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September 26, 2016 Issue



Making emails clickable, trackable and recordable by applying an HTML Form for Campaigns and increasing Brand and Product Awareness



Marco Alfonsi

Chief Executive Officer


WRAPmail, Inc.



Interview conducted by:

Lynn Fosse, Senior Editor, CEOCFO Magazine, Published - September 26, 2016


CEOCFO: Mr. Alfonsi, according to your site, WRAPmail is the easiest way to promote someone and their business. How so?

Mr. Alfonsi: In the simplest format, we take a regular email and we are able to inject rich HTML content for day-to-day one-on-one emails. It is clickable, trackable and recordable to the end user.


CEOCFO: Why do we want this?

Mr. Alfonsi: Currently there over 2.5 billion email users sending over 200 billion Emails a day, this is unequivocally the most pervasive form of communication, and if you are sending emails as a regular course of business why not make each email the best it can be, and a tool to brand and market your company, you can message anything from a simple “about us,” to testimonials, couponing, and even direct sales. Each email empowers the recipient to take an action, to interact with your brand or drive them to your front line drive marketing tool, your website. Wrapmail gives the user the ability to brand and market with every email, it is that simple. From the C suite to the stockroom employees send emails, if you’re not empowering each email with Wrapmail you’re not branding, you’re losing opportunity and you’re losing business.


CEOCFO: Why are people still clicking with all of the security issues?

Mr. Alfonsi: This is not spamming or bulk email, this is a known recipient; this is simply maximizing what your employees are doing every day, you’re not changing the habits and process, with the Wrapmail solution your taking  daily emails and now making them an additional tool to bolster your brand and increase sales.


CEOCFO: Are companies trying to do this on their own and are many companies not realizing the value of email and the branding of email?

Mr. Alfonsi: In today’s environment we came to the realization that a new generation is starting to take over the old, which is good for our industry, especially for a company like ours. Whereas the old guard saw email as strictly a form of communication, the new generation is immersed in technology from the start and they know how to utilize and maximize all of the tools afforded them, business should take advantage of every opportunity to interact with a client or potential client and email is unequivocally used the most out of all forms of communication. The goal is always to get the user to take action; with Wrapmail a simple click on a link starts the process, candidly many clients don’t know what other services you can provide them with, instead of a client searching for solutions you’re putting the information directly in front of them in a non-offensive manner, educating, showcasing, informing…


CEOCFO: What is the technology? What was the challenge in putting the technology together so this is done easily and companies are able to utilize it?

Mr. Alfonsi: If you go to a Mail Chimp or a Constant Contact, you have to have some kind of ability to write code for HTML. That is not what we do. If you can upload a picture and select a hot spot our technology does the rest, it gives the user the ability to link that particular picture or segments of pictures right to a clickable event. That was challenge one. Challenge two is how we deliver and getting clean delivery with all the different providers, today we have the ability to inject Wraps in Outlook from 2003 to 2016, Gmail. Hotmail. Yahoo and SalesForce plus a few others, which admittedly was the biggest challenge, building the plug-ins that deliver the content after you create it. We were able to achieve that and now it is simple, create the content and all your employees have to do is download the plug-in, authenticate themselves with the username and password and they are immediately WRAPping. As well we have initiated our mobile apps and soon you can use Wrapmail on virtually all Mobile Devices with a simple app download.


CEOCFO: How long has WRAPmail been in the marketplace?

Mr. Alfonsi: WRAPmail has been in the marketplace since 2008, I took the company over in 2015 and performed a overhaul on the platform and technology to what we call Wrapmail 2.0 today. When I first saw the initial version of WRAPmail, I knew there was something there, but also that it needed some work to make the user experience seamless and enjoyable, which I believe we have achieved, the product is now very scalable and has great functionality. We currently have thousands of users and are looking to scale to millions that is the goal. We moved our hosting to the Azure Microsoft Cloud, this gave us scalability beyond our original server farm. As important we’ve stripped out all the third party ads and now we are selling it for a simple annual price which is highly completive and I believe has a ROI second to none.


CEOCOF: How are you reaching out?

Mr. Alfonsi: The proposition is straightforward, were using a direct drive to web campaign utilizing both traditional and current marketing trends to push traffic, as well the product is inherently driving referrals, people see it and ask what it is and how do they get it. We are hopeful this trend continues and Wrapmail goes viral.

CEOCFO: Are you just in North America today?

Mr. Alfonsi: No, this is a global proposition, today our services are provided to all English speaking Nations, and we expect to cross over into all countries and languages in the near future either by license or direct.


CEOCFO: What is involved when a company signs up? How does it get implemented?

Mr. Alfonsi: It’s a simple process, visit and follow the links, currently were offering a 30 day free trial, there after it’s a low annual fee of $299 for up to 5 users, very simple and very straight forward.


CEOCFO: Do companies tend to use it for all of their emails or are they selective?

Mr. Alfonsi: Each company has a different dynamic. The bigger company will have a sales department, customer service, executive management etc. The marketing team typically provides each of those departments with different content and different options so we create different WRAPS for different divisions that may have different messaging or purpose. They also have the option of not wrapping, they can inject the wrap or take it away, It’s a click of a mouse and it is either there or not, very simple.


CEOCFO: Would you tell us about Prosperity Bullseye?

Mr. Alfonsi: Bullseye is exciting. My first career was on Wall Street from 1996 to 2008, one thing Wall Street does very well is to create a lot of paper work and documentation, and of course everything is audited and regulated. At the time there was no paperless back office, the retaining of documents for record keeping, audits and regulatory request was overwhelming. I was set on creating a solution, A CRM specific to serving the needs of the firms and being compliant with the regulatory agencies, created a product that is write once, read many. You cannot alter, change or delete anything that goes into our system, not even as an administrator because you cannot get to the database and its worm. More importantly, it encompasses a CRM that does email, email campaigning, you cannot erase or delete emails. There is document management where you can create a project, assign it to other people. It is a very robust platform yet very simple to use, and you can keep contemporaries notes on everything. Once the system was completed I was able to secure several broker dealers, now 22 and counting and we have crossed over to other industries including travel agencies, security companies, consulting companies and there is a whole menu of different industries with corporate governance issues, it is product I am very proud of and one we will continue to grow.


CEOCFO: WRAPmail is traded on the pink sheets.  How is that working for you and where do you see it going?

Mr. Alfonsi: Were a fully reporting company and beginning to develop our shareholder base, Pink sheets is a great platform for emerging companies like ours, we look to continue to grow and ultimately up list to a more senior exchange at a time that our success warrants it. We are PCOAB audited and have a mandate to be as transparent with our shareholders as possible, I answer as many investor calls as possible myself when I have the time and enjoy the interaction, we look forwarded to growing the revenue, earnings and value for our investors.


CEOCFO: Why do you think the opportunity has been missed by and large?

Mr. Alfonsi: I think the product was initially ahead of its time like so many technology products, timing is very important. We discussed some of the previous flaws in the platform that have since been addressed and now we are going to market at a time that I believe is right and we will realize great user adoption and hopefully be a product that goes viral, that’s what I’m expecting.


CEOCFO: Why pay attention to WRAPmail today?

Mr. Alfonsi: WRAPmail is a diamond in the rough. It has great technology and the application is seamless, email use is at an all-time high and although we have made great strides the real journey begins today!


CEOCFO: Final thoughts?

Mr. Alfonsi: You can start your 30 day free trial, so everybody should be Wrapping, please visit



“Wrapmail gives the user the ability to brand and market with every email, it is that simple. From the C suite to the stockroom employees send emails, if you’re not empowering each email with Wrapmail you’re not branding, you’re losing opportunity and you’re losing business.”- Marco Alfonsi


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