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May 16, 2016 Issue

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Cloud-Based Security Platform for Enterprise and Consumer Facing Mobile Apps Protects Against Cyber Attacks with Dynamic AppFusion for IOS and Android



Tal Gilat





Interview conducted by:

Lynn Fosse, Senior Editor, CEOCFO Magazine, Published – May 16, 2016


CEOCFO: Mr. Gilat, the tagline on the AppDome site is, “Protect your mobile apps”. How do you accomplish this?

Mr. Gilat: AppDome’s AppFusion technology can protect mobile apps against advanced cyber-attacks such as fraud, data theft, IP infringement, malware and more. We enable app developers to upload the app’s final binary file to the AppDome cloud service; the service will fuse security and compliance capabilities into the app automatically, within minutes. Thus, instead of the developer trying to figure out how to best secure the app or integrate a third party SDK security solution into the app, the service will provide the highest level of security for the app seamlessly and without any code change to the app.


CEOCFO: Are most developers looking for someone to do this function for them, or are many still attempting on their own?

Mr. Gilat: Developers are highly focused on developing the most functional app, and providing the best user experience for their customers. However, they lack advanced mobile security capabilities, as they do not know how to address all of the complex mobile attack vectors that currently exist in the market. In most cases they are looking for a third party solution. What is currently available for them is either a third party security SDK solution that they would integrate into the mobile app’s code or an automatic service like AppDome where you fuse the security features and capabilities into the app without code integration.


CEOCFO: Are you offering one universal solution for all apps or is there customization?

Mr. Gilat: We provide our service for both Android and IOS operating systems. It works with any app type such as Native or Hybrid and with any application development platform i.e. SAP Fiori, Visual Studio, Xamarin etc.


CEOCFO: There are many cyber security companies and product offerings. What is your approach and why is it superior?

Mr. Gilat: When we researched the mobile security market requirements, we have identified several security solutions that provide strong security for mobile apps. However, they do not integrate well with the mobile development ecosystem, which is a very dynamic, time to market driven environment, where a company continues to release new versions of the app every couple of weeks. If security solution slows down that process, then it will simply not be used. We enable app developers to focus on the functionality of the app while the AppDome Service fuses the highest level of security automatically, within minutes.


CEOCFO: What are you actually doing to protect the app and the consumer? At what level or entry point are you providing security?

Mr. Gilat: Mobile apps are constantly under attack from various attack vectors, such as data theft, IP infringement, Malware targeting financial credentials, etc. There is not one technology that can protect against the various attack vectors. Our security solution is comprised of various technology layers to protect against a multitude of attack vectors. When all of these protection layers work together simultaneously around the app, they provide a very strong defense against both known and unknown attack methods.


CEOCFO: Within the last two months, you did offer an expansion of your AppFusion. What have you added and how is your product of greater value today?

Mr. Gilat: Besides fusing AppDome security & compliance features via the AppFusion Service, we also added the ability to fuse best of breed solutions for Mobility and Connectivity, even while utilizing Mobile Application Development Platforms. For example, we have collaborated with SAP Fiori and Pulse Secure to fuse Security and VPN capabilities into any app developed using the SAP development platform.


CEOCFO: Have you been getting traction with the new services?

Mr. Gilat: We are experiencing very strong traction with highly regulated industries such as financial services and healthcare. We are also seeing good traction from our partners’ customer base. For example, we recently signed an agreement with SAP to protect mobile apps developed on the SAP Fiori platform, as well as to fuse mobility and connectivity capabilities into those apps. Certain SAP apps, which were not used within organizations on a large scale, can now be deployed by their Enterprise Mobility Management Platform (EMM), and allow all employees to be highly mobile.


CEOCFO: What is the key to staying ahead of the threats?

Mr. Gilat: The key is to always ensure that your R&D is comprised of the best global offensive and defensive security talent. We hire our security professional straight out of the army’s elite intelligence cyber units. We make sure that we address & protect against threats that are currently in place as well as emerging threats. It is an ongoing cat and mouse game. What we currently see in the market is that as soon as organizations are deploying new capabilities and new features into their mobile apps that can provide value or financial gains to hackers, then within a few months you will find a new attack vector that will exploit those capabilities. A recent example is a bank that allowed its customers to fund PayPal directly from their bank accounts, and we saw how within a few weeks there was a malware targeting the bank’s mobile app and moving funds to a malicious PayPal account. In a nutshell, the more capabilities you deliver to a mobile app, the more threats and attacks you are going to have targeting those capabilities. 


CEOCFO: How are you reaching out to potential customers?

Mr. Gilat: For consumer-facing apps, such as mobile banking apps, we will work directly with the banks, financial institutions or healthcare institutions while for enterprise-facing apps, we prefer to collaborate with large software companies that are focused on mobility, analytics and connectivity. We go hand-in-hand with these partners to their customer base to provide the fusion service, where we fuse their capabilities i.e. enterprise mobility management into the mobile apps that are currently available for the enterprise employees or contractor.


CEOCFO: With so many companies in your industry, how do you garner attention?

Mr. Gilat: Based on my two decades of experience with cyber security firms, the key is to focus on the customer’s pain, not just the need, but how your company solves an existing pain for the customer. This is our go to market strategy. We solve real pain for our customers in a seamless manner.


CEOCFO: What is next for AppDome?

Mr. Gilat: We would like to expand further outside of our security roots and allow developers of consumer-facing or enterprise-facing apps to fuse capabilities that are not core to their development practice into their apps. These capabilities could run the spectrum, from security analytics to ad networks, and payment mechanisms, allowing developers to dramatically reduce their time to market and ultimately making them more successful.


CEOCFO: What should people remember about AppDome when they read your story?

Mr. Gilat: They should think of AppDome as a disruptive technology that is going to change how new features are provisioned to mobile applications. Going from a process where you integrate numerous third party source-code-level plug-ins and SDKs, such as security and mobility, to a simple cloud-based approach where you can pick and choose these capabilities and integrate them quickly and easily into any app.


“We enable app developers to focus on the functionality of the app while the AppDome Service fuses the highest level of security automatically, within minutes.”- Tal Gilat





Tal Gilat


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