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October 17, 2016 Issue



Scalable Real-Time Cloud-based Cyber Security Solution protecting the whole IT Infrastructure and Enterprise from Internal and External Threats using Behavioral Analysis, Machine Learning and Dynamic Intelligence Threat Models



Chandra Pandey

Founder & Chief Executive Officer




Interview conducted by:

Lynn Fosse, Senior Editor, CEOCFO Magazine, Published – October 17, 2016


CEOCFO: Mr. Pandey, would you tell us about Seceon?

Mr. Pandey: We founded the company in early 2015. We clearly saw the cyber security challenges both the industry and enterprises were facing. The solutions that existed were not up to par, as they were developed almost a decade ago. This is especially true as we acknowledge big breaches emerging where data has been leaked from data centers, as well as the enterprise, including those which had multiple security product silos in their environment. Therefore, we knew we had to create something that would be comprehensive and cover the whole IT infrastructure for the entire enterprise instead of creating a new silo.


CEOCFO: What have you created that encompasses the full spectrum of security?

Mr. Pandey: Organizations need a holistic solution for the enterprise. We had to create a platform, because the solution needed to be more than just a feature. In our platform we collect information from all parts of your infrastructure, such as applications, users, network flows, workflow and authentication, etc. Whether the application is running inside the organization or being accessed from outside, we understood from the beginning that we needed to discover, learn and know everything happening in enterprise. We visualize the data within the context of the enterprise and as such, we extract one hundred-plus features from data we collect and these features are used in our dynamic threat model, behavioral analytics and machine learning, to surface the threats that really matter. The challenge customers face with their existing silo’ed solutions is that they receive thousands of alerts and it’s nearly impossible to know what to do about each and every one of them. This volume of alerts means that companies have to dedicate significant human intelligence to determine the potential threat level and impact. The reality is, however, that there just may not be human talent readily available to analyze and assess the real dangers. Our innovative platform uses patent-pending predictive analytics, machine learning, and dynamic threat models with behavioral analytics to automatically generate plain English, prioritized threat alerts in real-time, giving IT teams the ability to both detect and respond to the threats before critical data is exfiltrated and damage done. Seceon’s OTM Platform closes the threat loop by seeing and stopping the threats in a proactive manner. Seceon OTM is the industry’s first and only fully automated, real-time threat detection and remediation system to detect, analyze and eliminate cyber-threats in minutes.


CEOCFO: Would you give us a couple examples of what you might detect, which other systems might not detect as easily?

Mr. Pandey: Our automated platform gives security teams a broader context for threat detection and response than existing solutions. For example, if you have a firewall, you are just looking at what is happening at the perimeter; once access is permitted there is no further defense. And consider having unsecured mobile devices coming in and out of the organization, on and off the corporate network and the very real potential that creates for propagating malware designed to collect and steal information. We have multiple customer examples where Seceon has detected and stopped these threats, whether malware or an insider threat, such as a rogue employee inside collecting data, removing it and leaking it. With Seceon deployed our customers have also detected compromised credentials and have been able to take direct, immediate, threat-stopping action, preventing the loss of critical data. Recognizing that compromised credentials have been at the heart of the some of the biggest breaches in the industry, our customers are very interested in being able to recognize and respond to these kinds of threats. That is where the difference is—having visibility into what is happening across your entire environment from users, networks, applications and flows and making the threat alerts and subsequent critical actions simple and easy for staff of any IT experience to execute, closing the loop automatically by applying policy at the authentication, system, network and next-generation firewall level. With Seceon, companies do not need a data scientist or a security guru to understand the data coming from the network, events, logs and threat intelligence to understand what to do. Our solution’s simple to use interface is easy to understand and allows IT staff to see the most dangerous threats and take action on the spot.


CEOCFO: Are people skeptical?

Mr. Pandey: When you hear the phrase “SoC-in-a-Box™,” it has a different meaning for different people. Traditionally, security operations or SoC teams were comprised of humans taking data from various security products, such as next-generation firewalls, application firewalls, log analysis, SIEMs, identity management, etc., and analyzing it to make sense out of all the information flowing in. Every piece of data must be taken into context, and therefore demands substantial human resources with varied domain expertise to identify the threat, its severity and how to address it. Our platform can be viewed as a “SoC-in-a-Box” because it automates much of what human analysts have been doing for years. It takes the raw data from logs, devices, applications and flows and combines it with threat intelligence, then runs it through our machine learning engine and dynamic threat models to surface the threats that matter. Our customers are seeing, on average, an 880:1 reduction in alerts. More importantly, the entire process is automated. Once installed, the platform automatically identifies policies and processes in the environment, making it easy for staff to see and manage applications and their security postures. This is a great benefit for the medium-sized enterprise that may struggle to keep up with security threats because they might not be as well-equipped or staffed, to monitor, detect and stop attacks. For the largest enterprises that have staff looking into tens of thousands of events and alerts coming from various security systems, our platform augments their capabilities so they can focus on critical issues instead of sifting through noise.


CEOCFO: How have you been gaining attention in a crowded industry?

Mr. Pandey: We have been very well received in the industry. Customers and partners who have seen or are using our platform are very excited. Even those who have 30-plus security products in their environment install Seceon OTM and within an hour our platform is operational. In two hours customers can see what their existing products have been missing. They see that they have malware, which has been active and collecting data. They see a credential that looks suspect because the user is accessing something in an area where they should not be. Or they see users taking data and putting it into the public domain, where it also should not be. The market response has been beyond our expectations – customers and prospects are recognizing the huge value we provide in a very short time. To expand our market reach we are bringing in many partners who understand customers’ needs and the challenges these organizations face in detecting and responding to threats. Our partners work with some of the largest enterprises, and we are aligning much of our energy to support them; training them and making sure they have the right information to best address customer requirements. Our platform is easy to roll out because it is cloud agnostic and hardware agnostic. We decided from the very beginning that we wanted to create a platform that scales significantly for the biggest enterprises, and web scale data centers. This includes a decision to go with lambda architecture using a Docker/container approach for scalability and micro-services for flexibility in environments that demand multi-tenancy.


CEOCFO: Would you tell us about your recognition as one of the Emerging Vendors with CRN?

Mr. Pandey: CRN, as well as many other publications, have recognized our OTM Platform for innovation and technology leadership. Once this audience had an opportunity to understand the platform’s capabilities, connect with some of our partners and customers and get feedback, they were able to see that our offering fills a gap in the industry. Moreover, they recognize the value of the platform, which was no easy task to build, because it demands continuous innovation on multiple fronts. In addition, what we do requires a deep understanding of security, networking, fast/big data architecture and machine learning, and the ability to apply it to detect threats in real-time and combine it with policy changes to eliminate/contain the threat. The platform is resonating well with our customers since it is easy to deploy and operate. It automatically detects, alerts and remediate threats directly or operator can define own workflow. No customer can afford to waste any time after a breach has occurred; to protect against loss of data and myriad financial and operational impacts, threats must be addressed in real-time. The Seceon team is delivering real value to our customers, enabling them to detect and eliminate threats in a proactive, automated manner. We do not take any of those awards for granted. We always strive to put our best foot forward. We take our customer’s trust very seriously and we give our best to keep earning their trust each and every day.


“No customer can afford to waste any time after a breach has occurred; to protect against loss of data and myriad financial and operational impacts, threats must be addressed in real-time.”- Chandra Pandey





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