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riteSOFT provides Global Manufacturers a competitive edge with their Smart, Simple and Seamless solutions

Bruce Hagberg

Chief Executive Officer



Sue Pogatschnik


Interview conducted by:

Lynn Fosse, Senior Editor

CEOCFO Magazine

Published – February 10, 2020

CEOCFO: Mr. Hagberg, what is the idea behind riteSOFT?

Mr. Hagberg: riteSOFT provides software solutions to automate data collection for Manufacturing and Distribution companies around the globe. Specifically, we help them better manage their warehouses, inventory, shop floor labor and data components.

CEOCFO: What are some of the challenges that companies face in those areas and some that would not be so obvious to people in general?

Mr. Hagberg: For inventory, the big challenge is knowing in real time, “what is where.” This is critical to solving two key business problems: “How can I improve my accuracy and efficiency for overall process flow when moving supplies in and products out the door to meet customers’ expectations?” Secondly, “How do I provide my warehouse workers with simple, yet powerful tools that allow them to always be productive and minimize errors?”

Another challenge for many companies is knowing the true labor cost of the end-product. They need to have real-time visibility into what’s happening on the shop floor during a shift to quickly see job status and monitor performance. There is a labor shortage in many areas of the world and knowing exactly who is doing what and how they are performing is becoming more important. Visibility and accountability on their shop floor is vital.

CEOCFO: Are people looking for a better way?

Mr. Hagberg: We are all constantly looking for a better, faster, easier way to provide information. Information is what drives company decisions, and those who master information will have a competitive advantage.

CEOCFO: According to the riteSOFT site Smart, Simple and Seamless is what riteSOFT solutions provide. Would you give an example for each of those?

Mr. Hagberg: One example of “Smart” is the “SmartSCAN” feature in riteSCAN®—our mobile warehouse management system—that allows an end user to gather multiple pieces of data with a single scan of a 2D barcode instead of requiring multiple scans. “Simple” is demonstrated by how easy and intuitive our products are to install, learn and use “rite” out of the box. “Seamless” deals with the bi-directional integrations we provide to ERP and Payroll systems that ensure data integrity and real time knowledge. It also allows companies to stay current with their system versions.

CEOCFO: How do you design a system that is right out of the box when others cannot seem to figure it out?

Mr. Hagberg: Designing a software program that is easy to use is not easy to build. It starts with the initial vision and architecture of the products and the business model of the company. Our business model is to develop smart, simple, seamless software that fits our markets’ needs at a fraction of the cost—using the 80/20 rule. We design our software to “plug and play” and be simple to implement. We avoid complex customization requests, and we listen carefully to our global community of users to focus the enhancements on features and functions that serve the broad base. This approach benefits all users. This business model requires a disciplined approach toward what we design, develop, and deliver.  

CEOCFO: How do you help your customers not worry about making a change?

Mr. Hagberg: We remove any fear customers might have about making the change to a new operational system by offering a free trial and a satisfaction guarantee. Since our products are so easy to install and use, we encourage potential customers to try our products to see exactly what the product will do—and might not do. If there are some limitations that are important to them, we can address that on the front-end so there are no surprises.

CEOCFO: Are there features in the products that customers miss or do not utilize?

Mr. Hagberg: Yes, I think what happens is customers will typically buy software for a few specific reasons. They might want to simplify their physical inventory. They might want to streamline their order picking or their receiving process. riteSCAN has over 24 different functions, and it is not uncommon for customers to only use a fraction of them. Our goal, however, is to help customers take advantage of all the functions in our products via ongoing support and documentation.

CEOCFO: How do you work with your customers if there is a problem? I expect that customer service is very important for you.

Mr. Hagberg: We deliver world class support to a global user base in 10 countries and 11 time zones. We provide a variety of ways for them to receive support including our customer portal that has all documentation and a knowledge base available 24/7/365. We offer support via phone, email, and remote web sessions. We pride ourselves in responsiveness and have a support system that tracks every service ticket and how long it takes to get resolved. Support is very important to us.

CEOCFO: You mentioned international. Are you looking to expand into different areas and what are differences in other countries that you need to consider?

Mr. Hagberg: Yes, we are. While we have customers in 10 countries, our riteSCAN mobile warehouse system is integrated with the SYSPRO™ ERP system which is sold in more than 60 countries. We also have a relationship with ADP®—the world’s largest payroll company. Our riteTIME® solution is listed on the ADP Marketplace and integrates with ADP solutions to provide their manufacturing customers and prospects with software designed to meet their time tracking and shop floor data collection needs. We plan to continue expanding our foundation into more countries.

As you would expect, we deal with different exchange rates and time zones but also see differences in business practices, processes, and expectations that stem from demographic, psychographic, and cultural elements. To help us grow and support our international customers, we leverage our international partner network to provide services at the local level.  

CEOCFO: What if anything has changed in your approach over time?

Mr. Hagberg: I think the expectations of both consumers and businesses continue to evolve. Most people have smart phones with simple apps that keep getting better all the time. People want business software that is as easy to use as a mobile app. That is why simplicity—coupled with smart, seamless functionality—is a key driver of our development strategy.

CEOCFO: How is business at riteSOFT?

Mr. Hagberg: Business is good and every year it gets better. We are finding customers weekly who need help automating their information systems so they can make better business decisions and be more competitive. If you take care of your customers and partners, they will take care of you.

CEOCFO: Giving back is important to you. Why and where do you focus your efforts?

Mr. Hagberg: I think everyone wants more than just a job in life. They want a purpose. One of the things that we try to do with the culture of our company is to provide work-life balance and encourage volunteerism. We do some simple things like cleaning up the road ditches in the spring. Several of our employees serve on association boards, library boards, and church boards, or do other volunteer work. Giving back helps people feel like they are leading a more well-rounded life, and they know the company they are working for totally supports them in those efforts.

CEOCFO: What kind of challenge does being in this space present?

Mr. Hagberg: In the software business, you need to be constantly improving and enhancing everything you do to stay relevant. This ties back to the increasing expectations that consumers and businesses have today. It is a challenge for us and for every software company. Software is challenging, but it’s also rewarding.

CEOCFO: Why choose riteSOFT?

Mr. Hagberg: By choosing riteSOFT, you “future proof” your investment. You are buying software that is designed to simplify your operations today and in the future. We continuously update our software to meet the market’s changing business needs. Plus, we’re here to take care of you along the way with our excellent support team to ensure your satisfaction.

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“…simplicity—coupled with smart, seamless functionality—is a key driver of our development strategy.”- Bruce Hagberg