Nevada Sunrise Gold Corporation (NEV-TSXV)

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March 20, 2009 Issue

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Nevada Sunrise focuses on its near-term production options…

Company Profile:

Our mission is to be a highly successful gold and silver exploration and development company with a focus on properties in Nevada. We intend to advance our flagship property, Golden Arrow, through economic feasibility and production. We will also advance and fill our project pipeline with high-quality properties.

William B. Henderson, CEO & Director

Bill brings more than 25 years experience in the mining industry to Nevada Sunrise Gold Corp. In 1983 he founded Geochemical Services, Inc. (GSI), which rapidly became a prime laboratory for exploration geochemistry in the U.S. At GSI, Bill developed numerous technological innovations in trace element analysis, ultimately making GSI the pre-eminent laboratory for low detection limit / high analytical precision exploration data. By the late 1980’s, GSI was the laboratory of choice for the majority of the major and mid-sized mining companies active in the western U.S.

In the early 1990’s Bill began acquiring and developing precious metals mining properties. He assembled a portfolio of high potential mining properties located throughout Nevada. During 2001 and 2002 Bill added Golden Arrow, Juniper and Kinsley Mountain to his portfolio and significantly increased the Iron Point property.

Prior to his career in the mining industry, Bill spent 18 years in the semiconductor industry working for Texas Instruments (Texas), Motorola (Arizona) and TRW (California). He received his BS Chemistry degree in 1964 from North Texas State University (now The University of North Texas), in Denton, Texas.


Nevada Sunrise Gold Corporation
231 Cherry Avenue, Suite 201
Auburn, CA 95603
Phone: 530-887-9901

Nevada Sunrise Gold Corporation
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Nevada Sunrise Gold Corporation

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Interview conducted by: Lynn Fosse, Senior Editor,, Published – March 20, 2009

Mr. Henderson, tell us a little about Nevada Sunrise

Mr. Henderson:
“During the years 1999 through 2000, many mining companies operating in Nevada were forced to walk away from some of their most valuable property assets because of the collapse of gold and silver prices. In August of 2000, I recognized that this grim situation had actually become a rare opportunity, so I founded Nevada Sunrise, LLC and began assembling a portfolio of the very best properties I could find. This eventually became a portfolio of 20 properties located in the most productive mining districts of Nevada, which remains one of the very best places on earth to find and mine gold.


Nevada Sunrise Gold Corporation was organized in April, 2007 specifically to become the public entity that could advance our Golden Arrow project and other key properties from the Nevada Sunrise, LLC portfolio through exploration, development and into production. I was delighted when Dr. Odin Christensen accepted my offer to lead our technical direction. I’ve known Odie for over 20 years and have the utmost confidence in his ability to provide our company with outstanding technical leadership.


One of Odie’s first tasks was to select three additional properties from the Nevada Sunrise, LLC portfolio that he believed would add the greatest value to our new company. He selected Kinsley Mountain, Iron Point and Juniper.


Kinsley Mountain was an operating mine owned by Alta Gold until their bankruptcy in 1999. Historical drill data indicate that the property has a deeper sulfide zone with significantly higher grade mineralization over a larger, but as yet undefined, area. This plus other similarities to AuEx’s (C:XAU) Pequop and Long Canyon projects to the northwest make Kinsley Mountain a very intriguing property.


Iron Point is located on the northwest end of the Battle Mountain Eureka Trend between Newmont’s (U:NEM) Lone Tree mine and Atna’s (C:ATN) Pinson mine in Humboldt County, Nevada. Iron Point is an early-stage exploration property with an excellent address. Our objective at Iron Point is the discovery of high-grade carbonate hosted gold mineralization similar to the deep high-grade gold ore occurring in similar settings at nearby mines.


Juniper is a Carlin-type sediment hosted system located on the East Range in Pershing County, Nevada a few miles northwest of Desert Gold Ventures’ (C:DAU) Goldbanks Project. We completed a Canadian NI 43-101 Technical Report for the property in May, 2008 which is available on our website or on the Canadian securities “SEDAR” ( website.  Juniper presents excellent potential for discovery of disseminated gold mineralization as well as high-grade veins and skarn.


I believe that these four properties provide an enviable portfolio of gold projects controlling more than 12,000 acres of mining claims and private land in some of the most productive mining districts of Nevada.”


CEOCFO: Why Nevada?

Mr. Henderson: “Nevada is a unique place. During 2007, Nevada produced nearly 80% of all the gold produced by the U.S. and ranked fourth in the world for gold production behind China, Australia and South Africa. New discoveries are still being made and there’s a lot of talk among professional geologists that a brand new trend might be developing east of the Carlin Trend.


The Fraser Institute in Canada ( publishes a widely read and comprehensive annual survey of Mining Companies.  Nevada consistently ranks in the top 5% of the world’s most desirable mining jurisdictions, occasionally coming in first overall.


And it doesn’t hurt that we have some of the best exploration properties in the state in our portfolio.”


CEOCFO: Where are you in the process of developing the various projects?

Mr. Henderson: “To date, our primary focus has been to advance Golden Arrow toward production on as fast a track as possible. During the past year, we’ve spent over 1.5 million dollars US on this project. To date we have focused totally on better defining the existing resource, its metallurgy and our early production options. We believe this strategy has the greatest potential to increase the value of the company in the near-term.


We’ve completed a considerable amount work designed to define possible new centers of mineralization at Golden Arrow. These have included application of remote sensing, multi-element soil and rock geochemistry and extensive geologic mapping. We have also re-logged every interval of more than 250,000 feet of legacy drill core and RC chip trays that has resulted in an “ah ha” moment of understanding and made us even more excited about the outlook for this project.


We went through a similar process with our legacy geophysical data. The most exciting result of this work was our reprocessing of the existing gravity data to produce a 3-dimensional gravity anomaly that reveals numerous, as yet untested, areas on the property. These untested areas have identical gravity and geochemical characteristics to analogous areas presently associated with the two known resource zones, Gold Coin and Hidden Hill.  We plan to test some of these targets this year.


We have consolidated a great deal of legacy data on the three remaining properties in our portfolio and have completed an NI 43-101 Technical Report on the Juniper property. But we’ve taken a strategic position to focus the bulk of our time and money on gaining better understanding and implementation of our options at Golden Arrow.”


CEOCFO: Are you divesting one of your properties?

Mr. Henderson: “We are. A private corporation who has been aggressively consolidating land around our 2,800 acre Kinsley Mountain property made us a large monetary offer last year and after careful consideration by our Board we decided to accept. Assuming the sale closes as planned, we will net about 5.5 million dollars US during the next 12 months. This purchase is the subject of a recent press release that can be found on our website and on the Sedar website referenced earlier.”


CEOCFO: What is the financial picture?

Mr. Henderson: “The financial picture is consistent with the realities of the current financial markets - difficult. Market Cap for gold mining companies today is very low by historical norms. A very simple model widely used in the industry is that “gold in the ground” is worth about 10% of the long-term moving average of the spot price of gold.


Right now, the 200-day moving average for gold is about $860 per ounce US. If we convert this to Canadian dollars and multiply by the current 300,000 ounce resource at Golden Arrow, we get $32 million with about an equal number of shares outstanding. Worse yet, this estimate gives no credit at all for our other properties or management team. It’s a very tough environment and I’m sure it will affect the amount of money we raise over the next few months.”


CEOCFO: You talk about applying advanced technology; what is it that you know at Nevada Sunrise that maybe others do not?

Mr. Henderson: “I’m a strong believer in applying the best technology available in our business. An excellent recent example of how important it can be to stay at the leading edge of technology happened when we reprocessed our gravity data using the most current 3-D computer algorithms. The old and new results were qualitatively different. The 3-D shape of a large buried latite intrusive and its correlation to known mineralization at Golden Arrow became instantly obvious. But much more important for future exploration, numerous areas identical to those associated with mineralization are easily identified but have no existing drill holes. These similarities were later confirmed by multi-element soil geochemistry.


Mineral exploration and mining technology are constantly evolving. Dr. Christensen brings many years of real world experience and an ongoing discipline of knowing and applying the most useful technology to our programs. This philosophy is fully supported by me and by our other Directors.”


CEOCFO: What is ahead?

Mr. Henderson: “I think that the recent chaos in world markets will create a difficult period for business in general. There is real monetary deflation worldwide with all the frightening implications that this term entails. I believe that the U.S. dollar is in trouble long-term and will find itself challenged as the world reserve currency in the years ahead. I’m long-term bullish on gold and I believe it will break out convincingly above the $1,000 per ounce ceiling in the months ahead. I also think that historic valuations will creep back into gold mining shares, which should add very significant leverage in the shares of good companies over buying and holding the metal.


Right now, I am focused on our near-term production options. Profitable production, even if it’s relatively small, can make a huge difference in the company’s future performance and in protecting shareholder equity. Just like it was in the 1930’s, gold is cash today. It is instantly liquid worldwide. In a world strapped for cash, this is an incalculable advantage and one that has my undivided attention.”


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“I believe that these four properties provide an enviable portfolio of gold projects controlling more than 12,000 acres of mining claims and private land in some of the most productive mining districts of Nevada.” - William B. Henderson

“During 2007, Nevada produced nearly 80% of all the gold produced by the U.S. and ranked fourth in the world for gold production behind China, Australia and South Africa.” - William B. Henderson

“Dr. Christensen brings many years of real world experience and an ongoing discipline of knowing and applying the most useful technology to our programs.” - William B. Henderson does not purchase or make
recommendation on stocks based on the interviews published.