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Leading the way in the Digital Transformation of the Healthcare Industry to Deliver a Word-Class Patient Experience

Dr. Slim Souissi

CEO & Co-Founder

Ospitek, Inc.



Interview conducted by:

Lynn Fosse, Senior Editor, CEOCFO Magazine

Published – December 16, 2019

CEOCFO: Dr. Souissi, what is the concept behind Ospitek, Inc?
Dr. Souissi: Ospitek was founded with the purpose to lead the digital transformation of the healthcare industry leveraging disruptive technologies like the Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI) and robotics. These technologies are being deployed at a rapid pace, in many verticals and are emerging within the healthcare industry.

Our customers are primarily surgical centers, hospitals and physician practices. Ospitek insures customers deliver a superior patient experience, while dramatically increasing operational efficiency. 

In a nutshell, the Ospitek proprietary platform, is uniquely designed to help customers, deliver exceptional patient care, while we tackle the time consuming inefficient tasks, pertaining to managing patient communication, workflow management and the status of various assets, within the healthcare facility.

CEOCFO: Would you walk us through some of the steps? When a facility is using Ospitek, what happens when the patient first arrives?  

Dr. Souissi: Our system seamlessly integrates with existing healthcare operations and, upon arrival, the patient goes through nearly the same registration and check in process that they would if our system was not present. In place of the typical patient identification bracelet being used, patients are given our intelligent positioning beacon which communicates with our strategically placed sensor gateways present within the surgical center. From the moment a patient is registered their location, status and other vital information are automatically communicated to the appropriate parties. Family members interested in the status of their loved ones have live view of the patient journey through HIPPA compliant mobile and waiting room dashboards, and surgical center staff that require more detailed information relating to patient status, procedure and operations have more detailed, but still just as intuitive, dashboards communicating this information.

CEOCFO: What would a customer or a family member see? Will it show that the doctor is working on the person now and then a half hour later they are in recovery? How detailed is it?
Dr. Souissi: Once the patient is registered within the Ospitek platform, his, or, her position, within the facility, is calculated every few seconds. 

Real Time Location System (RTLS) algorithms, track the patient position, insuring it is consistent with a predefined workflow. The patient position and status are visualized live, on TV screens, using a simple and intuitive user interface. 

Physicians and staff members can view in real time, where every patient is, what her (or his) status is and what the next surgical status is. 

The Ospitek software, visualizes the status of the patient, within the operating room (OR) and automatically communicates to nurses and technicians, outside the OR, various stages of the procedure, from patient’s entrance to the OR, through the completion of surgery and final movement, into the recovery room. The visualization is very detailed and above all, shown in real time, automatic and super intuitive.

CEOCFO: Does someone have to update at each step going through where the patient is or is there a seamless process?

Dr. Souissi: Unlike other solutions that rely on manual entry to communicate patient position, status, and other procedural information, Ospitek leverages IoT and RTLS technologies to deliver a fully automated communication experience. An experience that is not dependent on staff availability to enter data, and one that allows staff to focus on patient interaction rather than software interaction. The automation of the entire patient journey is fundamental to providing an unparalleled user experience.

CEOCFO: Are surgical centers looking at Ospitek as it helps the work flow and makes them more efficient and patient experience is somewhat secondary or are surgical centers recognizing the fact that patients and patient’s families are important? Why are clients coming to Ospitek?  

Dr. Souissi: Our clients work with us to help them deliver world-class patient experience. Healthcare organizations are committed to optimizing workflow, improving quality of care, and they are absolutely focused on improving overall patient satisfaction. These are key areas of performance vital to their success. We built our platform from the ground up, with insight from leaders in healthcare, to provide a solution that enables surgical centers to recognize the value that integrating the right cutting edge technologies has. They look to us to provide a user friendly, cost effective solution to support and help improve these areas.

CEOCFO: What were the challenges in creating the platform?
Dr. Souissi: It is always challenging the build a new platform, dealing with the integration of multiple complex disruptive technologies, while, at the same time, maintaining cyber security and the privacy of patient information, which is our highest priority. 

Add to this complex mix of ingredients, the design of an intuitive and simple user interface, meeting the need of staff members, having different roles and backgrounds & you quickly realize the sizeable challenge at hand.

CEOCFO: How are you reaching out to potential clients?  

Dr. Souissi: Our go to market strategy is multipronged. We work directly with surgical centers, hospitals and surgeon practices. We also align with strategic partners, already having substantial  relationships in place, with potential customers. We have a broad range of partnerships to make sure we can create awareness of our technology for our customers and also for the patients. 

CEOCFO: At some point, might you work with surgery sections in hospitals or is that sort of a whole different ball game in the industry?  

Dr. Souissi: There is a lot of overlap between surgical centers and hospitals. Ospitek’s focus is on the surgical segment of the patient journey and deeply into the patient experience regardless, whether it is in a surgical center journey or a hospital journey.  

CEOCFO: Are your customers taking advantage of the advanced analytics you offer? Do you find people are using it?  

Dr. Souissi: Absolutely! One of the most important components of the platform is the analytics engine. We collect detailed and accurate data, about patient movements between different locations and at different statuses. We measure and analyze the surgery center’s performance, optimize it streamline its operation. By measuring actual performance we offer our customers the tools to set up new boundaries for operational excellence. We also give them insight into data, of which they were not aware, such as, the causes of delayed procedures, or, the causes of long wait times for patients.

CEOCFO: What has changed in your approach as more and more people are using this system? What have you learned along the way?  

Dr. Souissi: Platform growth has provided us valuable insights to further optimize our system and continue to help improve the patient satisfaction and efficiency of the healthcare organizations that we work with. As our growth continues, we will further leverage big data to support tools enabling artificial intelligence, and machine learning algorithms, which will provide actionable intelligence to our customers. As a company we are always learning and evolving, and we will continue to develop solutions that provide the best experience possible for our clients and strategic partners.

CEOCFO: What is the competitive landscape? Are many companies trying to get in this space - are many companies capable of providing such comprehensive service?  

Dr. Souissi: While there are solutions and stand-alone products that address some of the problems that our system does, albeit in different ways, our focus on intensive customer research, innovation, unparalleled user experience, and use of cutting edge technologies, position us to provide a uniquely robust software platform for surgery center management and communication. Healthcare technology will continue to evolve, with more companies looking to enter the space and existing companies looking to develop and optimize solutions within it. This competitive landscape drives innovation. With that said, our software is truly first of its kind and we will continue to innovate and maintain awareness of both the current market and where it is headed.

CEOCFO: Is there anything people might miss when they first look at Ospitek that really should be understood?  

Dr. Souissi: People may view Ospitek, as a traditional software company, that supplies products to to slow moving risk averse industry. Our objective is actually to challenge the status quo and bring disruptive innovations to this vertical.

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“Ospitek was founded with the purpose to lead the digital transformation of the healthcare industry leveraging disruptive technologies like the Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI) and robotics.”- Dr. Slim Souissi