Dr. Mark Mofid - Plastic Surgeon

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January 29, 2018 Issue



Mark Mofid M.D., San Diego Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Specialist



Dr. Mark Mofid


Interview conducted by:

Lynn Fosse, Senior Editor, CEOCFO Magazine, Published Ė January 29, 2018


CEOCFO:  What attracted you to the field of plastic and reconstructive surgery?

Dr. Mark Mofid: Helping people look and feel their best has always been a passion of mine. While working on my medical degree at The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, I completed an advanced craniofacial research fellowship. This experience solidified my desire to go into this area of medicine. Many of my patients are people who have experienced a trauma or battle with cancer that has resulted in an altered appearance. I provide them with the necessary reconstructive surgeries to help them reclaim their lives and appearances. I also work with many patients wanting enhancements to improve their current look.


CEOCFO:  What is the process in evaluating a patient and creating the procedure best for each individual?

Dr. Mark Mofid: The first step of the process is a consultation. If you were to ask one of my patients, they would tell you that I spend an extensive amount of time getting to know them and really understand what type of outcome they want to achieve. I believe that this evaluation is critical before I make any type of treatment plan or recommendation for my patients. After our initial consultation, I will develop a plan to help them achieve their desired outcome. We will meet again, and I will explain to them both the benefits and risks involved as well as how the procedure will affect their appearance. Patients will then have the opportunity to view a morphing session in which they see virtual before-and-after results using digital imaging software.


CEOCFO:  How do you help someone decide what direction is best?

Dr. Mark Mofid: Most of my patients come to me with some general idea of the outcome that they want. So I always start by listening. I spend as much time as it takes to get a complete understanding of their goals. Then, after evaluating them, I present the options. If there are risks involved, I tell them. If they want a procedure that is unsafe, I will not perform it. However, I will make suggestions for better options with similar outcomes that do not jeopardize their health. Often, I find that these patients were simply not aware of the risks or that they had better options.


CEOCFO:  Who is turning to you?  Why are you attracting the discerning patient?

Dr. Mark Mofid: My patients are a combination of those seeking reconstructive surgeries and those wanting to enhance their current physical appearance in some way. I do very little advertising, but I never have a shortage of patients. They come to me for several reasons. First, I have excellent credentials and I am actively involved in the plastic and reconstructive surgery community. I am board certified, serve as a staff surgeon at multiple hospitals in the San Diego area, and Iím a faculty member at UC San Diego. Secondly, I have an excellent reputation. My clients use me repeatedly for services and they refer their family members and friends to me. They appreciate the amount of time I spend with them before and after their procedures and they know that I will never compromise their safety for a desired outcome.


CEOCFO:  Would you tell us about your gluteal augmentation procedure?  How is it individualized for each patient?

Dr. Mark Mofid: This is a procedure that is extremely popular in South America. I learned this procedure over a decade ago and have honed my craft with additional training in Brazil. I teach this operation to other surgeons and have published extensively on it. The gluteal augmentation procedures that I perform are highly individualized to help each patient reach their desired waist-to-hip ratio. I worked with the company Implantech to develop an implant that would look and feel natural for my patients.


CEOCFO:  What are the safety concerns?  How do you ensure your patients follow the required steps after the surgery?

Dr. Mark Mofid: The safety concerns with gluteal augmentations are very similar to other procedures. The key is to work with a doctor who is board certified and experienced when having this procedure or any other one done for that matter. Gluteal enhancements have received a lot of bad press in recent years because of unsafe operations that could have been avoided. Our patients receive access to our staff to reach out to for help 24/7 in the days after a procedure if they have questions or need help. We also follow up with them regularly to make sure that they are taking the steps necessary for proper healing.


CEOCFO:  How do art and science combine in your work?

Dr. Mark Mofid:  I believe the body is a work of art. Each person has their own unique, individual design and that is art in its purest form. I use medical science and technology to help them change shape and enhance their design.


CEOCFO:  How do you stay ahead of new materials, techniques, procedures and even trends in your field?

Dr. Mark Mofid: To this day, I consider myself a student. Things are always changing and there are always new things to learn Ė I donít take that lightly. I read often, collaborate with colleagues, and research new advancements. However, I am not one who will try out something new that has not been proven effective. No matter how much pressure a sales rep applies, my patients will not be the guinea pigs for something new. Only after it has been proven am I willing to explore it.


CEOCFO:  What do you look for in your staff?  What are the personality requirements to help allow your patients to feel at ease, at all times?

Dr. Mark Mofid: I have an excellent staff. My team and I are very particular about any new staff that we bring on. It isnít their experience that matters as much as their personality and aspirations. In fact, experience is often overrated. If someone has 10+ years working in this field, but they treat my patients with disdain or disrespect, then their experience is inconsequential. Our hiring process is rigorous. We may start with 500 to 1000 applications for one position, then narrow it down to 50 for a phone interview. Of those 50, we may ask 20 to come in for an interview. While there isnít one strict set of personality requirements that we look for, after screening so many applicants, we recognize those who fit well in our environment when we see them.


CEOCFO:  Would you describe your feeling when a patient comes in for the final visit and you see how you have helped someone-physically and emotionally?

Dr. Mark Mofid: It feels exceptionally good. To know that Iíve helped someone recover from a life-altering event through reconstructive surgery is extremely rewarding. To know that Iíve helped a woman regain her confidence with a mommy-makeover after having children is also rewarding. People come to me for so many different reasons. I feel honored to have the opportunity to help them feel good about themselves inside and out.


CEOCFO:  Whatís next for you?

Dr. Mark Mofid: Right now, I am doing exactly what I want to be doing. We have a thriving practice with a state-of-the-art surgical facility in La Jolla. I have an excellent team, which includes my wife, who is a dermatologist for the practice. So, I guess you could say that what is next is continuing to do what we are doing already.


ďTo know that Iíve helped someone recover from a life-altering event through reconstructive surgery is extremely rewarding.Ē
- Dr. Mark Mofid


Dr. Mark Mofid - Plastic Surgeon



Mark Mofid, M.D. FACS

Dr. Mark Mofid - Plastic Surgeon
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