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March 4, 2013 Issue

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With Proven Management that Successfully Created and Launched other Finder Sites, SearchCore, Inc. is positioned for Growth as A Diversified Internet Marketing Services Company Specializing in Connecting Consumers with Brands, Products and Services

About SearchCore, Inc. (OTCQX U.S. Premier: SRER)

Founded in 2010, SearchCore, Inc. is a diversified Internet marketing services company that specializes in connecting consumers with brands, products, and services by developing, operating, and monetizing vertical finder websites in business-to-business and business to-consumer markets. SearchCore’s focus is on fragmented, disjoined niche markets that can benefit from its technology-based marketing services solutions and where it is positioned to build the #1 or #2 technology-based vertical finder website.

Jim Pakulis

Mr. Pakulis is Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of SearchCore, Inc. Mr. Pakulis has three decades of experience working with entrepreneurial companies in a variety of emerging and high-growth sectors including Internet, finance, real estate and health care. He has extensive experience in all aspects of corporate management for both public and private enterprises, including strategy development and execution, operations, M&A, real estate transactions, finance/accounting, legal and human resources. Mr. Pakulis is a skilled leader, negotiator and consensus builder.


Since the Company’s founding in 2010, Mr. Pakulis has played a key leadership role at SearchCore in both defining strategy and guiding operational execution. He was instrumental in building SearchCore’s highly successful alternative medicine finder website, which became the largest in the industry before it was sold in late 2012. Leveraging the technology platform, sales team and marketing services expertise from the Company’s initial finder site, Mr. Pakulis has successfully transitioned SearchCore into a diversified Internet marketing services company. Through the acquisition and integration of a portfolio of premium websites in attractive verticals including recreational sports, manufactured homes, modular homes, rodeo, karate and tattoo, SearchCore is now poised for sustained growth under Mr. Pakulis’s leadership.

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Interview conducted by: Lynn Fosse, Senior Editor, CEOCFO Magazine, Published – March 4, 2013

Mr. Pakulis, would you tell us the original vision for SearchCore and where you are today?

Mr. Pakulis: The vision when we started the Company back in 2010 was as it is today: creating and managing premiere finder sites in various industries and spaces. Today our vision is the same except we are in an expansion mode.


CEOCFO: What industries are you working with now?

Mr. Pakulis: We are working in the recreational sports industry through our vertical site that we intend to roll out within the next thirty to sixty days called specializes in scheduling and locating pickup games for participants. The next industry vertical is Tattoo. We have a management agreement with The word ‘tattoo’ is searched about sixteen million times per month and we formed a relationship in which we would provide all the management, marketing, advertising and administrative services for as well as social media activity. We are also working on the manufactured home industry vertical. We own and we are creating the go-to site for everyone in the $3 billion manufactured home industry. In addition, we recently acquired, which is comparable to the Manufacturing Home site except it will specialize in modular homes, another $3 billion-plus industry. As a quick reference, the distinction between a modular home and a manufactured home is that parts of a modular home are built at a factory and the rest is built on-site whereas with manufactured homes it is all built at the factory and delivered to a site. We also have purchased and We anticipate going live with both of these sites sometime between the fourth quarter of 2013 and the first quarter of 2014.  In total, we have identified six industries to date in which we believe our finder sites will become either the number one or number two site.


CEOCFO: What was the basis for your choices?

Mr. Pakulis: The basis is threefold. First, the industry needs to be fragmented and disjoined from an Internet marketing standpoint. Second, the market cap of that industry needs to be greater than a quarter of a billion dollars. Third, we believe that we can become either the number one or two vertical finder site in that industry. If our due diligence and research concludes that we can meet these three requirements, then we will pursue that industry.


CEOCFO: Why are modular and manufactured homes a good fit?

Mr. Pakulis: First, they meet the three criteria we just discussed. In fact, from our research we have determined that these industries combined had sales greater than $6 billion in 2011. And preliminarily it looks like 2012 numbers were even greater than that. This includes both residential and commercial buildings. Our site will specifically allow individuals to locate and compare prices, sizes of homes and structures online as opposed to having to spend a great deal of time and energy driving around and looking at various models at the retailers. It makes perfect sense for us to get into this industry. Separately, but related, is the background of our staff. Our team has over ninety years combined experience in the manufactured home industry. We know both the manufactured and modular home industries and believe there is a huge opportunity for SearchCore to capitalize on each market.


CEOCFO: Regarding pickup games, it sounds like it would be great to drive people to events via a website or mobile phone. How did you come up with the concept and how do you encourage people initially to put the games on there?

Mr. Pakulis: Initially it was just about sitting around after a volleyball game and wishing we had more players. So it started with “what if,” and we turned it into Once we did our due diligence, we found what we believe to be an excellent opportunity to create an app that allows recreational sports participants to find each other. They will be able to participate based on geo-targeting, skill level and sport type. There will also be reviews of the facilities and of the other participants. It will be a fantastic way to meet other recreational sports athletes and get some exercise. The site itself will eventually hold up to ninety different sports. Sportify and each of our sites will have a huge social media component involved, which we are excited about.


CEOCFO: Would you tell us about your search engine process and the technology?

Mr. Pakulis: Our strategy is to emphasize the mobile market through apps for mobile devises as opposed to going after the PC and web-based operations. For instance, with Sportify a user may be in line at the bank, they only have ten minutes, and they want to quickly find out who is playing a nearby basketball game this afternoon. They want to find a court close by, determine what the skill level is, and what time the game starts. Maybe they want to quickly read reviews of the courts and players. These are some of the functions we are developing to be able to maximize the user’s time in an efficient way. From a leverage standpoint, we’ll be able to take this platform and incorporate it into our next vertical. This saves a tremendous amount of time and capital. And it allows us to better allocate our resources. Then we do it again with the next vertical, and so on. Our vertical sites are supported by our exceptional telemarketing sales team that drills down deep to get to know our customers. Whether it is the tattoo artist or manufactured home retailer, we spend a great deal of time nurturing our relationships. Our success is based solely on our clients’ success. So we stay in constant communications as we work through issues. Sometimes we can educate clients on the benefit of being listed on our finder site. Other times we brainstorm with the client as to what package will work best in their industry and their geographical territory. 


CEOCFO: What is the revenue model for SearchCore?

Mr. Pakulis: We had a finder site in the alternative medicine industry until the sale of that business in December 2012. If you go on our website at, you can see all of our historical financial results. We were grossing about $1.5 million per month with 25% EBITDA on that business. Now we are concentrating on expanding into the other areas I have mentioned. We have demonstrated that we have the ability to generate capital. We have a proven, seasoned management team in place. And now our goal is to duplicate our previous successes in these specifically chosen industries.


CEOCFO: Why should the business and investment community pay attention to SearchCore?

Mr. Pakulis: We are a proven management team. We have created a very successful finder site in the past that delivered rapid, profitable growth. We are highly selective about the industries we are penetrating -- we like sub niche markets, markets that may be overlooked by others. And we are very good at moving forward. I think our proven record over the last three years confirms that we know how to drive revenue and grow a profitable company.


CEOCFO: Is there anything you would like to mention about SearchCore that we did not cover?

Mr. Pakulis: If we meet our goals, and if a few other things fall into place, we will consider listing our common stock on one of the recognized exchanges toward the end of the year. 


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“The vision when we started the Company back in 2010 was as it is today: creating and managing premiere finder sites in various industries and spaces. Today our vision is the same except we are in an expansion mode.”- Jim Pakulis


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