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February 9, 2015 Issue

The Most Powerful Name In Corporate News and Information


Interactive Web Site Design and Development


Andrew Ruditser





Interview conducted by:

Lynn Fosse, Senior Editor, CEOCFO Magazine, Published – February 9, 2015


CEOCFO: Mr. Ruditser, what is MAXBURST?

Mr. Ruditser: We are a visionary company in that we keep up to date on trends for all web design and development techniques. We are also extremely creative, so we like to think of ourselves as not just a development team but also a design think tank. We are visionaries in the sense that we can help those clients that come to us that just do not know exactly what they want their website to look like. They know that they do not like what they currently have or they need a completely new website, we just ask them some basic questions. Simple things like what kinds of colors they like, placement, maybe some other sites that they have seen on the web and we put the entire vision together for them. We have an entire handholding process.


CEOCFO: What is the key to successfully combining trends with functionality and the tried and true?

Mr. Ruditser: It is a fast-paced industry that is changing constantly. We keep up to on trends by reading a lot. I set aside a lot of time on a daily basis for my team and even myself to review certain people that we follow on Twitter, industry leaders and certain design techniques and development trends. We try to keep up to date with all the latest stuff that is happening and many times, we test things internally ourselves before we even engage in a particular project. We test it, get really good at it, and then set it out in production.


CEOCFO: If you are looking at a trend that does not sit right with you, does it matter? Where does your own expertise and gut feeling meet with what the world is thinking?

Mr. Ruditser: I will always voice my opinion on certain things. Sometimes clients will come to me with projects and they are pretty set on a way that they want to do something. I may not feel that it is necessarily the right way to go about it. Ultimately, we work for our customers, so if I feel that as long as it is not going to hinder my own brand by creating this type of a website or development design, then I will proceed with it.


CEOCFO: Who is coming to you for services?

Mr. Ruditser: It is B2B. I do not really focus on one type of industry over another. I will work on a law firm based website to a large-scale manufacturing based business site, to a small mom and pop businesses. It is anyone that needs to be online which in today world, is everyone. Every business needs to be online and have some type of a brand and professional image, so I talk to a host of different types of people. It all boils down to most of the times of whether they are going to work with us or not and budgets and time frames.


CEOCFO: How do people find you and how do you reach out?

Mr. Ruditser: It is definitely a crowded field, which I think, is because it is sort of an easier entry field for many people to get into. I am not saying they are doing it correctly but they claim that they are doing website design and development and they are putting up their own websites and starting small businesses. It is crowded in that sense. There are not that many firms that are really doing it right. There are a handful of firms that are doing it correctly that are higher end. I like to think that we are one of them. We positioned ourselves as ones of them and have been in business for over eight years. It took us a while. We built a large portfolio. I started out just locally in my area and I have clients now all over the world. We spend a lot of money on awareness and marketing on a monthly basis. We have a huge core client base, which gives us referrals, and things like that but we are out there all the time. We leverage all the latest marketing techniques on Google, all the other search engines, Facebook and social media. That is a big strategy for us to get new clients and talent.


CEOCFO: When you are talking a prospective client, do they understand the difference immediately? How do they know you offer a higher-quality service?

Mr. Ruditser: They usually look at our portfolio and it comes out in the conversation. It is also based on the sophistication of the client that we are talking to. Some clients that are new to this do not understand any of it and we do not expect them to but they do not really get what one web design company can do above and beyond what the other one can do. It boils down to just pricing to them at that point. They are not really our core clients. We are more of a value based firm. We may not be the most inexpensive but we offer a lot of value and we partner with our clients in the future. We do not just launch websites and walk away from them; we are constantly working with them even after the initial project is launched. We have conversations with them initially before the project is even signed to prove to them that we are very confident and stable, have been around for a long time and know the industry really well.


CEOCFO: Would you tell us more about the marketing and development over and above the web design?

Mr. Ruditser: We like to start out with the web design and development with newer clients. After that, we naturally start to get into marketing. We build this great looking website and our clients love it but now it needs to get traffic. That is what we focus on and we use different types of techniques depending on our clients’ budgets to try to maximize the views and potential users that are going to go on to that website. We are Google certified and Adwords certified partners. We talk to Google on a weekly basis. We have many clients that are advertising on Google. We will use all the trends that Google offers such as Ad Words, Ad Words Express, and Google remarketing techniques. We do a great deal of social media. Some clients I work with have much more success on a Facebook platform for example because you can hone in more on a target market better. We can offer many different types of marketing techniques even past the web. We will do email marketing and search engine optimization.


CEOCFO: Are there things you see from your knowledge and expertise that most people do not?

Mr. Ruditser: That is a tough question to answer because most of the time when I am making a recommendation, it is valid and they kind of go with the direction I want to go. There are not really any trends that I would suggest to a client that they are apprehensive about. The standard now is mobile responsive web design. That is typically more work and more challenging but it is a necessity. Even the pricing is a little more than just a traditional based website that is not mobile responsive.


CEOCFO: How do you know when something is over?

Mr. Ruditser: I can foresee many things happening just because we have been doing this for a long time, but if you are talking about specific web platforms that are really hot at the beginning and then sort of dies down, that just happens through things that we read and people that we talk to. We do not focus on them as much because they do not have that target market that we are focused on with that particular client when we are working with them. We find out about these things and it spread virally or we read it online.


CEOCFO: MaxBurst has been recognized on the Inc. 5000 list so clearly business is going well. How do you continue the trajectory?

Mr. Ruditser: We keep doing what we are doing and try to do it as best as we can. We have been doing it for over eight years and have thankfully been really good at it. We keep up to date with trends and we are careful with the type of client that we work with. That is part of it and in this industry, it is easy to take non a lot of bad projects that are not are good fit for a particular firm because we would need the work at the time. We became disciplined in the fact that we are very careful with the type of projects that we take and we want to work with a particular kind of client.


CEOCFO: What surprised you as the company has frown and flourished?

Mr. Ruditser: As we have acquired more and more employees, we have many different personalities. We are a design company and development company. I have two different minded people here many times here in the programming and design side. It is not really so surprising, it is sometimes challenging to put the two together but we got good at it to complete the projects.


CEOCFO: What has changed about your approach? What have you learned over time that makes MaxBurst better today?

Mr. Ruditser: This is going back even to the start when there were just three of us. Our process has gotten really good. We are a custom design shop; we are not a do it yourself web builder or a factory, we do not just pump out websites. We have a handholding process and we got good at that process from the beginning to the end of launching a client’s website. Even though this process is getting refined all the time because trends and technology is changing, we laid down the groundwork for our core process.


CEOCFO: Put it all together for our readers, why choose MaxBurst?

Mr. Ruditser: I would tell people that you would choose MaxBurst based on our experience and value and the fact that you have to trust the web development company that you work with. Look at our portfolio and talk to me or any one of my partners and you see that we are knowledgeable and have been doing this for a while. We are trust worthy and really know the industry well. I have always considered ourselves as a value based firm. It is not just based on price alone. When you sign up with us for a website, you get much more than a website; you have almost like a web consultant that you can reach out to. I love to be on the phone and talk to people. People call me all the time for various questions about their website or want to know what they should be doing better. Even if they do not do the service with me, they can always reach out to me or anyone the company, and that is something that I do not hear a lot of times from customers I have acquired from maybe other firms have told me that they have had that experience.


"We are a visionary company in that we keep up to date on trends for all web design and development techniques."- Andrew Ruditser





Andrew Ruditser







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