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October 17, 2016 Issue



Michigan IT Staffing, Training and Project Consultants for Governments, Automotive and Technology Companies



Yashasvi Shankar

Chief Executive Officer


Saanvi Technologies LLC


Interview conducted by:

Lynn Fosse, Senior Editor, CEOCFO Magazine, Published – October 17, 2016


CEOCFO: Mr. Shankar, what was the idea when you started Saanvi Technologies in 2006? What is the focus today?

Mr. Shankar: Thank you for your question. In DEC 2006, I basically decided to be on the entrepreneurial side of life, rather than working for someone else. IT was booming and I had been into IT for quite some time… since 1995. I saw clients suffering to get good IT resources to handle their projects. I basically decided, “Let me make a company and let me do it in such a fashion that the clients would get exactly what they are looking for and they would not waste a lot of their time and money.” It took such a long time for me to tell the clients, “Yes, you have to come to Saanvi Technologies to get what you want and you can save tons and tons of money, so you will get the right resources and consultants.” As of today, we are suppliers for FORD, State of Virginia, State of Michigan, Blue Cross Blue Shield... these are some of our clients and we are very happy at what we are doing.


CEOCFO: What is the key to providing outstanding service in technology?

Mr. Shankar: Technology, as you know, has multiple needs and that too with the current scene, we see thousands and thousands of new software’s coming up. However, no matter what without a basement a building cannot be built. Therefore, there is a software basement, which is what ever consultant has to learn. What we do is specialize in understanding each resources knowledge and how much he is capable of delivering himself. Therefore, we have a panel of strict technical tutors who test them to find out exactly what his skill level is on a scale of one to ten. Even if he is six we do not take him. We only accept a consultant if his skill level is above eight. Therefore, we have kept this constant and what has helped with each and every consultant who goes from Saanvi Technologies to a client place is that he does his job perfectly. We also try to update ourselves with the latest technology that comes to the market. We do not ask our resources to keep up with just one technology that they have learned. We keep giving them training. We update them every now and then, so they are up to date with the market. That helps the client. They do not loose time and they are always happy. In the span of two years we have done a lot of business with Ford Motor Company, so Ford is very happy. Our consultants have proved their talent in web analytics side, info sphere, the recording tools, big data side and many key areas where we find Sannvi Technologies consultants. Therefore, we keep up to date with the latest technology.


CEOCFO: There are so many changes in technology. How do you know what is going to stick?

Mr. Shankar: As of now, IOT, Internet of things is capturing most of worlds market what is happening is big data, like data management, which is the key now. For example, a client like Amazon has so much data and they would need an efficient data management system. Finally big data came in and they learned that they needed to manage that data. We basically got Hadoop and big data into the market, so we jumped right there. We updated ourselves and then we made sure that all of our existing consultants learned the new skills and then they got into the market, and our clients love to have our consultants with these updated skills. Therefore, we are updating ourselves with new skills every now and then. No matter what, we keep reading, and we keep seeing every client’s position in the market every month, what they do and why they are going down and all of those things.


CEOCFO: Would you tell us about STEP?

Mr. Shankar: STEP is called Saanvi Technologies Enterprise Portal. STEP was my brainchild. The reason why we built STEP was because we wanted to cut down human interaction. What we saw with our experience was too many meetings, too many human meetings and too many personal meetings and everything that used to kill a lot of time for everyone. Instead of that, we decided to put everything into STEP. Then the employees and the in house employees; everyone will update each and everything that they do in that system, which can be accessible to any higher ranking personnel in that company to monitor them, video conference with them and everything, anywhere in the world they can do this if they install STEP into their business. We have done that. Right now I am in India and our HR/Immigration specialist is in Ohio, our senior Resource director is in New Orleans, our Client Director and BDA in Michigan…. We all connect, but all work happens simultaneously. Then all consultants connect and whatever it is, they can all interact with us anytime. They can all download their documents, their immigration documents and what not; everything and they can question us wherever we are, and it pings us. It pings us through our cell phones. That is the easiest thing to tell you what STEP is. We are still working on with the second version of STEP where we really want to go to the market in a big time and tell them, “Look, you small businesses and midsized businesses; you do not have to spend too much time on your people. Just install this and tell them to log into this using their log in ID and it does everything. You can connect with each and every one, even when recruiter submits a consultant to the client, that information is pinged onto your cell phone and you know what is happening there.” This is the STEP we took and which is efficient.


CEOCFO: How have you been able to get a foot in the door with some of your bigger clients, like Ford? It is certainly not easy to do!

Mr. Shankar: Yes! Honestly, that was one of the toughest, because there are around the 27 suppliers from the United States of America and we are one of them. We, Saanvi Technologies, being a small business, Minority Business certified, an INC 5000 four years in a row company, are one of the IT suppliers for a great automotive firm and that really makes us very proud of what we have done. The main reason why Ford took us as suppliers was that initially they gave us an opportunity to send resources. With the kind of resources that we sent Ford, they were extremely satisfied and gave us an opportunity to do business with them. It has been three years with Ford and they have given us a great deal of business. Again, count it down to the quality of the people that Saanvi Technologies has and the time in which we deliver the projects for them and then of course, by telling them what they need to do to save money. That was the key.


CEOCFO: How do you help and guide a client with their spend?

Mr. Shankar: This is a very, very good question! What happens is that most of the time a project is over quoted and then most of the time what happens is they spend more money than what is required. This was and is a major drawback with the current IT clients. However, we at Saanvi Technologies tell them, “You do not need so many resources for a project. You need one person who knows three skills where you can save money, so why do you want to unnecessarily spend too much money?” However, the market has become very commercial now. Everyone wants money. If a person has three skills they say, “Tell them that you only have one skill and we will hire two more consultants with the other two skills,” which is not right. We do not want to go in that style at all.


You spend your money for nothing and finally after two years there is not budget to do the real stuff!! For example, right now at Ford we have two main people who are into infosphere and the reporting tableau tools. Well, there was an opportunity for us to put in around ten people, but we told them, “No, these people are enough to handle it. We do not want to unnecessarily bill you guys. This is good enough,” and they are happy with us! They are there for the past one year and how much money they have saved! This is what we tell every small company or midsized company or big company to follow, which will really help them one hundred percent. There will be a lot of money left over with every client where they can really bring in more work for more people in different forms. However, everyone has to do the same thing. It does not happen with everybody!!


CEOCFO: You have made the INC List, which is a sign that business is going well. What is ahead?

Mr. Shankar: We want to grow business, not in terms of the turnover, which Saanvi Technologies is not bothered about. We do not want to build our business by competing with someone else. Saanvi Technologies is not worried or bothered about it. We want to compete with ourselves. We want to talk to ourselves every day, and further we are doing it right for our customers. We do not want to sleep and tell. We just want to make sure we have given them one hundred percent. We are trying our best. We are trying to do the best and we will. Many clients like State of Maine, Ford, Optumn, State of Michigan, just to name a few who have identified us. However, we will keep this going and tell the other companies to follow us. “Let us go in a straight path.” There is always light.


CEOCFO: How do you spend your time as CEO? What is your focus? 

Mr. Shankar: As CEO I spend most of my time golfing in the summer. While golfing I keep building ideas of how to run the show! I tell all of my employees that we do not have any time schedule in the sense that we do not have eight to five or nine to six or nine to five or that kind of thing. Our employees can work anytime, but that particular days work has to be over. This is our concept. We always tell them that we are and they should be available 24/7, even if I call them or they call me. Most of the time I am thinking of the next step for where we have to help a suffering client. That is what we do most of the time. We are thinking, “This is where they are losing a lot of money. Let us go there. Let us go and help.” We are thinking of going to the State of Ohio, so that is where our target is. Then we want to build a relationship with the State of Virginia, where we have already signed a contract and we want to find out how we can really help them and we tell them. I am very sure they will all love this and they will save a lot of money down the line.




“In the span of two years we have done a lot of business with Ford Motor Company, so Ford is very happy. Our consultants have proved their talent in web analytics side, info sphere, the recording tools, big data side and many key areas where we find Sannvi Technologies consultants.”- Yashasvi Shankar


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Yashasvi Shankar


Saanvi Technologies LLC

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