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Emil Malak Wrote! Op-ed #7, COVID-19 Vaccine

The reason Why the Novel Coronavirus is Different
China is losing control. The city of Harbin is now a pandemic.

Emil Malak, CEO & Director


Interview conducted by:

Bud Wayne, Editorial Executive

CEOCFO Magazine

Published – February 26, 2020

CEOCFO: Mr. Malak, what is the significance of being asymptomatic?

Mr. Malak: Many carriers of the coronavirus are asymptomatic. They can carry the virus for 14 days or more without ever showing any symptoms or maybe just some very mild flu symptoms. But in the meantime, they could out walking around infecting an alarming number of people. There is at least one known case where a man was asymptomatic for 27 days before he displayed any symptoms, all the while he was capable of passing the virus on to others.

CEOCFO: What is a super spreader?

Mr. Malak: With regards to the coronavirus, a super spreader is an infected person who is able to spread the virus to a unusually large number of people. In some cases, a super spreader can infect hundreds. South Korea has jumped from under 100 cases to almost 1000 in just the last few days and the increase is believed to have been in large part due to a super spreader. In Japan over 600 people could have been infected by a single 80-year-old carrier and in Italy a single person may have infected 229 people. What scientists need to determine is what are the environmental conditions that can trigger a super spreader effect, such as a closed environment, closed loop circulatory heating or an air conditioning system that can spread the airborne virus through air conditioning vents.

CEOCFO: What actions should the United States and European countries consider taking now?

Mr. Malak: The United States needs to have FEMA, the National Guard and other military branches ready to execute their emergency plans. They should designate a good general to oversee the quarantine of cities and or towns if t becomes ineeded to contain the spread of the virus.

There is a lot we can learn from China’s experience. How they quarantined, fed, and treated large numbers of infected people and how they maintained the flow of supplies. Its important to begin the preparation phase now, not after the virus breaks out in big cities.

Europe should follow the same path. Begin the preparation phase now with their local armies and with NATO.

CEOCFO: What lessons have we learned?

Mr. Malak: Western nations can no longer depend on one or two countries for the majority of their medical supplies, essential machineries, spare parts, and food. They have to rebuild a manufacturing infrastructure that will be able to meet their own needs domestically for a coronavirus outbreak or any other natural or manmade crisis. They need to rely less on foreign countries and be more self-sufficient.

CEOCFO: What will happen to countries with a weak health system?

Mr. Malak: It could be catastrophic for them. Iran is a typical example of this. Their religious run government lacks the appropriate health care facilities necessary to deal with this fast spreading pandemic that has hit their country. The same applies to other countries in Sub-Saharan Africa, India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bangladesh etc. Those will likely be the hardest hit. We pray it doesn’t spread into those countries or the death toll can be staggering.

CEOCFO: What can the world do for China now?

Mr. Malak: China is down right now. America needs to lend them a helping hand as they struggle to contain this outbreak. Also ask China for guidance from their experience. There is a lot the world can learn about handling this crisis from the things China did right and from their mistakes.

CEOCFO: How do you think this will effect the world economically?

Mr. Malak: I think we are headed for an economic collapse, starting with the U.S. stock markets. If this virus is not contained within the next 3 months, I predict we will be facing a worse financial meltdown than we experienced in 2008. The global markets could drop 25% to 50% or more.

CEOCFO: Why did you single out Europe for geopolitical breakup?

Mr. Malak: The European Union is some bureaucrats dream. It is completely flawed. You cannot create a replica of the United States in Europe. There are far too many different histories and cultures to try to meld together under one flag. What makes Europe so special is their differences and diversity. Economically, the E.U. has already failed. No country should be required to subsidize another, just to keep the unity. Every country needs to stand on its own economic footing in order to compete in the world markets. The coronavirus will only speed up the inevitable collapse of the liberal leaning majorities of the European governments within the E.U. Socialism has never succeeded anywhere it has been tried. The average person suffers under socialism and only the politicians succeed.

CEOCFO: Is it true China has ordered factory workers to go back to work?

Mr. Malak: China is facing a major dilemma. If the factories stay closed there is no productivity for their domestic consumption, never mind the rest of the world. Unless the Chinese have figured out a way to keep infected workers separate from uninfected, going back to full production could significantly increase the current outbreak creating a full-blown, out of control pandemic. Factory workers could be walking into their coffins. A super spreader scenario can result in a spread so large they would not be able to control.

On the other hand, if they keep workers home, healthy or not they have no domestic production and can experience a full-on economic collapse. There are no assurances of how long they will be dealing with this. It can go a year or longer. China’s economy cannot bear a shut down for that period. It’s a very delicate situation. We hope and pray they will be able to navigate their way through this deadly disease. The Chinese dilemma is do they want to be wealthy and ill or poor and ill? In my personal opinion, ordering workers back to the factories could prove to be a fatal mistake. I hope I am proven wrong.

CEOCFO: Is the coronavirus a natural disease or was it engineered in laboratory in Wuhan?

Mr. Malak: I am not into conspiracy theories. The facts right now do not support the theories that this was manmade in a laboratory. It looks to be a naturally progressive disease. A disease that keeps mutating can easily weaponize itself into something lethal in a very short period of time.

CEOCFO: Is the coronavirus here to stay?

Mr. Malak: There is a Harvard professor epidemiologist, Marc Lipsitch that is predicting the coronavirus "will ultimately not be containable" and, within a year, will infect somewhere between 40 and 70 percent of humanity. To quote an article I read, “There's an emerging consensus that the outbreak will eventually morph into a new seasonal disease, which, per The Atlantic, could one day turn "cold and flu season" into "cold and flu and COVID-19 season."

CEOCFO: What do you recommend?

Mr. Malak: I am not a scientist, but I listen closely to the experts in the field and form my opinions based on the facts they give me. We need to take a close look at a medical cocktail which has been successfully used in Germany. They succeeded in curing 14 out of 16 patients they treated with this combination of drugs.

The second line of attack is to come up with a passive immunization strategy which will take at least 6 months to develop. Once we can identify the various monoclonal antibodies, we may be able to prevent it from progressing in the short term.

Thirdly, is to get a vaccine that will deal with the various mutations of the virus.

CEOCFO: Is America vulnerable to a possible pandemic?

Mr. Malak: Researchers need to carefully study and analyze if the virus is being exported from China, Japan or other places, or if it has established itself into homegrown transmission. What I mean by homegrown is that someone in the U.S. contracted it from an overseas carrier and is now infecting local people and creating a cluster that can become a pandemic. Now is the time to deploy a full-blown plan of attack.

CEOCFO: Do you think China is hiding something?

Mr. Malak: The numbers they are giving us do not really add up with what we are seeing in other places. The latest figures in China as of February 25:

 81,264 confirmed cases

 30326  recovered

 39,317 mild condition

 8,851   serious or critical

We need to know if they are hiding anything inside the “mild condition” category.

Are patients in this category on the way to recovery?

Are they on ventilators?

How many thousands of ventilators do they have?

How many of the patients are still on ventilators after 8 weeks?

If so, how long can they survive on a ventilator before they suffer organ failure?

Have the ventilators been turned off and a different cause of death listed on the birth certificate as some family surviving family members of deceased have claimed?

The mortality rate has officially exceeded 2% but some experts have been saying the real number is closer to 8%. Realistically this could end up being much grimmer. No one knows at this point.

CEOCFO: Is the 14-day quarantine period sufficient?

Mr. Malak: NO! We need 3 months minimum to be ensure the public’s safety. The quarantine period needs to be longer than 14 days. There is at least one verified case of a man that was asymptomatic for 27 days from the time he was infected until he showed the first sign of symptoms. 14 days is not enough to ensure the public’s safety. Anyone who has traveled from China since October 2019 should have been quarantined for 90 days. Over 5 million people escaped the Hubei Province just before the mandatory quarantine was enacted. Many of them were probably infected and have spread all over China. Its believed a small percentage likely traveled abroad and have been spreading the virus to those they have come in contact with.

CEOCFO: Do you think China is losing control?

Mr. Malak: We are being told the numbers of infected patients is coming down, but the fact the virus has now established itself in the northern city of Harbin seems to contradict those claims. Four cities in the district have been placed on lockdown and the port and the airport have been shut down.  It puts into the question their criteria for officially recording coronavirus cases.  I realize Chinese authorities need to keep the public calm but in so doing it can have dire consequences. The world health authorities are failing us once again by withholding the truth in their support of China. We need to be told the truth.

CEOCFO: Do you think China will nationalize its millionaires and billionaires?

Mr. Malak: I think they will do whatever they need to do to survive and I believe that is one of the measures under consideration. There are many wealthy people in China and one of the measures the government is currently considering is to nationalize their vast wealth. We will see if they do it and if so, will they try that on Hong Kong and Macau as well?

CEOCFO: How much can we trust the information that we are being given by foreign countries?

Mr. Malak: Everyone needs to research for themselves. Iran’s Deputy Health Minister Iraj Harirchi was recently on state TV looking ill and sweating while he was downplaying the effects of the coronavirus in Iran. Now we learned he tested positive for the virus and is under quarantine. When I was watching him sweating and coughing after hearing he tested positive I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. We cannot trust the propaganda some of these countries are spreading. North Korea denies having any cases of the virus. Is there anyone that believes they are telling the truth? This could bring down the Iranian regime and possibly other governments down also.

Iranian health minister news conference

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“Researchers need to carefully study and analyze if the virus is being exported from China, Japan or other places, or if it has established itself into homegrown transmission. What I mean by homegrown is that someone in the U.S. contracted it from an overseas carrier and is now infecting local people and creating a cluster that can become a pandemic. Now is the time to deploy a full-blown plan of attack.”- Emil Malak