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May 7, 2010 Issue

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Diversifying Their Revenues By Adding New Clients In New Verticals Such As Healthcare And Adding Three New Products That They Began To License In 2010, BlueRush Media Group Corp. Is Well Positioned For Future Growth

Larry Lubin
President and CEO


Company Profile:

BlueRush Media Group Corp., through its wholly owned subsidiary, BlueRush Digital Media ("BlueRush"), is a digital media company, which combines leading edge technology with award winning creative television production. BlueRush creates innovative rich media solutions and applications for distribution across all new emerging medias: Internet, Web TV, iPods, Blackberry’s, Mobile Phones, Digital Signs and Instore Kiosks. With expertise in programming, production, and marketing, BlueRush provides its clients with solutions that extend some of the most recognizable brands into this emerging digital and Internet age.

Interview conducted by: Lynn Fosse, Senior Editor,, Published – May 7, 2010

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CEOCFO: Mr. Lubin, 2009 was not the best of years for anyone, would you bring us up to date on what has been happening, and where you are going in 2010?

Mr. Lubin: It’s true that 2009 was an extremely difficult year for everyone and I am glad to move on. I think what was most difficult was the anxiety we all felt, or kind of like the fear of the unknown! That being said, BlueRush did progress towards our business objectives. We diversified our revenues by adding new clients in new verticals like healthcare and we continued our R&D work. This R&D netted three new products that we begin to licensing 2010. All in all, it’s true that 2009 was a difficult year but I am pleased with the progress we made in a very challenging time.

CEOCFO: What industries are you focusing on and what is it specifically that you provide?

Mr. Lubin: Our business is all about digital media. So in practical terms we develop websites, microsites, rich media videos, tools and applications. These are accessible through the web, mobile and any new emerging digital delivery channel. To date, much of our business has come from financial services. In Canada this includes, Manulife, Great West Life, CIBC, Franklin Templeton Investments, and many others. It was only natural that our first clients would come from the financial industry given that I and many others at BlueRush have extensive experience in this area. Furthermore, financial organizations were already in the business of communication and by turning to us they have found a much better way to do this. When I say better I mean that our communication has proven to get much higher viewing times and increase learning retention. Most importantly, we have been able to get people to act. We have been told that one of the things we do really well is make difficult subject matter easy to understand, and we this better than anyone else. In 2009, we began gravitating to healthcare where the need for information is crucial.


So we are obtaining business from financial services and organizations in the area of healthcare. We have also worked with large Realtor firms, technology firms, and many others. We will continue to do so and in the process develop applications that can be sold on a license model. These types of applications will be available to businesses of all types.


CEOCFO: Do most companies in the industries you are focusing on ‘get it,’ or do they still have to learn that this is where they need to go?

Mr. Lubin: I would say two or two and a half years ago, many companies were just beginning to realize that marketing was undergoing a shift. Marketing managers were hearing about new ways to reach audiences but many were not quite ready and could not convince managers still living in the past that changes were required. Marketing managers have recognized limits in reach in traditional media. They are looking for more targeted ways to reach audiences and these audiences are much more fragmented than in the past. For example, people will get their news from multiple sources now including print, radio, the web and mobile. The social media phenomenon has also changed communication and put the individual right in the centre. So we are in a growth market that is undergoing transition on a daily basis.


CEOCFO: You mentioned your technology, what do you know technologically that others may not; what have you mastered?

Mr. Lubin: In the past, creative work was less reliant on technology. Digital media is distributed via technology and is created with various applications by those with creative expertise. A key reason for our success is that we have creative teams and technology teams. The large organizations that we work with appreciate our technical expertise. They know that if someone comes up with a creative concept then that concept will need to be deployed in their environment. Many of our staff previously worked in large IT firms and they are working hand in hand with creative people. This unique combination gives BlueRush a distinct advantage.


CEOCFO: How do you get the creative aspect into the applications that will allow people to develop them in a reasonably good manner?

Mr. Lubin: Once again, this is done by creating teams of resources from different disciplines. Our creative directors will come up with concepts that are vetted by our technology teams to ensure that what we promise to our clients can in fact be deployed in a practical and effective manner. Furthermore, we are focused on the business side of what we do. We seek to find the optimum mix between creativity and business effectiveness.

CEOCFO: What is the financial picture for BlueRush today?

Mr. Lubin: Our company is in good shape. We have sufficient capital to meet our business needs. While we posted a small loss in our last fiscal year, we are poised for more growth and a return to profitability.


CEOCFO: How do you reach perspective clients for your current work and what is the plan when you have your software ready to roll out?

Mr. Lubin: To get our company going we began with one on one sales. In other words, we took our business pitch directly to large organizations. We now have dedicated business development people with specific content expertise. Right now, we have a dedicated resource for financial health and then one who focuses on other sectors. For our application business, we are seeking business partners, channels and other means so that we can sell on the basis of 1 to many. We will also look at selling specific applications that tie into other applications or sites whereby we’d charge on a usage model. 


CEOCFO: Final thoughts, why should potential investors pay attention to BlueRush?

Mr. Lubin: BlueRush has worked with some very well-known clients including Bell, Canada Post, CN Rail, Manulife, CIBC, Scotiabank, and Remax. These productions are not limited to video broadcast on the internet, but also include interactive visual presentation, and podcasts to mobile devices. More recently, we have added key clients in the healthcare sector including Hamilton Health Sciences and NewWayGo Pharma Group.


We are now expanding aggressively into the healthcare/pharmaceutical industry as the company’s digital marketing solutions appear to be an ideal fit for clients engaged in this sector. The health and pharmaceutical industry shares some of the same qualities as the financial services sector, which is the industry that has historically provided the bulk of BlueRush’s revenue. Clients involved in both of these markets typically have complex product offerings with a need to effectively educate consumers. 


In November 2009, BlueRush launched a new website ( that uses the latest in online communication technology to help people understand and better fight the spread of the H1N1 flu virus. This website was a joint effort with a team of physicians from McGill University Health Centre (MUHC). The highlight of the new site is a series of streaming videos and audio podcasts featuring physicians from MUHC discussing the latest information on H1N1, from how it is spread to tips on prevention. BlueRush continues to add features and updates to the site, and is currently developing several other medical videos which it aims to license to various health-related institutions. The website was featured on CTV, CBC, USA Today and other major news outlets during the first quarter of fiscal 2010.

With expansion in financial services and healthcare, we expect significant growth. Finally, the real growth is yet to come. The work we have done with major organizations has allowed BlueRush to develop applications that can be sold on a licensing model and be offered to businesses of all sizes. Longer term our key revenues will be derived from the selling of these types of applications. Our work in the area of professional services whereby we do work for a fee will continue. Effectively we lean by working with our larger clients and then find the golden opportunities that will bring BlueRush to new heights.


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BlueRush did progress towards our business objectives. We diversified our revenues by adding new clients in new verticals like healthcare and we continued our R&D work. This R&D netted three new products that we begin to licensing 2010. All in all, it’s true that 2009 was a difficult year but I am pleased with the progress we made in a very challenging time. - Larry Lubin

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