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Information Technology
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Hadron, Inc.

5904 Richmond Highway Suite 300
Alexandria, VA  22303

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Sterling Phillips, Jr.
President and
Chief Executive Officer

Interview conducted by:
Diane Reynolds, Co-Publisher

June 2001

Bio of CEO

Mr. Sterling E. Phillips, Jr. is President, Chief Executive Officer and Director of Hadron, Inc. His Professional management career has focused on building companies in the information technology, engineering and scientific services arenas. Most recently, Mr. Phillips held senior management positions with Federal Data Corporation, in both the Science and Engineering, and Corporate Marketing Groups. Previously, he was the Chief Operating Officer of TRI-COR Industries, Inc. and served as President of Business Development for Computer Sciences Corporation. He has led management teams responsible for acquisitions in several of his former positions. Mr. Phillips also held senior national and international marketing positions with IBM for nearly twenty years. Mr. Phillips holds a B.A. from the University of North Carolina.

CEOCFOinterviews – Please tell us about Hadron, Inc.?

Mr. Phillips – We are in two businesses. Our biggest business is consulting services provided principally to the U.S. defense department and intelligence agencies.  Our consulting is generally in the area of engineering services or information technologies services.  Our people are principally involved in assisting customers in the intelligence community with application development and development of specialized equipment for their mission.   The second business area we’re in is a biotech business, which is a bit of a spin off from our work with the intelligence community.  We have a subsidiary called Advanced Biosystems that is developing medical defenses for and treatment against biological warfare agents.  We are fortunate to have as the president of that subsidiary an individual who used to be the head of the Soviet Unions biological warfare program before defecting to the U.S. in 1992.  So he probably has more hands-on experience with biological warfare weapons and research in that area than almost anybody around.  He is a medical doctor and he prefers being on the treatment side than on the offensive side so we’re working on the defensive method with some medications that could protect against biological warfare agents and others that might treat patients after an attack.

CEOCFOinterviews – On one hand your company deals with the technical solutions and than on the other hand you deal with the pharmaceutical end of it.

Mr. Phillips – The pharmaceutical is an outgrowth of work of countering terrorism.  When you look today at real threats to the U.S. either in warfare or in terrorism, we believe that biological and chemical agents are a much bigger threat than nuclear weapons and mass destruction.  As a spin off of our work with government agencies involved and trying to analyze and prepare defenses we evolved into this particular field. Again, we have a scientist on our staff who has a deep understanding of the medical side of some of these things and believes there are medications that can be developed that can be very effective. 

CEOCFOinterviews – Is the government your only customer or does this expand beyond the government?

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