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August 7, 2017 Issue



Q&A with Ofer Laksman, Co-Founder and CEO of  Correlata Solutions Ltd. providing Data Center Management, Smart Cloud Transition, IT Support and Cost Optimization



Ofer Laksman

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer


Correlata Solutions Ltd.


Interview conducted by:

Lynn Fosse, Senior Editor, CEOCFO Magazine, Published – August 7, 2017


CEOCFO: Mr. Laksman, what is the concept for Correlata Solutions?

Mr. Laksman: I would be more than happy to provide the information. Basically, the whole idea behind Correlata is that we developed Correlata to change the data center management domain with a vendor agnostic analytic solution that provides, for the first time, the management and the IT leaders a different management tool and visibility about their data center operations and to be able to quantify the true value that is coming directly to the IT to the business layer. Correlata is focusing on three major aspects. The first one is the cost optimization and savings, where basically the companies can make sure that their investments or decisions will be done very efficiently and effectively and the company will definitely and be able to maximize their investments in the purchasing phases. The second part is what we call operational excellence and efficiency, to make sure that once the IT elements are being implemented, the IT will operate efficiently and we will be able to provide the right SLA (Service-Level Agreement) that the company is expecting from the IT unit. Last but not least, is what we call the easy and smart cloud transition, where companies are asking themselves if they are ready to move to the cloud or not and to find the right and the best cost-effective way to do it. With Correlata, for the first time they will have an empirical tool that will help them to identify the true size of their IT and to make a very smart and easy transition once they will decide it is time to move to the cloud.


CEO/CFO: Have companies been looking for a way to essentially analyze these items or people just do not know or think it exists?

Mr. Laksman: The answer is both of them. There is no very clear answer. That is because one of the problems is that many companies are dealing with what we call the IT maze. Enterprise companies are dealing with thousands of elements in their IT, which over time the system is really growing. Therefore, it is becoming very difficult from their perspective to get the true IT size. It is challenging for them to really understand what kind of resources they really need in order to operate the business layer. Therefore yes, it is difficult and it is really challenging in that sense for enterprise companies on the daily basis operations.


CEO/CFO: What have you put together and how do your solutions work?

Mr. Laksman: Based on the fact that the company leadership are more than twenty years in the ICT business domain, we identified that there is a gap that is increasing between what the market or the business really needs to what the vendors or the solutions are that are being exposed in the market. What we did is that we are focusing on four aspects that are the foundation of Correlata. The first one is what we call the alignment IT to business. We are the only independent platform that is inspecting the relationship between the data center objects and the business layer. Therefore, we are making sure that the IT systems will always be available to the business layer. The second one is that we are trying to make sure that the IT infrastructure or the IT element is meeting the end user SLA objective business and clarifying their regulation and compliance cost. The second is what we call breaking the silo affect complexity. We are trying to solve the inherent silo affect that is really an issue and it is a real challenge for the big enterprise to deal with their complex IT. We are trying to provide a more holistic view from their IT. The third aspect is that it is based more on our algorithm and based on machine learning, that we are trying to turn the data into real practical information, where the IT managers and executives will be able to get our insight and to act immediately in order to be able to support the business layer. Last but not least is what we call the immediate saving and ROI where with Correlata the companies will be able to reclaim and save IT resources which have already been invested and not providing real value to the business layer. In addition, by reclaiming those resources, the company in the second layer are securing their organizations from any kind of permutation in those elements that are not being supported and not providing any business value.


CEO/CFO: What is involved in implementation?

Mr. Laksman: We have two platforms. We have what we call the OTA, One Time Assessments. That means that it is a service model where we are approaching to the customer and doing a onetime assessment. With the onetime assessment we can identify misconfigurations, risk and miss in compliance and regulation. Also, we can identify the elements that are being invested, but are not providing business value. As I mentioned, this is a service solution, which between two weeks to a month, it really depends on the company’s attention and priority. This is where we can approach together and by months providing the insights to the company. For the full platform, where the analytics and machine learning is becoming more of the majority, this is where we need more of the involvement of the customer to integrate the kind of our unique rules and policies so it can take an additional one month or something like that. Therefore, on average we are talking of a onetime assessment, between one month to a full platform that can provide tremendous insight and something like twenty five percent savings from the entire annual operations in about two months.


CEO/CFO: Who would you be working with at a company initially? Would it be a CFO who is looking to save money or tech people looking for a better way to monitor what they are doing?

Mr. Laksman: That is a great question, because at the end of the day, Correlata is mainly aiming to three executive levels. The first one is the CIO, the executive who is responsible for the IT operations as a business unit. The second person is the CFO that is responsible for the money. The third one is the COO, the person that is responsible for the operation and the business continuity. Now, it really depends on the customer’s size and on the customers needs. However, at the end of the day, Correlata is creating the most eco-efficient environment between those three executive managers. Therefore, it really depends on, as I mentioned, the type of the customer, but definitely once we are approaching to one of them, they immediately understand that they can approach the other executives and create the most efficient internal operation in the company. 


CEO/CFO: How do people learn about Correlata? How do you reach out and how would people find you or find a service like Correlata?

Mr. Laksman: What we are doing now, from what we call exposure and marketing, for sure it is not enough, but it is a start. First of all, we are doing a lot of communicating in the social media domain such as; LinkedIn and facebook and so no. We are doing the kinds of interviews such as what we are doing right now. We are doing digital articles; they are trying to tell a lot of stories in that sense. We are also publishing use cases that we deal with, with customers and success stories that we had with our system integrations. Definitely, in the next year we will start to do some road shows that will be in particular focusing on segments. We will focus to do it with our business partners worldwide, but we are definitely favorable to social media, where we believe that the exposure is very strong and cost effective. In overall, the kind of reactions that we get are truly amazing.


CEO/CFO: Do you work with partners? Do you approach companies directly?

Mr. Laksman: At Correlata, the strategy is working in direct, meaning with local system integrators. and to expand our footprint to our ecosystem. We will provide the technology and they will provide the customer relationship and together we will approach the end user and we will provide the added value.


CEO/CFO: You are a global company. Are there particular regions that have been more receptive?

Mr. Laksman: Currently in the company we see a raising momentum in the US market and especially in the government and in the federal. We started to see some nice interesting movement in Europe. What is really amazing is that in Europe it took us more time to create the awareness, because of culture, language and so on. However, we identified that the execution part is much faster than the US. Therefore, from a potential point of view the US has definitely the biggest market, the biggest potential and the biggest companies. We are starting to see that in Europe we are starting to get so much exposure and the execution part is becoming faster.


CEO/CFO: Would you give us an example of a problem or a concern that you would find when you are monitoring and what the recommendation would be to fix the problem? 

Mr. Laksman: It is very simple. Let us assume that there is a company that, from a strategy point of view, they decided to evaluate and to relocate their IT or their resources; some portion of that or all of that, to the cloud. One of the challenges is how they are going to do it very smoothly, how they are going to do it more cost effectively. That is because, at the end of the day, the question is being raised because there is an assumption that moving into the cloud will be more cost effective to the company. Therefore, from a company leadership stand point, this is the kind of question that they are asking the IT.With Correlata, based on the fact that they can use Correlata as independent vendor-agnostic tools, we can help the company to visualize the true sizing on their traditional IT. Based on that they will know exactly how much resources they are using in a particular business level or the entire business layer. Once they will do the true sizing with Correlata the organization will know exactly how much resources they need to move into the cloud. By knowing that they will have the power to negotiate with the cloud provider how much resources they need. For the second part, they will be able to get a better clear understanding on the project phases, so at the end of the day, if they will decide to move to the cloud the whole process will be much faster. The whole project will be much easier, but at the end of the day from a cost perspective it will be more cost effective for the company.


CEO/CFO: Are you funded for what you would like to do? Are you seeking investment or partnerships?

Mr. Laksman: Yes. First of all, the company is being funded. The company is also being recognized by the Chief of Science in Israel. As a startup, we are looking for investment. The investment will help us to maintain our leadership in technology and of course support the business that we have and penetrate into new markets. Yes, the company is now in investment rounds, which we are looking for $750,000 to secure our round. Yes, the company is looking for investments.


CEO/CFO: Why should people pay attention to Correlata Solutions, Ltd?

Mr. Laksman: It is very simple. I think that Correlata is what we call the evolution in the revolution that we feel is happening in IT. Correlata is the only platform that is helping companies to achieve a true business IT alignment, helping to free up resources for a true transformation and growth and to make sure that the company will provide the best value for their organization and for the customers. We believe that we are the answer for the kind of changes that is happening in IT or in economics where companies are expecting, from the companies, to be more agile, more service oriented and more competitive in any sense. We know that by using Correlata the companies will be able to apply in that sense very effectively.


“Correlata is the only platform that is helping companies to achieve a true business IT alignment, helping to free up resources for a true transformation and growth and to make sure that the company will provide the best value for their organization and for the customers.”- Ofer Laksman


Correlata Solutions Ltd.



Ofer Laksman

+972 52 6369991

Correlata Solutions Ltd.

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