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BeMotion Inc. - Transitioning Businesses to the Digital Era

Hussein Abu Hassan

Founder & CEO

BeMotion Inc.


+1 (647) 833 -1071

Interview conducted by:

Lynn Fosse, Senior Editor

CEOCFO Magazine

Published – July 20, 2020

CEOCFO: Mr. Abu Hassan, the first thing I see on the BeMotion Inc site is, “We do not sell software, we deliver success.” What is the overall vision behind BeMotion?   

Mr. Hassan: Our vision was to create a platform that could assist SMEs and startup businesses to transition from the traditional business model to a more current digital platform within a very short period of time, enabling them to grow and expand exponentially faster. From that simple vision, BeMotion was established in 2016. Our platform, called MCN; The Mobile Commerce Network, has empowered businesses to build native apps in different verticals such as employment, digital advertisement, event management, loyalty programs, bookings, transportation and so much more.

Using MCN, all of this can be accomplished in less than 10 days instead of the current time frame of months or years. With quicker assembly there is a greater reduction in cost while still maintaining the integrity of the platform. So basically, a less expensive but far superior product. It is a win-win scenario.

CEOCFO: Can you explain, on a very basic level what allows BeMotion to provide effective, efficient, quick, inexpensive solutions?

Mr. Abu Hassan: I have a long-standing history of working with the business side of tech companies. I noticed almost immediately that there seemed to be a large amount of inefficiency because you had 3rd party entities trying to create something they had no experience with and knew very little about. This, of course, created a higher cost margin. Therefore, I wanted to develop something that would streamline this process, making it essentially what we call plug and play.

CEOCFO: You show a large number of very industry specific verticals. What gets the most attention and what areas are people not recognizing can be done this way?  

Mr. Abu Hassan: Our platform was designed to be utilized globally within any and all business sectors. There are no exemptions, if you have a business that needs assistance in surging forward, we have a solution. The biggest misconception is that certain sectors of business have a greater advantage in working with digital platforms. I believe this current pandemic has made it abundantly apparent that a business can no longer thrive today without a digital presence. We are essentially industry agnostic.

CEOCFO: How do you reach out? How do people learn about BeMotion if they do not know the company? What is the competitive landscape?

Mr. Abu Hassan: Competitively speaking the industry is saturated with many companies that claim to be experts in their field, but we have found that very few are able to deliver on their promise. On the other hand, our integrity and current success has allowed our business to grow with very little marketing on our part, most to be honest, is through referral and word of mouth.

CEOCFO: Is it very different industry by industry or are you able to offer the same solution and then depending on what it is needed, there are some special bells and whistles?

Mr. Abu Hassan: As previously mentioned, our system, as an MCN platform is a plug and play. The beauty of it is, it can be tailored to your industry and to your companies specific and unique preferences very easily.

Our intention is that you own, not rent these platforms. This eliminates the need for any third-party assistance in selling and marketing your business, which translates to reduced costs and huge savings. Once developed it is your platform and you will own it for life.

CEOCFO: What has changed in your approach over time? What have you learned since you started providing MCN?

Mr. Abu Hassan: So much has changed. In part that is due to my personal development in this sector, gaining more and more knowledge and growing over the years, as we all do over time. But also, in the need to evolve to accommodate the ever-changing perception of what it means to be a thriving business and what that looks like today as opposed to even a decade ago. We originally began using the SaaS strategy, then we shifted to working with each store on an individual basis, which kept costs very high. Today, with advanced technology and our MCN platform that allows us to streamline and be more efficient, we are able to cut costs dramatically. It is simplified in such a way that we receive only a small percentage from the advertisement drawn to the system.

CEOCFO: Would you tell us about the thermal scanner that you have developed? Why and how does it work?

Mr. Abu Hassan: I have the rare advantage of having a brother who works in the defense industry, in which working with thermal scanners is the norm. His position has made him, and by extension me, privy to foreseeing global trends regarding the need for such technology far in advance of others. With the emergence of the current pandemic and the need for greater health measures, we were able to capitalize on this knowledge and create thermal scanners which focused on human rather than industry technology. 

It was important for us to maintain a balance between respecting peoples individual rights and safeguarding us against the spread of new and emerging viral threats to our health and livelihood. Therefore, we developed an AI based technology that detects and scans human faces only. It can register the human face from five different location regardless of whether the person is wearing glasses, a hat and/or face mask. Our technology, unlike others on the market, has the potential to detect up to 550 people per minute and up to 20 people congregating in a similar area.

CEOCFO: There are so many products on the market today. How do you get noticed with this product? Everybody is looking for answers, particularly with temperature.

Mr. Abu Hassan: Our technology, unlike those of our competitors who can only detect a single person per scan, has many more features that respect the sanctity of an individual’s time and privacy to a greater degree. With our system, people do not need to stop to be scanned, it is all occurring organically as one is moving about normally. The cameras, set to a desired set temperature point by the individual business, will scan and register temperature markers as people walk by and will beep if a high temperature is detected.

It is very important to note that our system does not operate using WIFI and it does not contain any API. This protects the privacy of the individual because it cannot be hacked as there is no stored personal information or photos. Basically, it is just a scanner connected to a laptop, it is very simple but highly effective.

CEOCFO: Would you tell us about your agreement with EQNation Corp? Is that somewhat typical for you?  

Mr. Abu Hassan: Our work with Eqnation Corp is a perfect example of the versatility of our platform. It allows us to develop technology for businesses regardless of the nature of the industry. With them specifically we were able to develop their platform in as little as fourteen days. This project specifically showed our strengths in being able to take an industry or a vertical that had traditional but also antiquated business practices and facilitate their ability to connect the global equine community and simultaneously service all of their needs.

CEOCFO: Do most of your customers take advantage of the full range of services or the full range of what they can or do you find that there are some areas that do not get the attention they should?  

Mr. Abu Hassan: Initially, we find the majority of our customers begin with a few of the core features required to have a digital marketplace. For example, M-commerce, digital advertising, loyalty programming, booking and delivery. These are the primary and foundational components essential to all developing businesses. We often recommend beginning with these and adding more features monthly, as their users grow with them organically.

CEOCFO: What surprised you as BeMotion has grown and evolved through the last four years?

Mr. Abu Hassan: As we are all well aware, the current global circumstances have forced everyone to reassess how their business can adapt and change to meet these challenges. Prior to this, many believed these changes were still years away, and did not entertain the notion of adopting a digital platform as an adjunct to their current business model. BeMotion has now become a beacon for many in their need to alter or remodel the way they do business and in their fervent search to incorporate alternative ways to conduct and grow.

CEOCFO: How are you able to ramp up to handle the demand for your services?

Mr. Abu Hassan: With demand increasing, because the core aspects of the platform have already been constructed and are in place, we can very easily manage this influx of new clientele. We can deliver a fully functioning platform under 2 weeks. That timeframe of course will need to be extended if one wants to further customize or have new features developed.

CEOCFO: Why is BeMotion Inc an important company?

Mr. Abu Hassan: BeMotion is important because as we are well aware, change is happening. We are currently experiencing life in a very different way than we have ever before. With that, comes shifts in how we do business going forward and how any business can prepare to serve the needs of their clients more effortlessly.

What it means to be a successful business today includes having a strong digital presence and platform to adapt to these demands of our changing world.

In my experience those who thrive in any area of life, are always those who understand and can make such transitions much more easily than others.

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“BeMotion is important because as we are well aware, change is happening. We are currently experiencing life in a very different way than we have ever before. With that, comes shifts in how we do business going forward and how any business can prepare to serve the needs of their clients more effortlessly. What it means to be a successful business today includes having a strong digital presence and platform to adapt to these demands of our changing world. In my experience those who thrive in any area of life, are always those who understand and can make such transitions much more easily than others.”
Hussein Abu Hassan