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April 21, 2014 Issue

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1SEO.com is an all-inclusive digital marketing agency based in Bucks County, PA. We offer search engine optimization, pay per click services, and social media optimization services to clients all over the globe.


Lance Bachmann


What Lance loves most about the internet advertising space is that it is always changing, and the tools and resources that help clients win, are continuously improving. He is excited to see what the space will look like in the next few years and is equally as excited to find innovative ways to help his clients reach their ROI and beyond. What Lance enjoys most about work is that it never feels like work for him, it is his passion, and he loves what he does. He takes pleasure in using math and analytics to help get clients leads through internet marketing and other online capabilities, seeing this as the most important aspect of SEO. Outside of work, Lance is a true believer in balance and enjoys spending time with his family and friends, along with watching the Philadelphia Eagles and Star Wars, which are two of his biggest loves.

"When people are still looking for SEO companies, Pay Per Click companies; they are going to see that we stand above the rest with our customer service, our experience, and our results." - Lance Bachmann

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Interview conducted by: Lynn Fosse, Senior Editor, CEOCFO Magazine, Published – April 21, 2014


CEOCFO: Mr. Bachmann, what was the concept when you started the company and is it the same today?

Mr. Bachmann: Yes. The concept when we started the company was to help people get traffic to their website from non branded keyword queries on Google, Yahoo and Bing, to help them increase their internet traffic and sales online or leads online. The concept today is still just the way we do some of the applications, changed a little bit, but the concept is still the same. We are a lead generation company, and a digital marketing agency.


CEOCFO: What have you learned over time that has changed your approach and how have you adapted to the change in marketplace?

Mr. Bachmann: What we have learned over time is to be prepared constantly to change all the time with the internet and digital marketing. I think we adapt best practices constantly through education, trial, testing things and making sure we are ahead of the curb with internet marketing.


CEOCFO: What did you understand a lit bit earlier that maybe others did not?

Mr. Bachmann: I think what we got a little earlier was that we always think about what the client’s needs are and not what you think the client’s needs are. Our approach is definitely customer service, making sure we understand what the client’s expectations are and what their needs are more importantly. We really try to push their needs to make sure they are successful with internet marketing, and have substance behind our results for their needs.


CEOCFO: What is the key to understanding what a client really needs as opposed to what they say they need or what they think they needs?

Mr. Bachmann: A great deal of communication. Good phone calls, good start presence, good interviewing, making sure you understand the client’s business, making sure you do a ton of research online and making sure that you take the boat of the dock the correct way as we always say.


CEOCFO: Who is using your services today?

Mr. Bachmann: International businesses use our services, restoration companies, local catering, roofing, international companies and anyone from a small to medium sized company to a few Fortune 500 companies.


CEOCFO: How do they find you?

Mr. Bachmann: They find us online, and we get referrals from existing happy clients of ours!


CEOCFO: When you are talking with a prospective client, is there an aha moment? When do they understand the depth of what you provide vs. some of your competitors?

Mr. Bachmann: I think it is probably during the process of onboarding that they start to see a list and realize these people actually know what they are doing. They definitely understand the space a little more. I think our process of bringing clients on is much different from other companies. When they use our service, they definitely know that we are ahead and above what is going on.


CEOCFO: What is a typical engagement and how is your process different?

Mr. Bachmann: A typical engagement is month to month, everyone has 30 days to cancel at any time, we do not believe in handcuffing clients we want them to stay because they are happy. Our process works like this: you call us or email us, we do an interview, find out if we need to analyze what you are looking to do and achieve, make sure your goals are realistic for what you are trying to do. Then we do quite a few other things also. We do competitive research, we go into keyword research, making sure we are going after the right thing, then we set a proposal and it outlines the body of work we are going to do in some of the other things. Then we do an onboarding call and renew our clients every month, give them reports every month, we go over all of their information every month and make sure they understand what is going on.


CEOCFO: What is the key to assessing how a program is working and where you need to make changes?

Mr. Bachmann: We have data and tracking tools, heat maps, Google Analytics, webmaster tools. We have a bunch of other tools that we use to see how a program is going. We know if a client is improving month to month or the client is declining. We can also tell if it is a trend in the industry. We are constantly reviewing the data, seeing if things are getting better or worse. We are constantly making our clients understand what is going on with their program and working with them to make it better.


CEOCFO: Where does the gut feeling in your experience come in when you see data that maybe does not appear to be what it should be? Where do the human factor and the experience factor come in when you evaluate?

Mr. Bachmann: I think the experience factor is that you can review stuff so much and look at it so much that you start to know it, understand the trend and how things should look and where things should be going. I think the biggest thing is when you are looking at all these different things; you know where to go look to find the right information to make a correlation or causation. A correlation would be traffic down on someone’s website but the trend online is down also. A causation might be when you remove 3 pages from your website but you forget to redirect them, so that traffic is no longer coming to your website. You really have to be able to understand the data, make a lot of it and explain to clients.


CEOCFO: How do you handle reputation management and is it becoming more of an issue?

Mr. Bachmann: It is. More people are calling us for it and depending on what the things are that we are trying to remove and get done or get knocked down, the process is going to be totally different. Someone that has a ton of stuff out there, the approach is going to be totally different. It really comes down to what is out there—is it an EDU link, is it a dot com link, a dot org link, is it newspapers, articles, or is it someone just out there blasting you on blogs. To answer your question, yes we are absolutely picking up more reputation management clients. We make custom solutions for each clients based off of there needs.


CEOCFO: How do deal where it is a disgruntled or maybe just a spiteful person?

Mr. Bachmann: You really just try to get it put down to the second page in Google. You can also go on a fishing expedition to see if you can find out whom you think might be doing this to you. There are things you can do but the internet laws really are not that great for people that just go out and blast people on the internet and hide themselves anonymously.


CEOCFO: What is the role of mobile today for you?

Mr. Bachmann: The thing with mobile is that it is really increasing conversions. You definitely want to have a good mobile, if not a responsive site, we definitely tell our clients they should do a responsive and make it one site. Mobile users are probably going to buy something or make a decision much quicker than someone on a desktop because that is why they are searching via mobile. When you look at these things, you definitely need to take mobile seriously. Mobile search and tablet search is growing fast.


CEOCFO: Do most of your clients understand the role of mobile or are there still some who are resisting the new concepts?

Mr. Bachmann: Some people resist the concept, but it depends who the client is. We really try and educate show other clients stats to let them realize if they do not have there own information being tracked.


CEOCFO: How is business?

Mr. Bachmann: Great! Business has been better than ever and things are going well. We grew last quarter over Q1 of last year. We are up over 40% in revenues, so things are going very well. I believe our success is a great product, communication, customer service and education we provide for our clients…

CEOCFO: How are you able to keep up with the demand?

Mr. Bachmann: Talent is probably always the hardest thing to find, so we definitely scour the country for good talent, as well as try and locate people from Philadelphia. We will not grow as much this year as we did last year just because of that reason and we have actually turned away more clients in 2014 than we have actually brought on just because we cannot keep up with the demand. We have to make sure our clients come first, than bring on new clients.


CEOCFO: How do you know when someone is the right fit for the company and what are the intangibles that are important for you?

Mr. Bachmann: The nice part is Jolin Bachmann, who is my sister and the Vice President here, she or I has to speak to every new client before they sign an agreement. There is a business development person that handles the inquiries that come in, he talks to them. However, if we get the feeling that the client does not have the right expectation, does not understand what we are trying to do, and if both our goals are not the same for what we are trying to achieve, and we know what they are trying to achieve is not plausible, we are going to actually turn that client down. Going through the process now after almost six years, we understand it very well and we know what makes a good client.


CEOCFO: What about an employee? When you are looking to add talent, what are the intangibles?

Mr. Bachmann: Sometimes the intangible is that we want someone that is going to work hard, do the right thing, try to really be able to communicate well and understand the space. Willing to learn is the biggest things and willing to change. However, many people in our space are arrogant because it is the first time they know something more than the average person. The average human being does not know about this space, the average business owner, so that arrogance does not work here. Some companies like that arrogance and that is what they are all about. We are looking for humble employees that are going to communicate and make sure that our clients never feel that way.


CEOCFO: Put it together for our readers. Why 1SEO.com?

Mr. Bachmann: I think when people are still looking for SEO companies, Pay Per Click companies; they are going to see that we stand above the rest with our customer service, our experience, and our results. We do not have sales people here. There are not many digital agencies of our size with 50 plus employees. The fact of the matter is that the CEO (or the VP) is going to get on the phone with you and explain things via a meeting. We are very hands on, we understand the space and we are supportive of our clients to help them win and grow to be successful.


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