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How GreenTech Environmental is improving Quality of Life where we Live, Work, and Play

Brandon Taylor


GreenTech Environmental



Interview conducted by:

Lynn Fosse, Senior Editor

CEOCFO Magazine

Published – April 13, 2020

CEOCFO: Mr. Taylor, what is the vision behind GreenTech Environmental™?  

Mr. Taylor: That is a great question, Lynn. GreenTech, started as a small family business, operating out of their house and the business has grown over the last 11 years to where we are today. GreenTech innovates; the vision is to create technologies focused on helping people live healthier lives at home and at work, while making the world a better place through environmentally friendly practices. We are focused on air and water purification, as well as energy conservation. Ideally, we would improve the quality of life for everyone. That is a big goal right now in the current world situation. People are staying at home, so it is not just your home anymore, but it is also where we work, it is where we virtually engage, it is where we eat, and it is where we play. We want to help people stay healthy using our purification products.

CEOCFO: What are the specific areas and products that you are working on now?   

Mr. Taylor: Right now, with the pandemic, the focus has really been on air purification products for both residential and commercial use.

Our pureAir purifiers are designed to help people breathe healthier air in a variety of spaces. We manufacture retail products that cover three thousand square feet and have product sizes that go all the way down to a very portable purifier that plugs into a wall and is great for small spaces and travel. Additionally, we are launching a new product next month that allows you to travel and feel safe with personal air purification around your neck.

Commercially we just did a joint venture installation with CASPER Medical Group at a hospital, St Luke’s, in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. It was done by CASPER technicians and there was an article about it on Business Wire March 22nd if you would like to learn more. It was a great announcement initiative with hospitals nationwide to focus on the benefits of installing duct mounted air purification systems to help reduce germs and other contaminants, especially in the current situation with the pandemic.  

The heightened awareness of the air purification industry has really been a really positive thing for GreenTech, both residentially and commercially.

CEOCFO: What is it about a product that you produce that might be different, better, cheaper, more effective than others?  

Mr. Taylor: We are focused on active air purification. Our CEO is the brilliant mind behind this process, which is essentially replicating the way nature cleans our outdoor environments and bringing those same processes indoors. That is different than many products that are on the market today. Traditional filters are passive and require air to pass through them in order to be cleaned, with many particles such as viruses and bacteria, being too small to be caught up in the filter and ending up back in the environment. What our products produce is active air purification, so it sanitizes your space and attacks viruses, bacteria, allergens, mold, volatile organic compounds and other pollutants of that nature.

CEOCFO: When you say “natural air,” how does it work differently?   

Mr. Taylor: Many of our products, both commercial and residential, employ PhotoCatalytic Oxidation (PCO), which is actually the same active air purification technology used by NASA. PCO replicates nature’s purifying process of using ultraviolet energy to activate a catalyst that converts water vapor into peroxide and hydroxyls. Simply put, it turns moisture into a safe and normal form of hydrogen-peroxide. These powerful oxidizers go out into the environment and destroy microbes and render contaminants harmless. The result is the elimination of odors, Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), mold, bacteria and viruses, in the air and on surfaces. Again, this is an active form of air purification, which is very different from traditional passive filters that require air to pass through them. It’s really like the difference between owning a cat or a mousetrap. The trap requires the mouse to find it, while the cat will actively hunt the mouse until it has captured it.

CEOCFO: How do you reach out? How do people find out about GreenTech Environmental if they are not aware of the company?  

Mr. Taylor: We have a terrific sales staff across retail outlets, nationwide. We have eight channels of sales focusing on independent retailers and chain retailers. We are also focused on eCommerce sales channels; Amazon and other eCommerce platforms like our own website ( We are really emphasizing that now and reaching out to a larger audience. On the commercial side, we are developing different sales channels and have added salespeople in order to strategically grow. We have restructured the company to get the word out about GreenTech Environmental and what we stand for with regards to our products and what we can do for both individuals and businesses.  

CEOCFO: Do you have enough supply or can you increase the supply quickly enough for the demand?  

Mr. Taylor: That is a great question. Right now, the pandemic has created a lot of anxiety across supply chains with regards to international manufacturers. Supply is tight, but we are dedicated to our customers and we are accelerating that supply chain as fast as we can, using tools like airfreight and accelerated cash, to bring that product in sooner. Rather than having a thirty to forty-five-day ocean freight delivery time, we are air freighting what we can immediately so that we can meet the demands of our customers. In some cases, with commercial products, we build them right in house in real time. That is demand planning and accelerated supply chain at its best.      

CEOCFO: What is pureWash?  

Mr. Taylor: This is another innovative product that uses the natural power of active oxygen to clean and disinfect. pureWash Pro X2 is an easy to install addition to your existing washing machine that allows it to sanitize your laundry using only cold water. By using safe, natural oxidation plus cold water the pureWash removes residue and cleans, sanitizes, and deodorizes your entire laundry, no detergent required. This is the same technology that large-scale hospitals and hotel chains use to sanitize their linens. Not only does pureWash have the power to clean and disinfect all types of laundry, the hose attachment can be used to create water that is charged with active oxygen to deep clean and disinfect all surfaces, without harsh chemicals.

CEOCFO: Which area or category or products get the most attention? What can you provide that people are not recognizing is important, but you know it is?  

Mr. Taylor: The current pandemic has made air purification part of the household conversation, across the country and internationally. And, even though our air purification technology has not specifically been tested against COVID-19, it has demonstrated effectiveness with surrogate viruses. Before this pandemic, air purifiers were not a hot commodity product that you and I might think about as a must-have for the home. It has historically been more of a specialty thing for people that maybe have a health concern, breathing problems, or if they have pets and they are trying to alleviate the smell. What I think many people were missing about what our products can do is now something people are talking about; cleaning the air, reducing allergens, removing odors, purifying your space. There is a heightened sense of awareness for all of these things. We are thrilled that our products and specifically our air purification technology is getting into homes and other environments and helping people breathe healthier air.

CEOCFO: How are you able to use technology to keep track of everything? What do you have in place that is allowing you to work as smoothly as possible during the COVID-19 pandemic?  

Mr. Taylor: We are really utilizing online platforms to reach our consumers, search optimization as more people are researching this type of technology, social channels such as Pinterest and Facebook, eCommerce opportunities such as Amazon Livestream, and virtual events hosted by our affiliates. Our affiliates have really been great partners in helping to get our products out to customers. More specifically, from a technology standpoint we are utilizing Zoom both internally and externally from a sales and management perspective within the current business climate.

CEOCFO: Are there particular areas where you have greater presence than others? Do you see expanding your global reach?  

Mr. Taylor: Absolutely! Amazon has really helped our products go into more homes here in the US. And of course, the pandemic situation has accelerated that. We see that happening broadly; I cannot really speak to any one particular region of the country. We also distribute product to more than 20 countries, helping millions of people worldwide improve their environment. Moving forward, we really want to expand the international footprint as we see that as a large growth opportunity of business.   

CEOCFO: How often to you look at new products or retire something you had available for a while? When do you make changes?   How do you decide on changes?  

Mr. Taylor: We have product planning meetings with our sales staff and CEO to collectively drive those decisions. They look at trade shows and events in China to understand what is coming to market. We follow demand and new trends and think about what we may want to create or eliminate. While it’s a formal process annually, it is really an ongoing conversation that is part of the GreenTech culture.  

CEOCFO: Why is GreenTech Environmental an important company, both today and at all times?  

Mr. Taylor: That is a great question. As I said earlier, we are focused on innovating, developing and manufacturing high quality products that have a positive impact on people and the environment. It is all about healthy living, domestically, and internationally. We are focused on improving lives throughout the world every day. Whether you are the CEO, the CFO, the COO a salesperson or in manufacturing; everything that we do makes a difference and it is all about what we are doing for others and for the environment. We stand for the newest technology that we can create or help to create, bring to market and distribute. GreenTech is committed to our customers and we are well positioned to deliver products that help us live healthier in our homes and workplaces. That creates an improved quality of life that we cannot put a price tag on.

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“GreenTech is committed to our customers and we are well positioned to deliver products that help us live healthier in our homes and workplaces. That creates an improved quality of life that we cannot put a price tag on.”- Brandon Taylor