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February 12, 2018 Issue



Q&A with Jan Zickerman, CEO of Advanced Detection Technology, LLC providing a Portable Under Vehicle Inspection System for Manned Controlled Checkpoints at Military Bases, Government Buildings and Presidential Palaces



Jan Zickerman

Chief Executive Officer


Advanced Detection Technology, LLC



Angela Hayworth



Interview conducted by:

Lynn Fosse, Senior Editor, CEOCFO Magazine, Published Ė February 12, 2018


CEOCFO: Mr. Zickerman, what is the focus at Advanced Detection Technology, LLC today?

Mr. Zickerman: Advanced Detectionís focus is to create the most portable under vehicle inspection system with the widest field-of-view to provide the best image for the operator. In a nutshell, Advanced Detection helps to make people safer.


CEOCFO: How do the systems work?

Mr. Zickerman: The common setup would consist of a controlled checkpoint with a security guard who performs vehicle inspections. These controlled checkpoints can typically be found at military bases, government buildings and presidential palaces to name a few.


Advanced Detectionís Under Vehicle Inspection Systems work fast and efficiently with high speed cameras and sensors to create an image that we refer to as a stitch. The stitch image is broadcast into the security guard booth so that the operator can perform an inspection from a safe distance. By using one of our systems in place of other low-tech methods, such as a handheld inspection mirror, the operator can more quickly and thoroughly inspect a vehicle and do so in a safer environment.


CEOCFO: Do most checkpoints do that kind of an inspection regularly? Would they tend to do it more if they were using your system?

Mr. Zickerman: Security restrictions vary per customer. But, yes, most do conduct under vehicle inspections regularly and handheld mirrors are commonly used. When our systems are used to replace handheld mirrors, inspection speed and detection rate are increased so they can be done more frequently. 


CEOCFO: Where does cost come into play? It should not for security, but we know it does.

Mr. Zickerman: Cost is always a consideration. However, in our business, safety is the return of investment. When safety is the return, financials are not the number one priority.


CEOCFO: What is the competition? Are there many organizations providing this similar service or a similar product? 

Mr. Zickerman: In business, there is always competition. What sets us apart from the competition are the unique features our products provide. Our products are more portable, more flexible and provide more detail than any other under vehicle inspection systems. Our systems can be set up in less than three minutes by one person, can be deployed when a traditional power supply isnít available through a vehicle power inverter kit, and provide detailed images that show the entire undercarriage from wheel-to-wheel, bumper-to-bumper.


CEOCFO: Are countries or law enforcement using this when there has been some kind of an incident where a portable one makes sense?

Mr. Zickerman: Portable systems make sense for many reasons. In todayís society, portability is important to be able to set up improvised checkpoints. Threats donít always come from where you expect. Therefore, the need for lightweight and mobile systems are essential.


CEOCFO: What will the user see on the screen? Can you see if there is a box or a package? Can you see what is in it? What can be detected? 

Mr. Zickerman: With our systemís combination of 3D video and stitch image, what is hidden in plain sight will always be detected. With the aid of our advanced sensors, objects that are hidden in areas of the undercarriage that arenít visible to the naked eye will also be detected. These sensors alert the operator to take an extra look in certain areas of interest.


CEOCFO: Is it that the technology has now become available or that your company was able to figure out how to make it work?

Mr. Zickerman: Advanced Detection started back in 2003. The need for advanced security is a high priority and we are determined to be the ones who have the technology to detect the most. I am happy to say that we have very smart people working here and they have been able to develop the technology to make it all work.


There is high demand for new technology and camera technology is of special interest to us. It sounds easier than it is to just take a picture of a carís undercarriage. Imagine a car is going ten miles an hour over the inspection ramp with the camera inside the ramp no more than eight inches away from the carís undercarriage. When the resulting image needs to span an area of up to six feet wide, it becomes tricky. The combination of our cameras, intelligent lighting and sensors make this all happen.


CEOCFO: Would you tell us about the ASTORS Award?

Mr. Zickerman: We were very happy to be awarded the Best Under Vehicle Surveillance System in the 'ASTORS' Homeland Security Awards Program. This award is verification that we are on the right path toward our mission to keep people safer. Our entire Advanced Detection team is very proud of this award because they all know they had a part in making it happen.


CEOCFO: How are you getting the word out?

Mr. Zickerman: In addition to our in-house sales and marketing staff, we have a very dedicated network of security consultants around the world that believe in our products. For those security professionals who donít already know the Advanced Detection name, we can be found in-person participating in security trade shows and conferences around the world or found online at


CEOCFO: What is the strategy for the next year or so? What should we expect from Advanced Detection Technology? 

Mr. Zickerman: We are currently involved in a new and very exciting project that will take under vehicle inspection imaging to the next level. This project is to create the first Ultra High Definition Under Vehicle Inspection System (UHD UVIS). With this systemís 4K image, special lighting and zoom features, an operator can enhance an image so far that a bar code sticker from a vehicle part can be zoomed in on and scanned with a bar code reader. That is a big accomplishment. We just debuted this new UHD product to the public during the Intersec 2018 security expo in Dubai.


CEOCFO: Do you need to maintain a large inventory of product? Would you tell us a little bit about the manufacturing side?

Mr. Zickerman: Our customersí needs vary greatly Ė from airports to military bases to security at large sporting events. Each customer has different requirements, so we do not assemble a complete system until we receive an order. However, because our systems are modularly built, we can begin assembling at a momentís notice.


CEOCFO: Why is Advanced Detection Technology an important company? Why should people pay attention?

Mr. Zickerman: Advanced Detectionís core mission is to keep people safer and that is what we do. We work to fulfill that mission by offering a product capable of seeing and detecting more than any other provider in our industry. To us, thatís very important. People should pay attention to Advanced Detection because we have an excellent team of innovative thinkers who are at the forefront of this market. There is much more to come from Advanced Detection Technology.


ďAdvanced Detectionís core mission is to keep people safer and that is what we do. We work to fulfill that mission by offering a product capable of seeing and detecting more than any other provider in our industry. To us, thatís very important.Ē- Jan Zickerman


Advanced Detection Technology, LLC



Angela Hayworth


Advanced Detection Technology, LLC

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