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February 6, 2017 Issue



Botanical Based Herbal Medicine Skincare Products addressing Inflammation, Anti-Aging, Anti-Pollution and Serious Skin Diseases such as Rosacea, Eczema and Cancer



Emily Fritchey

Founder & Chief Executive Officer


Sunshine Botanicals LLC


Interview conducted by:

Lynn Fosse, Senior Editor, CEOCFO Magazine, Published – February 6, 2017


CEOCFO: Ms. Fritchey, would you tell us about Sunshine Botanicals?

Ms. Fritchey: Sunshine Botanicals is a morphing of herbal medicine into corrective skincare or as we would like to call it with our tagline; it is clinical skincare but from a botanical perspective.


CEOCFO: What have you developed?

Ms. Fritchey: We have developed an entire collection of products. I think like a chemist and I work like an herbalist. My passion is the study and the science of plant medicine. In today’s culture where the whole world is looking for healthy alternatives that are not toxic, our primary customers are people who are looking in the mirror and looking at aging and problem skin conditions and trying to understand their options. We live in an ocean of overwhelm. People are jaded and confused and they do not know where to turn. They are looking for solutions that work and preferably healthy alternatives that are not chemicals that can lead to other issues down the road. We have developed a full collection of products. One collection in particular that we are very proud of because our products were originally developed by Dr. Philip Fritchey, a very gifted herbalist, and that is our calming collection. Inflammation is rampant in skin conditions whether it is rosacea, eczema, or any type of “itus” or especially cancer patients and patients who are recovering from invasive procedures such as beauty procedures. We match ingredients to skin conditions to be able to bring corrections quickly. Our calming collection of skincare products is especially to address the issues of chronic and acute inflammation which is at the root of aging skin conditions. We put the fire out on those types of conditions. We have two other collections and one has some very potent ingredients which is our ageless collection. They are powerful anti-aging pigment lightening, wrinkle reducing formulas. Then we have our Skin Essentials collection which is an anti-pollution collection of products. The way the products are formulated, the way we assemble products and how we match them to skin conditions from a healthy green perspective, is what makes us so unique.


CEOCFO: How do you get people to understand that your products work?

Ms. Fritchey: We have been in this for a very long time. I am an educator and a product developer at heart. We have grown very organically and slowly because we do classes in education. We do not sell hot buttons or magic bullets and we do not jump on the latest bandwagon of the hottest ingredient that several of our big agencies say are going to be a million-dollar mark this year. We think differently and we are very engaged with our customers and we earn their trust. How we are different is how we formulate, what we use, the way we do it and the way we communicate to people. People have a truth meter and they just want facts, they do not want to be sold. They want to understand what their options are, make an informed decision and get healthy in the process.


CEOCFO: So many herbs and so many conditions!  How do you know what to look at to get started?

Ms. Fritchey: I am an aesthetician, my husband is a master herbalist. Twenty-four year ago, my husband, who is an author and who teaches herbal medicine, came into my treatment room and brought a serum and he said he wanted me to try it because he saw that I was having challenges with healing skin after aggressive procedures in skincare. The results that serum helped me to achieve made such an impact on the recovery time and my clients loved it so much. I was very clinical and medical minded up to that point. Right now green is a marketing strategy and we were green before it was a marketing strategy. I saw what happened with this serum and it led me down another path of study to study herbal medicine. One thing led to another. The way I come up with solutions is I still keep my hands on clients’ faces. I am extremely passionate about constantly learning. The way my brain works is if you and I were standing here and I was looking at your skin, I would look at three things and those are texture, color and elasticity in determining which one of those is the dominant issue that we need to address and what do you want to achieve. When clients come to see me I ask them if I could change any one thing about their skin, what it would be and what concerns them the most when they look in the mirror. That way, I can find out what is important to them and what I see and then we have a series of options of which way we can go and if I can do something about it, and if I can, what are the options. Having said that, it is understanding what is in an ingredient. Let us say it has antioxidant or antiviral or antibacterial properties or let’s say exfoliation with enzymes that can smooth skin texture or it is a highly potent antioxidant that can lighten pigment; that is how I think. It came out of my own private skincare practice; they call me the skin whisperer by the way, that is my moniker from my clients because I think outside the box. I work differently and I am looking at your face and thinking about the chemistry of a plant and I am putting the two together. What are the active constituents that can achieve results in the skin condition? I am not a medical doctor, so I do not treat disease but I do understand what I am looking at and I teach other aestheticians how to identify that as well so that they can make better choices and not just be purchasing products from companies where just anybody can create a skincare brand. I surround myself with herbalists and chemists and I learn everything I can and I happen to be good at applying it to different skin conditions to create the desired effect. I am a passionate student and I cannot learn enough so I continuously learn and learn about plants and use them to heal people and make people look great in the process.


CEOCFO: Other than environmental changes, what else is contributing to newer skin conditions that was not around a few years back?

Ms. Fritchey: Environment is a broad umbrella, but a few of the issues are nutrition, stress, and electromagnetic pollution. We are living in an ocean between our cell phones, computer screens, and our busy, rushed, stressed, day-to-day lives. We are bombarded with electromagnetic energy. We live in a completely different world and stress is a driver. When you look at inflammatory skin conditions, which can ultimately lead to conditions like cancer, you have to back up and look at all of these contributing factors and it is a complex situation. There is a lot of misinformation and people’s lives now are so busy, they do not really have time to stop and think or they do not know how to make the best decisions because they hear so many conflicting reports. I think it is just a composite of everything that is happening in our world but nutrition, stress and emotional issues and things that would lead to thyroid and adrenal fatigue. That is gigantic and there is a whole list of skin conditions that come especially from thyroid issues, adrenal and digestion are at the top. It starts with the gut. Rosacea and all those issues go back to gut health. When you look at all the medications for reflux, heartburn, bloating and leaky gut syndrome, all of those things are tremendous. When I start with a client, I look at digestion, diet, and I look at what we are doing topically. Even though there are a many things that go on out there, if you drill it down and say let’s back up and look at the lifestyle, the digestion, look at the elimination and look at what kind of drugs and what side effects they may have, all of those things contribute to these issues and can create a literal revolving door of problems that are tremendous. My work personally is very rewarding. In terms of how we are different, I traveled and taught classes and I still do. Everybody is different, so understanding the person and developing ways to communicate this message far beyond the reaches of our clinic to help reach people, so they will have information is important. That is how I became the skin whisperer and I remember the first day when I heard that and a client told me it was the only way they could describe me to their friends because it is not like going to the doctor or to a med-spa. At the end of the day, it is just common sense and it is simple. Things have become so complicated, so we have created some elegant formulas. The way we process and make these products has its roots in what is learned when Dr. Phil does one of his classes, which includes a full day of plant identification in the wild and how we identify medicinal plants and what to do with it when we find it.


CEOCFO: What about interactions with drugs that someone might be taking?

Ms. Fritchey: First of all, there is nothing that we make that would be contraindicated for any health condition or any drug patient. If I were using synthetics or if I were a pharmaceutical company, there could be things that would make the skin light sensitive, photo sensitive, or be contraindicated. As far as the topical use of any of our products, it is a non-issue.

CEOCFO: How do you know what you want to look at next as far as new products?

Ms. Fritchey: What is important to me next is environmental and looking at and addressing the impact of everything from ultraviolet light to electromagnetic radiation. Looking at pollution and environmental issues is my next frontier. We have already developed some things that are powerfully and unbelievably healing. The other thing that is important to me is keeping these things simple because consumers are overwhelmed and they need core formulas that are targeted to specific conditions. For me the future is to continue with the healing aspect of the formulas that we create in addressing and drilling down deeper to address the impact of electromagnetic radiation and environmental issues that we are exposed to everyday just because we are on the planet.


CEOCFO: Would you tell us about your manufacturing?

Ms. Fritchey: This started with my husband who is a master herbalist. I have two other chemists that work with us that develop our products in FDA approved labs. The neat thing about the production and the foundation about the way our products are made goes back to old school, old world herbal medicine. Our products are made in small batches, which I call micro-brewing if you will. It is a fascinating process. For example, if you read a label and look at our original formula and see seven ingredients on that label, in order to create those herbal formulas and serums, they start with herbal medicine manufacturing techniques which would be tincturing. If I have a formula that has comfrey root, Oregon grape, St. John’s wart, lavender, and white birch bark, in every one of those, we use old world agricultural principles. A tincture takes 28 days to make but we use the agricultural calendar and the cycle of the moon to produce the formula. That is not new-age and it is not a sales gimmick, it simply means that you take a root, petal or stem of a plant and you put it with a menstruum in a closed container, which is then put into an incubator that looks like a big side-by-side freezer, where it sits in that warm cabby, but it does not heat the ingredients, for the moon cycle which is 28 days. That means it goes in when the moon is new and as soon as it becomes a full moon, they are taken out. The liquid is strained and the pulp is then composted. All that means, if you do it that way, is you have a stronger product because it is the simple Old Farmer’s Almanac approach. It is like if you plant a garden and you use the Farmer’s Almanac, you plant your seeds when the moon is new and it means the roots are stronger versus if you do it mid-cycle, it is still going to be a nice tomato or bean pole but it is not going to be as strong because you are not working with gravitational pull of the earth. That is what ultimately makes our plant material stronger.


CEOCFO: Why is Sunshine Botanicals an important company?

Ms. Fritchey: We harness the healing power of nature to create life-changing results, to change lives and deliver beautiful skin in the process. That is our mission and that is why we get out of bed every morning because we are going to do something wonderful for somebody. Now we have grown so much that I am finding ways to communicate this to thousands instead of hundreds and tens of thousands is what is happening now. It is an honor to be able to do that. It is not about a bottom line and it does not mean I do not care about the bottom line, but it is not what drives the decisions I make about how I make my products.




“We harness the healing power of nature to create life-changing results, to change lives and deliver beautiful skin in the process.”- Emily Fritchey


Sunshine Botanicals LLC



Emily Fritchey








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