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November 11, 2013 Issue

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Business Process and Technology Optimization

About VOX Network Solutions


Delivering comprehensive voice and data solutions, VOX specializes in helping companies plan and implement innovative information technologies that accelerate business growth while protecting the bottom line. The company’s award-winning vPOP™ program—VOX Process Optimization Program—offers a systematic methodology to measure and improve business operations, capture new financial upsides, as well as, achieve greater customer satisfaction. VOX leverages its own industry experts in operational and financial business with every vPOP engagement; ensuring customers see their businesses experience greater customer satisfaction, optimized workflows, incremental financial gains and a defined technology ROI roadmap.

Scott Landis

Scott is the chairman of the board, president, and CEO of VOX Network Solutions. Headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area, VOX Network Solutions is a leading provider of converged voice and data solutions and services that implement, enable, and support effective, performance-enhancing business communications capabilities.


Prior to founding VOX, Scott worked for six years in sales and sales management at Nortel Communications Systems. In 1997, Scott cofounded United Telecom. United Telecom experienced tremendous growth and was sold to NetVersant Solutions in December 2000. From 2000 to 2005, Scott served as the President of Telephony for NetVersant.


Scott received a BS in business administration, marketing, from San Diego State University.

“VOX specializes in helping companies plan and implement innovative information technologies that accelerate business growth while protecting the bottom line.” – Scott Landis


Voice and Data


VOX Network Solutions
250 East Grand Avenue, Suite 55
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 VOX Network Solutions

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Interview conducted by: Lynn Fosse, Senior Editor, CEOCFO Magazine, Published – November 11, 2013


CEOCFO: Mr. Landis, what is the focus at VOX Network Solutions?

Mr. Landis: I like to say that we are a business process and technology optimization company. We design, implement and manage network applications, unified communications, video and collaboration. We have a very strong focus on designing advanced architectures for enterprise customers, applications such as contact centers, integrated voice response, computer telephony integration and work force optimization.


CEOCFO: What do you understand about an undertaking that you described that maybe others do not, that gives you an edge at putting the pieces together?

Mr. Landis: A couple of things. First I will talk about the technology and secondly, what our unique methodology is. Today, the architectures are so complex that it is very critical for companies like ours to not only understand unified communications but also the data network, data center, desktop, mobile devices and video.The other key component is integration with business processes and applications such as Salesforce.com and CRM systems. Therefore, a company like ours really needs to understand all of the layers and how to bring all of the pieces together. The unique value that we bring to the market is something that we have termed vPOP, which stands for VOX Process Optimization Program. If you talk to analysts that are out there today, the C Level is looking for a company that really understands their business and can help them execute their objectives.Technology is not a strategy, you must first improve business processes. Our vPOP program is a prescriptive process that enables us to measure and align operational processes with organizational strategies. What does that mean? We take a deep dive into how their organization operates and we perform a very detailed discovery where we meet with many levels of the organization and identify areas to improve their business processes. We will meet with the C Level, head of sales and marketing, contact center supervisors and agents. Our deliverable will show not just businesses process improvement, but a complete ROI analysis including a discounted cash flow model that shows net present value, internal rate of return and months to pay back. Ultimately, it shows how we are going to save their company money by implementing technology, which improves their business processes. It is really driving increased productivity and greater customer satisfaction with our customers.


CEOCFO: When you are doing this in-depth discovery how do you weed out what people think they are doing or what they say they are doing or what they say they want, with what they are really doing and perhaps what they really want?

Mr. Landis: It all starts with the C Level. Therefore, in order for us to provide one of these engagements we must have buy-in from the C Level executives. The research that we do on that company enables us to really understand their organizational strategy and goals; therefore, it is exactly what the executives are looking for. Once we have the buy-in to move forward; our analysts and consultants will do the deep dive and perform the prescriptive process to really understand their business. Then we tie all of the findings back to the organizational strategy and show the financial impact.


CEOCFO: Could you give us an example of maybe something fairly common that you find when you are talking with a company and where you are able to provide a solution and maybe something that is a little more off of the beaten path?

Mr. Landis: One example would be an 800 number from a previous marketing program that rings into the wrong group and then needs to be transferred someplace else. We can quantify how much money those double transfers are costing the company and show it in our cash flow analysis. In a call center, it is really about getting the call to the right resource as efficiently as possible. We can introduce technologies such as web chat, call back assist or a custom CTI application that will drive customer satisfaction and improves efficiencies.


CEOCFO: What types of companies are coming to you for help?

Mr. Landis: We have a pretty wide range of verticals. However, I would say that the top verticals today seem to be healthcare, state and local government, education, financial and then technology service companies.


CEOCFO: How do you reach potential customers? How do people find out about you?

Mr. Landis: We have a multipronged approach to marketing and demand generation. Much of it is based on our reputation; word of mouth. We do a lot of demand generation campaigns, seminars and social marketing. We also have direct telemarketing resources internally. Typically, our marketing campaigns are very specific, vertical focused and help solve a business issue. For example in a healthcare environment we can show them how to improve coordination among healthcare groups and reduce hospital readmissions by implementing video solutions.


CEOCFO: It sounds as if you typically work on the big picture or do you sometimes just work on pieces for a company?

Mr. Landis: Yes, we certainly work on pieces. We have tremendous resources that perform upgrades, maintenance, moves, adds, changes and small projects. Once we have a customer relationship we strengthen it by, really understanding their business and their business objectives. Over time, when we build their trust and better understand their business it opens the door to many additional opportunities, because we are really that trusted advisor.


CEOCFO: What is your geographic reach today?

Mr. Landis: We are headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area. We have direct sales resources in the Bay Area, Sacramento, Southern California and in the Pacific North West; specifically Seattle and Spokane Washington. However, we have business partnerships across the country and globally. We are currently providing managed services for many of our customers in areas such as China, India, the UK and Canada. These systems can be supported remotely, therefore, we have a 24/7 NOC and we constantly monitor their data and unified communications environment. If they have an issue we will receive an alarm. We can fix it remotely and if we need “feet on the street” to replace a part we have a number of business partners across the globe that we would dispatch for that type of service.


CEOCFO: When you are speaking with a perspective customer is there an “aha moment” when they understand the difference at VOX or does that come more when they have actually used and implemented what you have recommended?

Mr. Landis: I really think the “aha moment” is when they understand what our vPOP program is all about. Our systematic methodology to measure and align operational processes with organizational strategy is very unique. I recently sat in on one of our findings presentations for a large credit union.  We had the CEO, the CIO, the CFO, the CMO and five Vice Presidents in the room. That is the type of attention that vPOP gets. The first thing the CEO said after the presentation was, “first of all thank you for not selling me a box and going in the other direction.” Then he said, “The other thing that this has helped me to realize is that I really need to take a closer look at our business processes. You have done a great job of bringing to the forefront some of the process issues that we have.” They were happy that we were able introduce technology to help solve many of the issues that they were having.


CEOCFO: What has changed over the years in your process? What have you learned as time has gone on and you continue to implement systems? How has the company grown in that respect?

Mr. Landis: The business needs for customers has become much more process driven. Therefore, we have evolved to meet those needs and to deliver complex application integration. The development of our vPOP process truly aligns with the business demands of improving customer serviceand streamlining operating processes and ultimately lowering their costs.


CEOCFO: Your website has a little segment about unconditional customer love. Would you tell us about that?

Mr. Landis: Sure. VOX has always had a strong focus on employee satisfaction and customer satisfaction. We hire the best, the brightest and the most innovative in the industry. We give them autonomy and the tools to be successful. As a result they are empowered and go the extra mile in driving customer satisfaction for our customers. If you have happy, productive employees;they produce good results. We have a number of programs that are focused on both employee and customer satisfaction. We perform surveys and pursue constant feedback, so that we can continuously improve our processes to really drive those two aspects.


CEOCFO: How is business these days?

Mr. Landis: Business is tremendous! We grew forty percent year over year, last year. Our average year over year growth the last five years was twenty eight percent. That trend is continuing. I am actually headed to an awards ceremony in San Francisco tonight for the San Francisco Business Times where we are going to be receiving, for the fifth year in a row, an award for being one of the fastest growing companies in the Bay Area. We have also made the Inc 5000 list for the last four years. We have experienced some pretty phenomenal growth given the difficult economic conditions.


CEOCFO: Why pay attention to VOX Network Solutions?

Mr. Landis: Our track record shows that we are focused on the right areas and we can really help businesses achieve their organizational strategies. Our very unique vPOPprogram helps our customers achieve their objectives;increasing revenue, lowering costs, improving cash flow and improving customer service.


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