceit must stop. 


17.  Can we rely on vaccines such as Pfizer’s that has already started to fail against the South African variant and could possibly result in more damage to an infected person?


Governments continue to push these vaccines on people that have already been rendered ineffective because they were designed for a virus that has long since mutated. Why is it that even though someone has been vaccinated they are still not permitted to walk around freely without wearing masks or social distancing? Because they know that even those that have been vaccinated are still at risk, especially from the new variants.

18. Are the coronavirus vaccines any more effective than water injections would be? What about the immediate, medium and long term side-effects?


At least water can do no harm, but the other hand, coronavirus vaccines could cause serious side effects. Sooner or later scientists will begin to break rank with the establishment and expose how useless and potentially harmful the coronavirus vaccines can be. Many irresponsible and incompetent medical and health officials in the west are telling us the vaccines have already reduced the number of infections. However, the facts do not support those claims as new cases continue to climb despite more and more people getting the vaccine. Controlling the pandemic has nothing to do with vaccinating people. Our own immune systems have proven to be very capable of effectively dealing with the virus. First, by preventing the virus from setting in. Secondly, when it does set it, our immune systems defeat the coronavirus with a greater than 98% recovery rate. The vaccines on the other hand are responsible for creating variants that can kill us.


Previous attempts to develop a vaccine for SARS have all failed animal trials and were subsequently abandoned. The elephant in the room that no one seems to be talking about is something I have discussed in several previous articles, Antibody Dependent Enhancement (ADE). ADE seems to appear in the SARS animal model. The antibodies could bind to the virus in such a way that makes the virus easier to enter the cells. It can make infection after vaccination more harmful and even potentially fatal. It depends which variant the person has been infected with. Why are we being asked to take such a big risk when there is no long-term data to support the safety and efficacy of these vaccines?


In previous op-eds, I have described the immune escape mutant factory. The variants created as a defense mechanism by the virus in order to override the vaccines are succeeding in totally avoiding the effects of the COVID-19 vaccines. Watch what will happen with the new Indian double mutants variant. Nobody knows what will happen in the future to the hundreds of millions of people vaccinated. Could they become very ill once they are infected with the variants? A human catastrophe of our own making is brewing, and the victims will be those who have been vaccinated for the coronavirus.


The vaccine slaughter needs to stop. The only remedy to the coronavirus will be to develop a therapeutic cocktail as was done for HIV, Hepatitis C, and Malaria.


19. Should vaccine manufacturers lose the immunity that protects them from being prosecuted?


Lies, lies, and more lies. Misrepresentation, after misrepresentation should never be rewarded with protection or immunity against legal action.

Coronavirus vaccine makers have created a money-making machine by perpetuating a con job using fraud and deceit, seemingly with the support of conflicted politicians, incompetent scientists, and the disastrous World Health Organization.

We know that coronavirus antibodies are short lived, lasting less than eight months. It’s only a matter of time before vaccine manufacturers break the news to the public that their vaccines will require a booster every six months as well as the need for continuous annual vaccinations. It is a money-making scam. This has been their plan all along and I am sure they will make it known sooner rather than later.

Many are already experiencing side effects just weeks after being vaccinated. Just wait and see what happens six to nine months post-vaccination. It will be a catastrophe to watch so many poor, well-intended souls get infected with the virus and become seriously ill. Sadly, some will die. The world is not in a good place right now. Our western governments have failed us all and need to change their strategy.

Pfizer, Moderna, AstaZeneca and Johnson & Johnson must stop these vaccines now! It is already starting to backfire!  


20. What should President Joe Biden, Prime Minister Boris Johnson, European Union President Ursula Von Der Leyen and other world leaders do next?


I want to make it clear that I believe these world leaders are doing their best to find a solution to this ever-mutating virus. Boris Johnson and the others have moved mountains to get their populations vaccinated. Our leaders are trying every possible available remedy to protect their people. We have never before experienced such an evil virus.

World leaders are typically not medical professionals. They seek the counsel and advice of doctors and scientists and act accordingly. Unfortunately, many doctors and scientists have made some serious misjudgments regarding these vaccines as a result of their failure to rely on historical data, and their failure to see the similarities between COVID-19 and MERS, SARS and HIV. However, the lion’s share of the blame should be laid squarely on the shoulders of the vaccine manufacturers. We need to move on now to find and implement real solutions and stop pinning our false hopes to these damn, useless vaccines. Once again, I repeat my frequent calls to have everyone tested every three days until a therapeutic drug cocktail solution is developed.

21. Has the coronavirus destroyed true democracy and capitalism?

In recent years, social media companies and our education systems in the west have taken control of the narrative. If social media companies don’t like it, they remove it. School systems focus more on indoctrinating our children with their socialist beliefs rather than concentrate on giving them an education. The new generation has been brainwashed with lazy ideals that do not belong in a democracy. They force things upon them like race culture, wokeness, transgenderism, and the principles espoused by radical groups Black Lives Matter, and ANTIFA. Minorities group are now forcing their destructive, idiotic, and self-serving political idealism on the majority. We need to wake up. Old fashioned values like hard work are being replaced with the demand for government handouts, legalized marijuana, garbage politics and socialism. We are watching the birth of a young lazy society. Social “lazyism” is here. 


In large part, the younger generation in today’s western world do not share the same goals and ambitions their parents before them had. Rather than trying to be productive members of society, significant numbers of them prefer to get through life doing as little work as possible, working just enough to supplement their government subsidies. Marijuana use among them has reached an all-time high, and they tend to gravitate towards socialist political candidates. Throughout the U.S., Canada, Europe, Australia and New Zealand, the up-and-coming generation of young adults prefer to vote themselves a government cheque by supporting those candidates that push new ideas of providing a basic monthly income for all. When large swaths of the population prefer a free ride over an opportunity to work for their dreams, the takers will overtake the makers and the end of capitalism and free society will be upon us.


Today, democracy in America and Europe has been hijacked by the socialist left. The current Democrat party no longer represents the interests of old school Democrats. This is a new era of politics in the making. This form of dangerous communism is coming quickly and must be stopped. Germany is my favourite inventive country, but sadly they will lose control of the European Union as I predicted back in my February 2020 op-ed.

The European Union will break up once President Emmanuel Macron of France loses the upcoming election to the right parties.


I reiterate my previous calls to increase the legal voting age from 18 to 26. By the age of 26, most people will have a better understanding of what it truly means to have to be responsible.


Another suggestion is if regulating social media is not possible, then they should be nationalized. They have become bigger and more powerful than the government and as a result have become dangerous.


Much of America and western Europe has moved so far to the left that we are in danger of dealing a crushing blow to capitalism. Thousands of job makers are seeking to leave America for greener pastures. What will happen when they are gone, and who will fill the void of millions of lost jobs they leave behind?


Late Russian American philosopher Ayn Rand argued that capitalism is a necessary good and the only social system in which human beings can survive, prosper, and enjoy their lives. Capitalism should be separated from political policies.


Unfortunately, today in the USA and Europe every effort is made to destroy capitalism, stifle innovation and cripple entrepreneurship with relentless taxation on those who are successful and by increasing burdensome regulations on the job creators.


As I understand from Ayn Rand, society is made up of makers and takers. Businesspeople, job creators, and industrialists are among the makers. Their hard-work and achievement provides jobs for the masses and no one is denying they get well rewarded. Today, socialists in America and Canada are trying to do away with the makers and create a society predominately made up of takers that depend largely on government handouts. This is a recipe for a disaster. We are headed for deep trouble; something must give.


As a Canadian businessman in Vancouver, I am now living in a socialist country on both a federal and state level. They are doing everything possible to put obstacles in the way and discourage investment in business, and a spirit of entrepreneurship. I love Canadian people, but maybe it is time for me to change countries for the future of my children.

You have let us all down on the coronavirus!

This is not the China/Wuhan Virus, South Africa, English, Brazilian, Nigerian, Indian, Czech Republic or any other nation's virus. The coronavirus has no country or racial preference; it just keeps infecting everyone equally. New variants are developing as we speak. The viral load is becoming more lethal; as much as eight times more contagious and it’s becoming more deadly.


Scientists have now become like politicians in the prediction business. Facts and true science have taken second place to party politics. We do not need the likes of all these billionaires and their massive egos to tell us to take coronavirus vaccines. We need people with simple common sense like the average person.  What will take place in the fall of 2021 will prove that vaccines have been a useless and dangerous endeavor.

What we need, is to develop an effective therapeutic drug cocktail like we have for HIV.

Never Vaccinate during a Pandemic; Vaccines during a pandemic create new variants!    


Science 101, Biology 101, Immunology 101, and Virology 101 teach that you do not vaccinate during a pandemic. Additionally, before we recommend widespread COVID-19 vaccines to everyone, we must first make sure that the vaccine will reduce the rate of morbidity and mortality below the rates one could reasonably expect when letting the pandemic run its natural course. The evidence is pointing to a massive, self-inflicted scientific health problem on the horizon because of the current misinformation campaign authored by vaccine makers.


I commend the courage of Geert Vanden Bossche, DMV, PhD, an independent virologist, and vaccine expert. Recently he confirmed the validity of the criticisms of COVID-19 vaccines that I have been warning about since I began writing these articles in February 2020. Dr. Vanden Bossche clearly articulated the science and exposed the cover up by the pharmaceuticals. Are we purposely being misled?


MERS, SARS and the Spanish flu never had a vaccine during the pandemic, they died out naturally. Vaccines are feeding the coronavirus and enabling the virus to survive by mutating into new variants. The vaccines are feeding the virus the food it needs to mutate and create these lethal variants. The vaccines are keeping the virus alive instead of starving it out so it can die naturally like all previous viral pandemics have done.


Dr. Vanden Bossche said that we should never develop a vaccine during a pandemic. Doing so is dangerous because the vaccines will activate variants that will in turn make the virus much more aggressive and actively mutate rather than dying off over time. The virus cannot live in a dead host and needs to mutate and evolve to survive. As a result, a vaccine during a pandemic will become the catalyst in the creation of new lethal mutated variants as it forces the virus to mutate for its survival. I have learned a lot by researching the positions of many top scientists including one I have mentioned in previous articles, the distinguished and renowned Dr. Christian Drosten, a German virologist at the Charité University Hospital in Berlin, and more recently, some great scientists out of the Czech Republic.


How do we stop the creation of coronavirus variants? By stopping the vaccines


We can learn important lessons from the Spanish flu. The Spanish flu took its toll on the population but eventually it died off just as most coronaviruses have done like MERS and SARS.  In the case of the Spanish flu, it took three years. Vaccinating during a pandemic is counterproductive. By giving people all these different vaccines, we are continually developing new, changing variants, and encouraging the virus to not only keep living, but to thrive. As a result, it will never die out. Instead of trying to vaccinate our way out of the pandemic we should focus our efforts on therapeutic solutions and constant testing of every citizen every three days.


People wonder why the virus is not slowing down fifteen months after it began. Instead, we see new wave after new wave continue to emerge. The answer is the vaccines are feeding the virus and causing it to gain strength. The vaccines are causing new variants to constantly develop.


The ongoing cover up by vaccine manufacturers has had the lid blown off it by the courageous Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche. Vaccines are feeding the virus the food it needs to mutate and create these lethal variants. Instead of starving the virus they are keeping it alive and not letting it die off naturally as has happened with all previous pandemics.


This opens a completely new debate on the seasonal flu vaccine. Is the flu vaccine safe?  How many variants are the flu vaccines creating?  Are we not also feeding the influenza virus through annual vaccines and causing it to mutate and stay alive instead of allowing it to die off naturally? Which variant is the vaccine addressing?  What about the other variants? There is zero proof of its effectiveness. This is a guessing game, and we are relying on unfounded predictions. And what about the side effects? It seems to be all about money first while our health is secondary.

Vaccines are already proving to be ineffective against the new coronavirus variants showing up in New York State and parts of Europe

Biggest spikes are in most highly vaccinated states

The pharma's useless vaccines have created the new variants

The latest numbers show COVID cases are spiking in 13 states over the past week. The rebound in new cases in states like Michigan (which is leading the country over the past week with a 53% spike in new cases) Nevada, Maryland and Connecticut are raising concerns about whether new variants discovered in New York State, along with other variants like the Kent Strain (B117) and other international strains.

Iceland is winning the war against coronavirus

Iceland has succeeded in fighting the coronavirus by denying interference by politicians and letting the science dictate the policy. The question that needs to be answered now is, will visitors re-infect the population again with the new variants. Iceland needs to keep up the stringent scientific practices and not bow to political pressure.

Are we seeing George Orwell’s “1984” play out before our eyes? Is “Big Brother” using coronavirus vaccines to take control of the masses?


Although I have tried to avoid politics in my op-eds, it’s hard to ignore how the coronavirus is being used as a political tool to impose control over people. As a writer myself, I have always celebrated courageous novelists like the great George Orwell who have had their work challenged and even banned.


It’s hard not to draw comparisons between today’s reality and Orwell’s classic novel, seeing how governments are turning the coronavirus vaccines into a 21st century tool to impose control over every aspect of our lives, issue new taxes and create new regulations that erode more and more of our freedoms. As Orwell pointed out, human actions are constantly scrutinized under the watchful eye of “Big Brother.” We are no longer encouraged to be independent thinkers. Instead, we are being molded into the puppets of the ruling party, always being watched and kept dependent on Big Brother. Orwell was a great visionary, warning the leaders of the western world of the dangers of totalitarian government.


Today’s coronavirus vaccines have given governments more fodder to spread their tentacles over us, increase their control and slowly force us to relinquish more of our liberties. It is totalitarianism for a government to order everyone to be vaccinated, yet that is what is on the horizon. They do not look at us as free-thinking individuals capable of making our own choices. But rather they see us dumb sheep that are not capable of governing ourselves. It’s not about the virus, it is about government control over the masses.

Is coronavirus changing our society to a dystopia phenomenon

Dystopia is an imagined state or society where there is great suffering or injustice and people become fearful of their lives, typically one that is totalitarian.

We all look for a break from the coronavirus so we can start dreaming again of a Utopia society which is an imaginary happy world like the Garden of Eden that is aesthetically pleasing and where there was no knowledge of "Good and Evil'-Heaven.

Why is someone worse off after having been vaccinated?

It’s all about money while our heath is secondary; the sicker we get, the more profits these vaccine producers make


Once a person is vaccinated, they become much more vulnerable if infected with the coronavirus. Their natural immune system has not had time to adjust to the new variants. Our immune system is designed to suppress and disable many infections after it has had time to adjust. New vaccines cause new variants which take away our body’s ability to fight off the virus.


I must also point out that most pharmaceutical and biomedical companies and scientists make great contributions to improving our health. Most do indeed care for our safety and wellbeing. Unfortunately, I cannot say the same about the coronavirus vaccine producers who seem to be displaying greed and scientific incompetence. They should return all the monies they have made for these vaccines. Do the “elites” realize their support for these vaccines could potentially kill tens, or even hundreds of millions of people?


European digital passport madness


Soon, Europe will be allowing people to travel within its community if they have a valid digital passport that proves they have either


(a)  been vaccinated

(b)  had a recent negative covid test, or

(c)   be recently recovered from COVID-19.


Europe is heading down the road of being relegated to becoming a third world health provider by the end of 2022. Only solid historic and scientific data can be used to confirm success or failure. The variants that are now being strengthened through vaccinations during the pandemic will soon overcome the proposed three protections required to travel within Europe. Not only will the digital passport not render the desired outcome, but it will likely lead to tens of millions of infections by early 2022, if not before. It may also lead to the possibility of new unknown side effects that we will need to deal with for years to come. Imagine what will happen once summer is over and all these tourists return home and begin to infect everyone around them.


America is now the land of censorship over free expression; The coronavirus has put America and Europe on the road to communism


Fear, dependence, and neediness are the new kids on the block. When politicians scare people to death and make them dependent on government, they are leading the country down the road towards communism. Many western governments are using vaccines as the tool to sow the seeds of their communist ideals. Even historical events are now being rewritten, or in some cases canceled out altogether. We should recognize history for what it was and not make any attempts to erase or rewrite it to conform to today’s opinions or cultural norms. Let’s learn from it, not destroy it.


Our democracy is now being reset and taken into a new direction of becoming a controlled democracy. Criticism of such things like coronavirus vaccines as well and other subjects are being removed by social media outlets because it's not the message they support. What have we become? What are we becoming? They want us to be followers and robots. The new generation of young people are being manipulated and indoctrinated by social media companies.


What will happen after hundreds of millions are vaccinated?


The science paints a bleak picture of having an extremely ill population in the future. We are poisoning people by giving them vaccines during a pandemic. The virus is thriving and feeding off these vaccines. It will get stronger and stronger until the scientific community wakes up, leaves political appeasements behind, and begins to focus on real scientific data. Vaccines will keep us in perpetual lockdowns and will bankrupt our economies. We are in real trouble!


Vaccines do not give us natural herd immunity


The Spanish Flu of World War I took a toll on the entire world population. Once herd immunity was achieved a few years after the virus began, resurgence of the Spanish Flu was controlled naturally by the immune system’s memory of previous encounters. It was a natural self-limiting viral infection. Today, the medical community has decided that we should vaccinate the world DURING the pandemic rather than allow it to run its natural course, and the vaccine would expedite herd immunity

The coronavirus vaccines cannot keep up with the constant development of new variants. A vaccine compromises the body’s own natural immune response and makes people more vulnerable to the variants when infected after vaccination. Those that are vaccinated before COVID-19 exposure are no longer controlling virus replication and transmission. This is because the variants are infecting the population. That is different from the one composed in the vaccine! The virus just evades the vaccinal antibody response.


The sad epilogue is that new and variant vaccines are no match for a virus that can adjust itself within hours. Vaccinating the world may mean the global population will likely have to deal with a much worse version of the virus and a worse health care situation than was experienced earlier in the pandemic. Also, what really troubles me is that those vaccinated may be worse off and more vulnerable. What a disaster!

The push for vaccines has proven to be nothing but a deliberate and confusing fraudulent misinformation campaign


Historical data shows that the body’s own natural defenses are able to successfully fight the virus at the outset of infection, killing it in more than 90% of infected patients without a vaccine. What has changed since the introduction of the vaccines? Are they trying to make us believe that within a few weeks of vaccination the level of antibodies is strengthened? The antibody level is already strong in the few weeks after infection without vaccines. We need to wait six to twelve months after inoculation and evaluate the effects of the vaccines at that time. I am certain it will show zero positive effect. My conclusions are based on existing scientific data from MERS, SARS and HIV.

Claims that vaccines are over 90% effective are meaningless; They are stealing our natural immune response.


It is well known that once infected the body’s own immune system begins to fight the virus with a greater than 90% success rate. Vaccine manufacturers are not making any promises that neutralizing antibodies will be present or provide protection after six months, their literature only confirms significant antibody presence two to three months later. Your own immune system will produce a significant number of antibodies at the start of the infection, which is the reason more than 90% of people recover.


The pharmaceutical companies are claiming their vaccines are over 90% effective. How can we know whether that is due to the vaccine or the body’s own natural immune responses at the onset of infection when the results are identical?  Your own immune system gets right into action at the outset of the infection, and over 90% of infected people recover without being vaccinated. Why is the vaccine even needed if it no longer prevents infections six to twelve months later?

March 10, 2021

Will vaccines stop me from getting the coronavirus? That is wishful and irresponsible thinking?


We are being told that vaccines will protect us from getting the coronavirus. In my opinion that is wishful thinking. So far, we have zero proof that those who have been vaccinated are no longer at risk of getting the virus. This is part of the propaganda and misinformation being put forth by the powerful pharmaceutical companies and their many well-paid supporters within the various government establishments.


I question those that are saying that anyone who is vaccinated is safe from catching the coronavirus because of the antibodies they get from the vaccines. Yes, there are indeed a certain amount of antibodies that will protect against being infected by the virus, but this amount already exists within our own immune systems. The fact that you are getting more does not mean you are no longer at risk of infection. Since we have began to vaccinate people over the past three months, the true numbers have not come down, they are actually going up. Since we have been more economical with regards to testing, less testing means fewer positive cases reported.


After my most recent op-ed I received several calls with varied reactions from people after reading the piece, and in some instances researching the things I wrote about.  One of the calls was from a Greek friend who lives in America. He told me that on the advice of his doctor he took the vaccine so he can travel to Greece this summer to visit his family and stay safe from contracting the coronavirus. Another person told me they too were vaccinated and have already booked a summer vacation in Hawaii.


Sadly, we are already getting reports of people who have contracted the coronavirus after being vaccinated. If that is the case now, just wait and see what happens eight to twelve months after being vaccinated.


What happens when an unvaccinated person tests positive? They are instructed to go home and self-isolate. Their own immune system kicks in and in more than 98% of cases they will recover naturally. Are some politicians and global organizations trying to use the virus to create a panic and gradually erode our freedoms under the banner of keeping us safe from the coronavirus? Is democracy being infringed upon? Are we being played in order to become their robots?

A melting pot of coronavirus variants exchange


Here is what is likely to happen this summer. Europeans, Americans, Canadians, Australians and others who have been vaccinated will once again feel safe and begin to flock to summer beach locations in Hawaii, Greece, Spain, Israel, Dubai and other summer hot spots. Believing they are immune to infection because they took their COVID-19 shot, they will more freely interact with each other. This will result in masses of people contracting and exchanging the new variants of the virus which are growing as we speak. As their two weeks on vacation comes to an end the coronavirus variants will likely still be asymptomatic.  Some may feel feverish, others will get feverish after returning home. Soon after, I predict a disaster will take place of significant magnitude.


So far, only China, Vietnam and South Korea have shown the ability to control the virus. We must not allow any international travel, or travel between cities, towns, or villages where there have been outbreaks. We must have constant testing and stop the drama and nonsense in opposition to wearing masks and social distancing. We must also ensure that we have the ability to provide adequate hospitalization when needed.


Vaccine manufacturers are telling us there are no guarantees that vaccinated people will not be able to transmit the virus to others. Even worse, the vaccines are far less effective against the new emerging variants. If that is the case, why are they vaccinating us? I have said many times before and I will once again reiterate; in the fall of 2021 we will see how serious this virus will affect the western world. It will be a disaster of our own making. You have seen nothing yet.


America is within three months of a coronavirus disaster


Today, the Czech Republic is very close to declaring martial law. The risk index is now at 70 out of a possible 100 points corresponding to the fourth level in the five-tier counter epidemic system. The variants have taken control. The English variant is almost at 80% of infection with the added Brazilian and South African variants. With the addition of these three variants, the virus has developed its own home grown variant.


A self-inflicted bioweapon


America has just opened its borders with Mexico allowing illegal immigrants to flow in and enter the general population throughout various communities. International flights are still operating. As a result, the United States can expect to see an exact repeat of what has taken place in the Czech Republic. Many of the migrants that are infected with the virus are carrying the Brazilian, English and South African variants. Next is a disaster in waiting. The belief that we can vaccinate ourselves our of the pandemic is a myth. The new variants are much stronger than COVID-19.


Operation warp speed


About 18.7 billion dollars was spent on Operation Warp Speed in support of vaccine and almost zero was spent to support the 400 or so therapeutic applications. The same withholding of funds was applied to developing more rapid testing innovations. Operation Warp Speed was poorly managed and created nothing of value for the taxpayers who funded it besides enriching vaccine manufacturers. They may as well have just flushed the 18.7 billion dollars of taxpayer money down the toilet.


Sadly, America no longer supports innovators, whether it’s in the technology or pharmaceutical sectors. The corrupt new patent laws give large corporations the ability to infringe upon and outright steal the inventions and intellectual property of small inventors. As an inventor myself, my advice is to keep your inventions a trade secret. Do not seek to patent.

I appreciate the Supreme Court Justices who have stood up for the rights of patent owners in the past and have upheld the integrity of U.S. patents. We need the U.S. Supreme Court to once again step in and address the issue of Alice 101 that has become disastrous for patent owners. I hope the high court will clarify the matter and set clear legal guidelines. The lack of a consistent standard and uniformity in the Alice 101 has allowed some federal district court judges to use their own discretion often leading to arbitrary decisions lacking proper technical analysis. This has resulted in some judges invalidating good inventions that other judges would have upheld.

As an inventor myself, and the CEO of Voip-Pal, a company that has been involved in patent litigation against some of the largest Silicon Valley companies, I would point out to judges, and in particular the Supreme Court that every invention begins as an abstract idea. It starts out as an imaginary concept in the mind of the inventor and only becomes a reality as he or she use their skills to create it in a unique and practical way. The Supreme Court needs to address the problem of abstract in the current U.S. patent system with regards to the Alice 101. Strict and clear guidelines are needed, or many great inventions will continue to be destroyed by the arbitrary decisions of some judges who lack the ability to understand the complex, technical merits of many of today’s inventions. Some judges have gone so far as to state that all software inventions are abstract in nature and should be invalidated. This is not acceptable as we live in the era of computers and rely on software for so much of what we do. The powerful lobby of the Silicon Valley giants that have made countless billions of dollars by licensing their software inventions are now influencing legislation and legal decisions to keep small inventors from monetizing their software inventions. This is an affront to innovation in America. America was built on great inventions. They are destroying the future and stomping on small inventors and start-ups for their own monopolistic machinations. I am repeating my previous admonitions to my fellow inventors; having a patent in the United States is no longer an asset, it has become a liability.

Coronavirus math proves vaccines are useless and dangerous


Before any vaccine is approved six to eight years of data must be collected. I am about average proficiency in math, but I can count, and I can differentiate between figures. Data shows a greater than 98% survivability rate among all coronavirus cases without the vaccine. A very small percentage of coronavirus patients will require hospitalization, and 95% of those that do need to be hospitalized survive. The survival rate could even be much higher than that since the numbers are based only on confirmed cases and do not take into account the large number of people infected that never get tested.


What do the vaccines contribute?


A person’s own immune system beats the virus from the outset of infection more than 98% of the time. If the argument is that vaccines will keep the other 2% safe, then how is it possible that we are told AstraZeneca’s vaccine is only 64% effective, Moderna 94%, Pfizer 95% and Johnson & Johnson 72%? Can someone please explain how it is that these vaccines are going to prevent the remaining 2% from getting infected? The vaccines are less effective than the immune system. It gets worse because the rate of effectiveness of the vaccines goes down even further with regard to the new variants. Why do western governments continue to push vaccines that have not been proven to give protection from the virus?


Antibody-Dependent Enhancement (ADE)


I have written about ADE a few times in past articles and I feel compelled to bring these concerns up again. Even a slight possibility that ADE can play a role in the human coronavirus disease is frightening as it can be devastating to millions of people who have already been vaccinated. Antibody-dependent enhancement could be a factor many months, or even a year after a person is vaccinated.


In layman’s terms, when a person with coronavirus recovers naturally, the T cells recognize the nucleocapsid protein and they develop a natural immune response to it, as well as to the spike protein. The vaccines on the other hand, are only designed to respond to the spike protein, and not the nucleocapsid protein. The new variant mutations could change a vaccine’s neutralizing antibodies to become recognizing antibodies with much less effect. The recognizing antibodies created by the vaccine to fight the spike protein could be used as a tool to begin infecting the T cells that are supposed to destroy the nucleocapsid protein.


The result could be dangerous for anyone who has been vaccinated if they get reinfected. The variants will use the existing recognizing antibodies to stage an ADE. The broader consequences of this could be catastrophic if such a process were to be widespread among vaccinated individuals.


Vaccine manufacturers must have thorough molecular immunology data that supports the fact that ADE will not take place. But how can we know for certain when there is no historical data to draw from? It is believed that now some animal testing is beginning to show the possibility of ADE.

Vaccines have already failed to show effectiveness; it’s the scandal of this century!


The trillion-dollar question that needs to be addressed is what happens two to twelve months after vaccination? Additionally, we need to know the answers to several other questions. Have the vaccines succeeded in stopping the virus’s mechanism of disabling the reproduction of neutralizing antibodies three to twelve months after vaccination?

What are the long-term effects of the vaccine? Does the vaccine prevent the virus from spreading? Vaccine manufacturers keep telling us they cannot guarantee that vaccinated people will not be able to transmit a low-level infection and there is no data to suggest it can prevent asymptomatic infections. How much of the memory B cells are being disabled before or after six months? There is zero data on this. The new and more lethal variants are now rendering the vaccine useless. Do pregnant women risk placenta complications from the vaccine, and if so, do women that are not pregnant and receive the vaccine risk potential complications in a future pregnancy?


It's nonsensical for respected scientists to be telling us that a vaccine is better than no vaccine. First, we do not know if it’s the vaccine’s antibodies or the person’s own existing antibodies that are producing positive results. Secondly, what about future side effects? Each day we are learning more and more about potential complications like development of type 2 diabetes, placenta problems with pregnant women, P53 cancer effects to name a few. It seems like scientists are having to follow their political masters, but this is a well-designed campaign of misinformation by pharmaceutical companies to confuse the public into following their recommendations. Later this year they will be pressuring us into taking the vaccine every six months to one year like the flu vaccine. They don’t care about people’s health; this is about more money.


What is the solution?  


Safety measures like wearing masks, social distancing, and keeping all indoor facilities closed must continue for now. All borders should be closed for at least the next three months or more to all international travelers. Every country should introduce an internal lockdown and maintain separation between their cities, towns, and villages allowing only goods to move about freely. Rapid testing of everyone, every three days is a must. We are well overdue for an effective therapeutic drug cocktail that treats patients more successfully and reduces the need for intensive care. Such a treatment that cures the patient before they experience the onset of respiratory problems and difficulty breathing will significantly reduce the virus’s mortality rate.

Vaccine makers do not want to see therapeutic treatments that cure the virus being developed. They are powerful and politically well connected and want to continue to generate billions and billions of dollars by vaccinating people every six months. They have already convinced government leaders that their vaccines have been effective in the first few weeks since they have been rolled out and are continuing their campaign to con the public.


Herd immunity is herd stupidity


Albert Einstein has been credited with saying, “Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I'm not sure about the former.”


Vaccinating most of the country does not solve the problem when you have new variants popping up as they had in South Africa, Brazil, England, Nigeria and now the Czech Republic. The vaccines are proving to be less effective and may not be effective at all against the new variants. Having to continually revaccinate to achieve herd immunity is herd stupidity.


And it gets worse; some idiots are now proposing vaccine passports. Greece is floating the idea to reopen their country to tourists who have vaccine passports. To those who are proposing this idea I would humbly offer a quote by the great Albert Einstein, “Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I'm not sure about the former.”


What matters is the initial viral load

Reports indicate that the new variants may be as much as eight times more infectious than COVID-19 and have a stronger viral load. Alarmingly, the stronger the concentration of the viral load upon initial infection could mean a more serious impact, even on a person in excellent health. It can result in speeding up oxygen deprivation to the organs which can potentially lead to death. This virus is proving to know no boundaries and can develop limitless new and lethal variants even as we speak. The public is not fully aware just how infectious this virus is. Transmission can happen at any age. Recently there have been reported cases of school children as young as kindergarten age that have contracted the virus and passed it on to their families.


Pharma's con-demic


Vaccine makers and the WHO have told us that getting vaccinated does not guarantee the person is not able to transmit the virus to someone else. Does that mean they are telling us the vaccines do not work? Predictions are not scientific unless they are based on solid scientific data. They also cannot tell us if it’s the antibody boost one gets from a vaccine or the person’s own natural antibodies that are able to destroy the virus. We all know that most people infected with the virus recover because of their own body’s antibody immune response without the need for a vaccine. Even if the vaccine does increase one’s own neutralizing antibodies, we know that within a few weeks to up to one year after infection the virus can switch off the mechanism that constantly makes neutralizing antibodies for over 80% of infected people. The real test comes nine to twelve months after being vaccinated, which we will not see until the end of 2021. I believe we will all pay the price for not following scientific data rather than relying on the self-interests of the pharmaceutical companies. Hold on to your seats! What was the real point in focusing so heavily on vaccines, to make the pharmaceutical companies richer?


Are the Texas and Mississippi governors replacing scientists with undertakers?


Governor Abbott of Texas and Governor Reeves of Mississippi have just lifted their states’ mask mandatesDon’t they understand that wearing masks indoors is a proven deterrent to spreading the virus? This announcement left me speechless. Immigrants are constantly flowing into Texas from Mexico. Many of whom have been infected with the Brazilian variant. Next, we could see the Brazilian variant with a much stronger viral load combined with another variant altogether. Within the next four months Texas and Mississippi are going to be in big trouble. Just a few months ago we were lauding the great job done by officials in the Czech Republic for their handling of the virus, today they are on the verge of martial law. This virus has the potential to turn disastrous very quickly. The new variants are eight times more infectious. Eliminating masks and returning businesses back to normal will cause the new variants to spread rapidly. We will see pickup trucks hauling away dead bodies as is currently happening in the Czech Republic as well as other places.


Optimistic scientist’s views on the coronavirus for 2021


Many respected leaders in the scientific community as well as the World Health Organization (WHO) have a much more optimistic view of the state of the virus than mine. While I do not share these more optimistic views at this time, in the interest of fairness I feel I should highlight some of them here.  Personally, I hope they are correct, and their predictions come true for all our sakes.


For starters they tout the change in people’s behavior as a big reason things have improved. They also credit the decisions made by political leaders, international cooperation, and vaccines for the progress they believe has been made in the fight against coronavirus.


Worldwide daily cases have declined by 50% from the peak. The United States has seen a 60% decline from the peak, the United Kingdom is down 85%, India down 90%, Germany 70%, Sweden and Israel are each down 50%. For now, these trends are positive and provide a window for optimism.


I would caution getting overly excited at this point. Are these rapid declines due to vaccinations or could they be a result of a decline in testing? A recent report by the CDC showed a 20% decline in the number of people getting COVID-19 tests from one week to another in the month of February.

Why do we need a vaccine if it is not giving us long term protection!

My biggest concern is the lack of actual data. Where will we be nine to twelve months after taking the vaccine? The more infectious the variant the more immunity it will generate. What happens if two variants combine and form a super-virus like a superbug? We all agree the coronavirus will never be gone. It is endemic and we need to treat it the same way we treat every other infectious disease. The vaccines will prove to have been a failure in the medium and long term. Only continuous testing every three days and an effective therapeutic cocktail will be the solution. I pray the optimistic scientists are correct in their assessment and by the end of this year my dire predictions are proven to be wrong.


The WHO announces coronavirus will be fading by end of 2021

The WHO is also optimistic that the coronavirus is now fading. I wonder what they are smoking that is making them feel optimistic. This is a misinformation campaign by the WHO and gives us more reason not to trust them. New variants in California, Czech Republic, Italy, Philippines, Brazil, Japan, India, and others are already causing havoc


The extensive research I have conducted on the evolution of the coronavirus does not correlate with the irresponsible and non-data supported claims coming from the WHO that state the end of the pandemic is in sight. The WHO should stick to science and leave political appeasement to political donors.


The numbers are coming down simply because we are not doing enough testing and the numbers being reported are not accurate. The WHO states that except for the eastern Mediterranean, worldwide numbers are on the decline even without vaccinations. I agree that vaccinations will never be effective but if we analyze how fast the variants in the Czech Republic, Italy, the Philippines, Brazil, Japan, Greece, and California are currently spreading we cannot possibly make any credible claims that the virus looks like it will fade out this year. What we are seeing unfold does not support that conclusion. Despite measures like mask wearing, social distancing, and closing institutions and restaurants the virus continues to spread at an alarming pace throughout the Czech Republic and many other countries.


If you recall when the coronavirus first broke out in Italy, we were told it would be contained in Italy. Guess what? Not only did it spread throughout Europe, but also into the United States, Canada, Australia and throughout most of the world. Today it is believed the Czech Republic is making its own homegrown variants in addition to the Kent, Brazilian and South African viruses we have seen pop-up. The numbers are alarming, and if the current virus in Czech makes its way to America, we will have half a million new infections per day. I believe this is likely to happen. If it has not hit the US and Europe already, it will soon. We have not yet seen the peak which will happen by the end of the year. The WHO is no longer a credible organization that could be taken seriously. They have become a politically driven entity. Scientific factual integrity is no longer their priority.


The immediate solution is for countries to isolate themselves; borders must be closed for at least the next six months


Vaccine makers have ulterior motives; this is a vaccine con-demic

Mark my words, the billions of dollars in earnings that were scammed by the pharmaceutical companies for their coronavirus vaccines was due to a well thought out and devious plan that will be used again and again. Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca and now the latest player Johnson & Johnson are milking this virus for all they can. They understand the vaccines are only 65% effective or less against new variants, yet they continue to arduously promote them. They are putting their own profits before the health of the public. Why have these brilliant scientists not told us if it is the vaccines or the body’s natural immune defenses that cure over 90% of the infected in the first three months? This is scandalous?


The newest FDA approved vaccine by Johnson & Johnson does not guarantee it will stop transmission of the virus. There is no concrete evidence of efficacy on any of the new variants. It is completely useless like the other coronavirus vaccines. The only beneficiaries are the vaccine companies. Soon we'll be told by government leaders that we will need to be vaccinated every year like with the flu vaccine. Unfortunately, this will be a disaster. The flu vaccine is only 67% effective, and the antibodies typically fade out in three to six months. Unlike the flu, coronavirus is often asymptomatic and continuously mutating. By the time you get the vaccine a new variant has likely already replaced the first virus diminishing its effectiveness.


How will this year end? My prediction is we will be in deep shit! Unless governments halt the vaccines now, they will be changing their diapers on a regular basis. This is a major mess in the works. Herd immunity is based on one variant; what happens with the next variant? As we speak, a whopping 240 mutated coronavirus strains have been discovered in India. Will these dangerous traveling variants combine into a new “SUPERBUG”? As a result, a new depression awaits us by the end of 2021 to early 2022 like we have never seen before. The virus’s best friend and enabler for spreading is our western democracy.


In a previous op-ed I credited the current administration with having some excellent points in its national coronavirus strategy. Below is an excerpt from that article.


The new U.S. administration has some excellent points in its coronavirus national strategy


The Biden Administration’s newly released national strategy for handling COVID-19 is an extremely well written paper that puts forth an excellent strategy on many points including prioritizing the research for new therapeutics. For the first time, the systematic testing of all antivirals in combination is being permitted to take place at the outset. This alone will streamline the development time of new therapeutics, get products to and through toxicity testing and clinical trials much quicker, and could reduce the approval process by three years saving millions of dollars. Researchers will now be able to conduct testing of multiple inhibitors on human cells at one time, in lieu of having to test them one by one. They will also be able to conduct drug cocktail testing on cancerous tumours and other diseases much sooner than they were previously. These provisions could make it possible for the faster development of a therapeutic cocktail to moderate the dangerous cascading lung inflammation caused by COVID-19.


That aside, I am continuing my avid warning to this administration about the potential dangers of the current vaccines. I hope they consider rolling back their aggressive campaign to reach 100 million vaccinations in 100 days. We are constantly receiving new information which suggests the declining efficacy of the vaccine. The new vaccines began with promises of 95% effectiveness, but those numbers are rapidly dropping as new data comes in. Could the current admissions that the vaccines may not be effective on new strains of the virus be a way of creating a soft landing ahead of the future revelations of widespread vaccine failure that will eventually become known? I have been consistent in my calls to pause the ongoing vaccine program until further data can be confirmed that can ensure the safety and efficacy of the current vaccines.


A thirty trillion-dollar deficit and vaccine failure will cause a new depression


"We will be in deep Shit!”


I asked a scientist who is an expert on coronavirus where we will be by the end of the year. His reply was simply, “We will be in deep Shit!” I am making no apologies for repeating his words. He is merely giving an honest description of what he believes will happen over the next nine months once the so-called vaccine protection everyone is counting on runs out. Politicians need to be seen doing something to be re-elected and hold on to their power. Big pharma knows what a cash cow the vaccine business is, and they used the pandemic to generate billions in revenues. Fear took over public opinion and the public needed hope. Vaccine manufacturers won’t make any guarantees regarding immunity, their product is experimental in that there is no long-term data on which to base their claims of efficacy and safety, and they mislead desperate government leaders making them believe that the vaccine is the only hammer in the toolbox and therapeutics and continual rapid testing are only the nails. Now we are at a place where the hammer is broken and only the nails will be able to provide a solution to the rapidly changing coronavirus.


In one of my earlier articles from last year, I said the vaccine makers are running the biggest “con-demic” of the century. I was criticized by many for those words and other things I have said in my op-eds and I have been accused of being overly dramatic by some of my friends. I was told that since I am just an average person, I do not have the credentials to question the science. Once again, I am requesting that politicians and their scientific advisers immediately halt all COVID-19 vaccinations for the next nine months and see what results we have from those who have already been vaccinated. The ancient Greek philosopher Socrates is credited with having said, “Smart people learn from everything and everyone, average people from their experiences, stupid people already have the answers.” He was later condemned to death for his Socratic method of questions. And to add insult to injury, our democracy is enabling the virus to spread even faster with opposition to masks, social distancing and isolating infected patients and resisting constant testing. Early on some foolish people were even having coronavirus parties to intentionally infect spread the infection. These things bring harm to us all. Just wait a little longer and see how the vaccine makers will tell us the vaccine needs to be taken every six months. For them this is a brand new, ongoing revenue stream.


A cluster of mess


Pushing to vaccinate the entire population is creating a cluster of mess. First, it is logistically impossible to meet the sheer supply of providing vaccines and boosters for the entire population. Second, the cold supply chain requiring ultra-low temperatures for transit and storage make it a logistical nightmare to deploy the vaccine in places with warmer climates and underdeveloped infrastructure like parts of Africa, South America, the Middle East, and other segments of the world. Additionally, these vaccines are not as effective against the new variants as they are against COVID-19. Even worse, how are we going to deal with variants that need a new adjusted vaccine every few months?

The only immediate solution is to ban international travel for the next six months.


A new superbug could easily develop down the road


With the current spread of ongoing mutations, whether through travel or by home-grown variant combinations, it is becoming increasingly more likely that we will see two lethal variants combine that are much more transmissible and deadly. The result will be a much more lethal and vaccine resistant superbug. The coronavirus we have experienced so far has only been a teaser for what we are about to get this fall. We have not seen anything yet. The human tragedy that will befall us will be unimaginable.


The new variants will cause a speedier spread of the virus and unleash a deadlier version of COVID. The new superbug, COVID-20-21-22, may have the potential to unleash a death toll that could surpass what we have seen from past pandemics like the Spanish Flu, MERS, SARS, and the Bubonic plague.


I do want to clarify that our western governments are NOT to blame. Government leaders are sincere in their desire to save lives and normalize the economy. But we need to learn from our mistakes, stop blaming each other and find effective solutions. Our politicians and the scientific community care deeply. This virus is a new type of disease that does not seem to be fading. On the contrary it is getting stronger, more infectious, and deadlier. They need to abandon their push for vaccines and shift the focus towards therapeutics and ongoing testing every three days.


Why are we encouraging distribution of a vaccine for a COVID-19 that no longer exists in the wake of new, more contagious, and deadlier variants that have since developed? Not only is the current crop of vaccines far less effective against these variants, but we also do not have sufficient data on the future vaccine side effects.


This fall we will begin to see many people who received the COVID-19 vaccine get infected with a new variant and fall extremely ill. We need to find therapeutic solutions that will prevent the possibility that infected patients could end up on a respirator. Having such a solution will remove the fear that is paralyzing our economies.


Vaccines are creating mutant factory escapes; new variants are creating an immunity “escape mechanism”

Vaccines are proving to be only 50% effective against the new variants. That means 50% of people who receive the vaccine could easily become infected and allow the virus to design its way against the vaccine’s immunized defense creating yet another variant that is resistant to vaccines altogether. This virus has already demonstrated its ability to hijack antibodies, creating a much more lethal strain of the virus against the present vaccines. Whether we admit it or not, we will never vaccinate our way out of the coronavirus nor achieve a nonexistent herd immunity which has already been tried and has failed.


Like other diseases, coronavirus is here to stay. We must wrap our heads around the fact that we will be dealing with COVID the same way we deal with cancer, HIV, diabetes, malaria, and everything else. It may take three or four years to develop an effective customized therapeutic cocktail. We have already wasted one full year chasing ineffective vaccines.

Homegrown mutations out of India


India’s 240 new homegrown coronavirus mutations have the potential to create a variant or variants with an immunity escape mechanism capable of completely evading the immune response. Dr. Randeep Guleria, pulmonologist and the current director of the All-India Institute of Medical Sciences is cautiously sounding the alarm that these mutations could be highly transmissible or potentially more dangerous. India is home to some of the best and most genius scientists in the world. Do not underestimate Dr. Guleria’s assessment. For him to make such a claim he must have some very serious concerns. We are indeed in “deep s@#*t.” We must face the reality that these vaccines are already ineffective.


Mutations have made coronavirus eight times more infectious than the original Wuhan variant


New Kent, South Africa, Brazil, and homegrown Czech Republic variants are as much as eight times more infectious and 30% to 70% more deadly. Neville Sanjana, assistant professor of biology at NYU said, “Confirming that the mutation leads to more transmissibility may help explain, in part, why the virus has spread so rapidly over the past year.”


New homegrown Czech Republic variants


As I have previously mentioned in my other op-eds, the virus could mutate internally to a variant, similar or even more lethal than the latest variants we have seen recently come out of other countries. The internal home-grown deleting mutation process is where a piece of the protein is deleted, making the virus more infectious than the original COVID-19. Are we on the verge of getting a homegrown lethal coronavirus across the world? I have often pointed out the Wuhan/COVID-19 strain is long gone. Now we are dealing with continuous new variants that make vaccines less effective, more infectious, and deadlier. We need to wake up to the ugly coronavirus reality.


Vaccination must be halted now, and the focus shifted to a therapeutic cocktail


The vaccines have already failed. The focus should shift to the development of a customized therapeutic cocktail as is used for malaria and HIV that deals with elements within the virus that do not mutate. A variety of pills can be used that do not try to kill the virus; instead, they stop the damage to the body that causes death. Similarly, an inhaler along the same line as the one recently developed in Israel that could be taken as a preventive measure to stop the oxygen deprivation from occurring.


Western leaders need to admit their mistake of focusing on vaccines and change course by halting inoculations and stopping the manslaughter. The Israeli government must do the same and abandon their push to vaccinate their entire country.


You cannot tell your entire population that you are conducting a clinical trial when you are really carrying out a forced vaccination. The smart ones are refusing to take the vaccine and using the internet to communicate their anti-vaccine stand, and it's working. Israel’s claim that the vaccines are working is completely misleading. A new study at the Weizman Institute of Science at Tel Aviv University shows that COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations began to decline in mid-January 2021. Claims that credit the vaccine for the decline are misleading. The public is not stupid. We know that the vaccines increase neutralizing antibodies in the first few months, but these antibodies begin to decline after eight to twelve months. Also, these vaccines were designed for COVID-19. How effective could they be against these new variants?


The Israeli government announced recently that they would be relaxing restrictions on their economy and would begin to open up restaurants, bars, and other social venues. Believing you are safe now because of the vaccine is a dangerous illusion that will end up costing lives and economic shutdown. Remember the Pfizer, Moderna, and AstraZeneca vaccines have not been fully tested on the new variants. These coronavirus variants are still asymptomatic and eight times more contagious than COVID-19.


Dubai and other friendly Middle East countries should close their borders to Israeli visitors


The Israeli government is determined to carry out the vaccination of all its people. Many Arab Jews are now starting to flock to Dubai after receiving a vaccine to protect against a virus that no longer exists. Instead, they are likely to be carrying another more serious coronavirus variant and having no guarantees they will be contagious for COVID-19. Dubai is a small country where the virus can spread like wildfire.

The Coronavirus has started an economic third world war

The imminent fall of the stock market has already begun. The U.S. and European markets are headed for collapse and I predict they will continue to decline over the next few months losing half of their present overinflated value. The fact there is no solution to the coronavirus in place and the failure of the current vaccines coming to light by this fall will further the downfall of the markets despite the present misinformation campaign. The market could bottom out at the end of 2022 at one tenth of its present value.

Who will the winners be in this scenario? No one knows for sure, but one thing is certain, China is well positioned. Who will be the losers? America has been exposed and needs to put a plan into action now. Backing their currency with the silver standard would be a great place to start. Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin will have close to zero value in a market collapse of this magnitude.

As for Europe, the EU will disintegrate economically and break up. All of these globalist billionaires could become the target of rebellious, left-wing fanatical groups putting their safety at risk. Poverty could rise to such a level that will create national security concerns resulting in military presence everywhere. Many will blame capitalism for the depression and will push for a much more liberal economy which will make poverty even worse.


America is facing a serious national security threat


Throughout history, economic depression has been the main trigger that has started wars. By the end of 2021, the mishandling of the coronavirus endemic by western governments will prove to be economically catastrophic. A war between countries does not necessarily need to be initiated by a physical conflict; a virus could be the initiator. The previous U.S. administration’s Operation Warp Speed has failed us by putting the bulk of the resources into a vaccine and neglecting the development of therapeutics and effective rapid testing support.


It is more important to save lives than save face; government leaders and the scientific community need to change their vaccines strategy


As I have previously pointed since I began writing op-eds on the pandemic in February 2020, vaccines have not worked for MERS, SARS, HIV, Malaria, etc. Why do we think a vaccine will work now for COVID-19? Today, the U.K.’s new Kent virus strain is 35% more transmissible and has already spread to 50 countries. What will be in store for us tomorrow? The misinformation spin machine led by the Pharma's, the Silicon Valley social networking platforms and the mainstream media is still pushing the vaccine narrative.


The coronavirus vaccines will not be effective. Once a person is infected with the coronavirus, a mutant will develop against the vaccine creating a new variant and rendering the vaccine useless for future candidates. 


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March 10, 2021 Op-Ed Updated

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Egypt golden Pharoh's parade

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ISRAELI STUDY - Proof of vaccination failure beyond any reasonable doubt:

Fully Vaxxed Are 27 Times More Likely To Get COVID Compared To People With Natural Immunity

Fully vaccinated are 27 times more likely to get the virus, and 8 times more likely to require hospitalization, compared to those with natural immunity

(Click on link to see Israeli study:


Comparing SARS-CoV-2 natural immunity to vaccine-induced immunity: reinfections versus breakthrough infections

Ten Israeli Doctors that did the below study:

Sivan Gazit, Roei Shlezinger, Galit Perez, Roni Lotan, Asaf Peretz, Amir Ben-Tov, Dani Cohen, Khitam Muhsen, Gabriel Chodick, Tal Patalon

A new study out of Israel, pending peer review, has found that “fully vaccinated” people are 27 times more likely to get infected with COVID-19, develop symptoms, and 8 times more likely to experience hospitalization than unvaccinated people with natural immunity.

The study, Comparing SARS-CoV-2 natural immunity to vaccine-induced immunity: reinfections versus breakthrough infectionsexamined medical records of tens of thousands of people between the dates of June 1 and August 14 and is currently the largest real-world observational study to date on coronavirus immunity with respects to both vaccinated and unvaccinated people.

The FDA’s scientific team’s level of integrity is solid;

Politicians should stop trying to exert influence over decisions made by the independent FDA.

Recently, FDA staff declined to take a stance on backing Pfizer’s boosters despite massive pressure by the pharmaceutical lobbyists and politicians. The recent departures of Dr Marion Gruber, Director of the FDA Office of Vaccines Research, and her deputy Dr Phillip Krause, sends a clear message to national health authorities and politicians to STOP pressuring the independent and credible FDA. Politicians have no business meddling in the affairs of the FDA and should not attempt to give any directives, either directly or through the national health agency on the coronavirus vaccines or any other issue. Those decisions should be made solely by the competent FDA scientists without any outside influence or interference.


If an effective coronavirus vaccine is ever to be developed, vaccine researchers will need to focus their full attention on developing one that creates T cell memory and not B cell memory. Since there has never been an effective coronavirus vaccine of any kind, the focus should instead be placed on the development of therapeutics. The world is in urgent need of effective drugs and treatments for COVID that are therapeutic as well as preventative. A preventative therapeutic medication (not a vaccine) would truly be a miracle drug.  Our attention should turn to that since the coronavirus is here to stay and will not be going away anytime soon, if ever at all.

Click on the link below to watch a video of tearful mother’s testimony describing how her healthy 12-year-old daughter became incapacitated after receiving the experimental vaccine

Vaccine side effects passed to babies through breast milk

A simple understanding of coronavirus vaccine failures

The present coronavirus vaccines create B memory cells that target the spike protein. The problem is the constantly emerging variants cause the spike protein to mutate, which results in an antigenic drift that makes the vaccine less effective or useless altogether. The mutating spike protein essentially becomes a moving target. On the other hand, Memory T cells would be far more effective since they attack the nucleocapsid protein that does not mutate. An effective vaccine against the coronavirus would be one that creates memory T cells to destroy the non-mutating nucleocapsid protein, though that may not be possible to develop.


When a vaccinated person gets infected with the coronavirus, health authorities call it a “breakthrough” case. That is a clever ploy to make us think these breakthrough cases are somehow an outlier or a fluke. The problem is breakthrough cases are not a fluke. They are far too common and number in the hundreds of thousands that we know of. Breakthrough cases are nothing more than vaccine failure.


The findings of ten prominent Israeli scientists who thoroughly analyzed factual data has destroyed the current vaccine narrative, yet the push to force vaccines upon people is growing stronger by the day. The FDA should step in and stop the mad push to vaccinate everyone. At the very least, it is now proven that those who have recovered from the virus have far greater immunity than the vaccinated.

The largest real-world observational study to date on coronavirus immunity of vaccinated and unvaccinated confirms that vaccinated people are far more likely to become infected with COVID and to be hospitalized than the unvaccinated.




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