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A Vaccine Could Be Deadly by Speeding Up the Infection for Most People

Failing to Test Everyone Could Be Suicidal!



I am the CEO of Inc. This is my third op-ed on the subject of coronavirus. In my first one published on February 25th, I warned of many of things we have since seen come to fruition throughout the world. In this current article, I am issuing a new warning, cautioning that reopening the economy prematurely, before we have had a chance to test everyone could have disastrous consequences.    

I want to reiterate that I am NOT a scientist, doctor or medical expert. I am however, well read on the subject and I conduct a lot of research. COVID-19 has disrupted the entire world and has already changed our lives. This article will attempt to layout in plain language the complexities of this virus and its unusual behavior according the data on hand. These are only my opinions which were crafted after much research and discussion. I recommend everyone conduct their own inquiries and draw their own conclusions.

Why is COVID-19 Such a Beast of a Virus? ​

We still do not have enough reliable data to accurately know how many people are infected with COVID-19, but we do know enough to be very concerned. This virus behaves differently from others in many important ways.

1.     Asymptomatic carriers represent a significant percentage of total cases.

Iceland has tested 10% of its population, a larger percentage than any other country. Of all those who tested positive, 50% displayed no symptoms, double the CDC’s estimates.

“And the scariest finding: At any given time, about half of its citizens who have the coronavirus — and don’t know it — are not showing any symptoms. That’s double the CDC’s recent estimate that as many as one in four people with COVID-19 may be asymptomatic.”

2.     Infected patients who do show symptoms often get dry cough, high fever and diarrhea. In some, COVID-19 has resulted in heart attack, stroke, pulmonary embolism (sudden blockage of one of the pulmonary arteries in the lungs), and suffocation due to lungs filling up with liquid.

3.     The virus can live on some surfaces for as many as 3 or more days and stay airborne for up to 3 hours.

4.     COVID-19 is likened to an airborne version of HIV and Ebola.

5.     It is a mixture of HIV and Ebola, SARS, and others.

6.     Recent studies show COVID-19 attacks T cells, affecting the body’s immune response system.

7.   In a large segment of patients, the virus prevents imprinting a memory on the cells of the body's immune system: memory B cells..

8.   Is the virus able to recognize and edit some therapeutic treatments heading towards it?

9.     COVID-19 has a far higher infectivity rate than the flu.




HIV is a virus that originated from apes. In Africa, large numbers of apes, gorillas, chimpanzees, and other wildlife on the brink of extinction are viciously hunted. HIV spilled over into humans through the preparation, cooking and eating of ape meat. Among humans, HIV is predominantly sexually transmitted through unprotected sex with an infected person. It can also be transmitted through blood from sharing needles and coming in contact with certain bodily fluids. It is not airborne, nor is there any surface contamination transmission. It destroys the body’s white blood cells and essential immune cells called T cells and replicates itself throughout.


According to the World Health Organization, by 2018, 32 million people had died of HIV since the beginning of the epidemic, and about 38 million people are living with HIV today. HIV is preventable and can be tested for and treated.




Ebola likely originated from fruit bats and non-human primates and spilled over into the human population. It can spread person to person through contact with blood or bodily fluids, and contaminated objects such as clothes, bedding, needles and medical equipment. It can also spread by coming in contact with infected animals by preparing, cooking and or eating them.

Ebola swept through Africa resulting in more than 28,000 cases and 11,310 deaths.  A person can only spread Ebola to other people after they develop signs and symptoms of Ebola.

Coronavirus, Asymptomatic and Airborne


Covid-19 is believed to be a mixture of HIV and Ebola. The novel coronavirus is an evolved, more lethal form of HIV and Ebola, only far more infectious. One of the main differences between HIV, Ebola and COVID-19 is COVID-19 is airborne and can be spread by any kind of person to person contact as well as through surface contamination. Carriers can be completely asymptomatic. A single sneeze can infect multiple people. COVID-19 has emerged as the devil of the 21st century with the potential to eventually wipe us all out.


A Message to All U.S. and World Leaders


You should not consider reopening the economy anywhere before everyone has been tested.

Testing is Our Only Hope

We need a clear plan forward before we can send people back to work. Please consider our simple proposal.

We should not even consider reopening the economy in any state until every person in that state has been tested. We still do not know how many asymptomatic carriers are on lock down in any given region. The aforementioned study from Iceland showed 50% of infected patients are asymptomatic. 

Forcing people to stay sheltered at home without providing the means to test everyone is a futile effort and will not end the pandemic. Unless we can test everyone, this crisis will not go away anytime soon and will remain with us for years to come. Widespread testing is the only way to beat COVID-19


We Cannot Send the Working Population into a Coronavirus Concentration Camp


If we reopen before we’ve had the chance to test every person, we run the risk of a second wave of infection. Unlike earlier in the process, clusters are already well established and will not require time to build up. Once the floodgates are opened the established clusters will rip through the population quickly.


Health systems are already very strained and would not be able to deal with an exponential increase of new COVID-19 cases. Death rates would multiply, resulting in a million or more deaths by the end of the year in the United States alone. Once everyone in a state has been tested, businesses in that state can begin to safely get back to normal.


Our priorities should be very clear. Health is the first and foremost consideration, then the economy is second. Politics should be last.


New Saliva Test for COVID-19


The FDA has just approved a new saliva test kit that detects COVID-19. It is simple, completely painless and can easily be self-administered. The patient collects their own saliva in a tube and sends it out for testing. We need to focus on mass production of these kits and getting expedited same day test results within 30 minutes, so we can safely reopen our economy. Every household will need to have a test kit. The sooner these kits can be mass produced and supplied to every household the sooner we can reopen the economy and avoid the need to test the entire population.


Reopening the Economy Must Happen Gradually and in a Safe Manner


Universal testing is necessary to take control of the virus:

test, trace, isolate and treat.


There is an obvious solution to this problem. Abbott labs has just set up a COVID-19 testing laboratory in New York City that can provide positive and negative test results within half an hour. I propose the following plan of action to President Donald Trump and all world leaders dealing with this pandemic to safely reopen the global economy and bring this crisis to a safe conclusion. New Yorkers are known for getting things done quickly, as the saying goes, “in a New York minute.” This is one of those times we need to take control of the virus NOW, through immediate widespread testing.


I propose we assemble a fleet of COVID-19 mobile testing vans. The fleet needs to be large enough to place a vehicle in every neighbourhood, fire station, and major street corner, in every city and town in America. This will provide the infrastructure necessary for the mandatory testing needed to take control of the virus. Developing an app is essential to record and transmit test results to each person’s mobile phone. Additionally, the app should track, and alert people of areas to avoid where there is active infection.


Rolling out mobile testing labs should be the number one priority, to have them fully operational within a maximum of two months. Once they are up and running, we can safely begin to reopen the economy.

Maintain Continuous Testing for One Year

Regular testing should be mandated in the following intervals:

       Once per week for the first month

       Once every two weeks for the next six months

       Once per month for the next five months

In addition to maintaining this testing schedule the following guidelines should remain in place:

          Enforce quarantine at home

        Personal protective equipment for first responders should be the top priority

        Keep state and national borders closed

        Provide masks and disposable gloves for everyone

        Provide disinfectants and wipes

        Enforce social distancing


Widespread testing will allow us to only quarantine those who test positive and free everyone else to resume their normal lives. It will also enable us to identify infected patients early, in many cases before the onset of symptoms and allow them to receive immediate medical treatment. It is essential that these initiatives are in place within the next two months so we can begin to safely and gradually reopen the economy and return our lives back to normal.


What Peak and Which Curve?

We have “reached the peak,” and “flattening of the curve” are fancy phrases meant to mislead and provide us with a false sense of security. Which peaks are they referring to? We are not in the business of making imaginary predictions. These are not factual calculations and are irrelevant and invalid unless everyone in the group has been tested and maintains regular testing at scheduled intervals for at least one year.

If We Reopen Now Established Clusters Will Quickly Rip Through the Population


While one imaginary “peak” is receding in one region, another peak is climbing in another during these periods of exponential growth in new COVID-19 cases. If we reopen too soon, blind clusters will rip through even faster than at first and will create a much higher peak than we are currently seeing. Responsible government officials

should NOT allow people to go back to work before everyone has been tested. If they send them back prematurely knowing full well how deadly this virus is, in my opinion they are committing manslaughter against their own citizens. COVID-19 is an airborne form of Ebola, HIV, and other viruses that is often spread by asymptomatic carriers, making it one of the most contagious diseases known to man.

This pandemic is a major crisis that governments everywhere must treat as if they are at war. Factories need to be retooled to produce necessary medical supplies and equipment. Ambulance style vehicles should be outfitted with testing equipment capable of providing quick results such as the tests created by Abbott Labs and others. It is crucial to have widespread testing completed within a maximum of two to three months.

We need to follow the example of the Czech Republic. Swift and decisive action by Prime Minister Andrej Babiš, and in particular, the implementation program by his Deputy Health Minister and Professor of Hygiene, Preventive Medicine and Epidemiology, Roman Prymula, has saved many lives. They have had strict adherence to similar guidelines as what I am proposing, and they have experienced great success.

Czech Republic Success Video


Germany’s Angela Merkel has announced plans to begin gradually reopening her country’s economy starting next week. I sincerely hope to be proven wrong and that Germany is successful at getting their country back to normal now without clusters creating a second wave of infection. They will be the world’s first experimental laboratory. We will all be watching closely and hoping and praying for the best.



Everyone’s hopes for resolution are pinned to the development of a vaccine, as if a vaccine would be a miracle solution. Of course, I too am hoping for an effective vaccine that can protect us against COVID-19, but I would caution that we still do not have enough data to know if and how the virus mutates.

First, we need to ascertain whether the virus mutates and if so, how does it mutate. Will the mutations render a future vaccine less effective? And even if we are successful at developing a vaccine for COVID-19, it would not solve the immediate problem since the process will take at least 12-18 months or more.


There are still some unanswered questions we need to confirm before we can rely on the efficacy of a vaccine:


       Does COVID-19 damage a large percentage of memory B cells inhibiting their ability to create neutralizing antibodies?

       Does COVID-19 attack T cells as one recent study suggested, and if so, how much damage does it cause? 

        Is the fact that older people develop less new T cells than young people the reason they are more susceptible to contracting and dying from COVID-19?

        Why does the virus move so rapidly from the throat to the lungs? Is it the inability of the immune system’s T cells to mount a strong defense and prevent the virus from reaching the deep lungs?

If it is proven that COVID-19 prevents the formation of memory B cells in a large segment of patients, as some researchers suspect, a single vaccine may not be adequate to prevent infection. A patient may require 4 or 5 vaccines with boosters in order to raise their body’s immunities to the necessary levels to be effective against the virus.

Much more data is needed before we can know if we will be protected by a vaccine.



A Vaccine Could Be Deadly by Speeding Up the Infection for Most People

There are some important questions regarding the role of neutralizing and non-neutralizing antibodies in recovered COVID-19 patients that need to be answered before we can pin our hopes on the development of a vaccine and protection by herd immunity. A recent study suggested that only about 15% to 20% of recovered COVID-19 patients developed neutralizing antibodies, with the majority developing NON-neutralizing antibodies.

An April 11, 2020, Yahoo News article on this subject said, “At this time, it is not clear if every COVID-19 patient will develop neutralizing antibodies, or if only a subset will develop immunity that can prevent reinfection.” This is a question we must answer. If only a small subset develop immunity, we could be in serious trouble. A vaccine might backfire; instead of offering protection against the virus it could create a super-infection.

Our bodies produce different types of antibodies following a virus, but not all of them prevent infection. Neutralizing antibodies defend us against reinfection, but non-neutralizing antibodies do not kill the virus. Instead, they can enhance infectivity by binding themselves to virus particles and acting as a vehicle carrying the virus to the cells which infect the host. This process is called Antibody-dependent enhancement (ADE).

What does all this mean for the prospects of developing an effective vaccine? Most vaccines work by stimulating the immune system and inducing the body to create neutralizing antibodies. If 85% of patients only produce non-neutralizing antibodies that transport virus particles, those antibodies will not only fail to protect against COVID-19 but may instead increase the likelihood of infection upon exposure to the virus. Presence of the non-neutralizing antibodies could actually speed up the virus’s duplication process decreasing the chances of survival and, in some cases, bringing about a speedier death. Rather than having an effective vaccine against COVID-19, we will have created a super-infection.

Animal tests studying antibody-dependent enhancement, confirmed this theory using similar viruses. Vaccinated rabbits in the study were not only unprotected from the virus for which they were vaccinated, but when re-exposed suffered much more severe lung infection than the first time.  

Whoever is able to answer the question why COVID-19 does not activate memory B cells or create neutralizing antibodies that destroy the virus will be deserving of a Nobel Prize.  Under these conditions administering a vaccine could be a game of Russian Roulette. Without neutralizing antibodies or vaccine protection there is no possibility of herd immunity against COVID-19.

Herd Immunity


Herd Immunity, or community immunity is the concept that when a large percentage of a population is immune through antibodies and or vaccination, they are protecting those not immune by reducing the ability to spread infection. At this point we still do not have enough data to know with any certainty if a recovered patient has the neutralizing antibodies needed to fight off future infection. Another unanswered question is, can minute traces of the virus be left behind, only to reemerge after a patient has been cleared, causing them to relapse. South Korean officials just reported that 91 patients thought cleared of the new coronavirus have tested positive again.


Jeong Eun-kyeong, director of the Korea Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (KCDC), told a briefing that the virus may have been "reactivated" rather than the patients being re-infected.


A recent study of recovered COVID-19 patients conducted in Shanghai revealed some potentially alarming information. A team from Fudan University, analyzed blood samples from 175 patients discharged from the Shanghai Public Health Clinical Centre and found that nearly a third had unexpectedly low levels of antibodies. In some cases, antibodies could not be detected at all. While more studies need to be conducted in order to arrive at firmer conclusions, reduced amounts of antibodies in recovered patients could dash the hopes for herd immunity. We must be cautious in reliance on herd immunity against future infection. The jury is still out on this.


This Virus Has No Boundaries


Pandemics often flourish in densely populated regions like New York City and major metropolitan areas. COVID-19 is proving it has no boundaries as it is beginning to affect the most remote parts of the world. The jungles of the Amazon are now feeling the effect of COVID-19, and recent deaths are sparking fears the indigenous tribes could be wiped out. The most recent fatality was a young man from the Yanomami tribe, in the northern area of the Brazilian state of Roraima.  He is the second victim of the virus, after an 87-year-old Borari woman (from the Bora village) also died from the disease. In addition, hundreds of people who did not follow the safety and hygiene protocols to prevent the spread attended her funeral, and this has national authorities concerned. The total number of those infected by coronavirus in these parts to date is seven, distributed across three states of the Amazon. Four of them were infected by an indigenous health worker who had attended a conference in southern Brazil and had not respected the isolation measures.


They Dropped the Ball


Sweden, France, Spain, Netherlands, Japan and others will soon be paying the price for their failures to take quick action and their lack of adequate testing during the early stages of the pandemic. Do they believe they have superior DNA that is not susceptible to viruses as the rest of humanity? The cluster is growing daily. They are likely to face massive outbreaks that will keep coming back, and potentially experience breakdowns of their healthcare systems and the capacities of their morgues to process the dead.


India, Pakistan, Africa, Bangladesh, Iran, Turkey and parts of the Middle East need to brace themselves for pending disaster like they have never seen before. I feel very sorry for their wonderful people that cannot rely on their countries’ fragile healthcare systems. The World Health Organization and the international community need to come to the aid of these impoverished nations. They need our help and our prayers.


Sweden’s Deadly Strategy


Officials in Sweden decided to apply a much more relaxed approach in dealing with COVID-19, only advising the most vulnerable to isolate and work from home. Everyone else has been carrying on with their normal lives. Restaurants and bars are full, and few people are paying attention to the virus. Their strategy has backfired. To date, the small country of 10 million has more than 12,500 confirmed cases and more than 1300 dead. That’s a mortality rate of greater than 10% and many experts believe the worst is yet to come for the Swedes.


Turkey is also now seeing a large spike in confirmed cases as the COVID-19 infections are spreading across the country. With 3000 new cases a day they are experiencing the biggest rise of any other country in the world.


Japan was applauded early on as a country that handled the pandemic well, keeping news cases down without shutting down the country. Now, with increasing fears of a resurgence of new infections, their government was forced to declare a nationwide state of emergency.

Truce for Three Months

The press needs to stop blaming leaders. Let’s take the next three months and focus all our media attention on educating people on how to deal with this beast of a virus. In times like these we need to close ranks and come together to figure out a solution. These are unprecedented times and it’s important to support our leaders that are trying to navigate us through this pandemic. Never before have we seen a disease like this monster virus we are currently fighting.


Large Gatherings/Manslaughter 


While the vast majority of U.S. states are under stay at home orders to help reduce the spread of COVID-19, some have carved out an exemption for religious services. It is irresponsible and counterproductive to make any exemption. It not only puts the worshippers who attend the services at risk but also everyone they come in contact with outside of their church services. The outbreak in South Korea began with one “super-spreader”, an asymptomatic middle-aged woman who attended her church services, resulting in thousands of COVID-19 infections.

We recently saw thousands of spring breakers partying on Florida beaches for a week, completely ignoring new pandemic protocols. We may never know the full negative impact of their reckless behaviour, but we can rest assured that many innocent people have died because of the thoughtlessness of those who only cared about having a good time. That kind of behaviour is tantamount to manslaughter.


Social Distancing is the New Normal


Shaking hands, kissing cheeks and other forms of close touching are becoming less and less safe with new pandemics popping up every few years. I think it’s time to change and incorporate safer, more graceful greetings that have less likelihood of spreading germs.

Recently, I saw a formerly used Turkish/Iranian greeting, which involved simply placing your right hand on your heart close to your chest and giving a slight head bow, leaving about 3 to 6 feet between the greeters. It was an elegant and respectful greeting that can be easily incorporated today. I think it would be a welcome societal change. More and more people including President Trump self-identify as germaphobes. President Trump once said shaking hands is “barbaric.” I say, today shaking hands is infectiousPresident Trump and other world leaders should provide the example whenever they appear on TV.


A Coming Medical Solution


Countless researchers and bio-med companies are working around the clock trying to find a medical solution to COVID-19. The world is hopeful for someone to develop the right treatment that will solve this pandemic quickly.

I have been very encouraged by some of the research coming out of Germany and the Czech Republic. Their scientists are among the world’s best and have developed many excellent medical innovations. In my first op-ed I wrote about renowned medical researcher and one of the world’s foremost experts on this novel coronavirus Prof. Christian Drosten, Director of the Institute of Virology on Campus Charité Mitte, Berlin, Germany. He and his team have had excellent results so far. I will be keeping my eye on him and see what innovations they develop in the coming months.


Will the Coronavirus Force the Fast Track Implementation of the Gold Standard?


The world has 250 trillion dollars in debt with only 50 trillion worth of physical money in circulation. What about the remaining 200 trillion in debt? It is based only on good faith and trust. In actuality, we are all utilizing fake currencies, and in a sense, we are all being cheated.


Unachievable GDP Projections Hurt the Value of the Dollar with No Back Up


My last op-ed focused on the need to return to the gold standard in order to hold those accountable who recklessly print unsecured money at will. I would warn that we could be seeing the dawn of a “coronagold” currency replacing the U.S. dollar as the world’s prominent currency. If the United States does not move fast to reinstitute the gold standard, the economic power of the dollar could be snatched away. Russia and China could decide to trade in their dollars for the Swiss Franc and demand it be backed by gold. The Swiss government would likely be happy to oblige. Russia and China have been amassing large reserves of physical gold in recent years. I am not an economist, but I do pose this scenario as a potential dilemma facing the United States and the U.S. Dollar. President Trump needs to enact a dollar backed by gold now more than ever.

A Better Solution: Temporary Moratorium on All Mortgages, Rents and Debts etc.

There is a better way to provide assistance to people without the need to recklessly print trillions of dollars of unsecured money. Why not place a moratorium on all essential debts and living expenses until the crisis is over? Temporarily pause all mortgages and all debt repayments and provide financial assistance for food and necessary living expenses. This will give the urgent help needed and preserve the integrity of our currency.

Coronavirus Op-ed February 25, 2020. 

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“Whoever is able to answer the question why COVID-19 does not activate memory B cells or create neutralizing antibodies that destroy the virus will be deserving of a Nobel Prize.  Under these conditions administering a vaccine could be a game of Russian Roulette. Without neutralizing antibodies or vaccine protection there is no possibility of herd immunity against COVID-19.”- Emil Malak