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2nd Opp
2nd Opportunity – helping Inmates Finding the Right Path

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3Gtms, LLC

3Gtms: Transforming Supply Chain Delivery With Adaptive Transportation Management Software

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3rd Degree Screening
3rd Degree Screening Inc achieves PBSA Accreditation and HRO Today’s Bakers Dozen List for Top Pre-Employment Screening Agency in 2021

3 Sixty Risk Solutions Ltd. (CSE: SAFE) (OTCQB: SAYFF)
3 Sixty Secure providing a Customized ancillary approach to Security for Facilities and the Transportation of Cannabis and Cash Across the Globe
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Acclaim IQ, LLC
Insurance Agent Licensing Compliance moves to the Digital Age with ACCLAIM IQ

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Accumen Inc.

Accumen brings transformational change to Healthcare Laboratories and Imaging Departments

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Aclipse Therapeutics
Aclipse Therapeutics applying Precision Medicine to ALS and CNS Diseases

Action Mail Services
Action Mail Services CEO & Owner Mohamed Janmohamed discusses the Value of Bulk Mail Today and Success in a Digital World

Adam Milstein, Co-Founder and President, Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation

Adam Milstein Is The Face of Active Philanthropy

Adeptus Solutions, Inc.
Adeptus Solutions, Inc. provides Concierge-based Software Delivery Services and Modern IT Solutions to the Federal Government

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Aduro Energy Inc
Revolutionary Environmentally Friendly Water-based Platform improving the structure of Low-Value Hydrocarbons to Make Them More Useful

Advanced Cancer Therapeutics

Discovery and Early Development of Novel Cancer Therapeutics

Advanced Prenatal Therapeutics, Inc.

Developing a Novel Preeclampsia Therapy, Advanced Prenatal Therapeutics, Inc. is Using a Device Approach with an Apheresis Column That Filters Out Harmful Factors From the Mother’s Blood

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Adeptus Solutions, Inc.

Adeptus Solutions, Inc. provides Concierge-based Software Delivery Services and Modern IT Solutions to the Federal Government

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Advance Dx Inc.
Advance Dx’s revolutionary collection card, the “AdvanceDx100”, can Collect Whole Blood and Separate the Red Cells, enabling Laboratories to perform Micro Sample Testing

Adventech, LLC
The Maxeff Motor by Adventech: The Evolution of Drive Motors

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Advonex International

Global sustainability and clean beauty drives demand for Advonex products

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AgileBlue-Helping Organizations Detect Cyber Threats Before a Breach Occurs

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Agile Surgical Assistants, LLC.
Most Innovative Medical Communication and Scheduling App

Reducing Food Waste with AI: From Self-Driving Cars to Self-Grading Strawberries

AIMdyn, Inc.
AIMdyn, Inc. The Designer AI Company

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Airovation Technologies
Airovation – We Care For Fresh Air!

AIT Engineering
AIT Engineering – providing Cybersecurity Services to the Department of Defense in support of Training Systems

Alelo’s AI Simulations are being used around the world to Practice and Assess Communication Skills

Alex A. Molinaroli
Former Johnson Controls CEO Alex A. Molinaroli on Effective Executive Leadership

Alpha Green Innovation and Consultancy
Alpha Green Innovation Developing the New Generation of Carbon Capture Technology

Alzyn LLC

Delivering 4 essential brain nutrients through the Skin, Alzyn LLC is bringing to market their revolutionary Nutritional Supplement that Protects the Health of Aging Brain Cells

American Bank of Missouri
Building a Culture based upon Relationships

Regenerative Medicine company AMNICELL is using Amniotic Fluid Stem Cells to improve Health and Wellness and in treating Serious Lung Disease such as COVID-19

Amytrx Therapeutics, Inc.
Advancing the Next Generation of Inflammation-Targeting Therapies: AMTX-100 Technology delivers First-in-Class Biologically Active Molecule to Treat Chronic Diseases Mediated by Inflammation

Andrew Tropeano - NewsWatch TV

Newswatch TV Reviews Products to Better Inform Consumers, and they do it with Digital Media

Angiotensin Therapeutics Inc.
Angiotensin Therapeutics Inc. is using a Novel Variant of the ACE2 Enzyme to develop a Treatment for Kidney Disease and COVID-19

AOBiome Therapeutics, Inc.
Todd Krueger discusses AOBiome’s positive results from its Phase 2b trial for both Pruritus (Itch) and Appearance of Atopic Dermatitis (Eczema)

Applied BioMath

Applied BioMath is Focused on Growing its Team of Industry Leaders to better Meet the Needs of their Biotech and Pharma Customers using Mathematical Modeling to De-Risk and Accelerate Drug Development

Applied Biomimetic
Applied Biomimetic is making a more Products and more Energy Efficient Membrane then currently on the market for Water Purification Applications

Applied Design Technologies
Applied Design Technologies - Respiratory Protection Products for the Military, First Responders, Medical, Aerospace and Consumers

Aptia Engineering
Aptia Engineering – providing Process Equipment Solutions for the Botanical Extraction, Specialty Chemical, and Pharmaceutical Industry

Aqua Membranes
Aqua Membranes makes splash with 3-D Printed Membrane Spacer

Aquasight LLC
How Aquasight Is Empowering Water & Wastewater Workforce In Cities With AI Technology

Integration Orchestration – Deploy Faster, Spend Less, Eliminate Dependencies

AscendTek LLC
AscendTek’s Local Authority & National Strength to Capitalize on 5G’s Future

Attestiv, Inc.
Authenticity and Fraud Protection for Companies that Rely on Digital Media

Accelerating Cost-Effective Growth


AutoGen is providing Optimal Workflows for Automated Nucleic Acid Extractions for Biorepositories, CROs, Academic Research and Clinical Diagnostic Laboratories, Pharmaceutical Companies and Governments Worldwide*

Automation Workz
Automation Workz created the Diversity Culture Audit to Stimulate Revenue Growth

Autonomic Materials, Inc.
Autonomic Materials – leveraging Cutting-Edge, Environmentally Friendly Technologies to design Corrosion Resistant Protective Coatings

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AVACEN Medical

AVACEN Medical is bringing to market their FDA-cleared Class II Thermo-Therapy Medical Device that Increases Systemic Microcirculation and provides Pain Relief

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Avalyn Pharma Inc.
By Converting Proven Oral Medications to the Aerosol Route, Avalyn Pharma Inc. is focused on developing better Treatment options for Fibrosing Lung Disease

Avnan Helps OEMs Navigate Electronics Manufacturing Around the World, from End to End
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Azuba Corporation
Azuba Launches National Lifetime Clinical Records Platform

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Bbot, Inc.
Bbot’s API to Change the Landscape of Technology in the Hospitality Industry

Bearpac Medical, LLC.
Bearpac Medical launches Novel Drainage Device to Improve Patient Care

Bellatorum Resources
Bellatorum Resources – Leading the Charge in the Mineral Rights Space
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Belmont Savings Bank (BSB)
Talented People and a Focus on Community has Led to their Loan Portfolio growing from $65 million to $200 million for Belmont Savings Bank (BSB)

BeMotion Inc.
BeMotion Inc. - Transitioning Businesses to the Digital Era

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Biocoat, Inc.

Developing and licensing Lubricious Hydrophilic Biocompatible Coatings for Interventional Medical Devices such as Guidewires, Catheters and Microcatheters

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Bio-Kai significantly disrupts the Astaxanthin Market with BioOrganic Compound

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BioMediCan Leads the World in Biosynthesized Cannabinoids

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BioSpan Technologies
Environmental Green Non-Toxic Chemical Products for Paving, Industrial Cleaning, Resource Recovery and Energy that Work Better and are generally Less Expensive than their Petroleum Counterparts

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Bippus State Bank
Providing the best Products and Services in a Safe and Secure Manner leading to Growth for Bippus State Bank

BirchBioMed Inc.

Developing an Antifibrotic Therapeutic for the Prevention of Scaring and Breaking Down Existing Scars and an Autoimmune Platform for reversing Type l Diabetes

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BizAnalytica – helping Corporations Modernize their Data Environment and take advantage of Newer Data and Cloud Technologies

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Blaze Performance Solutions

Blaze Performance Solutions is focused on helping Organizations and Leaders Get Better Results by executing on their Goals and Strategic Initiatives and Engaging with Millennial Employees

Blink Science
Blink Science is poised to change the landscape of Point-of-Care (POC) Diagnostic COVID-19 Testing, and Beyond.

Blue Signal
Matthew Walsh, CEO & Founder of Blue Signal discusses navigating a pandemic and looking to the future.

Bob Reina - Talk Fusion

Helping People go from “Average” to “Extraordinary”

With their Network of Executives, Boardsi is providing Board Members and Board Advisors for Companies looking to Fuel Growth

Bot Image, Inc.

An interview with “The Prostate Cancer Detector”, Dr. Randall W. Jones, CEO of Bot Image, Inc.

Breen Consulting Group
Breen Consulting Group – Business Development Firm helping Government Services Companies Successfully Identify and Capture Contracts

Bridge Therapeutics
Bridge Therapeutics - Commercializing Safe Pain and Addiction Therapies

Bridge to Life Ltd.
Bridge to Life is a “Solution” provider

BRISA: a company to trust their technology and their people.

Bruce Bent II  - DoubleRock Corporation

Q&A with Bruce Bent II, Vice Chairman and President of DoubleRock Corporation

Bryggs Medical, LLC
An alternative to CPAP

California Nanotechnologies
California Nanotechnologies provides Advanced Material Solutions using State of the Art Powder Processing and Sintering Technology

CannaVault™ Systems Inc.
It’s not Safe unless it’s CannaVault™ Safe.

CannDelta Regulatory & Scientific Consulting
CannDelta Regulatory & Scientific Consulting – Leader in Cannabis and Psychedelics in Canada is Quickly Making Waves in the U.S. and Beyond

CareTrack Health
CareTrack: Patient Empowered Telecare

Cashmere Valley Bank
Their Small Bank Approach makes Cashmere Valley Bank very unusual as a $2 Billion Bank


Bringing to market pure Hemp CBD Oil products that are THC free, broad-spectrum, Gluten Free, No-GMO, US Grown, Organic and Vegan

Scott Coffman, Co-Founder & CEO

CommunityBank of Texas: Business Banking \ Better Banking

C-COM Satellite Systems Inc.

C-COM Satellite Systems starts 2022 with Significant Orders

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Cellmyx – providing Medical Products for Harvesting, Processing, and Deploying Autologous Soft Tissue used in Aesthetic and Orthopedic/Pain Management/510K (K210528)

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Celtaxsys Inc.

Proprietary Neutrophil Modulation Platform offering hope in Preserving Lung Function in Cystic Fibrosis Patients

Censia Inc.
Censia Inc. with their Talent Intelligence Technology is using Machine Learning to Derive Actionable Insights and enable Recruiters to make Data-Driven People Decisions

Ceylon Graphite Corp.
Ceylon Graphite Mine to Lithium Ion Battery Anode

CF Bankshares Inc. / CFBank


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CFO Systems LLC
CFO Systems – Building America’s Premier Fractional Leadership Team

Chameleon Biosciences, Inc.
Chameleon Biosciences - Expanding AAV Gene Therapies with EVADER™

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Chesapeake Bank/ Chesapeake Financial Shares, Inc.

Chesapeake isn’t content to be a ‘community bank’ in name only.

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Chris Burch - Burch Creative Capital

Q&A with Chris Burch, entrepreneur and investor

Cicero Diagnostics, Inc.
“Infertility and Beyond! Cicero Diagnostics makes endometriosis easier to detect and helps resolve infertility issues even when IVF isn’t the answer”

Ciphertex Data Security
Ciphertex Data Security is Trusted by US Military, FBI, Government Agencies, Hospitals and Forensic, Media and Entertainment Companies with an Encrypted, Portable, Rugged NAS System that enables Fast, Secure Migration and Sharing of Large Files and Big Data – best solution for Cybersecurity, Software Development and Product Design, Manufactured in the USA

Clēan Works

Clēan Works combines UV Light, Hydrogen Peroxide and Ozone to create an Environment that eliminates Dangerous Microbes, Pathogens, Yeast and Mold on Produce without using Water

Columbia Banking System

Culture Carries Columbia Bank Through Obstacles and Opportunities

Comfort First Products

With their Comfort First Filter Diffuser, Comfort First Products is Helping to Improve Indoor Air Quality in the Workplace

Community First Bank of Indiana
At Community First Bank of Indiana, it’s all about the people.

Cool Blue Distribution
“Pure Play” CBD Distribution Company, Cool Blue Distribution is bringing the benefits of Value Pricing, Quality Control, Operational Efficiencies to this New and Growing Industry

Corent Technology
Democratizing SaaS! - How Corent’s SurPaaS is disrupting the Software Industry by Democratizing Software as a Service


Passionate about making cloud technology easy to consume, Corestack has developed a Multi-Cloud Governance Platform enabling Enterprises to manage Cloud Operations, Consumption, Compliance and Cost

All in One Cyber Security Addresses Overlooked and Burdened Mid-Market Companies Across all Industries


Providing all in one Cloud-based Enterprise Grade Cyber Security for Mid Market and Small to Medium Sized Businesses with an Artificial Intelligence Engine that Eliminates the Need for Multiple Products

CPQi Group
CPQi Group – Award Willing FinTech Company providing Managed Services, Digital Transformation and Predictive Artificial Intelligence to Tier 1 Banks across the Americas

Manufacture Anywhere with Craitor 3D Printing

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Serving the Trade Credit and Supply Chain Risk Markets, CreditRiskMonitor is helping Public Corporations and B2Bs Analyze Financial Risk

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Customer Evolution

Bringing Customer Centric Tools and Loyalty Programs Commonly found in Retail to Healthcare, Customer Evolution is helping Health Systems and Patients to better Connect and Manage their Relationships

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Cyber Special Ops, LLC
Concierge Cyber® works hand in hand with your insurance
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Cybervore, Inc.
How Smart Data Fragmentation will Change the World

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Cycle Clarity
Cycle Clarity receives FDA Clearance for an AI Platform that will revolutionize the Fertility Industry

Cytex Therapeutics, Inc.
Cytex and Cartilage Restoration: a New Approach to Treating Osteoarthritis

CytoDyn Inc (OTC: CYDY)

With the FDA giving the go ahead to submit their Final Application for Final Approval for HIV for their humanized monoclonal antibody Leronlimab, CytoDyn Inc is positioned to make an impact in this area of unmet needs

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Cytokinetics, Incorporated (CYTK NasdaqGS)
Cytokinetics, Incorporated is pioneering the new pharmacology in developing Drug Candidates that Activate or Inhibit select Proteins involved in Muscle Force and Power causing Diseases of Severe Muscle Dysfunction and Weakness

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Cyturus Technologies, Inc.
Cyber Risk Visibility on Demand

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D2 Solutions
D2 Solutions - Using Technology-Based Solutions to Reduce Friction Points that Inhibit Patient Drug Adherence

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Daniel Micic - Medical Shipment

Medical and Simulation Nursing School Training Supplies, Equipment and Simulated Drugs

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Danodan Hempworks
Daniel Stoops, founder of Danodan Hempworks talks about being an Organic and Whole Plant focused Hemp Company in a CBD-focused Marketplace


Machine Learning and the Evolution of Employee Benefits

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David McDonald - OSI Group, LLC

Q&A with David McDonald, President of OSI Group, Premier Global Food Provider

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Deep Green Waste and Recycling

Deep Green Waste & Recycling On Track To Grow Its Business With Focus on Environmental Services and Remediation

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Dermaflow, LLC
PAD the Silent Killer and How DermaVasc™ Makes a Difference

Doseology (CSE: MOOD)
Doseology Sciences: Harnessing the Power of Mushrooms for Lasting Human Health

Dr. Avi Weisfogel - Dental Sleep Masters

Q&A with New Jersey based entrepreneur Dr. Avi Weisfogel

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Drips’ Conversational AI Platform Gaining Unprecedented Adoption

Dr. Mark Holterman - The Mariam Life

Better living through synergy

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Dr. Mark Mofid – Plastic Surgeon

Mark Mofid M.D., San Diego Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Specialist

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DroneDek making Drone Package Delivery a reality with their Revolutionary Landing Pad Mail Box and Smartphone App

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Dr. Sameer Jejurikar – Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Sameer Jejurikar - Brazilian Butt Lift Specialist from Dallas, Texas. Q&A

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Dr. S.  Mark McKenna- OVME

Q&A with Dr. Mark McKenna: OVME Founder and CEO

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Dustoff06, LLC
Combat veteran, Frank Kirby, CEO of Dustoff06, helping to solve the problem of veterans’ inability to sleep, anxiety, and PTSD, causing terrible situations for those suffering in silence.

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E25Bio, Inc.
E25Bio has developed and preparing to bring to market a Paper-based Lateral Flow Antigen Test Strip for Detecting Active COVID-19 Infection faster, simpler and cheaper than today’s Gold Standard
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Unleash the Full Value Potential of Your Property Assets

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Eagle Financial Services (the holding company)

Bank of Clarke County (the company)
Bank of Clarke’s CEO brings New Vision while Focusing on the Customer and Community

Eagle Financial Services (the holding company)

Bank of Clarke County (the company)
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PDF  Mobile - PDF

Eagle Hemp LLC
Eagle Hemp: Unparalleled Quality and Purity in the Hemp Business

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Eagle Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (EGRX-(NASDAQ)
Never Heard of Intracellular Calcium Regulation?
Eagle Pharmaceuticals Thinks It Could Be Key to Some of the Most Pressing Medical Challenges of Our Time

EcoPoint, Inc.
EcoPoint, Inc. is bringing the power of Geospatial Technology to the Oil & Gas, Agriculture and Large-Scale Mining Industries

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Edafio Technology Partners
Edafio Technology Partners – an IT Consulting, Managed Services, Cybersecurity, Multi-Cloud Services Group enabling Clients to Focus on their Business and Not on Technology

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EDRM’s CEO Mary Mack Credits Global Community of Contributors and Partners for Company’s 14 Year Success

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A Talk with HR

EmCyte Corporation

EmCyte Corporation is leading the way in Regenerative Medicine developing products for autologous Platelet Rich Plasma, Bone Marrow Concentrate and Adipose Concentrate Biologics Therapies

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Emerald Touch Inc.
Exospine: 3 pounds that takes the weight off your back!

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PDF  Mobile - PDF

empatiX Consulting
empatiX Consulting – a Modern Strategy, Insights and Activation Consultancy for the Healthcare, Financial Services and Technology Industries

Optimizing Workflows and Productivity in Acute Care Facilities by Combining Remote and On-Site Resources

Encore Green Environmental
Agricultural Company Brings Innovation to the Oilfield

Endgame Strategist, LLC

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Enshored, LLC.

Global Outsourcing Company Enshored, LLC. is providing services in Customer Services, Back Office Processing, Content Moderation and Sales and Marketing for B2B Companies

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Ensite Vascular, LLC.
Ensite Vascular, LLC. receives FDA Clearance to Market their Vascular Closure Devices SiteSeal® and SiteSeal® SV™ to improve Surgical Outcomes

Envative - a Custom Software Development Firm specializing in Web, App and IoT Development and ready to take on Outside the Box Ideas

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ePropelled, The Future of Electric Propulsion
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Erchonia Corporation

Erchonia Low Level Laser, the Future of Medicine

The Ergosuture Drive’N Roll with Advanced Suturing Capabilities and new X-Needle allows Surgeons to Tie Knots and Manipulate the Needle Safer in the Body

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Eric​ ​Marcotulli - Elysium​ ​Health

Elysium​ ​Health​ ​CEO,​ ​Eric​ ​Marcotulli,​ ​Wants​ ​to​ ​Solve​ ​the​ Biggest​ ​Challenges​ ​in​ ​Health​ ​-​ ​And He’s​ ​Got​ ​a​ ​Plan​ ​to​ ​Do​ ​It

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Etiometry’s Clinical Intelligence Platform Driving Innovations in Critical Care

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Evanesce Packaging Solutions

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Exponential Results
Exponential Results – Using Neuroscience to Help Executives, Leaders, and Divisional Teams Reach Their Full Potential.

ExpressCells—A Rapidly-Growing Genetic Engineering Company

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Exsurco Medical

Exsurco Medical is an important company, because at the core of our values and at the core of our mission it is all about making a difference in patient’s lives. It is something that we live every day.

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Eyedaptic, Inc.
Using Augmented Reality Visual Aids with Proprietary Software, Eyedaptic, Inc. is optimizing and enhancing Peripheral Vision for people with Macular Degeneration or Loss of Central Vision

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EZaccessMD Lowers Healthcare Costs with Urgent Mobile Care

F2 Solutions

F2 Solutions uses Expert Reviewers, Scoring Tools and an Online Platform to provide Grant and Peer Reviews for Federal Discretionary Grants

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Facilio Inc.

How Facilio’s Enterprise-wide Platform harnesses IoT and AI to help your facilities become smarter and efficient in real-time

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F & M Bank Corp.

F & M Bank: all-in on the Success of the Shenandoah Valley Marketplace

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Farmers & Merchants Bancorp, Inc.
(Nasdaq: FMAO)

Serving Ohio, Indiana and Michigan - Farmers & Merchants Bancorp, Inc. is a Community Bank at its Core

FarmQA:  Providing Digital Tools for Agronomists

F H Cooper LLC

Applying Competitive Intelligence and Market Research, F H Cooper LLC is helping clients Launch New Products and fully Explore New Markets

Filterlex Medical Ltd.

Filterlex is developing the next-generation Embolic Protection Device to Reduce the Risk of Stroke of TAVR Patients

Floodlight Software
Floodlight Software leads a revolution in Testing and Inspection Services!

Flow Pharma, Inc.
CEO Reid Rubsamen talks about Flow Pharma’s COVID-19 vaccine

Folium Biosciences

Folium Biosciences is the only hemp company licensed as a Manufactured Food Establishment by the CDPHE and issued a Certificate of Free Sale

Franek Technologies

Franek Technologies is providing complete Laboratory Power Protection Systems / Uninterruptible Power Supplies (LPS/UPS) for Analytical, Diagnostics, Forensic, Life Science, Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Instrumentation Systems Applications

Fulcrum Labs

Providing an Adaptive and Intelligent Learning System with AI and Machine Learning for a more Personalized Employee Training Experience

Fzata, Inc.
Fzata’s Biologic in a Pill is a Game-changing Therapeutic for Gastrointestinal Disorders

G6 Materials Corp.

G6 Materials Corp. a leader in the production of Graphene Products has developed a Graphene Infused Air Filter to Protect Against COVID-19

GB Sciences, Inc.


GB Sciences – using Minimum Essential Mixtures (MEM) to Harness the Therapeutic Potential of Plant-Inspired Medicines as Prescription Drugs

General Cannabis (OTC: CANN)

General Cannabis with their 5 Brands is bringing unparalleled Management and Consulting Services, Security, Hemp-based Apparel, results-oriented CBD Products and Access to Capital to the Cannabis Industry in Colorado

Generations Homecare System
Generations Homecare System – Providing a Secure, All-In-One Solution for Homecare Providers Around the World

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Genprex, Inc.

Genprex, Inc. CEO discusses how their “Immunogene Therapy” Drug REQORSA, Modulates Apoptosis

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Gensource Potash Corporation

Gensource Potash – Showing the way of the future for Potash Production

Print - PDF  Mobile - PDF

Genuine Health Group
Joe Caruncho of Genuine Health Group Discusses Value-Based Care

Glen Wakeman - Launchpad Holdings, LLC

Increasing Your Chances of Success

Print Version - PDF  Mobile Download - PDF

Global Medical REIT Inc. (NYSE: GMRE)

As a strategic acquirer of medical facilities across the U.S., Global Medical REIT provides a solid investment in a well-performing real estate portfolio

Print Version - PDF  Mobile Download - PDF


Glycotest is developing a new Test for Detecting Early Stage Liver Cancer with the revolutionary approach of using Glycoproteins as Biomarkers

Print Version - PDF  Mobile Download - PDF

Gogebic Range Bank
Gogebic Range Bank – Big enough to compete - small enough to care

Goodwin Biotechnology, Inc.

Delivering Integrated Manufacturing Solutions for Complex Biopharmaceuticals

Print - PDF  Mobile - PDF

Graeme Holm - Infinity Group Australia / Infinity Group Finance

Australia’s most Innovative Mortgage Broker – Graeme Holm Infinity Group Finance

Print Version - PDF  Mobile Download - PDF

Graphano Energy Ltd

(TSXV: GEL) (FSE: 97G0)
GRAPHANO – A New Graphite Play with Great Upside Potential for Investors

Print - PDF  Mobile - PDF

Greater Community Bank
Greater Banking Guided by the Golden Rule

Print - PDF  Mobile - PDF

Green Boom Corp
Green Boom: Introducing Biodegradable, oil only absorbents and disrupting the Oil Spill Industry

GreenTech Environmental
How GreenTech Environmental is improving Quality of Life where we Live, Work, and Play

Green Mountain
Green Mountain – vertically integrated Organic Cannabis Company with Health Canada Cultivation License and Big Producers Placing Orders

Greg Secker - Learn To Trade

Q & A with Greg Secker, Owner of Learn To Trade

Print Version - PDF  Mobile Download - PDF

GryphonHR: Improve the Employee Onboarding Experience while Increasing your Employment Compliance

Print - PDF  Mobile - PDF

Veteran Owned Staffing and Recruitment Company HamiltonDemo Specializing in Diversity Continues to see Tremendous Success

Hatha Systems
Hatha Systems – is enabling organizations to achieve successfully Digitally Transform through Operational Transparency

Print - PDF  Mobile - PDF

H/Cell Energy Corporation (OTCQB: HCCC)

H/Cell Energy Corporation has developed a Hydrogen Energy System that delivers Clean Energy that can Completely Power Residential and Commercial Properties and Government Entities

Print Version - PDF  Mobile Download - PDF

HealthDataViz helps clients “see how they’re doing.”


Katherine S Rowell, MS, MHA, Co-Founder & Principal
Print - PDF  Mobile - PDF

HealthLynked (OTC:HLYK)
HealthLynked has created the first nationwide network that connects patients, doctors and their data all in one platform to improve the healthcare of its patient members providing personalized healthcare recommendations.
Print - PDF   Mobile - PDF

Health Scholars
Using Virtual Reality to Transform Clinical Training and The Safety of Patients

Print - PDF  Mobile - PDF

Helius Medical Technologies, Inc.

(Nasdaw:HSDT) (CSE:HSM)

With their PoNS™ Device now cleared in Canada, Helius Medical Technologies, Inc. now looks forward to treating patients in Chronic Balance Deficit with mTBI outside of the Clinical Trial Framework

Print Version - PDF  Mobile Download - PDF

Hemp Health Inc
Hemp Health Inc is committed to bringing to market Organic, Gluten free, Non-GMO, Safe, Legal and Regulatory Compliant Hemp Derived CBD Products

Print - PDF  Mobile - PDF

HMS Software
Enterprise Timesheet Company, HMS Software has extended their reach into Project Management and now TimeControl Project and Planning Time Into the Future

Print - PDF  Mobile - PDF

HST Pathways
HST Pathways is bringing Electronic Health Records to Ambulatory Surgical Centers with Software that maximizes Clinical Documentation and Revenue Cycles

Print - PDF  Mobile - PDF

Huffman Engineering, Inc.
Making Ideas Work in Automation for Highly Regulated Industries

Print - PDF  Mobile - PDF

i2Chain, Inc.

i2Chain Secures Information Transactions just as Seamlessly as VISA Secures Financial Transactions
Print - PDF  Mobile - PDF

IAT/Vital RX

Inverness Apothecary Trinity (a Vital RX company) goes the extra mile to ensure that “No Patient is Left Behind”

Print - PDF  Mobile - PDF

Ideal Medical Technologies
Hospital Based Artificial Pancreas System Could Save Lives and Healthcare Resources

Print - PDF  Mobile - PDF

IDenta Corp.
IDenta Corporation Brings to the Market a Unique Patented Technology for Identifying Drugs and Explosives for Government Agencies and Concerned Citizens.

iHealthScreen Inc.
iHealthScreen Inc. - using Artificial Intelligence-based Software to Scalably Screen for Retinal Diseases, Stroke and Heart Disease

Software Developer and Systems Integrator, Illumisoft is Helping Healthcare Companies Improve Operations, Research and the Clinical Use of Technology

Imago BioSciences, Inc.

Developing Therapies that Modulate Epigenetic Factors and Restore Normal Gene Expression in Mutated Cells, Imago BioSciences, Inc. is providing hope to Patients with Bone Marrow Cancers

iMedrix Inc.
Medical is the new Mobile ™

Industrial Magnetics, Inc.
60 in the Books – How Industrial Magnetics, Inc. is Driving Solutions & Services Forward for the Next 60 Years

Infinite Composites
Infinite Composites is Creating a New Product Category for Storing Compressed and Cryogenic Gasses

Innovation Vista
Innovation Vista - Enabling SMB to Leverage Top-Flight IT Leaders Affordably

Integral Consulting Services, Inc.

Integral Consulting Services, Inc. is providing Custom Solutions and Services in Multimodal Biometrics, Intelligence Analysis, Cybersecurity, IT Service Management and Application Development to Federal Clients

Integrated Financial Holdings, Inc.

Integrated Financial Holdings, Inc.: A Bank Holding Company Reimagined

InterImage, Inc.
InterImage Propels Customers Forward

INTER-OP.NET, founded by Bruce Hacker

InteropX: Standards-Based Healthcare Data Exchange Solution for Payers and Providers

interviewIA’s Joe Thurman breaks down the status quo of hiring and why change in how we interview and build our organizations with the right talent is more important than ever

Investors Community Bank (Nasdaq:ICBK), County Bancorp, Inc.

Leading Wisconsin Agricultural Financial Institution, Investors Community Bank is now focused on building a very solid Commercial Banking Team that complements their Ag Banking Portfolio and Customer-Centric Corporate Culture

iQvcloud, Inc.
iQvcloud’s Revolutionary Cybersecurity Technology Protects Critical Data at Rest and Allows Only Authorized Users to Retrieve It in a Readable Form

Isopure Corp
Isopure is Designing, Redesigning and adding Computerization to Medical Devices for End Stage Renal Failure that Reduce or Eliminate Human Intervention

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Providing Security, Data, Cloud and Voice Services to Non-Profits, Associations, Education, Insurance, State and Local Governments and Engineering Firms in the Gulf South Region from Texas to South Carolina

IVANNOVATION Language Management
Yuri Ivanov of IVANNOVATION Language Management on How Technology Transforms Multilingual Communication
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Jack Carlson - Rowing Blazers
Jack Carlson: Rowing Blazers Isn't Just a Clothing Company
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Jacob Gottlieb - Altium Capital

Jacob Gottlieb - CEO of Altium Capital: Investing, Philanthropy & Perseverance (from a native New Yorker)

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Jatheon Technologies Inc.

Email Archiving Leader Jatheon Technologies Inc. Uses Latest-Generation On-Premise and Cloud Archiving Solutions to Help Organizations Overcome Compliance and Ediscovery Challenges

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Jesse Garant Metrology Center
CT Scanning Service Company matures in the Non-Destructive Testing Market

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JN Nova Pharma
Canadian Biotech CEO on the rACE2 to Neutralize COVID19 and Beyond

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JustOne Solutions, LLC
JustOne Solutions - a Cybersecurity Consulting and Training Company providing Cloud and Security Operations

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Protect your Data, wherever it Resides

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Kashiv Biosciences
Along with their Recent Approval for Biosimilar, RELEUKO™, Kashiv Biosciences has a diverse portfolio of Biosimilars, Bio-betters, m-RNA based, 505(b)(2) and NCEs

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Kelser Corporation

Kelser Corporation is an IT Consulting Firm helping Businesses Secure their Data and Accelerate Objectives through Technology

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Kent Imaging, Inc.
Kent Imaging – Providing Actionable Data to Assist with Wound Healing and Support Positive Patient Outcomes

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Ketogenic Oil Product proving to be excellent Energy Source for the Brain, Muscles and other Organs throughout the Body

KIS (cubed) Events
Global Event Planner Nirjary Desai Discusses How a Heart of Service Will Create a New Better Normal in the Service Industry

KryptAll® Keeps Your Business Private

K Street Group

K Street Group is using the latest in Advanced Technology, Skilled and Well-Trained Man and Canine Teams to provide Security and Investigation Services to Facilities Worldwide

Land Information Services, LLC

Land Information Services, LLC is providing Consulting, an Outsourcing Solution and their LandVantage Platform to Energy Companies to Promote Efficiency

Laser Pharmaceuticals/Canton Laboratories LLC.
Laser Pharmaceuticals: Products of Merit Since 1956

LeanMD, Inc.

LeanMD, Inc. is helping Patients Achieve Weight Loss using a Digital Health Solution that unlocks all Clinical Tools and a Simplified Real-Food Program

Legends Bank

Legends Bank – A Rural Missouri Banking Institution Committed to Their Communities


With flagship products based on Kaatsu Training where Modifying Blood Flow has shown to have tremendous Health Benefits, LifeForceIQ is advancing Self-Care as the New Healthcare

Linshom Management LLC
Linshom Respiratory Monitoring Device receives FDA 510 (k) clearance

LKC Technologies

Jim Datovech, President of LKC Technologies discusses their RETeval® a unique, handheld Electrophysiology Device used invasively or non-invasively in Neonatal to Geriatrics for Detecting Major Eye Diseases from Diabetic Retinopathy and Glaucoma to Vascular Macular Degeneration

Logan Stout - IDLife

Q&A with Logan Stout, Founder and CEO of IDLife

M&C Communications
PR firm believes consistent messaging builds trust and long-term customers in emerging CBD market

Machavert Pharmaceuticals

New class of Cancer Therapeutics, RAL GTPase Inhibitors show potential to Inhibit Tumor Growth and Metastasis in KRAS Mutant Cancers that Represent 30% of All Cancers


MACHFU is revolutionizing the Industrial Internet of Things with a Standardized Platform for Industrial Customers based on the Android Operating System

Macrina Kgil, CFO -
After Scaling Multi-Billion Dollar Companies, CFO Macrina Kgil Positions The $5B Company for Growth

Macular Therapeutics, Inc.
Macular Therapeutics Inc is an early-stage company with multiple patents covering a unique and potentially safer method to treat the most common blinding disease in the elderly.

Mark Soberman-Netpicks

Q & A with Mark Soberman, CEO and CFO of Netpicks

Mario Proietti - LocationSmart
Q&A with Mario Proietti, Founder and CEO of LocationSmart

McArthur Medical Sa
McArthur Medical Sales – is Distributing, Developing and Manufacturing New Respiratory Medical Devices for Hospitals, Clinics, Pharmacies and Private Practice Doctors across Canada and The US

les Inc.

MDsave – A revolutionary one-stop-shop Online Healthcare Shopping Platform allowing Patients to Bundle, Save and Pay

MedAir Labs
MedAir Labs – developing a unique Multi-Virus COVID Rapid Test

Medical Technology Management Institute
Medical Technology Management Institute – providing Continuing Education in Medical Imaging/Radiology

Medigen, Inc
Medigen – Developing Vaccines for Emerging Viruses using Molecular iDNA Technologies

MediPharm Labs Corp. (TSXV: LABS) (OTC: MLCPF)

Extraction Company MediPharm Labs Corp. is focused on being the leader in Purified Cannabis Concentrates, operating under International Pharmaceutical Standards

MediPines is Revolutionizing Respiratory Medicine with their Non-Invasive AGM100™ that Provides Instant Pulmonary Gas Exchange Measurements Using a Simple Patient Breathing Method

MedWand Solutions, Inc.
MedWand CEO Robert Rose Shares How MedWand Puts Physical Exams in TeleMedicine Visits

medZERO Inc.
With their Employer-Sponsored Financial Wellness Platform, medZERO Aims to Make Healthcare More Affordable for All

Matregenix, Inc.
Matregenix on a mission to unlock Nanofiber’s full potential

Megascend - helping Procure-to-Pay Clients Implement SAP Ariba and Make Sure it Works Well for Their Business

MetVital, Inc.
A Human Energy Metabolite is Hopeful for Age-Related Chronic Diseases

Michael Harney and Paul Harney - Harney & Sons

For Generations Harney & Sons Tea Provided the World with Luxury Tea Blends

Michigan Software Labs

Michigan Software Labs with a team of Software Developers and User Experience Designers is building Software, Websites and Mobile Apps for Fortune 500 and Middle-Market Companies from Healthcare to Technology, Logistics and Finance

Specialty Contract Manufacturer Microsize, uses Milling and Micronization Technologies to Reduce Particle size of Poorly Soluble APIs and Functional Excipients for the Pharmaceutical Space

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Middletown Valley Bank
Helping Their Communities Achieve their Financial Goals One Customer at a Time

Mind Cure Health Inc.

Mind Cure Health Inc. – Deploying Digital Therapeutics to help advance Psychedelic Therapies

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Mireye using AI to Launch Medical Imaging into the Future

Mitrefinch, Inc

Mitrefinch, Inc is providing Cloud Based and Mobile Time and Attendance Software Solutions with Clock-in/Clock out hardware that enable more efficient Employee Time Management and Tracking

Model9 Software Inc.
Model9 CEO Promises New Era of Mainframe-Cloud Connectivity

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ModifyHealth:  Changing Lives by Making “Food As Medicine” Simple, Effective, and Enjoyable
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Morphogenesis, Inc.

Morphogenesis, Inc. is developing a Cell and Gene Therapy focusing on a Cancer Vaccine Immunotherapy that uses the Body’s Own Immune System to Kill Solid Tumors

Moving Analytics
Moving Analytics: Providing Virtual Rehabilitation for Patients After a Heart Attack or Heart Surgery

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MPACT Strategic Consulting LLC
Making an MPACT from Disasters to Building Resiliency

Joseph Mannello of MYOS Introduces a Product Line Focused On Muscle Health for Humans and Canines

Nano Diagnostics/NanoDX
NanoDX is transforming In Vitro Diagnostics with their Unique Nanowire Technology that can Measure almost any Biomarker in the Blood and Saliva

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Nano PharmaSolutions, Inc.
Improving Pipeline for Drug Development Companies by Deploying Nanotechnology at Preclinical Formulation Development

NATECH Corporation
NATECH Corporation is a Small Family-Owned Business serving the Federal Government and Department of Defense for 25 years with Program Management Support, Training Services, and Professional and Technical Services

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Native Traits Corp
Native Traits Corporation Disrupts the Seed Corn Industry

Neptune Software

Solving Digital Transformation Challenges by using Low Code to accelerate Enterprise Application Development

Nerds on Site(CSE: NERD) (FSE: 3NS.F)

With a Team-based approach, Nerds On Site and their Mobile Techs are providing complete IT Security & Support to SMEs across North America

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NewCrop, LLC

NewCrop, LLC provides the Electronic Prescribing component of Electronic Health Records, interfacing with Surescripts and solving the complexities of Medication Handling

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NextStep Arthropedix
NextStep Arthropedix, leveraging Technology to Improve Patient Care

Nicolet Bankshares, Inc. (NASDAQ: NCBS)

Nicolet National Bank

Creating Shared Success Helps Nicolet National Bank Thrive

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Nine9 - Anthony Toma, CEO

Nine9 CEO Anthony Toma Discusses Entrepreneurship, Show Business, and Helping the 99% Achieve their Dreams

NLP Logix

How NLP Logix Leverages AI, Machine Learning, and Automation to Overcome Real Business Challenges

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Nobio Ltd.
First long-acting Antibacterial Technology that can significantly Reduce Infections in Dental Treatments, Medical Devices, Consumer Products and more, Indefinitely

NoteBot has solved a major problem for the Mortgage and other Institutions by using Machine Intelligence to fill out Standardized Forms Correctly with Minimal Human Intervention

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Nova Space, Inc.
Nova Space Launches to Support the Training and Professional Development Side of the Blossoming Space Economy

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Novela Neurotech
Novela Neurotech Seeks to Accelerate Neurological Treatments with Brain Decoding as a Service

Novuson Surgical, Inc.
Novuson, using Innovative Direct Therapeutic Ultrasound in Surgical Devices to Improve the Safety of Surgeries

Crowd Funding on StartEngine:

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Now Biopharma, LLC

A boutique Clinical CRO and Product Development Consultancy in the Life Science Space

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Oak Healthcare Staffing
Oak Healthcare - the Future of Nurse Staffing

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Oasis Systems LLC
Building a Business and a Culture Based on Serving Those Who Serve Us


Revolutionizing Call Center Performance with their Voice AI Platform, OBSERVE.AI, is providing the ability to derive Intent, Sentiment and Emotion from the Voice Stream and Provide Recommendations to Agents in Real-Time

Oliphenol LLC
Oliphenol LLC brings the Health Benefits of Olive Polyphenols to the World

Old Missouri Bank (OMB)
OMB Focused on Growing its Digital and Regional Footprint

Omnipoynt Solutions

Partnering with 4IR Technology Businesses, Omnipoynt Solutions brings Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Blockchain, Cyber-Physical, Autonomous Operations, Miniaturized Sensors, and Advanced Cellular & Robotics to Global Aerospace, Defense and Government (ADG) Markets

OM Surgical Solutions

OM Surgical Solutions is providing Sales and Marketing Services for Companies with Products in Spinal Deformity, Degenerative Spine Pathologies, Spinal Oncology and Neural Oncology

Oncolytics Biotech® Inc


Working with “reovirus” or Respiratory Enteric Orphan Virus, Oncolytics Biotech® Inc has developed a revolutionary Cancer Therapy that allows the Immune System to Visualize and Learn what the Tumor Looks Like and send Natural Killer Cells

OnTo Technology
OnTo for Environmental and Economic Sustainability in Battery Recycling

OPA Staffing
OPA Staffing - providing Skilled Medical Staff to Nursing Facilities, Assisted Living Facilities, Prisons and Mental and Behavioral Health Facilities

ORA Brands
Revolutionizing Face Masks: ORÅ Brands’ CEO Talks about Nanotechnology Applications

Oramed Pharmaceuticals Inc. - (NASDAQ: ORMP)

Revolutionary Technology for Transforming Injectable Treatments, Including Insulin, into Oral Therapies

Or-Genix Therapeutics Inc.

Or-Genix Therapeutics Delivers Paradigm Shifting Innovation to the Woman’s Health and Dermatology Markets

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OrgHarvest Inc. (OTC PINK: ORGH)

Cultivating Organic Cannabis in Southern Nevada for Wholesale use for Dispensaries in the Las Vegas Market

Origami Therapeutics, Inc.
Origami Therapeutics Aims to Treat Neurodegenerative Disease at its Root Cause – the Misfolded Protein

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Orit Krug, Inc
Orit Krug: For People Who Have Experienced Trauma, Dance/Movement Therapy Can Promote Healing – and Improve Relationships - in Ways That Talk Therapy Can’t.

Ospitek, Inc.
Leading the way in the Digital Transformation of the Healthcare Industry to Deliver a Word-Class Patient Experience
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OsteoGene Tech Corp
Taking Bone Graft Industry to the Next Level

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Pacific Mercantile Bancorp (NASDAQ:PMBC)

Pacific Mercantile Bancorp is using a Consultative Approach and trademarked Horizon Analytics process to Foster the Success of their Operating Company Customers in Southern California

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Defending an IT, or an OT, Network with Deception Technology

Paradigm Labs
Paradigm Labs - Committed to Offering the Most Comprehensive Medication Monitoring Testing at the Most Affordable Prices.

Paragon Bank
Paragon Financial Solutions, Inc.

It Is About Service

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Park City Group (NASDAQ: PCYG)

Park City Group is Helping Retailers Reduce Out-of-Stocks, Manage Risk and Increase Sales with the ReposiTrak Technology Platform

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Paycheck to Wealth

Paycheck to Wealth – Educating and Introducing Investing to the Underserved Communities

AI-Driven Cash Forecasting and Management from Payference Provides Actionable Business Insights

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PCSB Financial Corporation

After 150 years Success for PCSB Financial Corporation still comes from Understanding and Being a Part of the Community

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PCT LTD Hospital Infection Control System installed in seven hospitals and expanding
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Oil and Gas Exploration and Production Company, PEDEVCO is focused on the Redevelopment of Conventional Resources primarily in the Permian Basin

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Pelvital USA, Inc.
Pelvital USA, Inc. – Bringing to market Flyte® a Mechanotherapy Treatment for Stress Urinary Incontinence

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Pendleton Community Bank, Inc (the bank)

Allegheny Bancshares, Inc. (the holding company)
PCB – Growing the People-Centered, Community-Driven Banking Brand is building the Tools and Platform addressing the Specific Needs of Senior Care Providers with Enterprise-Level Support and Solutions, and a Mobile App for Caregivers to Triage Assistance Requests

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PharmaJet’s Needle-free Delivery is improving the effectiveness of nucleic acid drugs and biologics

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Phil Davies-Psi-Pay

Q&A with Phil Davies, Managing Director of PSI-Pay, on Security and Technology in the Payments Industry

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Piscataqua Savings Bank
Being a B Corp makes All the Difference

Planetarie LLC
With a Water Extraction Process for Cannabinoids and a Farm to Market focus, Planetarie LLC is creating Safer Products and Differentiating Themselves from other CBD Producers

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Portrett Pharmaceuticals
Portrett Pharmaceuticals - state-of-the-art Contract Research Laboratory performing Custom Analytical Testing on Small Molecule Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients

Post Acute Advisors LLC

Hospital Management, Administration and Compliance Consulting Firm, Post Acute Advisors LLC is meeting the Needs of In-Patient Rehab, Out-Patient Therapy, Long-Term Acute Care, Skilled Nursing, Home Health and Hospice Providers

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Potentia Analytics, Inc.

Leveraging Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Technology to improve Operational Efficiencies in US Hospitals with Workflow Optimization, Intelligent Staff Scheduling and Predictive Software*

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PPX is the Health History Data SILOs Connector for Interoperability

Prancer Enterprise

Prancer Enterprise provides a Pre-Deployment and Post Deployment Multi Cloud Validation Framework for Secure Cloud Implementation

Precigen, Inc. (Nasdaq: PGEN)
Precigen poised to disrupt gene and cell therapy industry with UltraCAR-T therapeutic platform

Prime Meridian Bank (OTCQX:PMHG)
Approaching $1B in Assets, Prime Meridian Bank’s Culture Leads the Way

Process Technology

Innovation-driven, Process Technology focuses on growth.

Process Technology manufactures Specialty Heaters and Power Supplies forSemiconductor and Surface Finishing industries

Proleve Distribution LLC
Proleve focuses on Quality as the Path to Sustained Growth

Pulse Technology
Pulse Technology – growth in their Office Supplies and Furniture Business has benefited their Managed Print and IT Services


Pyramart turning Data Warehousing Industry on its ear with its AI Data Warehouse product

The innovative QCDx technology may lead to truly optimized cancer treatment and have a significant impact on patient outcomes.

QSM Diagnostics
QSM Diagnostics – Improving Diagnostic Testing for Pets with their Mail-In Test Kit

Quartesian LLC

Global Premium Clinical Data Service Company, Quartesian LLC is providing Statistical Programming and Analysis, Data Management and Medical Writing Services for Biotech and Pharmaceutical Companies Conducting Clinical Trials

Creating a Better Workspace for Technical Report Writing

R2C Inc
Supporting the Warfighter; by Providing the Highest Quality, Responsive Solutions.

Radicle – Reducing Emissions and Monetizing Emission Reduction Environmental Data

Refactr: A Team of Superheroes Breaking Down Silos to Empower Every Tech Team to Collaborate Securely and Automate Everything

Rehab Financial Group
Rehab Financial Group – changing lives by Lending to Investors Buying and Fixing Residential Properties

Reliatrace, Inc.

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Remington Medical, Inc.
Medical Device Manufacturer Remington Medical, Inc. – taking Designs and Turning Them into Reality

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Restorative CBD
CBD From A Medical Providers Prospective.

Print - PDF

Resume Sieve, Inc.
The Sieve™: Speeding up and Standardizing the Process of Resume Evaluation

Revitalist Lifestyle and Wellness Ltd.

Disrupting the System for the Betterment of All

Print - PDF  Mobile - PDF

Revival Gold Inc.
Pursuing a Revival in Gold

Rheonix Inc
Rheonix – A Pandemic Pivot

Print - PDF  Mobile - PDF

Richard DeVaul, Ph.D.

Innovation Consultant
Richard DeVaul on Disrupting Innovation Consulting

Print - PDF  Mobile - PDF

riteSOFT provides Global Manufacturers a competitive edge with their Smart, Simple and Seamless solutions

Print - PDF  Mobile - PDF

Robert Thikoll - Ingersoll Rand

Q&A with Robert Thikoll, Vice President of Global Operational Excellence for Ingersoll Rand

Print Version - PDF  Mobile Download - PDF

Robot Safety Center Inc.

A Cloud-based Robot Risk Assessment Software, Robot Safety Center Inc. is creating a Safer Work Environment for Humans

ROKiT Group
ROKiT Group, A Global Media Company Changing the Way a Smartphone is Used

Rod J. Rohrich, MD -Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute

Interview with Dr. Rod Rohrich

*“Live Your Dream Each Day and In Your Own Way!”*

Rove Medical Staffing
Rove Medical Staffing – helping Healthcare Facilities overcome their Nursing Shortages

Rx Bandz
Rx Bandz – developing their Life Saving MiniJect®, the World’s Smallest Auto-Injector for Patients and Military

Ryan Emmons - Waiakea Inc

The Future of Bottled Water: Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water

SafeRX Pharmaceuticals
SafeRx Pharmaceuticals is solving a critical dimension of the U.S. opioid epidemic

Samuel Strauch, Principal and Founder, Metrik Holdings

Samuel Strauch Finds Success By Focusing on Today’s Rapid Changing Society and Forward Thinking Generation

SanMelix Laboratories, Inc.

Faster and Healthier Healing

Savings Bank of Walpole
Savings Bank of Walpole - a Local Bank that Connects with its Staff and Community

SB Financial Group (parent company)

State Bank (the bank)
Providing Financial Services in Very Stable Rural Communities in Three States with Experienced Leadership has enabled State Bank to deliver on a vision of High-Performance

Scarlet Express
Cannabis Delivery- An Insider’s View

Seismocon Systems, Inc.
Seismocon Systems - building a System for Regular People to Understand How Safe their Homes Are After a Natural Disaster, Especially an Earthquake

SentrySciences LLC
Artificial Intelligence Software Drives Safer Biotech Drug Development

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Sera Star Systems

Sera Star Systems offers Federal Procurement Solutions for Companies Seeking to Maximize their Government Business

Print Version - PDF  Mobile Download - PDF

SevenGenes, Inc.

Developing a Small Molecule-based Chemotherapeutic Drug to treat Pancreatic Cancer using Triptolide with its Anti-Inflammatory, Anti-Cancer and Immune-Supportive Properties

Sharpe Management Consulting LLC
Sharpe Management Consulting LLC – bringing an Industry Agnostic approach to Management Consulting, System Integration and Managing Cyber Risk

Print - PDF  Mobile - PDF

Sheldon Lavin - OSI Group, LLC

Sheldon Lavin’s Journey from Chicago Banking to Global Food Executive


ShieldIO is enabling Organizations to Perform Search on Encrypted Data without Decrypting It using their revolutionary patented Real-Time Homomorphic Encryption™*

Print Version - PDF  Mobile Download - PDF

Put the Power of Probiotics to Work on your skin

SJ Technologies
SJ Technologies -providing Solutions for Business Transformation to Government Agencies, bringing Legacy Systems into the 21st Century

Print - PDF  Mobile - PDF

Skyscend: Bringing AI and Blockchain to Procurement

Print - PDF  Mobile - PDF

Leading European Glass Lifting Machine Manufacturer Smartlift, now Expanding its efforts in the United States

Softwatch Delivers Remote Productivity Monitoring and OPEX Analytics for Work-from-Home and In-Office Workforce -- All While Respecting Employee Privacy

Sókn Engineering
Sókn Engineering at the forefront of the $20 billion predictive analytics market with their HyperFund Engine.  Know Tomorrow…Today.

Print - PDF  Mobile - PDF

Solis Energy
Solis Energy Offers Power Solutions to Bridge Energy Gaps

Print - PDF  Mobile - PDF

Sourced. Solves Two of the Toughest Challenges for Business Owners: Lack of Time and Lack of Resources.

Print - PDF  Mobile - PDF

SourceMark Medical
SourceMark Medical - One of the Largest Minority-Owned Medical Device Suppliers serving close to 3000 Hospitals and Surgery Centers

Print - PDF  Mobile - PDF

Spark Biomedica
Spark Biomedical’s Wearable Neurostimulation Device Alleviating the Symptoms of Opioid Withdrawal


SpinalCyte chooses Fibroblasts over Stem Cells for Regenerative Medicine

Print Version - PDF  Mobile Download - PDF

Steve Lesnard - Global Brand Consultant

How Global Brand Leader Steve Lesnard Tackled the Competitive Consumer Landscape

Print Version - PDF  Mobile Download - PDF

StoneCastle Financial Corp. (Nasdaq:BANX)
StoneCastle Financial Corp., an Undiscovered Company Delivering High Quality Dividend Yield and Risk-Adjusted Returns

Print - PDF  Mobile - PDF

StrikeForce Technologies, Inc.

StrikeForce – A Cybersecurity Company Pushes Out – SafeVchat – A Secure Video Platform

Print - PDF  Mobile - PDF

Stroma Medical
Permanent Eye Color Change Becoming a Reality at Stroma Medical

STS Education
STS Education – providing Educational Technology Solutions for K-12 Public, Private and Charter Schools in North American

Print - PDF  Mobile - PDF

Summit Facility Solutions

Summit Facility Solutions is a Single Source Facility Management Solutions Provider enabling facility managers in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, and Fort Lauderdale, Miami, Tampa, Orlando and Jacksonville Florida to Streamline Operations and Reduce Costs*

Print Version - PDF  Mobile Download - PDF

SUPA Naturals LLC
Starting with Non-GMO Hemp Plants, SUPA Naturals LLC is bringing to market High-Quality CBD Products

Print - PDF  Mobile - PDF

Surgery Exchange

Surgery Exchange provides Business Process Automation Software enabling Hospitals to Gain Control of their Implant and Bill-Only Surgeries, Improve Supply Chain Operation and Reduce Cost, while Improving Revenues

Print Version - PDF  Mobile Download - PDF

Surgical Automations
Surgical Automations - visionary founders developing automated surgical robots for endoscopic procedures. The Future is Now.

Print - PDF  Mobile - PDF

3D Technology Revolutionizes Surgical Training

SUTUREGARD® Medical, Inc.
SUTUREGARD® Medical’s HEMIGARD® is the First Device to Show Significant Reduction in Lower Leg Wound Dehiscence

Print - PDF  Mobile - PDF

Synaptogenix, Inc.
Synaptogenix: A New Paradigm in the Treatment of Alzheimer’s Disease

Tech Innovation Global Incorporated®
Tech Innovation Global Incorporated®

Print - PDF  Mobile - PDF

Technologent Continues to Climb Despite Global Pandemic

Print - PDF  Mobile - PDF

Tego Cyber Inc.

Tego Cyber Inc. – Using Threat Intelligence to Simplify Cybersecurity

Print - PDF  Mobile - PDF

Telebionix Inc.
Telebionix Inc. - Transforming Telehealth with Technology that can Exchange Biometric Information Between Two Parties

TeleGlobal Consulting Group
TeleGlobal Consulting Group – providing an exceptional level of Managed Services to SMBs in the Professional and Financial Services Sectors

Print - PDF  Mobile - PDF

Texas Medical Technology
Texas Medical Technology: Providing Medical Supplies, Disposable Medical Gowns, Sanitizers and Smart Safety Solutions to Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities

Print - PDF  Mobile - PDF

The Brooks Group
How the Pandemic and a Decision to Beat It Led to Better Results for Our Clients

Print - PDF  Mobile - PDF

The Eastern Colorado Bank
Your Friendly Bank®

The Eastern Colorado Bank – keeping that Friendly, Community Bank Feeling as they Continue to Grow

Print - PDF  Mobile - PDF

The Green Organic Dutchman Holdings Ltd. (TGOD-TSE)

Providing Clean Organic Medical Cannabis Products free from Chemical Pesticides or Synthetic Fertilizers developing distribution in Europe Latin America and North America

Print Version - PDF  Mobile Download - PDF

ThermopeutiX, Inc.

ThermopeutiX, Inc. is developing a transformational Cerebral Hypothermia Technology to treat Acute Stroke

Print Version - PDF  Mobile Download - PDF

ThreatX Delivers the Functionality of WAFs, API protection, BOT Management and Layer 7 DDoS Mitigation in a Single Platform

Print - PDF  Mobile - PDF

ThREE Consulting LLC
The only North American Green Steel project moves toward feasibility phase

Thrio, Inc.
Thrio’s Contact Center Offering Combines Intelligence with Security and Flexibility

Print - PDF  Mobile - PDF

Thubrikar Aortic Valve, Inc.

With their Transcatheter Aortic Valve now ready to enter Clinical Trials, Thubrikar Aortic Valve, Inc. is offering hope to Patients with Aortic Valve Disease for significantly Reduced Trauma, Complications and Recovery

Print Version - PDF  Mobile Download - PDF

Tidal Vision
Tidal Vision is transforming the water treatment, textile manufacturing and agriculture industries by making chitosan biopolymer solutions lower cost than synthetic chemicals.

Tipping Point Solutions

Colorado’s 2019 SBA Small Business of the Year, Tipping Point Solutions, is Changing the Way the World Learns

Print Version - PDF  Mobile Download - PDF

TokuOra - Startup Launches to Help the COVID-Unemployed to get Back to Work and Close the Skills Gap

Print - PDF  Mobile - PDF

Top Shelf Botanicals

Top Shelf Botanicals meticulously follows Industry Best Practices, uses only the Highest Quality Nutrients, and utilizes State of the Art Techniques for all Cultivation and Manufacturing

Print Version - PDF  Mobile Download - PDF

Tormont Group

Helping Smaller Cannabis Companies Gain Exposure across the US and Canada with Institutional Investors through their Tormont 50 Platform and through their Advisory Arm

Totally Hempful
Totally Hempful Starts Up to Help People

Print - PDF  Mobile - PDF

Touché Technologies
High-fidelity Force-Feedback Robotics offering Realistic Sense of Touch to Computer Simulation

TrackTik Inc.

Providing the World’s First Integrated Security Workforce Management Software, TrackTik Inc. is changing the way Companies in the Security Industry delivers Services

Print Version - PDF  Mobile Download - PDF

Tracon Pharmaceuticals Inc.
(NasdaqGS: TCON)

TRACON leverages its innovative product development platform that includes US commercializing expertise to license potential best-in-class checkpoint inhibitor, with a proven mechanism of action, to address an unmet need in patients with advanced sarcoma
Print - PDF  Mobile - PDF

Tradewind BioScience, Inc.

Building the first Humanized Antibody Therapy inhibiting an Upstream Secreted Protein Target that in Ovarian Cancer can Drive Malignant Progression

Triterra – providing Environmental and Brownfield Consulting Service throughout the Midwest US

Print - PDF  Mobile - PDF

Triumvira Immunologics

Developing their T-Cell Antigen Coupler Technology to activate T-Cells in the treatment of Advanced Hematological Cancers and Solid Tumors

Print Version - PDF  Mobile Download - PDF

True Inspection Services, LLC

With a promise of truthfulness and reliability, True Inspection Services, LLC is providing verifiable construction management, administration and inspection services

Trusted Internet

Managed Security Service Provider, Trusted Internet using VPNs is protecting Home and Business Computers from Cyber Attacks

Unicycive Therapeutics, Inc.

(Nasdaq: UNCY)
Unicycive:  Bringing Innovation to Improve Quality of Life for Patients Suffering from Kidney Diseases

Unicorn Breathing Mask
New Women-Owned High Performance Organic ASTM F3502 Face Mask Promises to Help Reopen Schools Safely

Unique IT Pro
Unique IT Pro – offering Tailored and Personalized IT Services from Tech Support and Break-fix to Cybersecurity

United Science
Hemp Processing Company Launches Extraction Equipment for CBD Oil Production

Urotronic Inc
Urotronic’s Optilume BPH Drug Coated Balloon offers Urologists an In-Office Procedure that Opens the Flow of the Prostate without the Damage

Urovant Sciences
Urovant Sciences: Successful Launch of First Commercial Product Enables Company’s Growth and Evolution in Addressing Unmet Needs in Urology

Valor Compounding Pharmacy
Valor: a trusted Compounding Pharmacy providing Custom Compounded Medications for Patients with Unique Medication Needs

Velocity Advisory Group
Velocity Advisory Group – helping Organizations Achieve Greatness through Sales Growth, Strategic Planning, Leadership Development, Employee Experience and Culture

VentureMed Group, Inc.

VentureMed’s FLEX Vessel Prep™ System safely and effectively modifies Obstructive Plaque and Stenoses to facilitate Delivery of Drug Therapies to treat Peripheral Arterial Disease

Verimos, Inc.
Needed Solutions for the Quarantine Economy

Virtual Medical International Inc.

Virtual Medical International Inc. – Focused on creating a Fully Vertically Integrated CBD/Industrial Hemp Organization and building a Network of Different Franchise Models

Visiox Pharma, LLC
Visiox Pharma – using their Innovative and Proprietary Delivery Technology to Bring Trusted Therapeutics to the Glaucoma and Cataract Markets

Voleo Trading Systems Inc.
Voleo - New Trading Tech for the Next Generation

Breakthrough Customer Retention Intelligence with the Power of Artificial Intelligence

WhiteCanyon Software
WipeDrive: Data Sanitization is now an Alternative to Shredding Drives

Whitestone REIT

New CEO Advances Whitestone REIT’s Ecommerce Resistant Community Shopping Center Strategy

Wiggins Medical

Wiggins Medical is selling Neurosurgical and Spine Instruments into a Global Market, Sourcing 100% German Stainless Steel and Manufacturing in Germany, with their Proprietary Ceramic Coating warrantied to Not Chip, Fade or Peel

Work Shield
A CEO’s Solution to Workplace Harassment and Discrimination: Ensuring Every Voice Is Actually Heard

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World Business Services, Inc.
Ron Feldman, Founder and President of World Business Services discusses how they provide Free Management Consulting Service to Businesses and Nonprofits enabling them to Save Money and Increase Sales

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World Services, LLC

Having won an Virginia Chamber of Commerce award as One of the Fastest-Growing companies in the State of Virginia, and a sizable contract with another Federal Agency to assist in Modernizing their IT Infrastructure, World Services, LLC continues its Growth Trend

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Xceptional building a legacy of growth and success by putting clients first.

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XOMA Corporation (Nasdaq: XOMA)

Royalty Aggregator Business Model Delivers its First Milestone Payment in 2020; Combined with More Than $28 Million in Milestones from Partner Advances and a Growing Portfolio of Assets, XOMA Corporation has Shown the Ability to Create Value for its Shareholders
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XOMA Corporation
(Nasdaq: XOMA)

XOMA’s Royalty and Milestone Aggregator Business Model Begins to Deliver Value.

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ZAF Energy Systems
Everyone is looking for a better battery

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ZLH Enterprises

ZLH Enterprises provides solution evaluation, development, and implementation for a diverse portfolio of VoIP, Connectivity, Cloud Computing, Data Center, and AI products for SMBs and Enterprise Customers

ZQedge Corp.
Network Services and Telecommunications Services for Government Applications