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A Hague Court of Justice Inquiry


As I have stated in my previous articles, I want to reiterate that I am NOT a scientist, doctor or medical expert. I am well read on this subject and I conduct ongoing research. These are only my opinions which were crafted after thorough study and discussion. I recommend everyone conduct their own inquiries and reach their own conclusions.

China Failed to Warn the International Community of the Pandemic

The Chinese regime knew of the pandemic and kept it from the world for weeks. Those weeks have cost the world trillions of dollars, thousands of lives and immeasurable heartbreak and despair, and we are nowhere near finished. Whether this is natural or manmade, the fact remains China is to blame either way. They could have sounded the alarm on day one and the world could have been ready and avoided the crisis.


While many speculate that COVID-19 is a manmade virus, there is a lack of convincing evidence to support those assertions at this point. Until such time as solid proof is presented, I will maintain the position it a natural disease that has and will continue to evolve as an opportunistic viral polymerase that plays a central role in a viral genome replication and transcription.


We need to learn from China’s mistakes and those of the rest of the world. A full and open investigation is needed to find out the truth and get to the bottom of China’s role in this pandemic. If they are innocent of wrongdoing an investigation would clear their name and bring an end to the many conspiracy theories.                              


Man-made or Natural Occurrence?


While there are many theories floating around that COVID-19 is manmade, no one has yet to present clear and convincing evidence to prove it. Until then we must assume it was a natural occurrence, but I do stand behind my previous statement that COVID-19 behaves and acts like a bioweapon.


Recently, U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo told ABC News, “There is a significant amount of evidence that this came from that laboratory in Wuhan.”  When asked about some intelligence reports with a different conclusion, Pompeo responded, “The best experts so far seem to think it was man-made. I have no reason to disbelieve that at this point.”

Was China the Source, the Enabler or the Victim?


Additionally, the nations of the world must call for a full investigation and conduct a hearing by the International Court of Justice at the Peace Palace in Hague. A thorough examination should be led by a team of international scientists that can scrutinize claims the virus originated at a wet market in Wuhan as well as carefully review the work of scientists at the Wuhan Institute of Virology and other Chinese pathogen labs.  We also need to know what if any role was played by the National Microbiology Laboratory in Winnipeg, Canada. Western nations should be prepared to cut all economic ties with China if they refuse to cooperate fully.  It is in China’s best interest to cooperate and provide full transparency to the international community.  If the Chinese fail to do so, they could find themselves on the precipice of a new cold war with the rest of the world.


There are several questions that must be answered:


       Where did it originate?

       Assuming it began in animals, when did it cross over to humans?

       When did it cross from human to human?

       When did they first learn of the outbreak?

       Why did they remain silent for a period of time?

       Did it come from a wet market or in a Wuhan pathogen lab?

Was this retaliation against President Trump for the trade dispute?

Why did the Chinese government ban flights out of Wuhan to other parts of China when the virus broke out but allowed flights to continue from Wuhan to the rest of the world? Was this done intentionally to infect the west?


China Must Be Held Accountable and Make Financial Restitution


If for no other reason, the banning of domestic flights out of Wuhan while allowing international flights to leave is sufficient grounds for China to face retaliation. Whether this action was intentional or not, it has taken hundreds of thousands of lives so far and the death toll is still growing. It has cost trillions of dollars and inflicted unimaginable pain on the international community. This matter must be addressed by the International Court of Justice. Irreparable harm has been done and the Chinese government must make restitution to the world.


Recently, the courageous Australian Prime Minister has joined President Trump and other world leaders calling for an investigation. If China is as innocent as they say they should welcome an investigation and clear their name once and for all.


Wet Markets


We also need to take an in-depth look into Chinese wet markets and investigate allegations of the inhumane treatment of animals, sculling of live dogs and cats and assess the risks to the rest of the world from China’s insistence on eating exotic animals that can spread disease to humans. An old homeless man recently told me about the cruelty to animals at wet markets and of the extreme superstitions of the Chinese people. He said many in his country believe the virus is the result of bad spirits from the animals punishing them for the evil treatment they received. Chinese wet markets not only promote the mistreatment of animals, but also the lack of hygiene puts the entire world at risk of disease. 

WarningThree of the links below show videos with some disturbing images of China’s animal cruelty and the deplorable conditions of their wet markets. However, the final video shows how loyal and loving these wonderful animals are that are being tortured and sacrificed each day in China.


Globalization Has Become Colonization


The only way forward for the United States, Canada, Australia and Europe is protectionism. The World Trade Organization (WTO) has failed us and we need to abandon them. I have been extremely critical of a bias on the part of the WTO in favour of China which has led to the destruction of manufacturing jobs in the west. China can freely invest billions of dollars in western countries, purchasing and taking over companies, but western companies are NOT permitted to reciprocate in China, and the WTO sits back in silence allowing this inequality to go on endlessly without comment.


Europe has encouraged the taking over of industries and the stealing of trade secrets within their borders by Chinese companies and welcomed them with open arms in the name of “free trade.” In reality it has been nothing more than Chinese economic colonization over a sleepy “love and peace” west.

Justin Trudeau Has Put Canadian Industry for Sale to the Chinese

A weak and inexperienced Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is following the example of his European counterparts by allowing China to gain foreign ownership of Canadian companies and increasing their stronghold on western industry. Recently Trudeau’s government was harshly criticized for giving approval to the China National Offshore Oil Corporation to drill in Canadian waters but has repeatedly vetoed Canadian oil and gas projects.


The European Union will be gone sooner than I had originally predicted. COVID-19 has finally given the west the tools to dismantle the EU which I always said was a complete failure since its inception. You do not need a federation of countries under one self-serving European regime to get free trade.


Could we be getting closer to the day we see the United States and the European Union cease trading with China altogether? U.S. President Ronald Reagan’s leadership brought down the Soviet Union and liberated the communist bloc countries of Eastern Europe. Will U.S. President Donald Trump and the coronavirus pandemic lead the way to bring down communist China?

The Chinese Government is in Full Control of Their Machinations


Nothing is manufactured in China without the Chinese regime signing off. Chinese factories have been producing massive amounts of opioids, and traffickers have flooded the United States, Canada, Europe and Australia with these illicit drugs. Fentanyl and opioid addictions in the west are at epidemic proportions, claiming the lives of hundreds of young addicts each and every day in the United States alone. The Chinese government always finds a way to profit on the misery and destruction of others.


The way they have conducted themselves should not come as a surprise to anyone. In the western Xinjiang region of China, Uighur Muslims are persecuted for their faith and more than a million are incarcerated in Chinese concentration camps. Husbands and young people are ripped from their families. Many are tortured and forced to abandon their religious beliefs in these prisons they call “re-education programs.”


Why have populous Muslim countries like Indonesia, Malaysia, and Muslim Middle eastern and African nations not taken a stand against China’s forced incarceration of their fellow Uighur Muslims. It’s time for them to speak up and protect their Muslim brothers. At the very least, Muslims should protest by boycotting items made in China.


My criticism of the Chinese government is aimed exclusively at the regime, not the People. In no way is this a reflection on my feelings towards the Chinese people. Chinese immigrants are hardworking, family oriented, industrious people that contribute greatly to society. I have many Chinese friends, and I have great respect and admiration for them. you rarely find a Chinese immigrant dependent on government assistance.


As I mentioned in my last op-ed, western governments should impose a ten-year moratorium on the sale of real estate and all other commodities to China. So far, China has been the only country to benefit economically from this virus. They are already manufacturing supplies and equipment needed to fight COVID-19 and making billions of dollars in profits from the misery they have inflicted on the world.


China’s Unfair Trade Practices Must Change 


Unless China takes steps to balance trade practices, western nations need to form a unified front and take the following action:


       American and European companies should be repatriated out of China.

       All Chinese companies in the United States, Canada, Australia, Japan and Europe should be forced to sell off their assets and go back to China.

       Countries should pass a “Traitor Act” to ban their domestic companies from investing in China.

        Impose a ten-year moratorium on all Chinese mergers and acquisitions of any western companies.

In September 2019, amid a trade war, President Trump ordered all American companies with factories in China to come back to the United States or “immediately start looking for an alternative to China.” Now after COVID-19, the administration is offering to pay the moving expenses for companies to come back to the United States and build their products at home. Other countries in Europe and Japan are doing the same. In addition, I propose a moratorium be in place for ten years prohibiting the Chinese government from buying any U.S. and European products. China has wrought havoc on the entire world. They cannot be permitted to go unpunished. This action would be a small punishment compared to what they have done to the world and to the global economy.

The fact is the Chinese regime is no friend of the west. Like all other communist regimes before and after them they show no respect for human rights, prohibit free speech and censor information via the press and internet. They use force to ensure compliance to their edicts.


Military Colonization of the Far-East


Why is China building islands in the South China Sea? They are creating military landing points around their mainland and building strategically placed military bases. According to a report by the Asia Maritime Transparency Initiative, "Beijing can now deploy military assets, including combat aircraft and mobile missile launchers to the Spratly Islands at any time.”


In January of this year, senior editor at the Diplomat, Ankit Panda wrote, “In peacetime, these outposts serve to allow China coercive leverage as it bolsters its “nine-dash line” claim in the South China Sea, where the Philippines, Malaysia, Vietnam, Brunei, and Taiwan maintain territorial claims (and Indonesia maintains a disputed exclusive economic zone claim).

These illegal islands contribute to the growth of China’s already vast firepower, situational awareness and military logistics. Why do we not hear any condemnation by the useless United Nations?


The Chinese Ministry of National Defence (MND) has accused guided missile destroyer USS Barry of trespassing into Chinese territorial waters, even though the destroyer was in international maritime waters. Later the Chinese arrogantly issued a statement that said, “We urge the United States to focus on the prevention and control of its national epidemic situation, do more useful things for international anti-epidemic, and immediately stop military operations that are not conducive to regional security and peace and stability.”


An Adequate Testing System Must Be in Place Before Reopening the Economy


A continuous COVID-19 testing program should be implemented throughout the United States and Europe. They need to test their entire populations over the next two months and maintain a regular testing program as I proposed in my previous article.


Failure to do so will result in the inability to return to a healthy population and will make near term economic recovery impossible. A depression will be unavoidable. New COVID-19 tests have been developed that make widespread testing of everyone feasible. Countries need to act now. The United States’ target of testing 5 million people per day in conjunction with tracking must be in place by July 4th, or the current administration risks losing reelection. No more blame game and excuses - this should be a federal objective and not left to the states.


The United Kingdom needs to aim for a minimum of 1 million tests per day, not the proposed one hundred thousand. Reopening the economy by simply relaxing stay at home orders is a grave mistake that I believe will backfire in the next 8 weeks as established mini clusters will result in asymptomatic spread of the virus.


COVID-19 is not going away anytime soon. Even if the delusion of a vaccine we are all hoping will be developed were to come true, a mutated form of the virus could render it obsolete. In the meantime, we must be fully prepared to have everyone repeatedly tested. We need a miracle drug that will overcome the virus’s constant mutations. A treatment that can save lives and stop the horrible damage COVID-19 inflicts on the lungs and other organs of its victims.  

It is imperative we be smart in how we face this challenge. There is famous quote attributed to Albert Einstein that rings true today, Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the universe.”

I am confident if someone were to develop a drug that cures stupidity, with a world population of 7.8 billion they would sell 7 billion doses per year.  And I would be one of the people on the line to buy a dose for myself.


We have seen widespread selfishness and stupidity on display during this pandemic. Like the images we saw several weeks ago of countless young people flocking to Florida beaches getting infected and carrying the virus back to their home states and to their friends and families. In my opinion someone that intentionally puts themselves in a position to be infected and through their carelessness causes the death of another is guilty of manslaughter.


Now we are seeing opposing protests on opposite coasts. Beachgoers in Huntington Beach, California are protesting beach closures, while healthcare workers in Daytona Beach, Florida are protesting the decision to reopen the beach.


A Vaccine Cannot be Made Until We Have More Data on Neutralizing Antibodies


A patient who recovers from a virus usually develops antibodies, but not all antibodies defend against reinfection. Neutralizing antibodies recognize the virus upon re-exposure and kill it.  Non-neutralizing antibodies may also recognize the virus but will not attack it. Instead they will bind to it, rapidly transport the virus to the body’s cells and infect them.


HIV first became prevalent in the 1980’s; nearly 40 years later and we still do not have a vaccine. The reason is the lack of neutralizing antibodies. HIV patients develop antibodies, but they are non-neutralizing. The creation of an effective vaccine usually depends on the body’s development of neutralizing antibodies. As I wrote in my last article, COVID-19 is a mixture of HIV and Ebola, SARS, and others.


Today we are constantly being told by private companies and governments alike that we are close to achieving a vaccine for COVID-19. My question is this, how can we possibly be close to a vaccine when there is not yet enough data to confirm the presence of neutralizing antibodies after a patient recovers from the virus? Before we can have any level of confidence in the future development of a COVID-19 vaccine we need to know if all or most recovered patients develop neutralizing antibodies.


An unconfirmed report of a study done on a small sample size of recovered COVID-19 patients showed only 12.5% of patients tested had developed neutralizing antibodies. If that percentage remains constant upon further testing of larger numbers, we will have a serious problem on our hands. If only 12.5% of recovered patients are safe from recurring infection, the remaining 87.5% with only non-neutralizing antibodies will be vulnerable to much more severe and potentially lethal re-infection upon re-exposure to COVID-19 or when a second wave of the virus hits.


The Best Way to Benefit from a Coronavirus Vaccine is to Not Take It

The best way to benefit from a coronavirus vaccine is not to take it. If the vaccine is unable to force the immune system to produce neutralizing antibodies, and only ends up producing non-neutralizing antibodies, the vaccine will have failed, but worse it will have created an extra efficient delivery weapon for the virus. It is totally delusional to even think that a vaccine could be delivered by the end of this year without at least 18 months of data confirmation of the neutralizing antibodies issue. A vaccine could become a killing machine if it cannot produce sufficient neutralizing antibodies. You will have vaccinated the population with a poisonous killer machine.


Another big reason a vaccine in the near future is likely not realistic is because of virus mutations. The image below by gives us much reason for concern. Each dot represents a mutation of the virus from January through mid-April. Not every dot represents a “different” mutation. Some of the mutations represented in the graph are identical, a repeat of the last patient’s sample. More precise scientific calculations are needed. The main point is the speed at which the virus has mutated in only four months with about 3 million cases. How much more will it mutate a year from now when we could be looking at more than 50 million cases? It is frightening to see how quickly this virus mutates. Hopefully we can catch a break and the virus will mutate into weaker, less harmful strains with lessening symptoms until it eventually dies out naturally. The link leads to an interactive website.

We fear a much worse scenario where the virus mutates into a more lethal form, becoming a monster virus that renders neutralizing antibodies ineffective. The Spanish Flu did just that. It mutated, reengineered itself and caused a second more deadly wave that killed more people than the first.


The Spanish Flu, a deadly form of the influenza (H1N1) virus is believed to have killed between 50 million to 100 million. It started in the spring of 1918 and by summer had calmed down a bit, or in today’s language, “experienced a flattening of the curve.” When the second wave hit in the fall, it was far more deadly than the first.


We must prepare ourselves for the possibility of a worst-case scenario. That would be the emergence of a new wave this fall or later. Like the Spanish Flu, the new wave could be an evolved mutation of COVID-19, becoming a new and much more deadly disease. Any efficacy tests we can run on a potential vaccine would be rendered obsolete by mutation into a deadlier form.


At this point we still cannot even consider a near-term vaccine a reality. With thousands of mutations it is just not tenable. What if just a single mutation out of thousands is able to avoid the effects of neutralizing antibodies? Sufficient data is still lacking. Are we being given the hope of a vaccine in the near future for the sake of avoiding worldwide panic?  This is not the time to let our guard down. We must remain prepared for every possible scenario.


Scientists need to answer some important questions; do these hundreds of mutations or perhaps thousands of mutations mean the virus is mutating differently in every country? Do different countries have varied strains of the virus? Do we effectively have a different virus in each country or region?  There are no highways or telecommunications for the virus to evolve identically from one country to another. Until these and other questions are answered a vaccine is just a pipe dream.

It is frightening to think what this mutation pattern will mean for global travel, especially air travel, hotels and tourism. With different strains of the virus present in each country and asymptomatic carriers spreading the virus it will wreak havoc on international travel. If the mutation pattern is still in the hundreds or thousands of mutations after confirmation, then serious measures regarding international border closings will need to be put in place to manage the spread.


Are We Chasing a Unicorn?


The United States Congress approved $8.3 billion dollars in emergency spending in response to the pandemic with more than $3 billion of that funding designated for the research and development of vaccines, therapeutics and diagnostics. Companies like Moderna, Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson and Sanofi have benefited from those funds in hopes of delivering a vaccine quickly. This investment seems futile considering the lack of necessary data. Perhaps more importantly, how can we expect a near-term vaccine when to date there has NEVER been an effective vaccine developed for any other coronavirus? Promising a vaccine will be developed in such a short period of time is an insult to the intelligence of the average person.

If we consider the past and take into account the present speed of mutation, the billions of dollars currently being spent on vaccine development may as well be flushed down the toilet. In my opinion there is no vaccine soon. We are being mislead and given false hope. Moderna just received nearly half a billion dollars of taxpayer money to develop a vaccine. I am at a loss for words! How can a company that has yet to successfully bring a vaccine to the market be given so much money to do something that cannot be done at this time or possibly never?


Science is not a guessing game; decisions are made based on precise data collected over a period of time. Until then, promises of a near term vaccine are only false hope.

Claims by companies and research groups of being close to a vaccine could be desperation, or perhaps more cynically, a way of exploiting the pandemic to receive grant money.  We likely still have awhile to go before we will know for sure if a vaccine will even be possible. In my opinion, which is based on my extensive research on the subject and many discussions with medical scientists, I do not believe we will see a COVID-19 vaccine in our lifetime.


Hanging All Hopes on Herd Immunity Could End Up Being a Costly Mistake


Sweden, the Netherlands, Belgium, England and other countries followed the conventional wisdom of some by letting the virus rip through their population in the hopes of creating protection through herd immunity. It was a risky proposition that failed. Herd immunity is never guaranteed, and in the case of COVID-19 without the benefit of neutralizing antibodies, infection the second time around could be lethal and cause a speedier death for many that become re-infected after having overcome the virus the first time. It was a big risk that when all is said and done will have cost many lives. Additionally, the lack of herd immunity could seriously jeopardize any possibility of ever getting an effective vaccine.


There is no question we will be faced with another pandemic. The only question is when. America and Europe had two months warning but failed to properly prepare for the inevitable disease. Hindsight is always 20/20, but at this stage the most important thing is that we learn from our past mistakes. There is no going back to normal. The virus is coming back; we must prepare for that and get used to the fact that COVID-19 fatalities will be a part of our lives for the foreseeable future.


Countries Should Conduct Internal Inquires of Their Handling and Preparedness

No matter how much has been discussed over the years of the potential for a worldwide pandemic, COVID-19 still caught everyone off guard. The majority, if not all the G20 countries were not adequately prepared to handle the pandemic, especially at the onset. Pandemic threats never go away, therefore it is critical that each country conduct their own internal evaluations and analyze their individual responses and the state of their preparedness when the crisis began. We need to carefully assess what we did wrong and where we fell short in order to be adequately prepared the next time.


China and South Korea were proactive in dealing with the pandemic by ordering complete lockdowns on all fronts, while the United States and most of Europe failed to promptly do the same citing concerns about freedom and democracy. I would offer this correction, in my opinion this had nothing to do with preserving freedom and democracy. It was simply a lack of leadership.


Socialism Has Failed the World/Geopolitical Opinion Piece


Italy is a prime example of how a socialist government sold out all its core industries to China. What did they get in return? The loss of all their manufacturing jobs, the transfer of their trade and intellectual property secrets and last but not least COVID-19. Socialism has failed everywhere in the world it has been tried. It has brought nothing but misery and poverty to every country employing its doctrines.


The Socialist Italian Government and Italy’s Fashion Designers Played a Major Role in the Spread of COVID-19 Throughout Italy and Europe


Clothes, Shoes and Handbags made in Italy sell for much more money than clothes made in China. So, in order to not lose out on large profits, greedy fashion designers like Armani, Dolce & Gabbana, Zegna and Canali import low paid Chinese sweat shop workers so that they can mark their clothes as “Made in Italy.” Over one hundred thousand of these Chinese workers have been brought in to make shoes, clothes and handbags for the Italian fashion industry. As is their custom, many of those workers went home to China to celebrate the Chinese New Year which fell on January 24th. A large number returned to Italy infected with the virus. The rest is history.


It is ironic how some people will happily spend over $10,000 to purchase a handbag or a pair of shoes or an article of clothing simply because it says, “Made in Italy.” They envision those items being carefully crafted by Italian artisans in Milan when in reality they are made by the same low paid sweat shop labor that produce identical looking knockoffs that sell for $30.


Interestingly, France, United Kingdom, Italy and Spain are not only the four European countries hit hardest by COVID-19, but they are also the four countries with the largest Chinese populations in all of Europe.


Today, we are seeing up close how Spain’s socialist government has failed the Spanish people. Their already struggling economy has been exacerbated by the pandemic forcing many into homelessness and begging for food. This is typical socialism as we have seen in Cuba and Venezuela and other once thriving countries.

As an old Margaret Thatcher conservative, I have great respect for fair free markets and recognize the evils of communism and socialism. Sadly, there is a new wave of socialism growing within the Democrat Party of the United States. I am warning the people of America, do not make the mistake of listening to those who are exploiting the coronavirus crisis to blame President Trump and his administration in an attempt to hurt his reelection campaign. It will be a grave mistake that could turn the United States into a poorer second-rate country, especially with the recent expansion of debt as a result of the trillions of dollars spent on stimulus packages in the wake of COVID-19. We must put an end to these stimulus packages now and place a one-year moratorium on all debts.


A win by the Democrats in the November election will place Joe Biden, a man who many say is displaying signs of “obvious dementia,” in charge of rebuilding the American economy in the wake of the pandemic. Biden is a corrupt, career politician with a track record of taking a soft stance on China. He is likely to surrender significant U.S. wealth to China. In 2013, Biden’s son Hunter accompanied his father on a diplomatic trip to China and came back with a $1.5 billion dollar investment for his own hedge fund. In addition, Joe Biden famously strong-armed the Ukrainian government into firing the prosecutor who was investigating the company that was paying Hunter Biden millions for a job for which he had no qualifications. Biden threatened to withhold a billion dollars in American aid if they did not do as he said.


My advice for the Democrat Party is return to the principles espoused by their party during the days of the 35th President of the United States, John F. Kennedy. The party has moved very far to the left in a short period of time. The four congressional representatives known as “the squad,” Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib, and Ayanna Pressley are loud voices that are moving the party towards socialism. They have no place in a true free-market democracy.



President Trump and the Governors are Facing a Serious Dilemma


We need to understand the dilemma state and federal government leaders are currently facing. People are getting restless and as I predicted in an earlier op-ed, the possibility of violence and civil unrest is not far off. Citizens are frustrated not able to feed their families or pay their bills. They want to go back to work and reopen their businesses. While the science says they should stay home, their circumstances are in some cases dire and push them to revolt against stay at home orders.


Both sides have compelling arguments. Our circumstances can make us do things normally out of character. There is not a father or mother in the world that would not steal food to feed their hungry babies if there was no other way. That does not make them criminals. Many of these people are hardworking and have dedicated their lives to building their businesses only to see them ordered shut in recent weeks.


On the other side, the government has a duty to protect its citizens. It’s a damned if you do, damned if you don’t scenario. These are extraordinary times and this is a unique and difficult situation in which everyone feels like their backs are against the wall. These circumstances may warrant bringing in the military to ensure all protests are peaceful and demonstrations do not escalate into violence.


This further confirms the need for systematic testing to fully reopen the economy in the safest possible manner. If we do not take these measures the consequences can be catastrophic. Some models show the death toll in the United States alone rising to one million by the end of this year and as high as 5 million by the end of 2021. Even when the “capital gods” who are calling the shots in each country reopen their respective economies, COVID-19 has NOT gone on holiday.

Politically Corrupt Patent Law


The current state of political lobbying and campaign contributions opens the door to corrupting politicians and sells political votes to the highest bidders who seek to buy favourable legislation. They enable elected officials to sell their votes to special interest groups and big industries. Political contributions should only be allowed by individual donors only, not corporations, and donations should be capped at $10,000 per donor.  

An example of this form of corruption was obvious in the 2011 passage of the America Invents Act. The powerful lobby of the wealthy Silicon Valley tech industry influenced the Obama administration and Congress to pass a total overhaul of the U.S. patent system, upending more than 200 years of established patent law, heavily tilting the scales of justice in their favour and thwarting future innovation and competition. They have succeeded in turning a once coveted patent into a liability for inventors in the United States and throughout the world.


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“Additionally, the nations of the world must call for a full investigation and conduct a hearing by the International Court of Justice at the Peace Palace in Hague. A thorough examination should be led by a team of international scientists that can scrutinize claims the virus originated at a wet market in Wuhan as well as carefully review the work of scientists at the Wuhan Institute of Virology and other Chinese pathogen labs.”
Emil Malak






“This matter must be addressed by the International Court of Justice. Irreparable harm has been done and the Chinese government must make restitution to the world.”
Emil Malak

“There is no going back to normal. The virus is coming back; we must prepare for that and get used to the fact that COVID-19 fatalities will be a part of our lives for the foreseeable future.”
Emil Malak

“Perhaps more importantly, how can we expect a near-term vaccine when to date there has NEVER been an effective vaccine developed for any other coronavirus? Promising a vaccine will be developed in such a short period of time is an insult to the intelligence of the average person.”
Emil Malak